MELISSA GORGA: Who’s Responsible For Book Deal… MeGo’s Ghostwriter Wrote Snooki’s Book!

Gorga cover

Melissa Gorga announced yesterday that someone somewhere somehow got her a book deal.  Now, who in the world would think anything in MeGo’s brain would be of interest to anyone?  The answer to that question lies in MeGo’s tweet:

RHONJ Melissa tweet book


The most interesting person mentioned in MeGo’s tweet is Valerie Frankel.

valerie frankel

WHY??  Because Valerie Frankel’s biggest dream is to author a New York Times Bestseller… as Valerie states in her 2011 piece for the DailyBeast:

“I’ve never made it—“it” being, as any author could tell you, The New York Times bestseller list. When I started out, I fantasized about striking it big. I still do. Dreams of literary stardom didn’t die or fade away. They limped along, dragging tirelessly, like a zombie.”

Further along in the piece, Valerie’s dreams of being a NYTimes best-selling author have come true!!

snooki book

Valerie is responsible for the now-classic literary tome, “A Shore Thing”… by JerseyShore’s Snooki!

I collaborated with Nicole Polizzi on her beach romance, A Shore Thing.   Although my name isn’t on the cover, Snooki gave me plenty of credit. When Matt Lauer mentioned my name on the Today show, I squealed. Her fans loved the book. Literary types universally loathed it. They called it a sign of the apocalypse, the death of publishing, etc.   NOTE:  Wonder if MeGo will admit to using Valerie as her ghostwriter?

Despite MeGo stating that she has been “writing” every night…

melissa writing tweet


…that don’t mean she’s writing words for a book.  Could be that she’s writing comments on QVC praising KomaKathy’s best-selling cannoli kits!

MeGo’s “book” which she has been writing “every night” will be available next year…

rhonj melissa book tweet

In the meantime, MeGo will be pushin’ her VoliVodka in Scarsdale on Saturday…

melissa tweet at wine store