CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille Goes Shoppin’ At Costco!

camille costco tweet

RHOBH Camille Costco

Camile Grammer ain’t playin’ around!!  Camille said she was gonna send a photo of herself actually shopping at Costco to SH…and she kept her word!  NOTE: That is NOT DD wearin’ a blonde wig… it’s the “RealCamilleG”!

Check it out via Camille’s twitter:  @TheRealCamilleG!

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45 comments on “CAMILLE GRAMMER: Camille Goes Shoppin’ At Costco!

  1. That’s cool that she honored her commitment to send you a pic SH. All i can say is I’m glad it’s her there and not me as it looks crazy busy.

  2. The picture is cool and all, but I am kinda bummed that I can’t really tell what is in her shopping basket. You can tell a lot about someone by the contents of their shopping basket. I always try to figure out what their story is. Like the time I was behind some guy at CVS who, on a Friday night, was buying a bottle of wine, a sympathy card, and an enema……

      • It was that CVS next to the Whole Foods on Fairfax down the street from The Farmer’s Market. This was quite a few years ago, but I really wanted to know what was going on with him.

        • I don’t blame you, ha ha. I used to call that old Kmart “Third World Kmart.” And remember the Loehmann’s?

          • I don’t remember the Loehmann’s, but that Kmart is a trip. I expect them to ask for my passport at the door. It is always packed, though. I guess there aren’t too many Kmarts around the area. I am surprised they haven’t torn it down. It is an eyesore. My brother lives in that area and he is always bemoaning the presence of the Kmart, the the rinky dink shops between Whole Foods and Kmart, and of course, the Ross.

    • Oh, that one’s easy it was a gift for his Ex. The wine was to make the enema less intrusive. The sympathy card was because He is sorry she’s so full of sh*t!

    • You could totally be right. Knowing what we know now about the extreme fakeness of these shows it could have been just another storyline. But Ive always had a hard time believing anyone would say, even Vyle, “why would anyone go on vacation with you without Kelsey?”. Maybe if it was a very stupid joke. But who would say something like that?

      • I think Kyle said why would they be filming you without Kelsey. Kyle and her family went to Mexico and she was expecting the camera’s to follow them not Camille. I don’t think she meant it as an insult but as a question.

    • Cool picture of Camile…I really liked it! Camile’s little boy is a cutey pie, you can see both Camile and Kelsey in him. He looks happy! Camile has always been one of the best dressed housewives. She knows how to dress down and still look sweet, and when she dresses up, she usually sticks to a “classic” look and I love that. Glad she’s found her sense of humor again :).

      • Hi, Sweet Cyn! How are you? I’ve been sucked back into trying to finish up some construction projects before I go back in surgery. Been missing everyone and look forward to being back more soon. How’s that cute pup?

        • He’s still Satan’s spawn but we love him anyway. Hope your surgery goes will and you get on the road to total recovery.We need to pick a new candidate Adriane is wearing thin. Got any Ideas?

          • Hmmmm…I like the BH ladies. I’m going with Lisa Vanderpump!

            Cute little Satan will be out of his puppy stage soon and need a new name. :D Stay warm and comfy. Hugs!

    • I have to say I agree. She’s dressed appropriately here and usually is, now that I think about it. If this were a picture of Vyle, she’d be in a caftan with 8″ heels.

    • Slaen: LOL!! Interesting, as SH has liked Camille… especially for standing up to the powers that be when she came out and stated that she strongly disagreed with those powers (Bravo/producers/NBC…) for proceeding with the second season of the RHOBH as scheduled, despite the tragic circumstances which took place within days of the RHOBH season two premiere. IMO, Camille (as has happened with other Housewives) had a bug in her ear re SH and came out with guns blazing prepared to sue for defamation. IMO, Camille has a good sense of humor and checked things out for herself… and found that whomever or whatever gave info to Camille was very incorrect re SH. Many of those who have negative tweets re SH seem to delete them!

      IMO, both Camille and her son, Jude, look very happy in the Costco photo! We also appreciate Camille taking the time to take the photo and send it to SH readers!

      Also, we do appreciate the Housewives who don’t take themselves or the characters they portray on their “reality” show sooooo seriously! Camille now looks like she’s having fun! Good for her! TFC!! SH

      • Totally agree, I’m glad she found her smile again. Maybe all the nastiness of the divorce is behind her. Lover the wallpaper today b/t/w. Don’t think we’ll be seeing Frosty down here on Christmas , but maybe some of the northern viewers will. :P

        • It’s definitely snowy and frosty in MN :)

          I also think it’s great that Camille took time to take a photo. I eggmit I didn’t care for her going after SH. However, I think she saw SH is full of truths and good humor. Good for her! Her son is very cute!

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