LISA VANDERPUMP: Seriously, Lisa?… Pushin’ Her Restaurants Ain’t Enough…


This is too much!  Lisa Vanderpump cannot be satisfied with pushin’ her two restaurants on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… OH NOOOOOO!

Now Lisa Vanderpump is sellin’ Giggy Christmas cards… via her newsletter, Divine Addiction!

giggy cards


NOTE:  In all honesty, we’re gettin’ sick and tired of Giggy… and sick and tired of all the Housewives merchandise!  Enough already!

16 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Seriously, Lisa?… Pushin’ Her Restaurants Ain’t Enough…

  1. Giggy is more important to Ken and Lisa than their 2 children.Seriously sick of them toting that dressed dog everywhere.The 2 restaurants were started because of Bravo to have more of a storyline.The dog above people/family is too much.Pandorka and Max are kicked to the curb over that damn dog.


    • @ Susie Really? How on earth have you come to that conclusion? That is a really vicious thing to say. Pandora works with her parents and I believe the reason we don’t see Max that much is because he is trying to make it in the music world and probably loathes being associated with this show.

      I think Lisa and Ken’s attachment to their dogs is transference; they love their children so much and miss having little ones around. Hubs and I would set ourselves on fire for our children but we are doting “parents” -for lack of a better term- to our pets for just the reasons I stated.

      And, if someone wants Christmas cards with Giggy on them then who am I to judge them, free enterprise babe, makes the world go round. People buy Christmas/greeting cards with all types of known/unknown characters on them, how is this any different?

      I don’t see just Lisa making a buck. I see – the photographer that took the picture, the stylist and entourage for the shoot, the printer (and employees) that print the card, the manufacturer (and employees) that made the paper,the manufacturer (and employees) that made the ink, the people that run the website and even SH herself who gets material to create a blog about the card that helps generate hits to her site – all making a few buck off of this card as well. I think it’s awesome! Anyone that can create income/jobs in this economic downward spiral we are on is A-okay in my book.


    • i gotta say my thought when i saw the xmas card for sale was laughter – but if anyone wants to send out lisa v xmas cards then i guess they’ll buy them — it is a really cute pic of giggy though i must admit. there are animal lovers, there are pet owners, and there are non-pet people. lisa and ken are animal lovers just like me. i’m jealous they get to take their little doggie with them everywhere they go. i myself have the greatest of danes and i would take her everywhere if it could — but i frequent places that allow me to bring her — it’s all about where you choose to spend your $$ — but with my baby’s size unfortunately i cannot carry her around and our restaurant excursions are limited to places with outdoor seating that allow dogs :)


  2. BH must be a whole other world than the one I live in. Here, people would never tolerate someone bringing an animal into stores, restaurants, other peoples homes. Even service animals get the side eye….and thats a shame, but true. What are Lisas two kids doing anyways? I know Pandora got married but as far as I know that doesnt count as an income producing job. School? Working? What? Dont tell me Lisa is another Chuckie Manzo…just dont.


    • I live in LA, and it’s always disconcerting to be standing next to another shopper and look down to see a tiny head popping out of her purse. A few people have said they saw Pandora working at Villa Blanca. Isn’t the son in music school, or was?


  3. Giggy does favor Ken.Not matter how much you bathe them they are still an animal and they smell.Not everyone would appreciate them with you and drinking out of your expensive glasses like @ Adrienne’s party.That was over the top.I would had to have the dog leave the table.


  4. I have two dogs, two cats….love ’em like no other…but it is too much. And it’s just me….but I get seriously freaked out about skin conditions….people or pets, so he kinda creeps me out….esp around food and drinks. ie sitting at the table and drinking out of adriens glasses


  5. Bravo is about to burn me out, too much selling this and that going on. The only franchise I still have a real interest in is Beverly Hills and that’s starting to wane. Bravo is going to kill the golden goose if this keeps up.


  6. I’m tired of all the branding, wines, jewlery., undrinkable water etc. BUT I do think the cards are sweet and Giggy is still adorable in my eyes. I am an animal lover 3 doggies :)


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