BRANDI GLANVILLE: LeAnn Rimes Responds To “X Factor” Performance…

LeAnn on Leno pg


LeAnn Rimes new CD will be dropping in the next few months… was it February or March?

RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

In the meantime, LeAnn is getting mileage from her association with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville… and now her questionable performance on the “X Factor”…



LeAnn has responded to those who have attacked her supposedly “drunken” performance: leann tweet response to drunk claim

There are some followers of LeAnn’s twitter who have some very strong feelings!

leann tweeters

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32 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: LeAnn Rimes Responds To “X Factor” Performance…

  1. Lee Ann is a tramp stamp just like Brandi Glanville.Both would screw a water hose.The feuding drama over that douche bag Eddie is exhausting.He will leave Lee Ann in time and move on to his next victum.Move on and STFU about your ex!!!

    • Cosign!! When I first saw the pic online of Rimes, I thought it was Brandi! Her whole look on X mimics Brandi to a T! Hair, makeup & looks like some work done.. Eerie how much Rimes looks like B now… Guess Eddie has a type!!

        • ok, I am #TeamBrandi, always have been, but I think she looks older than she is. Leann just looks weird, squinty puffy beady little eyes, those nostrils, her.

  2. egads! Maybe LeAnn thought she was back on star search and was trying to out sing the other contestant. Things get a little hazy when you mix alcohol and Laxatives. lol

  3. Really that performance makes me think of Sunday night 2am, bars about to close, she stubbs out her cigarette in an overfull ashtray, slaunters across the linoleum dancefloor to karaoke the last song of the night. Leanne, of course, not the little girl.

    • For those of you that have not been following X Factor. This is what Carly can do when she doesn’t have a freak messing her up. She is 13 years old.

      • Come on! We know Eddie is using Leann for her music connections. 3DEEP reunion in the works, I bet! I’m surprised he and Leann don’t have a duet on her new cd.

    • Who’s bright idea was it to pair a homewrecker in the news now and for the past couple years for being a stalking lunatic? Who in their right mind would approve that?

      • Must have been Brittney Spears big bright idea. And that chick just aint all there these days anyways so…

    • Thank you for posting that video of what that little girl can do…you can tell while she was singing with Leann….she was making faces and pressing her finger into her ear…probably thinking “i cant hear myself…and how am I supposed to harmonize with this woman when she is up and down with her notes”…I totally get that when someone has been singing their song over and over again how tiresome it can be…but Leann..I don’t care how many times you’ve sung it…this girl was singing the notes straightforward…and it’s a the “professional” you are supposed to match to what she is singing…(as a singer (non professional of course) I cannot stand to sing a duet with someone who wants to outshine…duets are for people to compliment each other….

  4. LeeAnn,
    Congrats, Now you officially have ZERO redeeming qualities. You managed to take the one decent thing people could say about you “well she can sing” and flush it down the toilet. I am sure you have lots of experience at that though.

    p.s. On the bright side Tate Stevens got to realize his dream which was touching BUT am I the only one that thought it was weird for someone that just won Five million dollar contract to sing Like There Is No Tomorrow literally one day before the world is ‘posed to end?

    • LOL! I call that confidence! Actually, what a bunch of crapola hype that was. In truth, the Mayan calendar doesn’t even end 12/21/12… it goes on for another 7-8 thousand years. However, I don’t put a whole lot of faith in a group who sacrificed 1000s of people including many, many children.

  5. Her appearance on Leno where she was singing “Something Borrowed” or whatever hell that song is, made me cringe. Seriously…it’s like putting the knife in Brandi wasn’t enough, now she just wants to twist it for good measure. Don’t worry, Eddie. Leanne thinks it’s ok if you fall for someone else, because those things just happen. If he will cheat with you…he’d cheat on…actually…if he’d cheat with you, he’s gay.

  6. Wow. I guess, for Leann, she can be the ONLY child prodigy, the ONLY tall blond etc. It is so see-through just how jealousy consumes this woman. I doubt she was “in love” w/the douch de jour that she “borrowed” then “outbid” Brandy for, she is one sick puppy who doesn’t even realize how she is destroying herself, false pride will do that to you. She has no sense of self therefore she has to steal other’s spotlight,husband,fashion sense and most disgusting their children.
    She conducted herself like a jealous little girl instead of a mature, generous artist/mentor. She is a small, small woman.

  7. I/M/O You can tell Leanne’s self esteem is rock bottem. I think becoming famous at a young age made her so insecure she’s always worried what others think, like she still a little 5th grade girl. I think viewers should have seen this coming, given her history.

  8. She blamed the girl, that she was helping her bc of her nerves, and after the backlash claimed that she never said that….typical Leeann. Always trying to lie and spin her way through every problem.

  9. Good lord what happen to LeeAnns voice its awful and why was she wearing her Wellies(thats what them wading boots are called right?) on stage expecting a flood maybe.

    But that young lady has a Wonderful voice.

  10. They must have practiced singing that song together beforehand! Did LeAne drown out Carly during rehearsals? Probably not, because surely she would have been told to tone down the dramatic oversinging. Watch the clip with the sound off. At first Carly is singing the song calmly, smiling, relaxed, then LeAne comes out and starts singing….Carly is watching LeAne carrying on like a lunatic and looks like she is trying to mimic the over the top performance, and if you didn’t know they were singing you would think they were howling in pain. Also, check out Britney’s face, i don’t think she liked the performance, do you? .

    • Bingo, Sue, with your “howling in pain” observation. That’s why I don’t watch the American Idol type shows. I think the contestants usually do sound like they’re “howling in pain.” It’s rare to hear someone with a quietly beautiful voice on those shows — like Adele singing Make You Feel My Love, for example.

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