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NOTE:  A SH reader was surprised to learn that Lisa Vanderpump is a trained actress.  Yes, Lisa IS a trained actress… and she plays her part well on the RHOBH.  The following explains how Lisa and Ken met and a bit about her training as an actress…


                                                                      Lisa Vanderpump

A very insightful look back at Ken Todd and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Lisa Vanderpump… in 2002!

                                            Ken Todd… with Brandi Glanville

From The London Standard Evening… August 19, 2002:

“… She and Ken usually spend three or four days a week in London, and run the business for the rest of the week “by mobile” from Gloucestershire. This arrangement clearly works.

Lisa doesn’t know quite how much she and Ken are worth now, but they sold four bars to the Trocadero group in 1998 for £10.5 million. “Bars are sold on a multiple of their profits,” she explains, “and all our current places are doing very well.î

They met in – what else – a bar in 1982. Ken made his first fortune in the rag trade, and owned Corks bar in Kensington. Lisa, who had made her acting debut at nine playing Glenda Jackson’s daughter in A Touch of Class, and had earned enough by the age of 20 to buy her own London flat, was manning the door of Corks one night for a joke. “I was being a smartarse,” she recalls.

“I tried to charge him to come in.” She was 21, he was 37. “She was like a breath of fresh air coming into my life,” says Ken. “I thought, hello, he looks interesting,” says Lisa. They married six weeks later.

Working together, they claim, has helped to sustain the marriage. “We complement each other,” says Lisa. “He’s the impulsive one, I’m more conservative. He’s always looking for a new venture.”

Ken says: “We both like the same things and have similar ideas. We’re not only lovers, but friends as well.” Involving herself in Ken’s business from the start, Lisa devoted herself to it full-time in 1995, giving up acting after a four-year stint in Los Angeles culminated in that Baywatch role.

Had working with David Hasselhoff turned her off acting altogether? “No, no, he’s a lovely man, although he’s far too tall,” says the diminutive Lisa. “They kept saying, ‘put her on a box’, and I’d be saying, ‘no, put him in a trench’.”

She and Ken moved back to England partly because they didn’t want Pandora, now 16, and Max, now 10, to grow up around the “Hollywood b-s” of Los Angeles.

“The earthquake pretty much catapulted us back, too,” she adds. That 1994 tremor, registering 6.6 on the Richter scale, threw them out of bed at 4am. Their Beverly Hills’ mansion stayed standing, but three out of Ken’s four LA pizza restaurants were destroyed. Given that Ken, according to Lisa, “hadn’t done nearly enough while we were in America, apart from play polo and tennis,î the natural disaster seemed a timely spur for a change of scene and – for Lisa – of career.

“When you get to a certain age,” she explains, “the acting business gives you up, rather than you giving it up.” Now that Pandora has expressed thespian aspirations, Lisa, at 42, has had to face her own ambivalence about the business.

On the one hand, it was “very good” to her, but on the other, and especially in Hollywood, there was pressure to conform to a physical ideal. “I’ve been lucky that I’m slim and have a good bust,” she says. “I work out and don’t stay too long in the sun, but I haven’t had any work done. On our 21st anniversary, I told Ken that I was the same size as when we married; it’s just that everything is two inches lower.”

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