MORE SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: We Got An Invite!… Blind Item Solved (If You Care About BFrankel)!… WatchWhatCrappens Now Available!!… Melissa Gorga “Needs Pen and Paper” STAT!!!… Teresa Giudice “Top Salary At RHONJ”

We just LOVE gettin’ emails!  Especially emails which invite the addressee to send $10 million to a person of royal lineage who  just can’t get to his money right now because of a terrible situation he’s got himself into… and, after the $10 million is received, you’ll get $578 million back just for helpin’!   Geez, hope none of you fell for that one!

And, as a public service, will pass this email on to SH readers… to whom this might be useful!   Damn… never even knew there was a directory for gays!

gay directory

Look who is NOT in the gay directory!  If Andy Cohen cannot be located in the gay directory, then it’s probably not the best gay directory… therefore, would suggest that you ignore this particular gay directory!

andy cohen gay directory  Yes, we meant “Andy Cohen”… and there were still no results!!


Andy puppets pg

Speakin’ of MissAndy… a blind item has been revealed re one of MissAndy’s proteges, BFrankel.  If you are a “fan” of BFrankel… ’cause we’re NOT (and really cannot believe she has a talk show, thanks to Ellen…) …you might be interested in knowing WHY the rumors of her marriage ending might not be rumors!

BFrankel disclosed back in 2011 to USMagazine that she had a severe eating disorder:

“I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” the Bravo reality star told Us in 2011.

“Binging and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be: up and down 5 pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked.”

From BlindGossip:

That’s fine… except that she skips the part where where she admits that her disordered eating continues to this day. It is a major source of tension in her marriage to Jason Hoppy. Jason seems like a nice normal guy (although we don’t know him personally), and can’t put up with it anymore. And he certainly doesn’t want an obsession over weight to damage their young daughter’s self-esteem.

Bethenny rarely wears her wedding ring anymore. On her website, there are tons of mentions and photos of daughter Bry… but no mentions or photos of Jason. She Tweets multiple times a day, and in her last 100 tweets, she mentions her daughter Bryn a dozen times. She only mentions Jason once, in response to a follower’s inquiry (Q: “Where’s Jason?” “A: Away on a golf trip”). Yes, we hear that Jason is away on a lot of golf trips lately.

Will they talk about her eating disorder during the divorce proceedings? Definitely not. Because there are two big brands at stake here: Bethenny Frankel and Skinnygirl.

Public admission of an eating disorder would definitely hurt her personal brand as a “healthy foodie”. Would women really continue to buy books titled Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinnygirl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting from a woman with a serious eating disorder?

There is a lot of money at stake here (upwards of $100 million). If he is smart, Jason will keep his mouth shut about the eating disorder, take his half of the fortune, continue to co-parent their daughter, and find someone who genuinely leads a healthy life.

NOTE:  Was it not BFrankel who said to “chew your food and then spit it out” as a method to become “skinny”??



Another episode of “WatchWhatCrappens” featuring the trifecta of funny is now available for your listening pleasure…. over at TVGasm!


Melissa book pg

NOTE:  Does Melissa Gorga know what to do with writing implements… or more importantly, what they are?  


RHONJ cast by Maya

According to ROL, Teresa Giudice is the highest paid Housewife in the New Jersey franchise:

Teresa Giudice of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the most watched of the Real Housewives shows with an audience of three million – is the top earner among all the women who appear in the various franchises, taking in a whopping $600,000 per season!


andy lisaV miss universe

(Thanks to SH readers “Tank” “Maya” and “PMG”!!!)