GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: “We Ruined The World”… More Wax Figures At Bravo Than At Madame Tussauds!

Here’s to hoping that the Mayans are WRONG!!

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ruined the world

From TheSoup a collection of your favorite “reality” “stars” got together to sing “We Ruined The World.”   Only the top phony baloney “stars” were invited!  That means only the most desperate, attention-seeking “stars” were there… including Wretched and Slimey!

NOTE:  Actually, it’s good to see that Wretched and Slimey have a sense of humor!  Hopefully, they did not think they were “saving” the world!


Steven Colbert is getting a place at Madame Tussauds…

(Thanks to SH readers “MP” “SD” “PDM” and “PMG”!!!)

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27 comments on “GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: “We Ruined The World”… More Wax Figures At Bravo Than At Madame Tussauds!

  1. Bravo needs to lose Faye. She is a constant reminder of the Brown-Goldman murders and I dont watch RHOBH to feel depressed afterwords. She is forever linked with OJ and that vicious murder scene and all the negativity associated with it. When shes on TV I find myself reliving all that history of the crime scene pictures and her disgusting book, etc. I had to write Bravo and let them know they will lose my viewership by flashing that face on my TV screen on Monday nights.

      • I could couldn’t care less..if the diamonds are real or fake…ALL that matters to ME is that they’re conflict free…
        They can keep their bloody “Blood” diamonds….no one with any sense of decency, regardless of there financial status,….buys “blood” diamonds….
        Conflict free!!

  2. Looking forward to the Miami reunion; I think the franchise this year held enough water to bring it back again; but that’s coming from me; who lives here in S FL. I would get rid of Kar-ain’t; would keep JoHo, her drunk moments add to the drama of the show. Time will tell……

  3. Someone else reported earlier that Faux Faye had been signed as a full-time housewife. Doesn’t look like it, if they pulled her blog. Why did Bravo think anyone would care what she had to say anyway?

      • Chem, probably, my opinion is that Vyle really wants her on the show and the producers really don’t. I think this is their way of appeasing her because the tension between her and Kim is showing. Also, I’m wondering what her problem (and everyone else’s) is with Lisa. Doesn’t seem to me like Lisa’s given anyone a reason to dislike her, but they all seem like they’re heading that way.?.?.?. Vyle and Lisa were besties in season one.

        • Vyle definitely wants Faye on the show. Vyle provides the plot setting for the scenes (parties/dinners) and reminds us all that her sister was a drunk. That’s Vyle’s only story line. I like Lisa and I don’t understand why anyone on the show dislikes her. Of course if there was a real reason captured on film, it would probably be bleeped and blurred out like the Brandi and Adrienne situation. Total bs.

          • That’s EXACTLY what I think! It’s all BS, slanted towards Vyle. I’m hoping Marisa and Yolanda will bring something new (as if), because I’ve given up on Camille, even though I like her.

            • I agree too, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Marisa and Yolanda. I have noticed how played down all of SWINE’S interaction this year. At first I was so dissapointed by Bravo not showing SWINE’S melt downs we heard so much about while they were filming the season. Then I remembered that Ms.SH said she would have a diminished roll this year and it’s true. I think if Bravo showed all her shenanigans people might hate her but they might want to watch her fail like I did. Right now SWINE barely has camera time I hope Marissa does well because if she does bye bye SWINE. I think people already like Yolanda so hopefully that means no Fake Rancid. Go Marisa and Yolanda!! lol

            • I noticed that, too, sd. SWINE’s in every episode, but on the periphery. I like that. It’s the ultimate diss! I haven’t seen anything of Marissa except for last week and the interview Ms SH posted a while ago, but so far she seems no-nonsense and down to earth. Yolanda is a major name-dropping snot, but she seems relatively normal too. If I was married to David Foster, I think I’d drop a few names as well. How do you have a convo about what’s up w/o saying so-and-so came by. I don’t think it’ intentional. At least Lisa has some people who are in her playing field now!

    • Can’t look or listen to Wretchen w/o thinking about that little boy “Son” of Slade’s in the hospital….fighting for his life. I think the “ex-wife” of Slade must be one amazing Mom and woman!!!!

  4. I love Faye (again) and she couldn’t be a better friend. The only other woman I’ve believed to be trustworthy is Camille. Why Bravo thinks Lisa and Brandi are better for viewership, I guess that’s the way it is. Hopefully, whatever happens, BH will never be as low class and phony as Miami.

  5. I don’t have that big a problem with Faye. She did stick her nose where it didn’t belong and she talks down to people. Kyle sat there and let what she started go down. I am surprised because the shoe was on the other foot when they went to Camille’s house and I wouldn’t think they would do that to someone else. That said – they don’t come close to Tammra. She is trash – and she’s mean. Alexis seems to be a sweet person – I have never seen her retaliate against the people who have been mean to her. Heather is another mean girl – and a lousey hostess. If someone had ruined my cake I would have never made a scene and had them thrown out. Over a cake? I hope we see BH go in a kinder direction. The new ladies seem to actually have some depth and maybe Adrienne and the sisters will let a little of that rub off.

    • From the looks of things, when Faye stuck er nose where it didn’t belong a good portion got sliced off! Just compare it now to pix from her Playboy spread (pun intended) back in the 90s when she celebrated the life of her best friend Nicole Brown Simpson with the selfless act of showing her muff for money.

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