LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s Spinoff “Vanderpump Rules”… Pains Ken…

Bravo Another preview from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Housewife, Lisa Vanderpump, for her spinoff show, Vanderpump Rules.  Lisa discusses the **OMG** fact that her wait staff doesn’t take being a waiter/ress SERIOUSLY!!


NOTE:  Lisa is an ACTRESS, a trained actress.  However, her husband, Ken Todd, is not.  Ken shows his true emotions in his flash of a scene… Ken is either still in pain from his hip surgery or he really thinks the show stinks!

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23 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s Spinoff “Vanderpump Rules”… Pains Ken…

  1. The show will stink.Martin and Muhammed are waiting in the wings for Ken to croak/die to get giggy with Lisa.

  2. I know you are just bustin’ but, as a business owner, if my employees are not taking their job seriously my customers suffer and if my customers suffer we are ALL out of a job. As I’ve said before, my family was in the restaurant business for years. The pep talk our employees would get was that their “section” was their business and they were to treat it as such. I give my employees the same pep talk. Personally, I do not want someone working for me that does not take their job seriously because the customer is sacrificing their hard earned money and that, no matter what job you have, is serious.
    I know many career waiters/waitresses/bartenders and it is a finely honed skill and they bristle at the newbies that think it is a lark. It is not. The person you are waiting on may have to save up for months to visit your establishment and just because some snot nose punk thinks waiting on someone is beneath them and they are just biding time till they rule the world, well, it just don’t fly with me.

    • Adios: It’s “quit takin’ the Housewives so seriously Day”… It was a producer-induced scene in Lisa’s phony baloney show… about her “we all know they aren’t there for life” employees and we all know that her waitstaff are all wanna-be actors/actresses. A far cry from what you’re describing.

      Someone who saves up “for months” to eat at a restaurant… any restaurant… is a bit off. They’d be better off buyin’ a cookbook and buy some groceries if they’re that tight on money that they have to save up to eat at a restaurant! To get a reservation at LeBernadin you have to give credit card info to make that reservation… obviously, the “savers” aren’t eatin’ at Eric Ripert’s place! SH

      • @ SH As I stated form the git go I knew you were joshin’ but things like Lisa described – whether producer driven or completely scripted – do happen. If you think that someone is “off” saving for a beautiful anniversary/birthday/graduation etc dinner then about 80% of the population is “off” and you must be very blessed if you have never had to consider budgeting money for such celebrations. Also, you may have to give CC information to confirm a reservation and you very well may have the amount of credit needed but credit does not empiricaly mean you have the ability to pay. That person could rip through whatever CC limit they have after you take their CC info way before they show to your establishment. I take CC info too to hold appointments. If the client is a no show they get charged – that is a slot I could have filled and if they do not have the decency to call and cancel they are getting charged.

        With a hug and a wink,

        • Not to take sides or anything but *I*, being a single woman, have to save/budge wisely in order to be able to go out to a fancy restaurant :/.

            • I checked out their site. The food certainly is lovely but my palate isn’t refined enough for most of it. I’m a southern girl and still cook everything to death and then simmer it for another 3-4 hours. I don’t like protein to remotely resemble what it used to be.

            • Cherry, I’m with you. I’ve always lived in LA and have been to quite a few fine restaurants over the years. But I think the waiters snicker when I order my steak well done or even medium well. I just don’t like spending a lot of money on fancy shmancy anymore, and I’m probably just as happy, or happier, in my flannel PJs with a good burrito and a Diet Coke in front of the TV.

            • I am with you on the whole PJs thing. They aren’t just for bedtime. I will put mine on if I know I am done for the day and not going out again, even if it is only 7:00 in the evening. PJs, a good burrito, and a Diet Coke in front of the TV sounds just about perfect to me.

  3. I was a terrible waitress—I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, so keeping track of everything servers do is a daunting task! I will digress and say that “Vanderpump Rules” is the worst name for a show! It should be called “To SUR With Love.”

  4. Lisa is a trained actress? I didn’t know that. She is certainly attractive enough. Somehow that takes away from the show for me — all of these HWs are so unlike anyone I’ve ever met in many years that I can totally see it all being fake… and boring… I probably won’t watch again.

  5. Vile Kyle& her sister Kim were both actresses, Fayke Retching dated well plus posed for Playboy,, Yolanda & Brandi were models, also Camille was a dancer so all the ladies play to the cameras Also The Maloof Mare looks like she took 1st place in the Kentucky Derby..

  6. This is the worst idea for a show. Lisa is clearly the evil queen bee of the the Housewives show and who cares about a show on her waitstaff?!?! Seriously – this is terrible!

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