REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Kenya Moore “Historical Figure”… Nene Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Stewart, Cynthia Bailey… Tonight’s RHOA Preview!!

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YES, Bravo will be airing a new episode Sunday night!


Part I:

Part II:


Kenya Moore defines her place in history, as she IS a historical figure!  Kenya is right there next to Bill Clinton… she’s “Gone Wit da Wind”!!!

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nene-realitytv-gif                                                               I blab everything to everybody…

After the chaos, someone always has to tell whoever missed the party what happened.  This time, Nene goes to Kandi’s room to spill it… and then  Househusbands, Todd Tucker and Gregg Leakes put in their two cents…

24 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: Kenya Moore “Historical Figure”… Nene Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Stewart, Cynthia Bailey… Tonight’s RHOA Preview!!

  1. Who the hell does Kenya think she is? Some Z list actress with $10 budget movies she would be so proud to find at the 99cent bin at Wal-Mart. I’m insulted by the fact that she regards her name in history with the likes of Obama, Kennedy and Clinton and I’m not even American. And this Hollywood career she goes on and on about, was this chick thinking of Hollywood Alabama? No one remembers you back in the 19whenever just like no one remembers who won in 2003. Smell your trash honey and go get an accomplished IMDB resume.


  2. Gregg look silly at his age.Not too manly to me.He is MeMe’s lapdog and just follows her around.Everyone kisses MeMe’s to stay on show.Thought Kandi had a better body til she was in bikini in hot tub doing the nasty.Her body is not that great for a woman in her 30′ s and only one kid.Todd looks like a lapdog too.


  3. Im happy to see Kandi and Nene working it out. This actually is something that happens in real life, Bravo. People dont connect then they talk it out and good friendships are made. Reminds me of the good old HW days.


  4. Yall know that I thought the funniest thing about this fight sequence was? Lil Phaedra sittin over there just eatin that fruit dip by the spoonfuls. Someone needs to make a gif of that. Caption it “like a boss”


    • I got a kick out of that too. I could just hear Phaedra saying, Lawd chile, I cain’t be worryin’ bout no silly drama when I got this fruit dip screamin’ ‘eat me’!


  5. Kenya is a mess but she makes for great tv. I would have loved to have seen how Kenya would co-exist with Nene, Kim, Sheree and Marlo all together on the show! Can you imagine what kind of fighting would have transpired? Kenya and Kim were only nice to each other this season because they filmed what-2 scenes together? I’m sure they would hate each other if they became better acquainted.


  6. Kenya was so dismissive of the Porsha’s grandfather….granted Porsha was not the trailblazer but she has inherited a legacy. Boo for Kenya she is disgusting. Merry Christmas y’all.


  7. Kenya is mentally ill…..really, not being a hater-she just seems sick. Her laugh and the look in her eyes — she is scary. The anger and insecurities this woman has – WOW!
    She is so not remembered like she thinks she is! I remember the 1st beautiful AficanAmerican beauty queen….but not the 2nd. That is just how it is in life, again, not being mean, just that not many people remember the 2nd of anything. Get over it Kendra. You are not famous and respected like the President or other big names you throw out there. Enough with the beauty queen title and how wonderful you are. You have done more harm than good and when one has to brag about success – that indicates, success lacked some luster. I hope Bravo gets rid of this woman as she needs meds, not a reality show. She seems a little dangerous with her inability to cope with the truth and basic life. Reality shows are not healthy for people like her.


  8. Kenya is self proclaimed “forty and fabulous” but from what I’m observing she is 40 and freakishly scary. She wants to ride this beauty title for the rest of her life but in truth she has become a desperate train wreck who is starting to panic because her biological clock is ticking. If she wouldn’t be so pushy and aggressive and that beauty title extended to what’s inside as well as outside she may just find someone willing to share their life with her. Forget the beauty title, Kenya, and work on what’s inside and for crying out loud quit telling everyone you run into about the blasted title. That was then…this is now and really??? No one is impressed with that title once they get to know you. Work on being you and being beautiful on the inside not the has been beauty queen.


  9. No one gets to cherry pick history – Kenya did something significant then and it will stand for all time – whether she is crazy or that people no longer remember will not change what happened. That is what history is and she is correct to state that her and others opened the channel for those who came after so that now it is all commonplace. People today are so fickle and shallow – she did it, she didnt make it up, it happened. That her win did not happen last year does not mean it has lost all relevance – it stands forever. (And Porsha has NO achievements of her own…)


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