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Wow, there’s just so much going on in this episode. It’s hard to keep up.

There’s a time and a place for everything. Mauricio’s event was not the right time or place to bring up what Brandi had said.  I understand Kim wanting to tell Adrienne as soon as possible. Adrienne had the right to know since it is such a private personal matter that could effect her family. I just think Kim’s timing was wrong.

The fight shocked me and caught me off guard. I wasn’t invited to the dinner at Sur, so I had no idea of what had transpired. As we ladies were enjoying a pleasant conversation, Paul walked by and confronted Brandi. All hell broke loose.

Paul was in Brandi’s face. It was harsh. No man has the right to get in a woman’s face and yell at her in that manner. You also saw how Adrienne didn’t want Paul confronting Brandi and several times she told him to just leave. Surprisingly no one jumped in to stop it. I don’t condone any man talking to a woman that way. Everyone was in shock. I thought “What the heck just happened?” I was at a loss for words and felt so out of place. Not knowing what was going on I asked Brandi. She just looked over at Kyle.  Then Kyle explained it to me. I felt so bad for Adrienne. Such a private matter that could effect Adrienne’s family. Certain family matters should always remain private within the family.

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Of course, the confrontation made me feel uncomfortable. Paul’s reaction brought out some deep seeded emotions in Taylor because of her past that upset her. Taylor chimed in about spoken matters and used this opportunity  to bring up what occurred between her and I last year. Taylor had told all of us what was happening in her life. We all knew and were very concerned for her. My speaking out about her generally known situation is completely different than a private matter that the involved family does not want to share. What happened to Taylor was horrible. I sympathize with her. God bless her, she seems a lot happier these days. I’m happy for her progression. But at this moment at Mauricio’s event too much was going on to rehash last year’s drama.

Going from that event to dinner at Kyle’s: I was happy to be invited and looking forward to having dinner with the girls. Kyle had been working on the house and was ready to celebrate the dining room being finished. There was some concern about what might happen. The issue might be brought to the table literally. In the back of my mind I hoped all might be resolved. Sometimes I’ve said things that I shouldn’t have. I’ve learned It ‘s better to address conflicts head on and then move on. Going into the dinner  with all the women I didn’t know what to expect.

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Faye’s one tough cookie. Brandi is no shrinking violet. Both can handle themselves. Everyone has the right to express their own opinion. Brandi had every right to excuse herself from the table. It was getting very uncomfortable for her. I’ve been in that position. Brandi was uneasy about the dinner before being there. She had informed Kyle that she didn’t need to attend the dinner if Adrienne would be there. I thought it was very sweet of Marisa to try to step in and say something helpful. At some point Brandi realized where things were headed so it was best for her to excuse herself and walk away from the table.

Listen, not all of us are proud of what we say or do at times. Emotions do get the best of us especially when a drink is involved. But this group of women cares about each other. Sometimes we say things that we shouldn’t. Some comments hurt deeply and I think everybody’s done their fair share. I’ve said things I’ve apologized for. It just happens when you’re that emotional. You either back off or you react. Your emotions will get the best of you.

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I don’t think any of us have been angels, any of us. But sending flowers to Adrienne and apologizing in this case, I’m not sure. It all depends. What was said was so personal, it’s unfortunate. No one comes out of this situation unscathed. . .You’ll have to wait until the next episode to see what happens during the rest of Kyle’s dinner party. . .and with Brandi and Adrienne.

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. Love and hold dearly your children, family and friends this holiday. My deepest heartfelt sympathy to the children, teachers, families and friends of Newtown, CT. No words can diminish the sorrow of such a tragedy.

Love and Peace to all.

On the next RHOBH…

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  1. Was really funny when Brandi gave an interview and stated that the reason she was doing the show was because she needed “The Work”.All the HW hags are paid scripted reality cast members.They all are doing the shows for the paycheck/job and do all Bravo producers tell them to do or say.Nothing real about their lives as Kyle has stated.All have the same storyline.The wedding vows are really getting old.Book deals/fake cat fights/wines/all their products are overkill.The HW hags are all paid to TRY to be interesting madeup or semi real.


  2. Miami and Beverly Hills both had scenes where the Hw hags were in 2 golf cats driving crazy.Seems like the format is the same on all the shows.Ends in a proposal or fake wedding/renewal.But Stayed tuned or Watch what happens next!! I cant I cant!!!!! Too damned predictable.Lea is like nails on a chalk board with her fake laugh and talk.She thinks her shit dont stink and is better/richer than the rest.Hate how they wear sunglasses in the house or at night.Those ugly aviator shaded are just gross.


    • I’m not crazy! Thank you! I saw the golf cart scene and thought, “Haven’t I seen this before???” Thought I was turning into a HW seer. Of course it’s hard not to predict when the script is the same darn thing over and over again.

      You reminded m that RHOM finale is tonight. Huzzah!


  3. I wonder what Brandi actually said. I dont think it could be about birthing her kids. Because really, how much of a secret can not carrying your own kids be? Seriously? If these women have known each other and ran in the same circles for decades they all have to know if someone was actually pregnant at some point. Baby showers, announcements, maternity clothes, growing belly, all those very public things that accompany a pregnancy/birth . I would feel like a fool too listening to someone who had a surrogate tell me they had a C-section. I would call them on their BS also. I was begining to like Camille but this season she’s coming off as phoney and fake. Kyle does not need another sidekick, and Camille seems to be itching for that role.


    • I agree with you especially considering how Camille, who used a surrogate herself, described the secret as something deeply personal and it would effect her family. And of course when ANY of these ladies give SWINE any support in her BS story I like them less.
      Did you think it was interesting that Camille specifically aid “I was not invited to sur: and then said “I was happy to be invited to Kyles?” She must have some left over hurt feelings. I wonder why Lisa didn’t invite her to Sur?


    • I think it was that Adrienne was physically abused. Photos of her were leaked to the press that she can’t talk about because of the gag order. Physical abuse would hurt Paul’s reputation and accusations of such could affect the children.


  4. ” no words can diminish the sorrow of such a tragedy”……….what are you trying to say Camille? What a dumbass!


  5. If what Brandi said was so damaging to Adrienne and so private, why the hell did Brandi know? Brandi certainly isn’t Adrienne’s Bestie. How big of a secret can it be? I am calling BS on the whole damn thing.


  6. Is it me or does Camille come off as really shallow? Guess Faye is still her buddy, but why? What power does this sub-human Faye have? Why would anyone be friends with her? It’s obvious Camille really doesn’t give a rat’s a** about anything. Why bother to even show up? Must be tired of acting.


  7. It was probably the *way* she said it (along the lines of “everybody knows Adrienne bought her family.”) Even so, you’re right. It’s nothing with nothing. The whole thing at Maurice’s party was staged (no way Bravo would waste cameras on a boring real estate party), and staged poorly at that. The pearl clutching of Taylor’s friend (what’s his name…Dylan?) was hilarious.


  8. Appeared to me that Faye was actually begging Brandi to say something about her in order for the coke ho to be recognized. Believe me Brandi doesn’t need to say anything about Faye everybody knows what a scuze trash bag Faye is.


    • Brandi showed a lot of restraint at that table. She was very wise to just sit and let Fayke dig her own grave with the Bravo audience.


  9. mauricio was born in mexico, so why think it isn’t? personally, i like it more than maurice. i doubt it says maurice on his birth certificate


  10. Something about Faye wanting to cash in on the death of two innocent people, uhhhg, it just seems so bottem of the slop bucket -ish to me. Poor Nicole , not great at seeing through the surface of things was she?


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