FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s Blog “Booted From Bravo”…

RHOBH Faye Playboy

The ever-popular buttinski and “friend” of Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick, has had her review of the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills removed from BravoTV.


Apparently, Faye’s blog was getting some vicious comments from RHOBH viewers who were not pleased with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick!

faye resnick pg

If you missed her blog, lucky for you… it was on SH December 17!

kyle faye  rhobh

Just for the hell of it, here’s Faye being a very good friend to her very good friend, Kyle Richards…

RHOBH Faye Kyle Geraldo

…accompanying Kyle on her “Geraldo” appearance on back in January 2012…



(Thanks to SH readers “NancyN” and “PMG”!!!)

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93 comments on “FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s Blog “Booted From Bravo”…

  1. Kyle is lucky to have a good friend like Faye, especially to have her back against two phony hoes like Brandi and Yo. She could have proved lovely and interesting. Oh My!!!!!

  2. right or wrong, all faye did was have her friend’s (adrienne’s) back. people calling her names over that is just sad lol.

    • a real friend would be there for a friend, but would also let them know they have done something wrong. like lisa has with brandi, i have friends who do it with me and i do it with them. to defend a friend blindly is foolish. i love my friends and support them, but when they hae done wrong i let them know and i don’t let people talk crap about them, but i will also admit thet their behavior was wrong. never beat a dead horse. that is what faye did, she was rude and disrespectful and was butting into a mess that didn’t involve her. she could have said she has never known adrienne to lie and left it at that, but she kept going and digging and pushing and deciding things that she really had no knowledge of. to defend a friend blindly is stoopid!

    • Mikey, people dont call her names over what she did on RHOBH. Most call her names over what she did in 1997 and clearly she has not evolved past that sort of gutter trash move as to write a tell all book about a dead woman. This most recent display just confirms what everyone has known about her from jump. Useless scum.

    • Why do you consider “having someone’s back” a virtue? If my friend is wrong I wont have their back. Sorry, that’s how I roll and if I was doing/acting/saying something stupid I would expect my friends NOT to have my back and hopefully they would talk some sense into me. I reserve having someone’s back for when I see injustice, not just because of my association with that person. Blind loyalty is not a virtue;it is a deceit.

      • as people have said above Mikey…the venom , like with Traylor Trash is over her many many past nefarious deeds…coke hoaring playboy party girl, who wrote a book about Nicole for a profit while the murder trial was going on…not to mention all the husband’s she has run through.Currently she has two instances where she has brutally involved herself when she should have been quiet. She is classless as she was decades ago. No improvement whatsoever. That is why she is Faye Rancid, as is Traylor Trash

      • I agree. Same here. Don’t know what is with this “supporting” fallacy – that is so popular this days. I know when I’m wrong or making a mess I have a friends who have sense to tell me so. Even if they are “wrong” and I am “right” – so what? Hearing different opinion never killed anyone. Supporting stupidity did.

    • Fayke did more than that, MIkey. She interrogated, berated and tried to shame Brandi. The entire Brandi deal was not HER business because she had not met Brandi before. She didn’t know her. And she wasn’t in possession of all the true facts of the situation(s). Her opinion was based on Vyle’s incomplete and stilted rendering. That means FakeFaye’s comments were meritless (just like her presence).

  3. I don’t hate Faye as much as most. I do think she is a buttinski, but I also think Kyle prompts her to be so. Kyle is the worst actress ever. The entire time Faye was going spouting off, Kyle said nothing. But when Brandi left Kyle “acted” all shocked. UGH!
    It does seem to me that Brandi can dish it out, but she can’t take it. Eventhough I am not a fan of Faye, I did like that she kind of said as much to Brandi. AND I also liked that she stuck up for Kim and that she did call Brandi out for her behavior. Something Kyle just either can’t do or won’t do. Worst sister ever! Brandi makes very hurtful statements then when it is brought to her attention that she was wrong she says “Sorry” and expects everyone to just let it all go. Her words and actions do damage. That Brandi stormed off in tears and played victim was annoying to me. I am not heartless and usually don’t like to see someone ganged up on. But Brandi has no problem spouting off about others. She says she only retaliated, but Adrienne was not even at SUR when Brandi dropped her bombshell (whatever it might be). When someone calles her out on her actions, she cries and plays victim. As I said, I don’t care for Faye, didn’t like her a few years ago when she was making news on her own and don’t like her now, but I do think I like that she has a level of loyalty that Kyle cannot seem to grasp. And again, we all know that Faye didn’t just show up, that she didn’t just guess all the details. Kyle provided them all to her and it is obvious that Kyle did not speak kindly of Brandi to Faye. But to Brandi’s face Kyle is all hugs and kisses.

    • I agree with your comments about Vyle, but not about Fayke. Fayke is anything but a loyal friend, as proven by the book she wrote about Nicole Brown Simpson after her murder. Fayke is not motivated by loyalty, but by money and fame.

      • I get what you are saying and agree that her writing that book was really low. I did not read it, didn’t want to then and certainly don’t want to now. What I meant by the loyalty comment was that EVEN Faye has more loyalty (at least to Kim and Adrienne) than Kyle even attempts to grasp. I guess in short I think Kyle and Faye deserve each other.

    • i really don’t think it was faye being a loyal friend – i think it was all staged and she was being kyle’s mouthpiece talking about something she had no business getting involved with – she should have stopped when she called brandi out for saying adrienne bought a book deal – on that she had a valid point calling out brandi for making s*** up — but she wouldn’t stop and just came across as a s*** starter and we all saw through it. SO VERY GLAD BRAVO pulled her blog ROFLMAO! that’ll take her ego down a few — why her and kyle thought they could back door her onto the show and think she’d have a bunch of fans is beyond me — i can only hope that BRAVO edits her out of the next shows cuz on the previews she’s still on there — THE BEST part for me was when Lisa left, the scene ended and they lost their air time HAHAHAHAHA fayke and vyle!!!

  4. Well now that The Faye Experiment failed, Bravo will have to insist that the cast members actually write a blog, not a few lame sentences followed by “watch what happens.” It’s a sure thing to bring in a friend of the housewife (unpaid) and get their hopes up for being cast on the show by asking them to write a Bravo Blog! Imagine how happy Faye was to be asked to give her thoughts when none of the paid personel would do it. Just a theory.

  5. I think what I get most out of these shows is an appreciation for my friends. I have never experienced the betrayal these women dish out daily. As far as Brandi, I think she was very hurt by her cheating husband but she needs to realize it was him and move on. She was lucky she didn’t invest 20 more years with the loser. The end would be the same. At lest she isn’t in her 50s. Faye Resnick is not nice. I did not like it when Camille attacked her and I did not like it when she attacked Brandie. Adrienne is more than able to take care of herself. She and Paul double teamed Brandie and then she cries on the phone…. I remember reading that some producer was making eyes at Adrienne last year. Is that the secret Brandie let out? And Kyle could be a better sister. Kim is kind of like nailing jello to the wall but she has a problem and I would scoop my sister up and protect her from everything if she was finally getting sover. She is still very fragile. And if Kim has such feeling about that house for Christ sake give it to you. It’s not like you and Mario need it. She clearly felt cheated. Anyway, glad I have real friends and don’t go through the pain they provide for each other.

    • You hit the nail on the head about appreciating a true friend. With fame whores like these, who needs enemies?

    • Brandi can’t just move on when LeAnn taunts her and baits her at every opportunity. She even wrote a freaking album about her. LeAnn is bats*it crazy and Brandi has to surrender her children to this woman 6 months out of the year. Eddie is useless and jobless but LeAnn pays the bills so he won’t be going anywhere.

    • i agree kim is like jello and you just can’t get a handle on her issues or addictions (which I believe are more than just booze). She oozes out everywhere but stays nowhere for long.

  6. There is a god! Faye either was horrified at the comments and/or Bravo saw the negative reaction to her. The rumor is she was going to be a bigger fixture on the scene this year. Wonder if they will edit it out.

  7. The problem with Faye is that she truly is the bottom dredges of humanity. All of the prosecutors on the OJ trial wrote in their books that Faye did NOT give them pertinent information for the trial,, but wrote it in her book in order to make money. This type of person crawled out of the gutter. She has been in rehab three times for cocaine addiction–what a stellar character to be giving advice to anyone. Faye is a disgusting degenerate.

  8. Faye Rancid will cross out Vyle 1st chance she gets.$$ talks and bullshit walks in her world.She would bang Mauricio 1st chance she got to.I would not want her skanky ass around my husband.She is a some time friend only while cameras are rolling.Watch out for the knife to come out like Chuckie.

    • that’s what i really don’t get — why would ANYONE in LA want her even close to them??!!! as soon as she gets something juicy to sell out will come another book

  9. I wish Nicole Brown Simpson’s sister Denise would chime in here. I’ll bet she could give us an earful about Fayke Rancid.

  10. I went to the Bravo website to voice my displeasure with the Faye Resnick intervention (ha ha) and the fans were overwhelmingly hating on her. If that didn’t leave a serious impression on her, then she is hopeless. If that happened to me, I would have to leave the country in shame. I had wondered if Bravo actually paid attention to the people, and I guess they do. Good to know. I hope that Ms. Shit Stirring Kyle takes notice. She’s not nearly as cute and endearing as she thinks she is.

  11. I think it is funny that Flayke attacked Brandi with the premise of being Adrienne’s friend, yet the only hw toting Flayke around to filming and interviews is Vyle. Why don’t we see Adrienne with her? Perhaps Flakety Faye considers herself a friend, but Adrienne considers her, well, a flake.

    • Yes, I agree. Fayke’s “Adrienne and I have been good friends for over 25 years” came out of left field. I wonder if Adrienne feels the same way? No matter. Vyle’s little game of Bash-Brandi by using her stand-in (Fray) fayled. The viewers figured it out in 5 seconds what was happening and why. It was Vyle’s way of continuing her setting up Brandi for the walk of shame and it was also Fayke’s audition tape to see how she gelled with the other cast mates. “Fray” better go back to Playboy for more exposure.

  12. I was really surprised when Faye said that she and Adrienne were friends and had known each other for 25 years. If you remember at Camille’s dinner party from hell neither one of them acknowledged the other. Fugly Faye was seated at the very end of the table and Adrienne sat next to Allison no were near her.

  13. Faye’s lips make her look like the lion on the wizard of oz. She has lousy decorating skills. Guess Mauricio pays her for decorating and kissing him hello, good-by, good morning, good afternoon…….Sorry but their display of affection looked inappropriate to me and I’m shocked jealous Vile would tolerate that. Mauricio and Vile and Vile’s loser friends all have horrible reputations. They suck up to the Vanderpumps for a million $ commision – but happily throw them under the bus after using them. I see the Maloofs/Camile will be next. Faye, like Kyle, is a typical user – birds of a feather. I’m thinking the classy BevHills residents laugh at the Kyle and Mauricio wanna-be types. Where would Kyle be if mammydearest Kathy hadn’t taught her to bag a hubby with pregnancy? BOTH her marriages were shotgun weddings. And she has zero acting skills unlike sister Kim – source of their problems – Kyle can’t handle 2nd best. One last thing, Kyle needs to pull up her booty pad panties. Notice in her tight dresses her new butt cheeks aren’t proportion right half the time and you can see her panty line-looks like hip huggers and drives me nuts. Last season, her white dress at her white party/the bitch had NO ASS. In her bathrobe…No Ass. In all her clothes – flat-no ass. Wish she would admit how fake her new ass is. She is ruining this show this season. How boring watching her spoiled daughter flunk 2-3 times before she passed to get her DL. How boring to watch Kyle get a new manly car. And then her daughter get a new grossly inappropriaye car for her age. How boring watching Kyle be typical 2-faced with all the women and manipulate every situation-so tired of her being a victim of Kim or Brandi or Lisa. She and Mauricio are completely bland and sickening. He needs to attend to his allergies/nasal voice and quit bragging and judging everyone. They both need to give Kim her house back ……the snakes that they are.

    • I personally think that they got those expensive cars either free or very cheap in exchange for the advertisement of the dealership, which name wasn’t blurred out, when they were showing off.

    • could someone tell me about the house situation. I have read about it on this blog but, cannot find anything about it. What happened??

      • When their mother passed away she left “her” house (that she allegedly ripped off from one of her husbands) in Palm Desert/Palm Springs area to her 3 daughters. Kathy Hilton sold her share to Kyle, and Kim did as well. Then, Kim changed her mind and wanted to buy her share back, but Kyle wouldn’t let her. Kyle said that it’s still Kim’s house to use whenever she wants. (I personally would not want to own anything with anyone as flaky and flighty as Kim.) After Kim got into it with Taylor at a party (Taylor started it), Kim got into the limo to leave and Kyle followed her, they argued and Kim accused Kyle of “stealing her house,” and Kyle accused Kim of being an “alcoholic.”

  14. I am delighted with response about Faye, and since bi- rumors have been floating about Adrienne I wonder if Fyke started them,since she trashed Nicole’s rep in that department, I love that everyone has so many nick names for her, I initially called her Fayke, had to use Fyke since she loves talking about her female encounters, cause she’ s making up stories that insult everyone, especially the murdered victim and yes I wish the Brown family and more of Nicole’s real friends like Cora fishman would comment. Kris KashNastian
    loves to talk about what a dear fiend she was to Niclole.

    • And I think that Taylor is part of that bi-curious group. She was all over Fayke in one of her drunken videos, when they were celebrating the beginning of the show.

  15. Finally Bravo put the MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK in her place. Even if it was fuelled by “vicious” comments. No worries, I’m sure that the MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK reads this site and gets a reality check.


    • Lol, it does seem that Beverly Hills is loaded with the type of creature that slithers here & there & waits until some poor dumb sole with money or the slightest bit of fame comes along. Then they slither into the person’s carry-on or backseat (what have you) & try to glomm onto for dear life. It wouldn’t do for good hearted wealthy man to walk down some of those streets :D

  16. All I can think of concerning Faye is the statement..”be careful of what you wish for.” She wanted to be a Housewife so badly. She managed to weasel herself in via Kyle and now got it right between the eyes. Universal hatred….this one’s on you Faye……tee hee….

  17. Interesting how she can dish it and make Brandi look bad on national television… but when it backfires on her, she just has it deleted. hate her.

  18. Well, this sure is good news. The way Fake misread Brandi’s reaction to her stepdaughter’s dating the Maloof bros was priceless. Hey, Fake–that was a look of eew, not awe. Sheesh. Talk about delusional.

  19. she said she knew Adrienne for 25 years…as the dinner party with Camille proved, she and Adrienne may have known each other, but were not friends. We all have people we have known for 25 years, but don’t really know at all. They are not our friends. I hate the way people throw around the word friend, when they have only known someone casually, or just run in some of the same circles. You don’t really know them at all.

  20. Faye’s blog may have been removed, but her bio is still on the Bravo site as a cast member.

    You know, I blame Bravo for this. They aren’t listening to the fans of the show anymore.

    • You are right. They don’t listen to us but I also don’t have to watch their drivel they try to pass as entertainment. This, too, shall pass and I’m thinking Bravo’s moment in the sun will eventually come to an end. Especially if they piss us off too much!

      • I agree. Every inane idea that occurs to the Bravo producers becomes a show? I no longer watch any shows by Bravo except Top Chef (seldomly) and RHOBH. The rest of the line up has become stupidly trivial. They have left out the “pleasure” principle of “guilty pleasure” as far as I’m concerned.

  21. Ms. Resnick is a peripheral character at best; most likely even in her own life. She had her 15 minutes of fame as the friend of a murder victim, and never recovered from that taste. She’s tried to regain it again and again. Did she really think Playboy picked her out of thin air for her good looks? Now, as the person who’s done Kyle’s home, she has an entree to RHOBH. By the way, is she a trained, certificated designer? If she calls herself a decorator, she needs no degree. Paris Hilton has referred to her as her decorator. So which is she? A professional, a good shopper, or, in the case of Kyle and Maricio’s home, a not-so-good shopper (that blue brick) and hanger-on?
    Like Brandi or not, she was invited to Kyle’s monstrosity as a guest. Brandi had every right to expect Kyle to honor the unwritten contract that goes with such an invitation that she would be treated kindly and with respect. Kyle broke that contract when she sicced her attack dog on her.

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