REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: RHOM Reunion… Part I… The RHOM Have Taken A Step UP From Last Season!

RHOM cast clubhouse

MissAndy has gifted the Real Housewives of Miami a REAL reunion this season!!


In a REAL Housewives-like setting!  And NOT in his rinky-dink Clubhouse!  See the difference for yourself…



NOTE:  If you want to see the entire RHOM reunion show, it is available on YouTube!   The Miami chicks are BORING!!!


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23 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI: RHOM Reunion… Part I… The RHOM Have Taken A Step UP From Last Season!

  1. I love a fake blonde out of a bottle/perioxide like Adriana and her wrinlked forehead and all about the hands talking.

  2. Lea is writing a book too about Miami.God make these women stop the nonsense.Another fake storyline and they all break up after the finalle after being proposed to.God make it stop.So predictable every show.

  3. I’m in…I’ll have my bottle of wine, sitting in my comfy chair…I’m in…can’t wait for the reunion! “You think you’re the only p*ssy in Miami?” “Sit down, I don’t want you to break a hip.” Yup, I’m in!

    • When Audriana popped off with that one did you see leas face? I swan that woman is a great big ole caricature. I cant watch her any=more without envisioning what Amy Phillips is gonna do with her.

    • Me too! Can’t wait for the reunion and the “break a hip” comments were priceless. I love ana and she’s not afraid of leah. JoHo is such a dumb biatch. My DVR is ready, 12/27/12:-)

  4. He couldn’t even spring for a reunion set. Just extra chairs on his watch what happens live one. I find that hilarious, because that is like what we get with them. Not this polished, idealized opulence, though phony, that is still at least a backdrop to the other shows. Miami is just… fold out chairs for a party that you have to add for last minute guests you invited just to be nice.

    • I’m guessing Lea said something “funny” like the green card joke to Marysol about Anna’s man or children. If Lea claims to find shit like that funny, why did she not laugh at the “on the back” comment. When the joke’s on her she’s screaming character assassination with a frequency only whales can hear…

      • it looks like right before that comment ana took a dig at lea’s son by saying and my 2 girls are socially adept or something like that — i thought that was BEYOND low and you can see lea’s face when she says it — i don’t know who i’m a fan of on that show but i know i’m NOT a fan of ana’s now. i thought lea’s son was really sweet and shy and i thought ana’s daughters were obnoxious in their sex talk so ana really doesn’t have room to rip on someone else’s child — REALLY LOW

  5. Lea is a 2 faced bitch that thinks her life is perfect because her old fart of a husband has $$.She is very condescending when she talks to any of the HW hags.And that stupid high pitched laugh is awful.She needs to have some distress in her life.The old fart of a lawyer has a mistress.Her son is or will be gay or end up in juvenile jail.That gala to keep kids out of jail is just plain stupid.Better things to do with $$ than that cause.Explains why Lea is so into men in prison.She is a slut pig like Brandi.

    • Well compare to most Bravo shows it did great in ratings. Bravo just need for the ratings to be at 1 million average. Also feel Bravo isn’t giving them good press, they did no major talk show (The View, Ellen, Howard Stern….)

    • Agree, agree and agree! I’d rather have bravo shit-can atlanta and new jersey. I can never sit through an entire episode of those shows without my mind wandering. Even their reunions are basically boring (except juicy joe, who was totally funny!).

  6. PLM7489, Ana never met Lea’s son. Her reference to her daughters not being socially awkward was a response to Lea’s variuos diggs regarding Ana’s daughters. So It was Lea not Ana who lashed out & went there. In fact, the final edit failed to include the majority of the actual exchange between the two. Apparently Ana came prepared with a folder of documentation claiming Lea & her charity were fraudulent. The confrontation is said to have left Lea in tears & speechless yet it was largely edit out most likely for legal reasons. Regardless, Lea comes across as small, annoying & pathetic.

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