SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Brandi Glanville “LeAnn Says REALITY Show Aren’t REAL”… Camille Grammer “Chocolate and Costco”… New Reality Show… RHONJ Twitter Audits… Marisa Zanuck “Red Carpet Tips”

Brandi Glanville’s nemesis, step-mother to Brandi’s two boys, and the woman who snatched Brandi’s cheatin’ hubbend, Eddie Cibrian… LeAnn Rimes… was on the TonightShow explainin’ how she “got through” all her struggles during the past year.   And while she was at it,  mentioned that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ain’t that “REAL”…

LeAnn on Leno pg


Camille Costco arrow

Camille Grammer is takin’ off for her annual Hawaiian respite.  In her interview with Celebuzz, Camille also mentions her love for dark chocolate and Costco:

“I’m going to try to not eat any more dark chocolate, and that’s going to be very, very hard for me because I’m completely addicted to dark chocolate,” she reveals about her hidden sweet tooth. “If you come into my house, it looks like I went to Costco and Dylan’s Candy and every candy store and I just have glass jars filled with chocolate. I just love chocolate. We’ll see if I can do it. I don’t know if I can get through a year without dark chocolate.”

NOTE:  We’re patiently waitin’ for that photo of Camille pushin’ a Costco shopping cart!  Camille has assured SH that the photo will be coming soon.  Camille has also assured SH that the photo will not be that of DD in a blonde wig, wearing sunglasses!


There is ANOTHER reality show… this one will be aired on A&E… “Southie Rules”…

southie rules

Outsiders (better known to the family as “the yuppies”) continue to move into the area and radically change everything in the neighborhood – driving up real estate prices and driving out the long-standing locals.

Despite it all, the family continues to embrace their “Southie” way of life and their traditions. To “yuppies,” jumping in the frigid harbor on New Year’s Day, housing three generations of a family under one roof, or never moving from the home you were born in may seem ridiculous, but to this family, it’s not just routine – it’s their way of life. These “Southies” are faithful to their legacy, and they’re not budging, unless they kill each other first.


 rhonj show that wouldn't die

Just for the hell of it, did a twitter audit of all the New Jersey chicks…

melissa twitter audit teresa twitter audit kathy wakile twitter audit caro twitter audit jax laurita twitter audit

kimD twitter audit


Marisa Zanuck give her red carpet tips…