REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Reunion Show Preview… Ana v Lea… Adriana v Joanna

Ana goes after Lea…


Joanna Krupa gives Polish girls a bad name… glad to see Adriana call her out!  Crocodile tears and “call the paps” PR… Joanna gets a huge BLEEEEEECH!!!

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78 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: Reunion Show Preview… Ana v Lea… Adriana v Joanna

  1. Lets not make a big deal about the Joanna vs Adriana.
    Didnt you hear what Ana is saying. She is crazy. Who goes after a 10 year old kid.

    • Won’t make a big deal about Joanna vs. Adrianna – but Adrianna looked like she was punched in the cheek. Bad make up.

      • @Lablover27 …….No, that is called getting work done and not letting it heal…so, you look puffy…..Never liked Adrianna the first season; and do not like her now….I like Joanna…and for Adrianna to call out Joanna’s relationship is just a joke…..when she can’t even trust her man now!

    • It was totally mean making that comment about her child.Ana appears to have alot of hate in her heart or just wants to remain relavent. I do not care for Adriana’s behavour either she is very jealous of her castmates.I think Lea has a rough outside but is soft on the inside.I go back and forth with her.I really like her at times and then other times I get appalled by her actions. Ana has issues and anger problems.

    • The comment Ana made about Lea’s kid was as disgusting as Don Caro saying that Danielle’s kid had “no light in their eyes”.

  2. What the hell is Ana talking about? Leah spending most of her time on her back. Can’t wait to see why the hell she brought that up and what is the point? Was that a dig to Leah’s son? That’s mean.

    My goodness some of these ladies are tiny.

    • I think it’s more to do with the fact that Lea attained her social status and financial comfort through her marriage to Roy (“on her back”). IMO I don’t think it has anything to do with her kid, more to do with Lea saying she is self made and Ana disagreeing.

      • She did make a dig at Lea’s son, because she said: “My kids are smart and great and not socially awkward (like your son).” It was a low blow but I did enjoy somebody standing up to Lea, she’s been stirring up shit all season long and though she was the boss bitch of Miami. I like Lea, but she’s too into herself.

        • A ‘friend’ said something similar about one of my boys who is a little shy, but basically he couldn’t stand the person, so while he was polite he didn’t go out of his way to talk to her. It is an extremely hurtful AND hateful thing to say and bravo should have edited it out for both Leah and her son. Ana should be ashamed….VERY ashamed!

          • I know. If she was really targeting her son then she is scum. But this is just a clip. Maybe Lea said something hurtful about Ana’s children and Ana was just defending her daughters. That would sorta make sense because Ana was pissed! We’ll have to wait and see.

    • I’m wondering why Ana is attacking Lea’s son too. I’m not disagreeing with Ana about calling Leah out for lying that she’s a self-made success, as we all know, she was a juror on the William Kennedy Smith trial and that’s how she met Roy Black. Last night when she was talking to Lisa about how she was “successful and independent” long before meeting Roy, I laughed out loud. She is a bitch and is so condescending and full of herself. Ana was right except the kid dig. That was not cool at all.

  3. oh the old melissa gorga line “if you keep spreading lies about me im gonna spread the truth about you”

    Adriana looks like she had a lot of facial work on…i only like lisa, she seems so nice and such a good girlfriend

  4. Don’t understand why the writer has such anger towards Joanna. Adrianna is a first class trouble maker (since season 1) and is always making caustic comments about everyone except Lea. She is so far up Lea’s ass I am surprised she does not have a brown forehead. The whole picture tweeting thing with Karent was a storm in a teacup. Adrianna is the biggest bitch there…..

    • Joanna opens her mouth and I can feel my brain cells dying. She is famous for showing her body? Her conversations and arguments are that of a baby. She’s annoying and stupid. Adrianna, please fired your makeup artist.

      Ana and lea wow; I’m liking Ana 😜

  5. Lea is a bully married to an old fart with money and brags about her friendship with guys in jail. She sees herself as the ultimate queen bee that can do no wrong. She has answers for everyone including poor Lisa trying to get pregnant. The other bitches Adriana and Alexia are kept women, again with rich old men. At least Karent, Marysol, Joana and Ana are educated women with their own careers. These women would never be friends in the real world. What a joke.

  6. Do you really think any of these women are actually attracted to these rich old guys they’re married to or seeing? What won’t people do for money. & they give up themselves & their own lives/interests to get the old guys’ money & then we wonder why they seem so lost to themselves that they end up living on Botox (etc.) & seem to do nothing but fight & drink.

    • My grandma used to say that people who marry for money earn every penny. It took me a long time to understand the wisdom of those words. It would be miserable to be spend one’s life without experiencing the joy of being in love. I think the money would be cold comfort for putting up with lying with an old codger every night.

      • Your grandma is right. I think that they often seem very lonely and not like happy people.
        Money is great, but only if you got someone to love and share them with. If you dont, they loose their value completely.

  7. Cant stand Adriana! Why get that UGLY upset about things thats got nothing to do with her? She actually just makes me like Joanna a little bc of her sick behaviur.
    That woman is so fake and desperate for attention and goes to far everytime. If she said what she wanted to say, in a much more calm way, maybe I could respect and like her. But she is just so hateful a person, it is starting to make me sick even looking at her.
    And Ana talking about Leas boy……… :O ………..Desguting behavier from a woman her age!

  8. Ana may be educated but that does not make her intelligent. How ridiculous is it to cling to a husband who has moved out an moved on with another woman.

  9. Adriana is living off a rich man too that she does not plan on marrying.She claims her independence but lives off someone else.Art dealer my ass.She too is a gold digger like JoHo.They all are out for men with $$.

  10. The biggest golddigger is Lisa.My god i can’t even look at her face.She married Leny who imo is hideous looking for his money no doubt.And talking about buying another mansion on star island.What is wrong with her mansion she’s living in now?I can’t stand her.And Adrianna i like her she say’s it like it is.She is very talented and is actually very smart Paris schools and speaks six languages.I speak two and that is hard.Ana can’t let go of her ex husband because i think she’s still in love with him.

    • Can’t stand plastic lisa and her “I’m so sweet act” and lenny is creepy looking. I like adriana too. She’s not afraid to speak he mind. Karent suck imo.

  11. Lia Black is old, boring and dowdy. I find NOTHING interesting about this woman. She has no character, no style and no class. Her house is full of trinkets and bad cheap art – all of which she most likely paid too much for.
    Who befriends inmates and talks to them regularly? Who is good friends with a weirdo that wears moon-boots in mid-summer? Who takes in an old lady that has obvious mental issues to keep her house?? And who gives a SH&T about “Elaine”?!?!?! All of these people are a little coo-coo and she uses them to entertain us. Sick. She is someone that is trying to fill a void or character in her life. She picks these helpless people to surround her b/c no matter what she says or does she will always look better put together.
    This show would be better WITHOUT her on it. I can’t stand her voice, her laugh, her clothes, her hair, her house, her ugly husband and her kooky friends. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING about her is interesting!! NADA!

  12. I love Lea and Adriana. If it weren’t for the two of them we would be stuck watching what’s her names fake relationship with Rudolfo and Joanna get drunk and stumble around. Bethany Frankel was right about one thing, Joanna is a twat.
    I thought Ana was great but it really shows someone’s personality to take a dig at someone else’s child. WTC was that?
    I like Lisa too and feel bad for her. Her husband seems to have no sympathy for her fertility issues. That must be so difficult for her. I wonder why they don’t adopt? They could financially give a child a wonderful life.

  13. Oh and p.s. did anyone else read the gossip about Joanna possibly being the woman who came between YoFo and her husband Mohammad? It was on SH a while back. It really made YoFo’s comment “there’s nothing uglier than an out of control drunk woman” make a lot of sense.

  14. Ana (to Lea): “Let me tell you exactly how I got to this reunion seat!” Not really something to be that proud of…

    Meanwhile I would have thought Lea would pull a NeNe Leakes on Ana – “Bitch don’t you EVA bring up my kids!”

  15. Producers to Ana: You are really really really boring. Your “piling in” over Karent just failed
    Ana: Oh shit what am I going to do. Let attack Lea.
    Ana goes to attack Lea as she is insecure over the fact that she may lose her housewife status
    Her “Immigrant” parents taught her to respect others and this is seen by her interactions with Lea and Karent.
    btw I also have immigrant parents but I don’t play that card.

    • My English is bad. Let me correct it:

      Ana’s “immigrant parents” taught her a lack of manners. This is shown by her lack of respect to others especially her piling in over Karent and now attacking Lea’s child, How low can you sink that you attack a 10 year old….

      I have immigrant parents but I don’t play that card, I too am in Law School- big deal!

      23 years of successful marriage that ends up in divorce- so what is successful…

  16. Is it possible that Lea was the one that said Ana’s girls were socially awkward befre ana said that and Ana was responding to that by saying they were not? I can hear Lea deliver a jab like that about Ana’s girls and then laugh it off as if it shouldn’t be offensive. If it was the other way and Ana was digging on a 10 year old then shame on her.

    • You may be right, just like when she made the jab about Phillippe not having a green card and cackling like a loon on camera. I found it disturbing that she laughed about getting phone calls from her jailbird buddies…who would brag about that???

      • I have re-watched a few times to try to figure out the body language. I also noticed something in doing so that I have never figured out until now. Watch the clips again. Notice the background chatter? I think that is what Bravo adds after the fact similar to a laugh tract. Now that I have noticed this I am sure they do it on all the other reunion shows too. This is why when I watch them I am left with a residual anxiety effect. This technique amps up the turmoil. Sneaky bass turds.

        • I notice it too now!! Thanks for bringing it up. By the way, Made, you’re probably my favorite commentator on SH :)

          • Awwwwwe.. Thank you FD. That makes my heart happy. It’s weird huh? Creepy how one lil edit trick like that can change the whole tone of the scene. I guess the RHNY girls didn’t get the memo that the “chatter tract” would be added later so they made their own as they were filming. No wonder Andy was flustered. He was not used to it. Now I want to go back an rewatch all franchise reunions and see if they did this on theirs or if they reserves this hocus pocus for Miami.

            • Also, Made, notice how these Miami women say exactly the opposite of who they really are in their intro lines!

              Joanna: “I’m a model but not always a modeled citizen.” (meaning I finally got my citizenship, you can’t deport me no more)
              Karent: “If you don’t like my smile then don’t look my way” (meaning why is everybody so irritated by my smile?)
              Lisa: “My husband’s a top plastic surgeon in his town & I’m his best creation” (meaning why the fuck did I get my boobs so big I can hardly breathe)
              Adriana: “I may speak 5 languages but my true language is independence” (meaning I love being a kept woman)
              Marysol: “My job is about making fast decisions but my personal life I leave up to destiny (meaning I’m a moron)
              Ana: “Whether in the courtroom or in the kitchen, I bring the heat.” (meaning I’m a really boring person)
              Lea: “I can deal with a lot but I can’t deal with stupid.” (meaning I’m actually pretty fucktarded myself).

            • Tee Hee. Ifn it wasn’t for the dadblame sunglitz no one would be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of my intellectual power. j/k :) I crack meself up

  17. Wha?? Adriana calling out Joanna about publicity? The same chick who acted like a plum fool at last years reunion saying that the show would be like BH if everyone was like her? The same chick who posed nude for some photos in the corner of an art gallery? Please. Where’s Vanessa Sidi when you need her?

    • Correction: the nude photo ended up being hung in the corner of an art gallery, she didnt take them there, but i wouldnt put it past her for “art’s” sake…

  18. Question. Does anyone know the name of the musical score that played at the end of the last episode on season 2?

  19. I’m not a huge fan of Lea and it’s nice seeing Ana challenge her but a few points:

    1) WHY did Ana wait until the reunion to start? As someone said earlier, it’s as if the producers told her she was so boring that she needs to start something now or she’ll be cut next season.
    2) When Ana was bragging, she mentioned her 23 year marriage…but it’s over lol. I wonder if Lea will bring up that failure in her rebuttal.
    3) Does this mean Marysol will get off without having to explain or debate anything because Ana is doing it for her? If she wants to avoid confrontations and fighting she should have never signed up for this show.

  20. Can’t stand Lea and love that Ana really “WENT IN” on her old crusty ass! She thinks she runs Miami and the show but she’s just a fortunately desperate broad who followed and stalked a lonely lawyer and is now living the gold-digging dream! How far will her status as the “Unofficial Mayor of Miami” last once she starts writing a book about the Miami scene and what she’s seen?

    As for Ana’s low blow by insinuating that Lea’s son is obviously socially awkward, could be in response to Lea attacking Ana’s daughters in her blog after the TKramer dinner debacle. She was defending TK and made comments about Ana being judgemental yet a phony for allowing her girls to make sexual jokes. So if anything Lea started it.

    In her blog LeaBlack says of ANA….

    “…as she continues to bad mouth TK while entering his home and drinking his $1,000 a bottle wine and eating his home cooked gourmet meal. And she was so “offended” by his asking us all to change the subject and have a good time. I’m trying to distinguish between being judgmental about a dinner party where adults speak about problems and conflict versus a dinner table where families talk about “a— sex” and “com— on girls” and “barbeque on p—-s.” I’m just glad TK didn’t mention “wiping his —,” “picking his nose,” and “someone’s v—–” before preparing the meal. Confused anyone? Real outrage or phony outrage?”

    First blood anyone?

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