SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Brandi Glanville “LeAnn Says REALITY Show Aren’t REAL”… Camille Grammer “Chocolate and Costco”… New Reality Show… RHONJ Twitter Audits… Marisa Zanuck “Red Carpet Tips”

Brandi Glanville’s nemesis, step-mother to Brandi’s two boys, and the woman who snatched Brandi’s cheatin’ hubbend, Eddie Cibrian… LeAnn Rimes… was on the TonightShow explainin’ how she “got through” all her struggles during the past year.   And while she was at it,  mentioned that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ain’t that “REAL”…

LeAnn on Leno pg


Camille Costco arrow

Camille Grammer is takin’ off for her annual Hawaiian respite.  In her interview with Celebuzz, Camille also mentions her love for dark chocolate and Costco:

“I’m going to try to not eat any more dark chocolate, and that’s going to be very, very hard for me because I’m completely addicted to dark chocolate,” she reveals about her hidden sweet tooth. “If you come into my house, it looks like I went to Costco and Dylan’s Candy and every candy store and I just have glass jars filled with chocolate. I just love chocolate. We’ll see if I can do it. I don’t know if I can get through a year without dark chocolate.”

NOTE:  We’re patiently waitin’ for that photo of Camille pushin’ a Costco shopping cart!  Camille has assured SH that the photo will be coming soon.  Camille has also assured SH that the photo will not be that of DD in a blonde wig, wearing sunglasses!


There is ANOTHER reality show… this one will be aired on A&E… “Southie Rules”…

southie rules

Outsiders (better known to the family as “the yuppies”) continue to move into the area and radically change everything in the neighborhood – driving up real estate prices and driving out the long-standing locals.

Despite it all, the family continues to embrace their “Southie” way of life and their traditions. To “yuppies,” jumping in the frigid harbor on New Year’s Day, housing three generations of a family under one roof, or never moving from the home you were born in may seem ridiculous, but to this family, it’s not just routine – it’s their way of life. These “Southies” are faithful to their legacy, and they’re not budging, unless they kill each other first.


 rhonj show that wouldn't die

Just for the hell of it, did a twitter audit of all the New Jersey chicks…

melissa twitter audit teresa twitter audit kathy wakile twitter audit caro twitter audit jax laurita twitter audit

kimD twitter audit


Marisa Zanuck give her red carpet tips…



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47 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Brandi Glanville “LeAnn Says REALITY Show Aren’t REAL”… Camille Grammer “Chocolate and Costco”… New Reality Show… RHONJ Twitter Audits… Marisa Zanuck “Red Carpet Tips”

  1. LeAnn has a point, Brandi cannot let this go, Camielle has handled her break up way better than Brandi. Yes, it was sad and bad what happen to these two ladies and being hurt and angry is understandable but sometimes enough is enough. Time to move on and keep the peace for the kids, note; the kids will be reading about all this in time and other kids will bring this to their attention to be mean so grow up Brandi and drop it; you act like being nasty is a badge of honor; it’s just making you look nasty!

    • In all fairness to Brandi, Leann eggs Brandi on. She tweets things that would make any normal person crazy. Leann is also constantly mimicking Brandi, wearing the same outfits, shoes, purses, bathing suits, after she sees Brandi in them. That’s a bit stalkerish and has to be unnerving. Also, Camille got to stick it to Kelsey by taking half of his fortune. It’s a bit easier to let things go when you have approximately $70,000,000, houses, etc. Not only that but she has a hot bodied boyfriend to comfort her.

      I agree that Brandi shouldn’t tweet some of the things she does, but she has said that is the only way she has to communicate with them. They are setting her up to look bad.

      For those reasons alone, it’s not really fair to compare Camille and Brandi’s situations.

      • As I mention for the sake of kids; everyone should be adults about this; Camielle has carried herself better, but she can layoff the low blows as well, as I mention, in time the kids will have access to all this bitterness and nastiness. Who cares if LeAnn has egged on Brandi, Brandi should be the bigger person for the sake of the kids and of course the media is going to provoke and say things to get these two going, rise above ladies! We all know of high profile break ups that included the other woman and for years the media poured gas on the story and the two women rised above it all, there was no nasty tweeting or public fighting. Keep it behind closed doors! Grow up, again for the kids!

      • I agree, I was just about to comment wow is LeAnn trying to look like Brandi, i mean she got the same hair style now and is wearing the same kinda cloths. Creepy! But Brandi could act classier, I agree there to.

        • “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.” Brand can take a some comfort in the fact that Leann is trying to BE her. If it’s intended as a dig, it’s rather foolish on Leann’s part. It might make her man think of his former wife more than he should.

          • Eddie isn’t thinking about either one of these women’s figures or what they wear, all he sees is dollar signs and Brandi doesn’t have that!

    • Very true. The guys should have left before they met someone else , it would have spared these gals a smack to the ego. But alot of people make that mistake. On some level the spouse has to know (most of the time anyway) that the marriage is all but over. So why is it such a shock when the other one leaves? Neither suspected or did they just ignore it & hope it would stop on it’s own? Not to sound like I am defending these two guys but, these whole it was a shock , we were happy until he met her …stuff is just self pity. I/m/o. & that’s ok for awhile but gezz find some self esteem & get on with you life & stop looking back after something that never was anyone.

      • ^should be “never was anyway with that one”^ Not to be mean I just don’t get the whole pity party stuff.

      • Brandi threw him out, so he didnt leave. I think the shock was the affairs and yes not everybody knows and is truly shocked. Why blame the victim?

  2. After watching that interview last night I realized that it’s sad what happened in their lives. It’s time for everyone to move on. I also realized that Leann is a VERY talented singer and Brandi is a very talented….um….uh…ahh…..let me get back to you on that one…lol

  3. Sad for whom? You say “their lives.” You can’t honestly feel bad for Leann or Eddie, can you?

    Actually, I don’t hear too much about Leann on RHoBH so I’m not sure what’s she’s talking about… being flattered that she’s a topic on a reality show. But maybe that’s the reason she acts like such a nutcase is because she wants to be.

    And the point of Leann being a talented singer is relevant to what? Does that make her better than Brandi? Or make it okay that Eddie had an affair with her while married to Brandi? Or excuse her behavior towards Brandi?

    • Someone probably told her that Brandi talks about the woman that Eddie cheated on her with and LeAnn thinks they mean her when really Brandi is on about Scheana, the girl who works for Lisa at Sur.

    • Nothing in my eyes will excuse Leeann for what she did… I think she has a beautiful voice, but can’t stand the sight of her anymore… A lot of people have nice voices…Eddie is a scum, she is scum… And someday if they are still together, her ad Eddie will have to explain why he cheated with her…while married… The boys, are the losers… If he would have married anyone but her, perhaps they could handle that… But he married her money… Is she also trying to be Brandi? She is also coping her style… For a moment I didn’t know it was her, I thought it was Brandi… Then I noticed her legs, Brandi has kick but legs, Leeman does not… She wants to be Brandi, have her kids, brandi should have the last laugh here… Leeann will always be looking, Eddie will always be looking… Once a cheater always a cheater..

      • Did you see her last night? disgusting.She intentionally tried to overshadow that 13 yr old girl on X factor and she has lost some of her voice quality in the process. But chit like that highlights what kind of person she is. Selfish. Check it out.

        • I didn’t see her… Thanks for the clip Made… She has lost it… At one time she was the young girl with a kick butt voice…. Do you think she was thinking, that use to be me… Her voice didn’t sound like it use to…. And again, she was looking like Brandi totally… What a piece of work… Maybe Eddie has been having dreams about Brandi, and she wants to make his dreams come true… I hope Brandi is laughing…at that big nostril b word… Why doesn’t she trim her hairs in her nose… All you see is the big black holes…sad sick and wanna be Brandi.. How does she like it now… I love Toby Keith…

  4. from the housewives to storage wars, the fakeness of “reality” tv reeks. I firmly believe that the entire brandi/adrien thing is pre-fabricated and once again we are being manipulated.
    For one thing, Brandi has said that “everyone knows this particualr lie to be false”…..which to me, would mean that adrien would have told many ppl about the surrogacy (assuming its the big secret), thus meaning that it would all ready be all over bevhills. I mean, if one person told one person told one person told… get what I mean… If you want to keep something like that private…guess what?!….you never speak of it to anyone! simple!

    Which would make it is no secret whatsoever and bravo is playing us all to keep us watching for some non explosive finale, much like NJ. Think how many times one of the cast has said “you’llhave to wait and see”, “keep watching”, “tune in next week” etc. And then look at all of us going on and on (including me) about all this non-hoopla. After all, we’ve all known (or speculated) about the surrogacy for a year now. And besides….who gives a flying fruck??

    There is no story this season….It’s been edited to appear as if there is ….. and bravo is loving it!

  5. oh my gosh..whatever my feelings are about Brandi, LeAnne is the most arrogant twit. I would die if I had to deal with her in my life like Brandi does.

  6. Thanks Marisa! I never knew what to do to prepare for all the thousands and thousands of red carpet events I attend! And I’m totally baffled as to whether she would rather look good or be comfortable because I’m pretty sure she changed direction on that one about 5 times.

    As far as Brandi and LeAnn go, Were their speech patterns and mannerisms identical before they shared Eddie or has that happened since then?

  7. I do know that I would not wear something that could be mistaken for pajamas to a red carpet event. I do not like her “style” at all or the hair.

  8. Im surprised that Leeann could get true a interwiev without crying her eyes out….
    And Im surprised that anybody buys her crap, bc everytime she does these interwiev. where she herself brings up the affair, theres always somebody commenting, who thinks that Brandi should get over this now……..Hallo!!! Isn`t it Leeann who is running her mouth again!

    • I’ll try posting again – I’ve had too many typos today… phone rings & it spazs my typing skills :P Anyway , they both dwell on this stuff. Maybe for drama or attention , but I do think Leanne is obsessed with Brandi . But yeah Brandi needs to get on with her life . She’s got two cute boys to raise & if Eddie found someone else (especially someone like Leanne) it means Brandi ‘s marriage was doomed to start with. Not a fun situation for the wife but it happens to spouses of both genders everyday. Life goes on.

      • Especially when the guy in question is a serial cheater. Brandi would be better off sending Leeanne a THANK YOU!!! Card, rather than dwelling on what she “lost.”

        • Its not bc I dont get what ur saying, even do I dont think others cant judge when ur supposed to get over heartbreak (even if it happens all the time). I think Brandi is totally over Eddie, but not over the grief, that is normal to go trough when ur life gets shaken like that and I think that her boys is a big reason for that to (or maybe I should say L & E way of using the boys against her).
          But that wasn`t really my point. I still dont get the focus on Brandi not getting over this, when it is Leeann doing interwievs? In my eyes it, it is not only the people involved, who cant get over this. And by this I mean the cheating and divorce-part of it.

          • i AGree.. LeAnne always tweeting photos of Brandi’s boys when they aren’t allowed to be on camera, and always tweeting how much she loves them..that makes it impossible for Brandi to get over. Back in the day, if people divorced..they kept all this to themselves. I cannot believe LeAnne Tweets all the time about Brandi’s boys.

            • Exactly Nancy, it’s the way she shoves it in Brandis face that bugs the hell out of me… Leeann they are Brandi and eddies kids, understand… You can try all you want, try to look like her, try to be their mother, you got the cheater,,, but you will never be Brandi… I think Brandi can’t get over the this, simply because it is thrown in her face over and over again.. I am sure it hurts the hell out of her, to even let her boys go to her house… Leeann gets me sick…

  9. Brandi can’t let it go, because her children’s father will always be in their life, like forever people. Have none of you been divorced? Your children’s father, no matter what you think of him, stays in your life forever and the person they next bond with becomes part of that. Brandi has to deal with Leann almost every day of her life, not by her choosing.

  10. I watched an interview on the E channel about two weeks ago where Mario was interviewing Leanne, and she was telling him how she never knew how happy she could be until she had ‘her children’…..and I must admit, it pizzed me off so bad, I wanted to strangle her myself. Mario had to ask her, ‘you mean Eddie’s children with his ex’ and she said yes. Now, as a mother myself who gave birth to two sons, that’s pretty darn hard to ignore….I don’t tweet, but I would have been twittering my arse off at that heifer for calling my kids ‘her children’. Leanne needs to learn what her role is, and she will never be their mom, and why doesn’t she give birth and have her own darn kids???? IIRC, Leanne also sued her father, so the girl is not wrapped right in the head, imo.

  11. Another thing that she’s probably doing with those kids, is using her money to buy their affection trying to do whatever she can to get them to want to stay around her more to spite Brandi. I mean really, how many kids can refuse the thoughts of going to Disneyland, all the toys they can throw in the cart….she is buying them, and that is not helping teach those children anything…Leanne is playing dirty!

  12. I have a funny story about seeing Camille in Hawaii. Of all places it was in a food court! It’s in a resort near her vacation home. To my surprise and amusement, it was my fiance who recognized her and was telling me “It’s Camille” in a kind of hush hush way. I didn’t know what he was talking about until I turned around and saw her walking and talking to a group of people with her. I recognized the nanny – the others could have been either family or friends.(This was probably the time when they first filmed the HI scene). They were passing through the small foodcourt to get to the parking lot. I was sitting down and she was right behind me so I was looking up at her as she walked by.She looked better in person. My boyfriend doesn’t care too much for the housewives, but every now and then he gets pulled into the drama! Haha. Anyway, the Costco mention just brought back that memory. It’s about an 18 minute drive to Costco from her home.

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