MELISSA GORGA: Who’s Responsible For Book Deal… MeGo’s Ghostwriter Wrote Snooki’s Book!

Gorga cover

Melissa Gorga announced yesterday that someone somewhere somehow got her a book deal.  Now, who in the world would think anything in MeGo’s brain would be of interest to anyone?  The answer to that question lies in MeGo’s tweet:

RHONJ Melissa tweet book


The most interesting person mentioned in MeGo’s tweet is Valerie Frankel.

valerie frankel

WHY??  Because Valerie Frankel’s biggest dream is to author a New York Times Bestseller… as Valerie states in her 2011 piece for the DailyBeast:

“I’ve never made it—“it” being, as any author could tell you, The New York Times bestseller list. When I started out, I fantasized about striking it big. I still do. Dreams of literary stardom didn’t die or fade away. They limped along, dragging tirelessly, like a zombie.”

Further along in the piece, Valerie’s dreams of being a NYTimes best-selling author have come true!!

snooki book

Valerie is responsible for the now-classic literary tome, “A Shore Thing”… by JerseyShore’s Snooki!

I collaborated with Nicole Polizzi on her beach romance, A Shore Thing.   Although my name isn’t on the cover, Snooki gave me plenty of credit. When Matt Lauer mentioned my name on the Today show, I squealed. Her fans loved the book. Literary types universally loathed it. They called it a sign of the apocalypse, the death of publishing, etc.   NOTE:  Wonder if MeGo will admit to using Valerie as her ghostwriter?

Despite MeGo stating that she has been “writing” every night…

melissa writing tweet


…that don’t mean she’s writing words for a book.  Could be that she’s writing comments on QVC praising KomaKathy’s best-selling cannoli kits!

MeGo’s “book” which she has been writing “every night” will be available next year…

rhonj melissa book tweet

In the meantime, MeGo will be pushin’ her VoliVodka in Scarsdale on Saturday…

melissa tweet at wine store


168 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Who’s Responsible For Book Deal… MeGo’s Ghostwriter Wrote Snooki’s Book!

  1. How would MeHo know about keeping a marriage sexy? She acts like she is disgusted when her her husband, Super Mario Brother, looks at her. She probably keeps a bucket by her bedside so when he touches her she can just lean over and hurl properly. If she used to be a stripper she must have been awful and didnt make any money for the club because top strippers are club headliners and cant hide their past so easily. Now if Lisa Vanderpump wrote a book about keeping a marriage sexy I would buy it because after all those years of marriage Ken still cant get enough of her.


  2. Hey Bravo STOP making “Melissa” happen, i mean if your single can’t even top off the 100 on ITUNES for pete’s sake, how the heck you gonna sell these books.


  3. Excerpts from Melajusteds book…..Basic rules for good marriage. 1. Always remember to call your spouse by their name and not some other husband or wife’s name.2. Never claim to have a “headache”. “Be trueful.” “You just don’t turn me on tonight with that big ugly zit.” “I already had sex today hunny am really tired”.” I thought we talked about this hunny. “I only want sex when a camera is rolling.” “Its not difficult to be honest with your spouse”. “Practice your story until it comes out truefully…lol….”I do and look how well its worked out for me in my marriage as well as in my occupations”…lol.. 3. “Keep family out of the bedroom.” “Just because you blindfold,put ear plugs and play loud music doesn’t mean the children might not be distracting”….”What am saying is sex is the most important thing in a marriage”. “If you want to keep your man make sure he falls asleep with a smile on his face”. “Whether its from sex or the pills you put in his drinks no matter, just keep him happy.”LOL……


  4. I can’t stand this horrible and devious woman, BUT she does have her husband worshipping the ground she walks on and kissing her disgusting gold digging toes. I’d like her secrets on how to stupify my hubbend like that and carry his balls in my purse. I know she’s disgusted by him so how does she even do it? Turn him against his traditional conservative family, marry her although she was a stripping whore, drown in debt to please her every demand and follow her every command? How? Tell us your secret MeGo


  5. I doubt he worships her off camera. I’m sure these two morons aren’t so into eachother behind closed doors. And why is her book called Love Italian Style? There is nothing Italian about that Hooker. She’s white trash.


  6. Just to add a little lighthearted humor to the discussion, the people tweeting Greg’s Loose Hole are on fire tonight! Here is a quick sample:

    Wait for it, the next #RHONJ book deal will be @JacLaurita’s financial planning for dummies.

    Mel’s book deal requires her to READ a book, not write one!

    MelissaGorga can’t write a marriage book! 8 years is not even permanent alimony status in New Jersey

    I’d rather have sex with #SweatyRosie than #JoeyMarco

    What are the chances that @melissagorga will use the studio to record the audio version of her book? Greg’s Loose Hole ‏@GregsLooseHole – Hooka on Phonics?


  7. How could they narrow down all those ‘Keeping It Hot’ images already scorched on our corneas? We’ve had the happy couple simulating intercourse on the mechanical bull at the Family Thanksgiving . . . the ‘Show Me Your Ass’ exchange complete with erection at the Family Pool . . . the steamy ‘Stop Cockblocking Me’ pre-toe sucking scene in their bedroom and the scintillating whipped cream fight at Family Shore Party just to name a few.

    I’m thinking the common denominator is they get turned on by performing this BS on TV – and obviously also in each of these instances in front of their to be pitied children. :( Sick perverts.


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