MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: We Got An Invite!… Blind Item Solved (If You Care About BFrankel)!… WatchWhatCrappens Now Available!!… Melissa Gorga “Needs Pen and Paper” STAT!!!… Teresa Giudice “Top Salary At RHONJ”

We just LOVE gettin’ emails!  Especially emails which invite the addressee to send $10 million to a person of royal lineage who  just can’t get to his money right now because of a terrible situation he’s got himself into… and, after the $10 million is received, you’ll get $578 million back just for helpin’!   Geez, hope none of you fell for that one!

And, as a public service, will pass this email on to SH readers… to whom this might be useful!   Damn… never even knew there was a directory for gays!

gay directory

Look who is NOT in the gay directory!  If Andy Cohen cannot be located in the gay directory, then it’s probably not the best gay directory… therefore, would suggest that you ignore this particular gay directory!

andy cohen gay directory  Yes, we meant “Andy Cohen”… and there were still no results!!


Andy puppets pg

Speakin’ of MissAndy… a blind item has been revealed re one of MissAndy’s proteges, BFrankel.  If you are a “fan” of BFrankel… ’cause we’re NOT (and really cannot believe she has a talk show, thanks to Ellen…) …you might be interested in knowing WHY the rumors of her marriage ending might not be rumors!

BFrankel disclosed back in 2011 to USMagazine that she had a severe eating disorder:

“I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” the Bravo reality star told Us in 2011.

“Binging and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be: up and down 5 pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked.”

From BlindGossip:

That’s fine… except that she skips the part where where she admits that her disordered eating continues to this day. It is a major source of tension in her marriage to Jason Hoppy. Jason seems like a nice normal guy (although we don’t know him personally), and can’t put up with it anymore. And he certainly doesn’t want an obsession over weight to damage their young daughter’s self-esteem.

Bethenny rarely wears her wedding ring anymore. On her website, there are tons of mentions and photos of daughter Bry… but no mentions or photos of Jason. She Tweets multiple times a day, and in her last 100 tweets, she mentions her daughter Bryn a dozen times. She only mentions Jason once, in response to a follower’s inquiry (Q: “Where’s Jason?” “A: Away on a golf trip”). Yes, we hear that Jason is away on a lot of golf trips lately.

Will they talk about her eating disorder during the divorce proceedings? Definitely not. Because there are two big brands at stake here: Bethenny Frankel and Skinnygirl.

Public admission of an eating disorder would definitely hurt her personal brand as a “healthy foodie”. Would women really continue to buy books titled Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting from a woman with a serious eating disorder?

There is a lot of money at stake here (upwards of $100 million). If he is smart, Jason will keep his mouth shut about the eating disorder, take his half of the fortune, continue to co-parent their daughter, and find someone who genuinely leads a healthy life.

NOTE:  Was it not BFrankel who said to “chew your food and then spit it out” as a method to become “skinny”??



Another episode of “WatchWhatCrappens” featuring the trifecta of funny is now available for your listening pleasure…. over at TVGasm!


Melissa book pg

NOTE:  Does Melissa Gorga know what to do with writing implements… or more importantly, what they are?  


RHONJ cast by Maya

According to ROL, Teresa Giudice is the highest paid Housewife in the New Jersey franchise:

Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the most watched of the Real Housewives shows with an audience of three million – is the top earner among all the women who appear in the various franchises, taking in a whopping $600,000 per season!


andy lisaV miss universe

(Thanks to SH readers “Tank” “Maya” and “PMG”!!!)

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297 comments on “MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: We Got An Invite!… Blind Item Solved (If You Care About BFrankel)!… WatchWhatCrappens Now Available!!… Melissa Gorga “Needs Pen and Paper” STAT!!!… Teresa Giudice “Top Salary At RHONJ”

  1. Okay, it’s been awhile since I read B’s book (ok, ok, I only skimmed it) but somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe her mother had a serious eating disorder, one of the things that messed her up. Wouldn’t she have enough sense to turn that around and not do that to her own daugter?. That doesn’t seem like a loving caring mom to me. Seems I recall that she knew her mom purged and would try to catch her in the act.

    • well I’m a mom and I have daugher her daughter’s age and I can’t imagine such “tarzan” actions in front of my kid
      I can’t imagine showing my daughter so much hate towards my SIL
      I can’t imagine doing such bikini shoots being almost naked with my almost naked daughter in swimsuit for an adult, not for such little girl ( I hope it’s not wrong if I post link : )
      who does that? what’s the purpose?
      and this is loving caring mom? come on …

    • Bitchenny is not loving or caring for anyone but herself. The entire “being in love with Jason” and her baby girl were just a means to an end: tv shows, fortunes made and fame beyond her wildest dreams. Jason was expendable. Bryn is just an accessory that B leaves whenever she gets invited to speak anywhere, anytime. Personally, I figured out early on, that B was just a quick talking snake oil salesman, pushing her “SkinnyGirl” brand. Seriously, when is booze part of a healthy diet, ever? She got her millions. Now, she can retire to some tropical island and shut up.

  2. Needs pen & paper , what’s she gonna do put them in her mouth? What would she need with pen & paper? Well unless the paper is a check book. :P

    • Seems she might have trouble writing a check… that chick Chelsea from the Teen Mom show couldn’t do it, and I generally consider Chelsea to be a bit more intelligent than Melissa (which really doesn’t say much for either of them, but that’s beside the point).

  3. What is with a lot of the HW’s husbands that seem gay or really feminine? Bethany’s husband seems like a nice guy but doesn’t seem to be too into the vajaja.

  4. That picture of MeGo is a perfect one for comparing to her new face. No big bags under eyes now, new veneers , a new nose, etc.

  5. I’m rather surprised Bethenny’s “marriage” lasted this long. I gave it 12 months tops. Bethenny’s just plain batsh!t crazy. She may be a good business woman, but she is a batsh!t crazy business woman. Or maybe she just has enough of a shred of sanity to take the advice of her advisors.

    • I think Jason is Great!! I thought his Mom & Dad were so sweet to BF and she treated them like dirt! I hope he is just keeping quiet so he does get his fair share of millions….he Deserves it! Heck, he deserves a medal for putting up with her.
      I’m not sure why “Ellen” is getting any heat here….maybe it was a network thing. I caught the episode of “Ellen” with “BF” on it, and Ellen did not seem impressed. I thought Ellen didn’t seem like her “usual” comfortable self. I can NOT see “Ellen” giving two sh… about a mouthy, nasty Betha-me-me..oh please, it’s ALL about me “type.”
      What makes me laugh most of all, is that “Mandy & Betha-me-me” being friends is suppose mean something “Special.” LOL. I think Mandy is one nasty, sick and twisted dark dude! Those two being friends is NO more a surprise, then it is A prize! Those two being friends tells me all I need to know….
      BTW, Betha-me-me looked like a “street walker” on wwhl–seriously. I only watch wwhl during a commercial from REAL”late-night” TV, with REAL TV hosts. I’ll take Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Conan or David Letterman, any day of the week over Mandy. Not to mention you can catch Russell Brand on “Brand X” on FX , when scheduled, or a good movie. I can NOT see Betha-me-me’s show making it, but then again….apparently there are people who actually watch the mean “Wenche Williams” go figure….

      • I watched her talk show a few times out of curiosity and it was geared toward the younger crowd. I don’t want to watch a talk show about bra fitting or sex toys or sex talk. That and she talks to darn fast, is a horrible interviewer and can’t dance.

        • haven’t watched it, but I too am not keen on all the sex talk. I don’t need someone to tell me what comes naturally….instinct has served us well for thousands of years

      • It was Ellen who backed Bethenny and produced her pilot. When they were working on the project, no network was involved. They didn’t even know when or if it would be picked up but Ellen believed in Bethenny 100%. It was originally passed over by all the networks, then Fox 5 agreed to a six week trial. (Not even the same network as Ellen’s talk show.) The ratings were high enough to satisfy Fox 5 and it’s expected to start in the fall of 2013… with Ellen as executive producer. Sorry to tell you but Ellen and Bethenny ARE friends beyond their working relationship.

    • @made: Miss Dolly has what is a “real” singing voice. Not a lot of “that” going on these days! BTW, the picture of “Dolly Pardon” in the grass…it made me think of you :).

        • I believe I read an article in a “tabloid” a few days ago & Dolly was saying she wasn’t bulimic or anorexic…I really hope she’s not but she’d never admit it either way.

    • Ms. Frankel always seemed to me to be someone who was obsessed with food in an unhealthy way. (I ain’t drinking no damn diety-tasting Skinny Girl diet drink to save some measly calories when I’m drinking alcohol. So I agree with Tree, kill me now.)

      Two giNORMOUS melons on a toothpick look real kind of silly, especially with a triangular shaped head. If you’re gonna do it at all, Dolly’s at least got the right idea. Put some damn hips on it!

      And a wig wouldn’t hurt….

          • Bless your heart Cherry. I hope you are feeling better. I have been off and on some throughout the day. Just hit and missin here and there.

        • I love Dolly. She was just gorgeous in her earlier pre-plastic days, like in 9 To 5, but her true beauty is her sweet spirit.

          • Yeah that’s what I like abut her. She is funny too. Enjoyed her books. She did discuss the spitting in a cocktail napkin technique in one of her books , it wasn’t like she was giving advice to do that more like pokin fun at the lengths women will go to sometimes.

            • Dolly is one of my favorites and sheer genius in candy box package with a gorgeous pink bow. We all have our demons don’t we. Love ya Madey Made. you never fail to lift up a sister. I think god gave you two big hearts instead of on eensy weensy one.

            • Dolly has the voice and the spirit of an angel here on earth. She is an inspiration. I had a music teacher tell me that I have a little girl singing voice like Dolly Parton (which she considered a bad thing). I have rarely been so proud than to be compared to her in any way!

            • I know. That is really sad. Most teachers lift children up but it only takes that one to stick out in your mind and haunt you with negativity for years. Very sad indeed.

            • You two are so sweet. I took her criticism as an incredible compliment, and yes the poor neighbors probably want to cut their ears off from all the singing! I have never taken criticism too personally.

  6. Ms. Jac Laurita thinks for some reason…EVERYONE gets paid the same, and there are no stars, oh Jac, if you can let a freshman like Meho get a book deal…you are NOTHING to me. No wonder you hubbie is stirring the pot, cause YOU COULDN’T

  7. I like Bethanny, I watched Bethanny ever after, I think the baby is being well taken care of but Bethanny walked all over Jason and treated his parents horribly. Since she made all that money fame has gone to her head. She will wind up as her own mother. Sad to say but I hope Jason gets custody of Bryn.

    The picture of Melissa and her daughter is adorable. Can’t say a thing wrong about it.

    • I think Bethenny is one sharp cookie. She played the Bravo cards well. I wonder if her actions with the in laws weren’t part of camera time playing. They were normal loving people. What was Jason’s attraction to her anyway?He didn’t seem like the rescuer type. It reminds me of women who like the bad boys…heartbreak inevitable.

      • I thought her treatment of the hoppys was for the show. At least I had hoped it was. I thought Bethenny would do anything to have a good marriage even at the expense of a career so I hope it isn’t true.

        • I don’t know much about Bethenny. From what I’ve seen (which I eggmit isn’t much), she came across as very brash.

    • I also like Bethenny and this makes me very sad for her. I could totally understand if she has slipped back into an eating disorder due to stress (that she puts on HERSELF) but I would hope that she would admit to it, even if it spelled the death of her “brand”, in order to save her marriage. Otherwise, her vows were worth shit, and she’s not considering her daughter’s needs-hmmm, much like her mother. She has plenty of money. She should now try being “happy” instead of “driven.” Jason is a great guy and the father of her daughter. I hope Bethenny puts her family ahead of her “brand”

  8. Well Teresa isn’t making much more than the rest. Considering its about the only income for the family, thats not alot to live the lifestyle she is trying to live. We all know the husband doesn’t do much and she can’t peddle enough of the hair goup to make the housepayment.

      • Well I don’t thnk so. She has no scheduled signing for nothing this month. Not even the crappy malls and hair salons dont want her. Oh wait, she does have the meet and greet at the Gay bar in Detroit. I dont think she will be allowed to hawk the products in the back corner on that one.

    • @dsuea, from the breakdown of what each RHONJ cast member is making — posted here on SH within the past few months — Teresa is making a LOT more than the other cast members. Plus she has income from cookbooks, Fabellini, and Milania hair care.

      • Well Teresa isn’t making much more than the rest. Considering its about the only income for the family, thats not alot to live the lifestyle she is trying to live. We all know the husband doesn’t do much and she can’t peddle enough of the hair goup to make the housepayment.

        @dsuea: How do you know what her lifestyle is? She lives in NJ. Aren’t you in CA. How do we know what Joe does….and how do you know how much she sells in her other ventures. I guess you know her Bookeeper?

        • Barb, from the list of salaries that was posted here, the Guidices were making a lot more than the rest. Are you saying that’s wrong? That’s what Laceys said.

          • No, I was questioning how lacey’s knew what Teresa’s lifestyle was and what Joe was doing and how she knew how much Teresa made with her other products unless she knew her Accountant.

            • @dsuea: How do you know what her lifestyle is? She lives in NJ. Aren’t you in CA. How do we know what Joe does….and how do you know how much she sells in her other ventures. I guess you know her Bookeeper?

              I was asking her how she knew so much about Teresa’s finances. Also her lifestyle.

      • It doesn’t matter how much Teresa makes. Mark my words–she will end up in financial trouble/bankruptcy again in a couple of years. She and Juicy are ignorant and flamboyant, and refuse to live within their means and save for the future (after her 15 minutes and lame cookbooks are over). She, like most of the housewives, remind me of those multimillion $ lottery winners who end up penniless after a year because they’re so silly and childish with their money. Kandi of Atlanta actually impresses me because she lived in a (paid-for) modest home and then purchased a new one that was a short sale or foreclosure. I think she’ll be the only one in 10 years who is in decent financial shape.

        • IMO Teresa is working overtime but that kind of debt is not going away anytime soon. My only problem is that while they all seem to gravitate into deeply troubled financial waters only Teresa is repeatedly and publicly flogged and castigated for it . I hope the Guidices have learned a lesson but who knows.

        • I agree with 100% on the Kandi front she’s the only smart one on the financial front. Teressa, Kim and Alexis all living in homes they cant afford or rent, wasting their money on designer clothes and bags. If they had an ounce of sense they would realize they would be better off living in a modest home and knowing they would be able to feed their kids for the next 20 years. But they would probably get dropped from the show if they lived a less lavish lifestyle. No wonder the western world is in such a recession when people continually buy things they cant afford. I don’t blame her for trying to pedal every product she can to try and keep up with her brother and his wife.

      • They said that she is making 600k here, its still a ton less than alot of the others in other citys. Its not alot more than the rest of the wives here. I am sure she has spent that and more in lawyer fees for the idiot husband in the last year. She has no national ad campaign for her hair stuff and you know in this day and age alot of people will not pay that much for hair product. She has no scheduled events for this whole month but 1 mall on the 14th and the gay bar thing. You can’t see the hair product if you are not out there selling it all the time. Her cruise went down in flames and even the last cookbook didn’t sell much. Too many chefs are now coming out with fantastic cookbooks and there is a ton of competition out there now that there wasn’t when the first cookbook was released. Her only advertisement for her products is the show and when that is gone so is all the money.

            • Juicy’s case isn’t the kind that runs up huge legal fees. If Adrienne sued Brandi for defamation, for example, and the case went forward into discovery and motions, then THAT would be a huge legal fee case. That’s why Brandi was scared.

            • He can’t stay out of trouble. This latest one, that I believe will be is undoing. Driving on a revoked license would have cost him a slap on the wrist and a hefty fine but a fake ID and then forging your brother signature in a State of NJ drivers license division. What was he up too. He had to be doing alot more than driving with that ID. Whatever he was doing was definately way more profitable that just driving around New Jersey. We will all see when he goes to court. Court has been postponed multiple times in the last year and a half.

            • Pay attention pullllease (hardy har har) I’m talking income only. Tree makes more for doing the SAME job as MeGo ….because she is… wait for it… wait for it… say it with me yall…. The Star. The Stars of each franchise ALWAYS make more than their colleagues.

            • I don’t know. Its pretty clear. Kyle makes the highest amount in BH at 200K WAAAAY below what Tree got and Kyle owns part of the show if that tells ya anything. Its really pretty simple. Tree makes bank.

            • She is the highest paid. She is the highest paid. And Bravo rewards stars with dolla dolla bills yall on their next contract. This is really not a FACT you can get around. Not sure how many other ways I can say it. Her BRAVO income is the highest and certainly higher than her cast mates.

            • Made She just doesn’t have it. Why does she not have her own show? It would flop. She has no purpose for a show. Nothing unique, nothing that stands out.

            • Melissa has nothing unique to offer either which is why she makes less than teresa. Melissa failed with her singing career..she isn’t talentless BUT she brings nothing new to the music world…when she can bring the ratings…then bravo will pay her more

            • Look, Teresa is the failure, she can’t spend less than she makes, she picked a real winner for a husband, he has lied about everything. How many girlfriends does he have? Do you see pictures of Mellisa and Joe sitting in booths holding hand with people, do you see Joe Gorga coming out of a casino hotel room with another woman, heck no. Tre is a has been. Her only claim to fame is flipping a table in season one and thats it. The cookbooks aren’t even listed in the top 100 since REAL LIVE CHEFS are putting out better ones. She isn’t making a ton off products that are made by someone else and you only get a percentage of the profits. Then we have the soon to be husband who will be praying for soap on a rope for xmas. None of the talk hosts want her around, Andy can’t stand her and after Strippergate, she has lost alot of the fans. She is on the slippery slope down. Can’t fill a cruise and the bookings even for the malls and salons is evaporating to nothing.

            • more than Katfish
              more than Don
              more than da manzo boyz
              more than WackoJacko
              more more more than any of them… for doing the same job… cause she does it better. mops the floor with em all. and the contract proves it money money money

            • She couldn’t win a poll on WWHL, Andy obviously doesn’t like her, none of the other guest show hosts do either. She only advertises something when she is there. Her Bravo days are NUMBERED

            • Teresa is also a money maker. Don’t they get 15 percent of her Books, wine and other products she endorses on the show. I doubt that a percentage of the other women’s products brings any real money to Bravo.

            • She is a loud mouth rude witch. She thinks that if you scream loud enough over what someone is saying, they will see it your way. I don’t watch Atlanta because of her, I can’t stomach it. I also don’t watch that other show she is on, apparently most people aren’t watching that either, its right on the line for being cut. See reality and real tv have nothing in common.

            • She makes more Bravo money than MeGo
              Tree makes more Bravo money than MeGo
              I am no longer put off by the over the top antics since they are all just puttin on the dog anyways.

          • He had the DWI in 2011owhich at first he pled innocent but then he was found guilty He then filed an appeal and I am not sure if it was denied or he just dropped it. Then we have the Punta Cana free for all and he had to hire an attorney to defend them from the civil suit brought on by the supposed victims Then comes the new charges on the forgery and false ID charges. His attorney has benn in court no less than 8 times already on multiple motions, the last time being on October, 2012. They were suppose to go back on the day Hurricane Sandy hit so that has been rescheduled. I bet in the last year he as spent well over 350k or more and hasn’t even went to trial. Discovery and depositions are not cheap and his attorney Miles Feinstein is pretty expensive.

        • Where did you get a ton lot less. Re-read the article. Teresa makes more than NY Housewives, BH Housewives, Miami HW. Teresa is rapidly approaching Nene cash. The sweet little sidekick has far outstripped her contemporaries especially among her own cast. She is the star so she makes a stars salary.

          • I think the amount of Tre is fine, but I think the others make almost as much and growing every year. ITs the only income Teresa has. The cookbooks, LMAO Real Chefs are putting out coookbooks and they are selling, she isn’t even listed in the top. The hair products and wine, well we know she only gets a percentage and exactly how much can you sell when you do not advertise other than twitter. Your fans wouldn’t cruise with her, they are not going to spend tons on a hair product when they ca buy the same stuff for alot cheaper anywhere locally. You can’t make serious money with any product without making it a household name. Look what Bethany did because of a SMART ad marketing system. She made Millions.

  9. That reminds me….there’s a guy waiting for me at the airport with two trunkfuls of money from a prince or shiek who has instructions to return them if I don’t show up to claim them within two hours…..gotta run….

    • Hell, notify Lana W.T.Fuchs from Sin City Rules ASAP, she said she’d so do a prince, or a sheik, anyone but a trainer……

      • too funny……pretty sure that’s the same guy I talked to when I had a problem with my AOL. I couldn’t understand him so he got “Stacy” on the line. Couldn’t understand her either so she got her supervisor, “Tiffany”. I begged them for anyone whose first language was English….there wasn’t anyone even though they claimed to be in Ft Lauderdale…yeah right. Taking our $$$ AND our jobs!

  10. Love me some Teresa . Good on ya girl! Too bad so sad for MeHo at 65,000 a year and JoGo at 35,000 a year. Ouch! That must sting! The Marcos combined make one sixth of Tre to the G’s salary. Let’s see …….that Bravo paycheck won’t even cover the 14,000 dollar a month mortgage. Wowzers! If I do my maths correctly the Marco sisters (Joe in drag = half a female and Mego) are 68,000 in the hole before they even get out of bed in the Barbie Dream house.Ro-ro!

      • I am delighted. Tree was never on my radar until she pulled herself up by the boot straps and I noticed she worked hard. I can relate to that. I also had a great deal of empathy for her last season, but she pulled herself up and outta the mess as she does time and time again IMO. To make the most of all the HW is a wonderful achievement in the HW world.

      • Today is the end of the world
        and MeGo will still be a bish
        Blaming her financial failings on 4 lil girls
        is really just too rich

        For this reason alone
        she fails as a human being
        nothing to do with her mid thirties ass
        getting up and singing

        I just cant understand
        the cruelty and spite
        that MeGo has in her heart
        That woman just aint right

        She owes the girls an apology
        but they will never get it
        if she thinks they will respect her as an aunt
        then the ole heifer troll can just forget it.

        She has been proven herself
        unworthy through and through
        Anyone who defends that
        consider me done wit chew.

        Little girls should never be blamed
        and on national tv to boot
        This is what makes her a demon lady
        all other points are mute

      • Whoa, the Marco sisters are definitely in the negative column. Upside down on the house despite mortgage modification, 25,000 judgement on windows for the home. I wonder if a builder’s lien was filed? 15 lawsuits for non-payment . Probably why Josephine isn’t a home builder.

          • Morning Miss Madey! He is indeed a joke. Whats next ? Stiffing the pool sub-contractors? So Josephine’s new job is carrying Mel’s purse?

            • Mornin Pittypat. That looks like that’s what it boils down too. Just a purse carrying mofo. Not very lucrative.

  11. Really curious if that include Juicy to the G and the darling little imps paychecks as well since they were paid a nice chunk of change last year.

    • I thought the Minor kids didnt get paid to be on the show, I remeber a few season back Teresa was having a hissy fit because the Manzo kids got paid but her percious lttle darlings didnt and she said it wasnt fair.

      • lol lisa!! If my kids were on the show as much as Tre’s, I think I’d ask the same thing! Why shouldn’t all the kids get paid, minors or not? They have college and weddings to pay for-if I could get my kids money you can bet your a## I would. It’s probably why Tre gets more-she built her kids share into her own. Smart cookie lol

        • Somehow I doubt Teresa or any of the housewives would but the money away for the kids future.
          Remember she(Teresa) is raising them to be DIVAS she said so herself.

          • I think she’s required by law to put a certain percentage away. At least kids in “traditional” acting rolls are required to have a trust set up.

            • Only in Calif, if filming takes place in other states the parents can spend it all if they wish and some do.

              Teresa is a self centered selfish witch she would spend it it a heartbeat on lip gloss and a new purses and marry her daughters off to Jewish men like she said she wanted them to marry

            • Only certain states. Most parents go through that money. You cant tell me that Teresa and Joe would go through that money so fast that those kids wouldnt have a dime in weeks time.

            • Again, go look at the court judgements. Open equals not paid.
              The people they owe money too have been very vocal in the press and rag mags about then not paying a dime. You dont have to be an Einstein to figure that one out. She and Joe stated 3 times on camera that his partner WAS PAID IN FULL after the forgery and selling the property they owned jointly. Teresa isn’t responsible but Joe is and he hasn’t paid a dime. Look up here Mr Mastropole or in the court documents. As of 11/2012 he hasn’t received a DIME. So Teresa LIED yet again

            • No they dont have to put any of the money away, The kids in Calif shows do have to have trust funds. The COOGAN law is only applicable in Calif. Other states may have state laws covering all Kids who work.
              As for Teresa and if she wont use the or not, ITS ONLY MO she would use the on herself I dont have any proof but then again If no one has to prove their allegations about Melissa/jax/caroline then I dont have to have proof about my opinions of Teresa.I think she is so self absorbed she would use that money to buy new purses and make up for herself not to mention some awful spray tans and maybe a few ugly Shepard dresses for the kids,

            • The money wouldnt go to the kids it would be paid to the parents, kids under 18 are not allowed to enter contract its the parents that do it and the parent who are paid unless they get emancipated. There are a host of child actors who parent spit there way through there kids money and when the actor turned 18 they found they had no money left.

            • Sorry, but Teresa doesn’t have a degree. She took a few classes at a fashion college and that’s it. Melissa, sorry to disappoint, did graduate college with a 4 year BA degree.

            • I beg to differ. From Bravo:

              Teresa Giudice is a true Jersey girl born and raised. Her parents emigrated from Italy and raised Teresa and her brother, Giuseppe, in an Italian Catholic home. She grew up in Paterson, New Jersey, where she met her husband of more than ten years, Joe. Teresa devotes herself to her four beautiful daughters — Gia, Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana. After graduating from Berkeley College with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, Teresa worked as an associate buyer for Macy’s in New York before deciding to stay home with her children. In addition to her online boutique, TG Fabulicious, Teresa has taken the cookbook industry by storm and penned two successful, New York Times Bestselling books, Skinny Italian and Fabulicious!: Teresa’s Italian Family Cookbook. Her third book, Fabulicious: Fast & Fit is due out later this year. 2012 proves very busy for Teresa as she launched her own line of bellinis called Fabellini and landed a spot on NBC’s hit show Celebrity Apprentice.

            • Barb: Teresa does NOT have a 4-year college degree… Berkley is a trade school. Tree got a two-year non-transferable Associate’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising… not a college degree from an accredited four-year college/university. Hope this clears up the matter. TFC!! SH

            • Yeah, Berkely College is basically below community college (not that there’s anything wrong with that)…. its barely a trade school. I grew up in the area.

        • Bravo has her on the show, they didn’t want the kids. Thats her choice not theirs. From what I have heard, the men dont get paid either. I bet she goes through every dime of the Bravo money. She cant pay her bills let alone save money.

            • I heard they have a contract for the family. Its one set about. They can opt in for the kids or out, their choice.
              Thats just what I have read and heard.

            • Now you know, if they are anything like Mego , they would jump in front of that lens for free. Several times . Dressed in sumpin’ shiny. :P

            • I can drop it like it hot like no bodies business… but that’s just in living room. Both my children love me enough to grab me by the shoulders look me in the eyes and say “never again” as the shake their heads slowly from side to side and search my eyes for understanding

            • The other day an old friend of mine and I were getting silly and I was busting out my old school dance moves: Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Cabbage Patch, etc. in the privacy of my own home and my son was mortified. I can’t imagine what he would do if I was publicly fist bumping like the cast of Jersey Shore. I think he would leave the state and assume a new identity.

            • That video was hilarious. Chris Judd shoulda done that to MeGo during her dance lesson: [slap, slap], “Get out!”.

            • I love the “dont you bite your lip” part. Hysterical because its true of men at the club always biting the lip.Young ,old, black ,white, country, rap, pop. They all do it.

          • but @laceys, doesn’t she HAVE to pay her bills, or at least some of them bc of the bankruptcy deal…? I’m seriously just asking…not being adversarial…..promise….I’m just happy to get the focus off that WAHI thing I just experienced….lawd help us all!

          • Bravo pays the children. Child labor laws. D is an attorney and I just got a confirmation. Also Bravo decides who is on the show not Teresa. Why would you conclude that Bravo does not want them on the show? See Lacey I am sure you are a very nice person but may I say with all due respect that those kind of sweeping statements invalidate your post because they are stated as fact and yet completely illogical. Bravo has the power Teresa does not.

            • The HW at this point could sue the pants off Bravo. Minor children often do so as adults. Especially if their face or image is used over time. This became a huge issue in PA when the Jon and Kate plus 8 started filming there. There are ways to circumvent child labor laws but Bravo is walking a fine line.

            • Teresa’s family is paid a set group wage. Has D seen her contact? Treesa ops in or out on the kids. Personally, she should opt out. Just saying , my opinion.

            • I know I am a little late on this but bravo dosnt pay the kids themselves, the money (if any is being extanged)would go to the parents and unless NJ has a Coogans type law the money can be spent anyway the parent see fit. More then one Child actor has grown up and reached 18 to find thier parent blew through their money and nothing was left.

            • I’m pretty sure NJ has a Coogan’s type of law. I knew a lot of children when I was in grade school who were models and/or worked on Bway/commercials/soap operas/etc. They all seemed to have no complaints with money when they were adults (unless they were all just really lucky to have good parents)

      • Your right LIsa. The minor kids are not paid to be on the show. If they are on the show it is their parents decision. I remember the big huge hissy fit about the Manzo children and Bravo said, they are adults. Ashlee wasn’t paid either until she turned 18.

  12. Teresa earns every dime she makes and deserves it to have to put up with those cretins. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t baled on the show.

    • First, she doesnt make much more than the rest and I am sure she spends way more than the rest to, cause she certainly hasnt learned how to pay her bills

      • @Laceys, the breakdown of what each cast member of RHONJ is paid was posted here on SH within the last couple of months. The Guidices make a LOT more than any other cast members.

            • Barb , there is never any proof just non facts presented as facts. This will trigger an angry laundry list of the Guidice’s sins personal and financial.. May I also point out that we do not know any more concrete information than Ms SH article regarding Juicy’s former business partner Joe Mastropole (sp) which is still unpaid. I would like to see a current list of their unpaid debts before I condemn them out of hand. I do not know who they who they are still indebted to . Am really curious why Joe M. has not pursued them in court and perhaps he is in the process of doing so.

            • ms SH has talked to Joe M and posted that that Suing them will cost him and he is unlikely to get the money back anyway if if he sues.

            • Well there has been lots of incomes posted. Here, TMZ and several other sites. In 2010-2011 TMZ stated that the Lauitas and Manzo families made more money

            • I can see possibly the manzos since they have their business….but the lauritas? BLK can’t be pulling in the cash. They don’t make more than Tre on the show do they?

            • 2 almost 3 years ago.. The Manzos star is fading ,IMO , after the blatant vicious attacks on Teresa. Teresa got a huge salary bump in 2011. She has definitely gone from silly sidekick to star.

            • Teresa is the one with the plummeting income. She cant be selling enough hair goop to even pay the bills. Even the staunch fans aren’t paying so much money for the stuff. There is no national advertising and her sales are based on a small group of people. Then we have to figure she is only getting a percentage since she didnt develop the hair care product and only uses the name. The cook books have been out for quite awhile. Not really rated very well compared to renouned chefs that are now putting out cookbooks. Her cookbooks arent even listed in the top of any list. Basicly the only income that she has is Bravo. I am sure Joes legal bills have taken a huge chunk out of that. She isnt a star, she is a joke who is married to a soon to be felon. I bett the attorney fees after the trial will be over 300k. She use to have all these bottle signings and book signings and that has all disappeared. One 2nd rate product signing in December and then we are going to Detroit to sit in a gay bar for an event. Thats right on top of the social calendar. Not exactly a “STAR” booking.

            • Teresa is the highest paid. She is also currently filming RHONJ , it’s Christmas time , school plays, Holiday parties and family time. Many stars and celebrities take time out of their schedule to enjoy the holidays, spend time with friends and family , attend events at their children’s schools. I’m sure since Tre is the star and front and center she makes the really big bucks by making sure filming is her first priority.

            • To be clear we were talking Bravo salaries. Teresa’s salary is substantially higher than the others. As for her private debts unless you are there acct, then you do not know what their personal financials. Why isn’t Joe Mastropole suing Juicy? Most of the docs you refernce are 3 years old and since you dismiss that as old debt for the Marco family maybe its time to consider doing the same for the Guidices.

            • I trust Ms Sh figures and she aint got a dog in this hunt. So I beg your pardon if I dismiss ” I heard” as concrete evidence. I could tell made or Chem Or Barb something and they could swear and be damned on what they heard….still don’t make it a fact Jack!

            • Even if the actual difference between the salaries is less than reports state, MeGo is (allegedly) making one tenth of Tree’s salary (allegedly). Even if the difference is less than reported, there is still going to be a significant difference between the two women’s salaries. We aren’t going to discover that woops! They forgot to add a digit to MeGo’s salary. lol (At least that doesn’t happen at my place of employment. Wouldn’t mind if they added a zero.)

            • I agree that these numbers are correct. After watching the smackdown last season, Tree earned every penny. Good for her for being top dog in salaries of the HW!

            • Well she sure the hell isnt making what NeNe does or most of the BH housewives. What is the official wage, cause all the places are different. I have seen multiple figures, I am assuming all guesses

            • Are you talking earnings just from the HW salary or including HW + career/business earnings? I think people are talking about the HW salary alone. At least that is what I was discussing. NeNe’s HW salary is projected to be less than Tree’s salary but NeNe has her show and that salary may put her ahead in the earnings.

              I think MeGo is making a lot less than the Manzos, Lauirtas and Giudices. Nothing wrong with making $100K as a household. I wouldn’t mind $100K on top of my current salary. I think JoGo might make more focusing on his business rather than following MeGo around whilst she is shooting at her appearances. I give MeGo credit for working hard and doing what a girl gotta do. I have honed in my craft but I still have a few plates spinning and that works best for me. MeGo putting those plates in the air is good.

            • I have no idea what Melissa makes, I have never really cared to ask. I would be tickled with any income for the amount of time they work in a season. I still live in the same house I raised all my kids in, its not big, it doesnt cost an arm and leg to heat and cool. Its all mine, bought and paid for. Bravo films these people how much everyday? Maybe an hour? Each family probably has less that 15 minutes per episode and then count the advertisements. We see only moments of their lives. We don’t know that Joe doesnt work 40 or 60 hours a week. I cant prove what any of them work other than what Joe Giudice said about not working. We have all formed opinions and who says they are right

            • LOL me too, really I don’t care. They make more than me, heck they all make more than me for basicly nothing. I need a job like that. 40 plus hours a week, a family, part time partner in another business and a 10 year old who is in every sport she can sign up for. opps I forgot about the hubby who works 50 hours a week, loves to cook and dirty up every dish in the house to do it.

      • Yes because a couple hundred thousand more than anyone else is just chump change to the rest of us. Yearly. Or per season. As a base salary. Without silent perks or comps. Or Bonuses. Or reunion pay.

        • Where is the official wages, I have seen numerous renditions of what they are all paid. Here, Radar online, TMZ, Wet Paint but I have never seen an official Bravo listing. I tend to belive that there is not much difference in the wages.

  13. Teresa just congratulated Mel over a tweet and sent her kisses…..excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor

  14. I’m not surprised that Tre makes the most. She’s the most interesting person to watch (when you’re not just watching to see someone come unwound anyway) & I think she’s thrown herself into making the money to cover their mistakes . She doesn’t seem to begrudge Joe the huge debt he got them into by signing his partner’s signature . & you do have to give it to Bethanny , I don’t have strong feelings about her either way, but to go from a HW show to making the money she’s made , Kudos!

    • Yes I agree. I wonder if T paid off all the debt, raised well adjusted children, stayed married because its what she believes in, and continued to take care of her aging parents, would people still fault her? Only time will tell, because these things will all take TIME.

  15. From the beginning, I knew B & Jason wouldn’t make it. Even though, they say opposites attract, she always acted as if she had the balls & Jason the vajayjay. He had a great job then all of a sudden he didn’t & was “working” for her. I’m sure he felt like his masculinity was zilch due to the fact she has millions & millions & was paying for everything. IMO, It would be hard for any man to tolerate B. She has such a sarcastic, negative attitude. She got her millions after the marriage so I’m sure he’ll get a big cut from all that. Ive not read anything else about the lawsuit against B for millions & was wondering if all of that was said & done.

  16. Bethenny’s mom predicted her divorce last year… Bethenny rags about her mom all the time ~ I
    think because she knows deep down they are very similar ( and hates it ).

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