MELISSA GORGA: Who’s Responsible For Book Deal… MeGo’s Ghostwriter Wrote Snooki’s Book!

Gorga cover

Melissa Gorga announced yesterday that someone somewhere somehow got her a book deal.  Now, who in the world would think anything in MeGo’s brain would be of interest to anyone?  The answer to that question lies in MeGo’s tweet:

RHONJ Melissa tweet book


The most interesting person mentioned in MeGo’s tweet is Valerie Frankel.

valerie frankel

WHY??  Because Valerie Frankel’s biggest dream is to author a New York Times Bestseller… as Valerie states in her 2011 piece for the DailyBeast:

“I’ve never made it—“it” being, as any author could tell you, The New York Times bestseller list. When I started out, I fantasized about striking it big. I still do. Dreams of literary stardom didn’t die or fade away. They limped along, dragging tirelessly, like a zombie.”

Further along in the piece, Valerie’s dreams of being a NYTimes best-selling author have come true!!

snooki book

Valerie is responsible for the now-classic literary tome, “A Shore Thing”… by JerseyShore’s Snooki!

I collaborated with Nicole Polizzi on her beach romance, A Shore Thing.   Although my name isn’t on the cover, Snooki gave me plenty of credit. When Matt Lauer mentioned my name on the Today show, I squealed. Her fans loved the book. Literary types universally loathed it. They called it a sign of the apocalypse, the death of publishing, etc.   NOTE:  Wonder if MeGo will admit to using Valerie as her ghostwriter?

Despite MeGo stating that she has been “writing” every night…

melissa writing tweet


…that don’t mean she’s writing words for a book.  Could be that she’s writing comments on QVC praising KomaKathy’s best-selling cannoli kits!

MeGo’s “book” which she has been writing “every night” will be available next year…

rhonj melissa book tweet

In the meantime, MeGo will be pushin’ her VoliVodka in Scarsdale on Saturday…

melissa tweet at wine store


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168 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: Who’s Responsible For Book Deal… MeGo’s Ghostwriter Wrote Snooki’s Book!

  1. The book will have very limited sales because the subject matter has very limited, if any appeal. It is indeed the death of literature.

    • not only Snooki
      Valerie is also Big And ghostwriter :
      Even though Big can’t put together a grammatical sentence (or Italian for that matter), she has just written, no kidding, a book.
      (While the book displays only her name as author, if you look at the very last line in the book you’ll see a thanks to Valerie Frankel. Bingo!)

      Her book “Bigger Is Better,” which is due out on the inauspicious date of Sept. 11), is filled with Big Ang’s advice on style (help me, Jesus!), life (as in existence and not “Oh, he got ‘life’ ”) and recipes for living large .

      Like? Like how one Sunday her family ate 75 meatballs. That kind of large.
      I asked a few editors who specialize in celebrity books why in hell people buy books about style by women no one really wants to look like.

      Lisa Sharkey, senior vice president at HarperCollins (which, like The Post, is owned by News Corp.) has a roster of celebrity best sellers and just signed “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Caroline Manzo for an advice book.

      “Fans like to read their words, want to meet them at signings,” Sharkey says, “People look up to people on TV.

      • Yes, but Horsey does’nt have any fans…well if u want to add her sisters and the “Fans” that Midget Joe buys….

  2. Wow saying you have Snooki’s ghostwriter is not gonna help sales….I remember watching a video of someone reading the first few pages of Around the Shore and and it was all farts, butts, and pickles….way to go Missy!

  3. there’s tons of “vanity presses” publishers around and they all cater to the writer’s (if that’s what you want to call them) egos. now if val wants to delve into the goings on in the lookers parking lot ,who paid for the boob job and the real nitty gritty of this psycho it’s up to her. missy too. being daddy’s girl and having a “dream”? snoozer! not worth starting the press. know what i mean?

  4. I bet MeGo NEVER eggmitts to having a ghost writer. Considering how much she has dogged Tree out over ghost writers. She copies Tree YET again.

  5. You know how Melissa and Joe spout about her having been a teacher, not a stripper? Can anyone identify which university granted this moron a bachelors degree? Or, as I suspect, was she a glorified day care aid who called herself a teacher? She had me at “liberry.”

    • I often wonder if these women possess the degrees they claim to. How much you want to bet she worked for minimum wage at a preschool that required no certification or degree? Or, maybe she was a teacher’s aide, also a position that requires no degree (although it does require a background check, so we know she’s not a felon–phew!). I’m not denigrating preschool teachers or teacher’s aides but it’s a far cry from being a certified elementary school teacher with a bachelor’s degree. I just do not see her going through college. Does anybody know if Kim Zolciak really has a nursing degree? Also hard for me to believe…the only housewife believe has the degree she claims to is Pheadra Parks, and that’s because I’ve seen images of her in the courtroom.

      • I think some can sort of tiptoe their way around the education system. Make it through by the skin of their teeth . As much as “Book smarts” (as some of us call it in the south) can go along way you can get just enough to make it through & not really have any thing else going on up there. If you know what I mean. I seriously , SERIOUSLY , doubt Mego has picked up a book outside of her school days. Unless it was to read “My Pet Goat” to her kids. & I’m not so sure of that last one {:-P

        • Some of the most moranic peopel I have meet have college degree’s and some of the most smartest people had no Higher education. College is great but its not a measure on being Smart IMO.

            • My birth mom had a advanced degree in chemestry and couldnt spell My Birth sister proof read all her stuff, I have inhierted that trait I hate when i am on a browser that dosnt have spell check.

              • Math is my downfall too Chem. Which explains why I’m in marketing & graphic design industry and definitely a Right brain thinker. Thank God for iPhones now that have calculators and apps to figure out the tip. In the late 80′s, when I graduated HS, I worked at this little Irish store and the owner was this old-school Irish woman who refused to use a cash register or allow me to use a calculator. Holy crap I used to screw up sales and change all the time. Every other night, when cashing out the sales, she’s rip me a new one about how I cost her $4 or she was over $6. LOL but I lucked out a bit b/c at the time the tax was 5¢ so that made it a little easier. I’m cracking up thinking about her yelling at me in her Irish accent cussing me out. But she did it w/ love as I worked for her for a few years through college and she did treat me like a granddaughter.

              • My dad cannot spell either and he is incredibly intelligent. He went to college but dropped out to make a living when my brother was born. My dad climbed the ladder without a degree.

        • As the saying goes: “Cs get degrees”.

          I watched some book smart individuals drop like flies in graduate school (which is pseudo real world training in my field). I’m currently writing letters of recommendations for students for graduate school and I have some average book smart students that have other skills that will easily put them ahead in life. I value education but a degree is not the end all be all.

          Something doesn’t jive about MeGo saying she was a teacher. Student teacher? Yes, I buy that. An actual certified teacher? No way. I could have said I was a scientist and a university lecturer while in graduate school. I was training for both. I was an assistant researcher and assistant instructor, even if the research and teaching assignments were independent. I still answered to a faculty member because I did not possess the qualifications to be a university instructor. It’s all how a person spins it I suppose.

          • She has a bachelors degree in Education and Psychology. She finished her student teaching and certifications. She is a licensed teacher in the State of NJ and has said she is. I respect everyoone out there who stuck it out and worked hard and got those college degrees.

            • MeGo is a licensed teacher? Since when? Just curious where you found that information since everything I have read said she was never actually licensed. Thanks in advance.

            • Listen carefully to what she said. She said “I was teaching second grade when I met your brother: THAT had to be teacher assistant(my SIL does that -no degree required) because she didn’t graduate until after she married ole JoGo.(and remember she had shaked up with him for quite a spell prior to him making an honest woman out of her.) Dates dont lie. And then she never got her certification. I doubt she could even volunteer at her own kid’s school now given her seedy rep. She would get a big ole “no thanks, we got it covered”

        • She can’t even say the word “admit” correctly. She says “eggmit” Who would waste one cent on a book from Meho?

          • Can you imagine MeGo leading a spelling bee: “The word is eggmit.” “E-G-G-M-I-T” “Wrong! You’re out!”

            • so she misprounces a few words, so does chewbacca guidice and everyone makes excuse after excuse and thinks its cute and endearing.

              • Yes that is the distinction. Lots of mothers of school age children are ever so grateful MeGo stays out of the classroom. She cant even make it to bus stop on time for her own child. Can you imagine the mess of a syllabus she would have?

              • Not getting your point..oh yea the rule you guys made about staying on the subject….the rule you cant even follow yourselfs.

              • No seriously, what does Teresa have to do with pointing out that a teacher should be qualified to teach children the right way to say and spell words?

              • i wasnt commenting on that but on the fact people rag on melissa for misprouncing words yet her sil is doing it worse, and Melissa is not a teacher now or wont be one in the future so its a moot point
                When she becomes one i will comment

              • The spelling bee joke is hilarious and harmless. I don’t know why it always has to come full circle into a pissing contest.

              • It is hilarious, if I do say so myself. Imagine it as an SNL skit. And I don’t know the answer to that question, ChemGeek.

              • I don’t recall anyone here saying that Joe was cute or endearing when it came to his language skills. I don’t think any of these people have to much to brag about in the language skills…lol…

      • Yes Kim has a LPN license And Chewbacca Guidice has a 2 yr fashioned merchadising degree, I do believe MS SH posted Melissa’s degree.

      • I completely refuse to believe that a heavy smoker like Kim would ever have a nursing degree :/ But you do make a good point; do ANY of these women have some kind of college degree??

  6. as one of our fave posters Ana has mentioned before “the petre dish between her legs” lol. that’s the only thing this girl’s ever had working for her. might as well bet on your sure thang missy!!!

  7. The fake sexy act meGo and Joey perform for the cameras is far from the construct of a healthy loving relationship between equal partners. How is Mego going to explain Joey’s claim that he owns her?

    • If it works for them and thier marriage what the harm. Isnt that the excuse that is used when another HW marriage is being slammed?

    • I agree, except that it ain’t sexy. It’s gross seeing a midget trying to get on a horse and she keeps saying “No”. No wonder there is rumors that Midget Joe has been accused of “rape”, bc he really doesn’t understand “No” means “No”!!!

      • JoGo said he owns MeGo in his TTC. So I’m not sure if MeGo has to agree to have sex or just lay there and pretend to play dead.

        • You do know that male chavinism is alive and well in some men. Right or wrong its thier marriage if she wants “to be owned” thats on her But some amrriages are like that the man owns the (or thinks he does) the woman. Personally if some man told me he owns me he’d be carrying his teeth in his pocket.

          • That is true. This does work for some and I do respect whatever works for a couple. Don’t have to like it, but I do respect it.

            • Yes, but Midget Joe is slow and there has been allegations of rape on his part, and that’s bc he thinks all are like his whorsey wife. Obviously his wife doesn’t want him near her either. I wonder if in future she is going to use sexual abuse against him when she is going to divorce him for good.

              • You do no that no record or police report exist about the rape allegation its just something someone made up to cause trouble. I for one do not believe it happened

              • Sorry Rape is a serious allegation even if charges are dropped a paper trail will remain and there isnt one here. So sorry If its not written down it didnt happen in my book learned that from 26 yrs working for the Military.
                I think its rather sad people are salavating at the thought it might be true.

              • I am not salivating I am just pointing out that everything else in the email turned out to be true. Whoever sent it was looking to cause trouble but with the truth.

              • Really it almost seems to me people hope its true so they can sling some more nasty comments his way.
                Maybe I am misreading but it looks that way to me.

              • If the allegations are true, that would mean a woman was raped. It’s like the Juicy cheating on Tree allegations. I don’t think anyone salivates over those being true. Whether a woman is raped or cheated on, there is a victim in the situation. We can say plenty of things about the HW and hubbies without the raping and cheating allegations being true.

              • There is one other implication i doubt anyone has even thought about, if it is true then Papa Gorga is a horrible excuse for a man by buying off the women who charged his son with rape And it also raises the question was the allegation a false one anyway, if I were truly raped no amount of money would make me back off.

              • I agree, lisa. Nobody could buy me out if I was in that situation. If Papa Gorga paid the woman off, that is super scuzzy.

              • Perhaps i was a bit harsh i know no one hopes this gal was raped or attempted to be raped, but it seems like people are looking for things to trash joey on in the hopes its true.

              • Mel was very careful to say “allegations,” Lisa.

                I’m sure you recall that the allegation came from a source whose identity was vetted by Ms. SH and who provided other information about the Gorgas that was subsequently verified. That individual also stated that the alleged victim had been paid off by Papa Gorga, so perhaps it is not surprising that no record has been found.

                Given MeHo’s numerous remarks about Joe’s insatiable sexual appetite, it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question, although I agree with you that it is a very serious charge and that, absent proof, the word “allegation” should always accompany it.

                I concur with your statement that both you and Mel are entitled to believe anything you want.

    • Maybe her advice will be “Let your man own you.” ;)

      MeGo with her full functioning lady parts and 30 something nice figure preaching to people about how to keep a sexy marriage? That’s laughable to me.

      • I meant to add: JoGo comes across like he doesn’t need mental stimulation. Just a warm body. I also think these two haven’t had any hardships measurable enough to say “How to keep it sexy after all these years.”

  8. joey doesn’t even own his house anymore. in that household it’s all about no talent mommy being a “star” pathetic

  9. If I had to guess which was smarter , the real (& yes flawed) Snooki or the fake & attention starved Mego, I would say Snooki wins. How odd is that? Never thought I would call Snooki smarter than anyone , but there it is. & I have nothing against her but I’m really , really not calling Snooki smart. But some just are how they are.

    • Personally, I would say Melissa is smarter, because she’s managed to manipulate thousands of people into believing that she’s the victim and her sister-in-law’s the monster.

  10. I blame Andy for creating all these monsters!! Really Mego? A book on love, relationships & how to keep it sexy? STFU! We don’t need any advice from a FRAUD! Esp one that cheats on sacred marriage! Can’t deal anymore & will not watch Bravo or anything associated w them! I’m DONE! They r just infomercials now…

    • pretty much sums it up that the housewives is just a platform now for them to sell their products too bad bravo can’t see the doom on the horizon — i realize how much more i appreciate the housewives who had success and businesses before they joined the show rather than the trash like meho and katfish who are doing everything they can to get $$ out of fans/people watching them on tv

  11. val’s book “thin is the new happy” sounds like an interesting read. glad someone who deserves it got a mention.

  12. Makes me laugh, someone that has been married 8 years knows enough about the ins and outs of marriage and can write a book about it? I think not, and if anyone takes advice from her, your just as STOOPID. Ive been married 34 years and would never offer advice. Figure it out yourself.

      • I agree. I have been married for 17 years and my marriage is great but I can’t say I would be able to explain why. Everyone is different. What works for us may never work for others. That is why marriage advice books are stupid.

  13. I am sure we are gonna love your book as much as we did your musics, shirts, and you yourself, Horsey, honey!!!

  14. Yeah, you know those books you see marked down to a dollar in wire bins at the discount stores? Well…

  15. This is really awesome news! I just wrote in my diary the other day, Dear diary, I could really use some marriage advice from an oversexed orangutan and an illiterate gold digging slut bucket. And BAM! There is a book in the works! As soon as it comes out I will be at my Dollar Tree waiting in line to get this gem!

  16. this bimbo is sooooooooo stooooopid! did carowhine’s or shana’s books sell? hell no. as much as i detest faye resnick i’d probably read her book (wouldn’t buy it) missy those cd’s and t shirts aint selling. be the opportunist that we know you really are. sell everybody out, include all the sorrid detailes 20 years from now you will be glad you at least made some bank!

  17. Ms. SH, what’s with all the Melissa Gorga love today? This is the fourth mention of her book on the front page of SH!

  18. The manzos could not wait to congratulate her on her deal but don’t they realize she will be competing against Caroline’s book? Not that either one will sell anyway. How come Don is not mad that Mego stole her idea? I can’t imagine who will buy either one.

    • The Manzos think Melvin is a joke — Google “stark3923 **MUST SEE” photo Melissa Gorga”

        • LOL! I wouldn’t put it past them. Is this photo what MeGo refers to as “Love, Italian Style”–Getting down on her knees for a bj in front of Don Caro?

      • Interesting, was pursuing the timeline and noticed she said that Katfish was not invited to film at the sushi house the other day. I bet. After what her husband said about the way she tastes, I would think that the sight of Katfish in a sushi bar would be snicker inducing.

        • I saw that. I can only hope that means we see less Katfish next season. They are filming so many people and someone needs to be left on the cutting room floor. I think Miss Andy is still pissed about Katfish’s nose and lips.

  19. The opening line of Melissa’s new book!

    “Call Me MeHo. Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me at the Jersey shore, I thought I would dance about the pole a little and see they seedier part of the world…”

  20. Seriously?? You know Andy Cohen helped this ridiculous idea happen…..I will be shocked if she sells 100-200. All her family and the few non-fake eggs on social media might, but I picture her fans to not be the book reading type. I wonder if she will eggmit she has a ghostwriter. lol

  21. MeGo did have a teaching degree BUT She was never a certified, licensed teacher. She student taught while in school and substitute taught after graduation for few days but couldn’t handle it. I’m betting she flunked the nat’l teachers exam and that is the real reason she never taught school as a licensed teacher.

  22. How would MeHo know about keeping a marriage sexy? She acts like she is disgusted when her her husband, Super Mario Brother, looks at her. She probably keeps a bucket by her bedside so when he touches her she can just lean over and hurl properly. If she used to be a stripper she must have been awful and didnt make any money for the club because top strippers are club headliners and cant hide their past so easily. Now if Lisa Vanderpump wrote a book about keeping a marriage sexy I would buy it because after all those years of marriage Ken still cant get enough of her.

  23. Hey Bravo STOP making “Melissa” happen, i mean if your single can’t even top off the 100 on ITUNES for pete’s sake, how the heck you gonna sell these books.

  24. Excerpts from Melajusteds book…..Basic rules for good marriage. 1. Always remember to call your spouse by their name and not some other husband or wife’s name.2. Never claim to have a “headache”. “Be trueful.” “You just don’t turn me on tonight with that big ugly zit.” “I already had sex today hunny am really tired”.” I thought we talked about this hunny. “I only want sex when a camera is rolling.” “Its not difficult to be honest with your spouse”. “Practice your story until it comes out truefully…lol….”I do and look how well its worked out for me in my marriage as well as in my occupations”…lol.. 3. “Keep family out of the bedroom.” “Just because you blindfold,put ear plugs and play loud music doesn’t mean the children might not be distracting”….”What am saying is sex is the most important thing in a marriage”. “If you want to keep your man make sure he falls asleep with a smile on his face”. “Whether its from sex or the pills you put in his drinks no matter, just keep him happy.”LOL……

  25. I can’t stand this horrible and devious woman, BUT she does have her husband worshipping the ground she walks on and kissing her disgusting gold digging toes. I’d like her secrets on how to stupify my hubbend like that and carry his balls in my purse. I know she’s disgusted by him so how does she even do it? Turn him against his traditional conservative family, marry her although she was a stripping whore, drown in debt to please her every demand and follow her every command? How? Tell us your secret MeGo

  26. I doubt he worships her off camera. I’m sure these two morons aren’t so into eachother behind closed doors. And why is her book called Love Italian Style? There is nothing Italian about that Hooker. She’s white trash.

  27. Just to add a little lighthearted humor to the discussion, the people tweeting Greg’s Loose Hole are on fire tonight! Here is a quick sample:

    Wait for it, the next #RHONJ book deal will be @JacLaurita’s financial planning for dummies.

    Mel’s book deal requires her to READ a book, not write one!

    MelissaGorga can’t write a marriage book! 8 years is not even permanent alimony status in New Jersey

    I’d rather have sex with #SweatyRosie than #JoeyMarco

    What are the chances that @melissagorga will use the studio to record the audio version of her book? Greg’s Loose Hole ‏@GregsLooseHole – Hooka on Phonics?

  28. How could they narrow down all those ‘Keeping It Hot’ images already scorched on our corneas? We’ve had the happy couple simulating intercourse on the mechanical bull at the Family Thanksgiving . . . the ‘Show Me Your Ass’ exchange complete with erection at the Family Pool . . . the steamy ‘Stop Cockblocking Me’ pre-toe sucking scene in their bedroom and the scintillating whipped cream fight at Family Shore Party just to name a few.

    I’m thinking the common denominator is they get turned on by performing this BS on TV – and obviously also in each of these instances in front of their to be pitied children. :( Sick perverts.

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