FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s Bravo Bio… Faye’s Engaged… Who The Hell Is “Everett Jack Jr.”???… Takin’ A Look Back: The “Morally Corrupt” Faye Resnick…

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There have been several questions re Faye Resnick’s involvement with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… besides being “Friend” of Kyle Richards.

According to, Faye Resnick is included in season three’s cast:

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Bravo also wrote quite an interesting bio for Faye Rancid… Bravo scrubbed it clean and didn’t mention HOW Faye “modeled,” nor her other friendships!

Faye was born in Northern California and began her career as a young model before starting her own modeling agency in San Francisco. Pursuing her life in the modeling world, she realized this did not inspire her creatively. Faye always wanted to live in Europe and married in London where her daughter Francesca Sophia was born. She owned several homes throughout Europe and the United States and found inspiration in Classic Traditional and European architecture. She designed her homes to bring forth the true essence of each country, and weave it into the design.

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After moving back to The States, Faye purchased an antique store in Los Angeles, but finding it impossible to do both retail and design, she went back to her first love, design design design.

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Faye Resnick has designed projects including: Fendi Casa LA, Color at Caesars Palace, Amp Salon at The Palms Hotel, Dash Retail Boutique, and the residences of: Avril Lavigne, Kevin Connolly, Kyle and Maurico Umansky, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, Paris and Nicky Hilton and Ike Bakrie’s international residence in Indonesia.

One of FRD’s latest creations is her best friend Kyle Richards’ Beverly Hills retail store, Kyle By Aleen Too.   NOTE:   “FRD”?  Uh… OK Bravo!

Faye is engaged to be married to the man of her dreams, and the love of her life, Everett Jack Jr .

faye everett jack arrrow                                                                         Faye and Everett… November 2011

faye everett arrow   New Year’s Eve… December 2o11.   Everett Jack Jr, Faye Rancid with Kyle and John Turturro

Everett Jack, Jr. is a partner in the 98th largest law firm in the US… and, in 1993, is the first law firm to open an office in China.

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Mr. Jack Jr. is so enamored of Faye that he’s abandoned his Facebook page!

According to his FB page, Everett was seeing someone else in 2010…

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Faye everett jack

How did Mr. Jack run into the “morally corrupt” Faye Rancid Resnick?  However Everett ran into Faye… Faye snapped him up quick!


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NOTE:  Let’s hope that Faye’s engagement and wedding is NOT her future story line on the RHOBH!

From Camille’s dinner party, December 2010:

65 comments on “FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s Bravo Bio… Faye’s Engaged… Who The Hell Is “Everett Jack Jr.”???… Takin’ A Look Back: The “Morally Corrupt” Faye Resnick…

    • I’m with you, Hers! Although I love watching RHOBH & Lisa, Ken, Brandi, Yolanda, David, etc, if Faye Resnik joins the cast, I’m out. She will ruin the show. I can’t imagine how the Goldman & Brown families must feel knowing she’s on RHOBH & having to see her in the press. Those poor people, my heart goes out to them.


      • Jo: In a nutshell: Faye Resnick was, according to Faye, Nicole Brown Simpson’s BFF. Faye went into rehab two days before Nicole was murdered by OJ. Faye took full advantage of her friend’s murder by writing a book about Nicole and getting paid by Playboy for a photo spread. Surprisingly, none of this part of Faye’s history is mentioned on her Bravo Bio… “surprisingly,” because her association with OJ via Nicole was how Faye is most known. TFC!!! SH


    • I would love to know also how Faye Resnick managed to hook up with this guy or in essence scoop him up real quick. I love the girl he was with in the pics more than Faye.


  1. lmao @ the bravo bio! I guess they want someone really controversial on the cast…I just hope everyone Faye attacks slams her back by bringing up her past. I mean there’s no way anyone with half a brain could lose an argument against her as it could always go back to “you got fame and fortune out of your “friend’s” murder trial!”

    btw is SH going to an article on Bethenny Frankel splitting from Jason Hoppy? It was breaking news a few hours ago…


  2. Whomever this guy is… he’s ugly. We know why he’s the love of her life. This gal isn’t someone I’d ever expect to fall in love with a personality. A wallet? Yes… a kind and decent person? Well…. yes… as long as he’s wealthy.


  3. Bravo’s blog about Rancid fails to mention that the reason she was living in Europe was that her second husband Fadi Halabi was wanted on narcotics charges in the US and could not return. It appears that most of her design efforts are with the Kardashian,and Richards connections, begging friends for favors. Personally I hope she marries this lawyer and goes to live in Portland away from decent society.


  4. How can someone want to be in the public eye when they have seen how much the viewing audience actually despises them. If I were Vyle or Fayke I would never show my face again, if they return to the show after realizing the extent of animosity toward them then there is no hope for any decency in their lives. Dredges of humanity.


  5. So Kyle’s, Kyle By Aleen Too is not gonna be promoted on the show? Odd. very very odd. No wonder Jay Mohr mumbled “someone is gonna get sued” when Kyle tried to slip in a plug for it on the back of some swag she presented to Andy on WWHL.


  6. Her – I am with you…..I am out. Kyle has ruined this show. May as well call it Kyle Richards and her skank husband’s realty company and skank friends.


  7. Wow. If I was really young or really forgetful, I may think Flaykey Faye is just some socialite who was a model and got into design. The way that bio reads, you’d never know she is an old tramp who’s been trying to climb her way up for decades…just amazing how Bravo tries to present trash to us wrapped up in a mauve ribbon.


  8. The girl in the picture is his daughter… If you look at the pictures in his header he refers to her as his daughter Taylor Olivia Jack


  9. Others may call it some fancy name but to me Kyle’s dining room is PURPLE and white and tan and ugly and has a WTF was she thinking? impression when seen by sane people. 2 years? 1 year and 364 dayz she must have been stoned out of her mind then hurried that last day using some decor pics she found from some mag from 1967.


  10. If she is on the show I’m done watching. She is a crazy person and her bravo bio is pure lies and lies. I also see taylor nor Marisa or Lisa r not part of the lineup. I think Andy looks for crazy women.


  11. Merry christmas guys. Having a tough one here, but it is light fun to read everyone comments. I can’t threaten Bravo to leave because I haven’t watched anything bu tthe SH clips since they brought Shana back..however, I really have no chance of watching with ms coke hoaring faye rancid. I really wish Brandi would call her out……..she is a disgusting tramp..Faye not Brandi :) Anyway Blessing to each and everyone on of you.


  12. Very interesting all the comments regarding Vyle and the coke tranny Faye Rancid. I have to add that it is a universal vote that no one wants to see this woman on this show. It is clear that we do indulge watching this show, I adore Lisa. I think Brandi is doing what she needs to do and I commend her for that. Andrienne needs to chill because the show needs the drama and she is the one with the biggest secrets so of course that baggage will get brought up. Oh by the way Adrienne the only way you had your children via surrogate is that you did not want the world to know that you are really a man down there. Sorry Paul, you are likable but you were her punk b***h. She was too masculine for you. Paul you got too involved in the female drama and it backfired on you. So sorry Adrienne set you up to look like dog food but you will recover. You are likable and the show was just a set back for you. 5 years from now we will see a piece on you and you will be doing just fine. Now back to Rancid, Bravo removed her blog about Brandi but she is still listed as part of the cast. Looks like Bravo did not anticipate all of the HATE that would be directed to Rancid. Is it good for the network? Maybe Ms. Rancid has us all in a uproar. I don’t want to see her on the show and if I get wind she is in another eposide or shows her face for the reunion I will not watch. I thought the Kardashians were bad but I never felt ill toward the family like I do Rancid. She is really Rancid and I will stop watching the Network period. Sorry Lisa Vanderpump, my disdain for her is stronger than my love for you. I will make it up to you though since I live in LA. I will have a bite to eat at SUR or Villa Blanca.


  13. Faye is blessed. She has a jewel. He is really a wonderful man, friend and father. Give her credit she knows how to recognize and love an excellent man like EJ.


  14. Ladies, that is NOT his girlfriend in those pictures, that is his DAUGHTER! Look at the pictures in his mobile uploads. She’s a cheerleader in college, had her senior prom in 2009, and there is one picture where he specifically says that Taylor (the girl in the pictures) is his daughter.


  15. I am so shocked! I know the 1st Mrs. Everett Jack Jr. and she is one of the brightest, most classy women I know. She’s a published author, active in politics and a true Southern lady. She’s a real beauty and most importantly, she’s truly original, meaning all her parts are God-made, not manmade like Ms. Rancid. EJ, darlin’ (that’s what we called him back in the day), I’m thinking someone must have dropped you on your head – I just can’t see any other explanation for your obvious lack of good taste in your middle years.


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