FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s Blog “Booted From Bravo”…

RHOBH Faye Playboy

The ever-popular buttinski and “friend” of Kyle Richards, Faye Resnick, has had her review of the last episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills removed from BravoTV.


Apparently, Faye’s blog was getting some vicious comments from RHOBH viewers who were not pleased with the morally corrupt Faye Resnick!

faye resnick pg

If you missed her blog, lucky for you… it was on SH December 17!

kyle faye  rhobh

Just for the hell of it, here’s Faye being a very good friend to her very good friend, Kyle Richards…

RHOBH Faye Kyle Geraldo

…accompanying Kyle on her “Geraldo” appearance on back in January 2012…



(Thanks to SH readers “NancyN” and “PMG”!!!)

93 comments on “FAYE RESNICK: Faye’s Blog “Booted From Bravo”…

  1. All I can think of concerning Faye is the statement..”be careful of what you wish for.” She wanted to be a Housewife so badly. She managed to weasel herself in via Kyle and now got it right between the eyes. Universal hatred….this one’s on you Faye……tee hee….


  2. Well, this sure is good news. The way Fake misread Brandi’s reaction to her stepdaughter’s dating the Maloof bros was priceless. Hey, Fake–that was a look of eew, not awe. Sheesh. Talk about delusional.


  3. she said she knew Adrienne for 25 years…as the dinner party with Camille proved, she and Adrienne may have known each other, but were not friends. We all have people we have known for 25 years, but don’t really know at all. They are not our friends. I hate the way people throw around the word friend, when they have only known someone casually, or just run in some of the same circles. You don’t really know them at all.


  4. Faye’s blog may have been removed, but her bio is still on the Bravo site as a cast member.

    You know, I blame Bravo for this. They aren’t listening to the fans of the show anymore.


    • You are right. They don’t listen to us but I also don’t have to watch their drivel they try to pass as entertainment. This, too, shall pass and I’m thinking Bravo’s moment in the sun will eventually come to an end. Especially if they piss us off too much!


      • I agree. Every inane idea that occurs to the Bravo producers becomes a show? I no longer watch any shows by Bravo except Top Chef (seldomly) and RHOBH. The rest of the line up has become stupidly trivial. They have left out the “pleasure” principle of “guilty pleasure” as far as I’m concerned.


  5. Ms. Resnick is a peripheral character at best; most likely even in her own life. She had her 15 minutes of fame as the friend of a murder victim, and never recovered from that taste. She’s tried to regain it again and again. Did she really think Playboy picked her out of thin air for her good looks? Now, as the person who’s done Kyle’s home, she has an entree to RHOBH. By the way, is she a trained, certificated designer? If she calls herself a decorator, she needs no degree. Paris Hilton has referred to her as her decorator. So which is she? A professional, a good shopper, or, in the case of Kyle and Maricio’s home, a not-so-good shopper (that blue brick) and hanger-on?
    Like Brandi or not, she was invited to Kyle’s monstrosity as a guest. Brandi had every right to expect Kyle to honor the unwritten contract that goes with such an invitation that she would be treated kindly and with respect. Kyle broke that contract when she sicced her attack dog on her.


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