BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s Meeting With Homewrecker Sheana Continues…



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15 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s Meeting With Homewrecker Sheana Continues…

  1. I understand that Eddie broke Brandi’s heart. I think he is a total POS for doing that to her and the kids. But it’s been about 2-3 years now, she really needs to stop dwelling on who he cheating on her with and bring up all the grief. It’s not healthy. She is a gorgeous woman and deserves to be happy and have a man treat her like a princess. I hope she finds peace with her ex and is able to move on.

    • I agree, she keeps crying like it happened last week. I don’t think she picks good men to begin with, that wuss she brought along when Paul was yelling “bitch!!” in her face, was off hiding somewhere.

    • I dont think she cries about it all the time. I think both girls was affected by the situation and the feelings it brought back.
      I think Brandi IS a emotionel person who easily cries. People are different like that.
      The intensity of my emotions are not different from when i was younger, but the older I get, the more I cant control my tears. I am defiently ALOT stronger now, but many people people seem to think that Im not the strong girl (they thought!) I was when I was younger.
      I think people put to much meaning into tears. Its just a relief of feelings and you can be over something, but still be touched by thinking back to the time, where it really hurted you.
      What I get from watching that clip, is how much Brandi loves her boys and that they where the reason she got through it. I brought tears to me I eyes too, bc I can so much relate to how the love of your children can get you through everything and make you more strong than you ever thought you could be.
      For me it was just a disease and not a divorce that made me realize exactly how big a power that love has.
      But it doesn`t matter what the reason is, if it was a big crisis in the persons life, it was their crisis….or one of them. The feelings are the same and I believe that it is a big grief, letting go af the dream of a “normal” family for your children…as it is for me getting over, that Im not a healthy or a normal mom and therefor cant provide a normal family for my children.
      Easier said than done, but you have to get to the point, where you realize that what you do and what you can give, is good enough and I think Eddie and Leeann makes this incredible hard for her.

      • Don’t get me wrong, I have compassion for Brandi. I’m in the process of going through a divorce too and I have 2 boys so I know the devastation. But I do hope in 2 years I’ll be over the grief and would have moved on to a better place than where I am now. My ex did not cheat on me but he caused the relationship to fail for other reasons. For the longest time I kept trying to drive home to him how much he hurt me and how it’s all his fault and how he needs to take responsibility for it. And then I realized all this sadness and depression is only affecting me, he has accepted the marriage is over and is moving on. I think in the woman’s eyes we want the man to realize and apologize for all the pain they caused. (unfortunately, that rarely happens) It just annoys me that Eddie and Leann will see Brandi as “weak” which I don’t think she is. I’d love to see her be like “Eddie who? Oh yea my ex, la di da” And look independent, strong and beautiful and skip out of the restaurant. :-)

        • I do know you got compassion for Brandi :) Just think that alot of people thinks that she is not over HIM yet, and I really think she is. but I think her grief for her children isn`t going away anytime soon and that is what she is hurting about, even though it may come off to some, that its the divorce and eddie, she cant get over.
          I dont thinks she tells everything that is going on at all, even though some thinks that too, but I can often see her fighting with not just telling it as it is. Bc that is what comes so natural to her. And I do think she and her boys gets mistreated alot by Eddie and Leeann, but when she slips and tells about it, she herself get critizided and judged.
          She does not come off to me, like a person who stays in this situation by choice, but I see her being trapped.

  2. it would be easier for Brandi to let things go if LeAnne wasn’t writing songs talking about the affair and doing a huge publicity tour to promote the song about her stealing Eddie. Really people..Walk a mile in someone’s shoes please. Most of us have been through a divorce, but we do not have to deal with the affair person going on national TV flaunting it every two second. Totally diff scenario.

  3. LeAnn and Brandi are both promoting themselves with affair.Brandi has no storyline without talking about her past.STFU Brandi and move on.I would venture to say the slut pig Ms Brandi might have done some cheating herself. We just have that information right now.She is not an angel.Like Brandi says this is her “Job” so she is playing along with the Bravo producers.All scripted nothing real.

    • Its a good thing you got a great imagnation, so you can keep the hate going by guessing what you seem to be wish so much to be true. Santa does not meet evil wishes, so dont hold your breath for that one ;)

    • Susie, you are very bright, not that she isn’t so obvious it’s pitiful…But, it’s interesting the exact description Kim used for Brandi is used by you – you forgot one word: alcoholic, slut-pig!!!!!!!

  4. She would never say a bad thing to her boys about their dad, but she’ll certainly write about it and spread it all around the internet and a tv show they’ll eventually watch. class. They’ll read all this stuff eventually.

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