REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: What Will Happen to the Miami Housewives???


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16 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: What Will Happen to the Miami Housewives???

  1. Any surprise Miss Elaine made yet another guest appearance.So played out with this gay/drag queen storyline.Lea acting like she has no issues at the ocean and her life is perfect.Miss Elaine/James is a nobody to Miami like Faye Rancid is to Beverly Hills.

  2. So predictable on how the show would end.Fake proposals and projected non existing weddings.
    Fake BF’s to give the hags a storyline.Why does Lisa not help her husband in his office rather than sit around and whine about not having a baby.She put on scrubs might as well get paid and be useful to him rather than spending his $$.She has duck lips like Trailer Trash..

    • Her face is so plastic too that when she cries you don’t see it coming. I cant take her seriously. Why so much work on her face when she’s only 29. I don’t think anything about her is real anymore. And why give her housekeeper all that plastic surgery? Guess Lenny just needed to promote his business so they had the “cant make a baby” storyline. Bet there’s a good story brewing between those 2.

  3. Marysol smoking was shocking.She is a drag queen herself.All that heavy makeup and bags/dark circles under her eyes.Bet she would scare the sun away in the morning without her face on.She is gorss looking all made up.Her and James/Elaine have alot in common both are drag queens.

  4. I generally don’t watch this show, but I happened to catch a scene tonight of this Adriana playing a piano duet with her son, and I thought it was a very beautiful scene.

    • I agree Hers. I haven’t been watching Miami religiously but did watch last night and thought the show was actually interesting. I did enjoy the piano recital scene and thought Adriana’s son was so adorable when they told him about the marriage. He does seem like a very nice boy (but really needs a haircut). I also thought Ana’s daughter saying “don’t belittle” the divorce was a very mature and insightful thing to say. A major step-up from the idiot Manzo children. All in all, I think the show was entertaining and I think it was b/c we the viewers Knew what was going on, unlike BH and NJ where they are fighting and we are not privy to what the fight is about. It just gets exhausting.

      • I didn’t see the Ana’s daughter part, but I can imagine. Kids often blow me away with their insights. I think I saw enough to tune in next week.

      • BTW, good point about the frustration of not knowing what they’re fighting about on BH and NJ. That’s so true, and it ruins the shows for us.

  5. I REALLY liked Miami this season. One of my favorite season ever (season 2 of New Jersey and Season 3 of New York are still my fav). I hope they get picked up for an other season.

  6. It got boring. At first it seemed ok but then seemed so fake. I can’t see how it can get renewed.
    It just lacks that something the successful wives shows have.

    • I liked it but you are right it is missing something… I think that something is the behind the scenes leaked stories and crazy twitter rants via a publicist. With he exception of Alexia’s son beatin on a homeless man, the media doesnt have much to say about any of them. I think Tickle Me Johmo gave it the ole college try with the fake piss contest with the Girls Gone Wild guy but it just fell flat. It seems to me that Bravo is not giving Miami the same behind the scenes pushes that they do with the rest of the shows. Maybe because none of them are selling anything that Bravo can get a piece of?

      • I think what is missing in all the franchises is real relationships. Putting people together that have no connection is just that disconnected.

  7. I think the show is to new and their pasts too big to begin to unravel in just 2 seasons. They just brought on 3 new housewives this season. We need to give it time. Hope Bravo brings it back.

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