MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Book Cover… SH Readers Are The FIRST To See!!

What the hell happened to MeGo’s face???  YIKES!!!

melissa face

Now that the shock of the news that Melissa Gorga has been contracted to “write” a book… the word “write” is in quotes, ’cause you KNOW there will be a ghostwriter involved… we can now unveil MeGo’s book cover!!

Mego Book Cover

(Thanks to SH reader “HousewifeHoe!!!)


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127 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Book Cover… SH Readers Are The FIRST To See!!

  1. Shoot, I was sure the picture of MeHo sprawled across the dance floor simulating oral sex on JoHo while their professional colleagues looked on and laughed would be the cover art!

    • Sorry, I hadn’t seen this when I posted about the botched nose job (above). I thought she had a nice nose before. It’s too bad some surgeon did that to her.

      • HaHa. It was the first thing I noticed other than her huge honkin’ forehead! Her nose really looks like it’s in danger of collapsing!

              • Yes you did. And I am on a role. The role I am playing is internet detractor of Melissa Marco. All the world is a stage and all. Tomorrow I will be playing the role of victim. As in, “you’re not the victim! I am the victim!”.

              • NO Ana, I’M the victim…don’t you love when they feed us the lines to use against them?! Bless their hearts…

            • Her boobs look hard. Not sure how long she has had them in but I was told by the 10 year mark you sometimes need to have them redone. Plus she might be working out hard to keep toned and there is no cushy breast tissue so the implants are becoming more prominent.

              • It’s either encapsulated or they are just to damn big for her frame. Not sure either if they are silicone or saline.

              • Her boobies look like misquito Bites compared to the boodlicious Coco Her boobies look painful if her bum wasnt so big im convinced she would fall flat on her face.

              • Strickly dickly here but I can look at a woman and give her props when it’s due. Coco’s body is hideous and I have no idea why she thinks everyone should see it. Happy she has a healthy dose of self-esteem but she really needs to realize less is more and I could do with less instances of seeing her dimpled ass decked out in dental floss. Can you imagine how big she is going to get once she gets pregnant?

              • @lisa, I didn’t know you were a coco fan. learn something new every day. are her eyes always so dilated and floating around in the socket. I saw the show for the first time day before yest.

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              • She plays the dumb blond well, but she is pretty smart. I never noticed her I am gonna look harder.

              • I havent watched that episode ill watch close when i see it and report I do pay more attention to Ice’s dreamy hazel eyes..

              • I think they look good if you have a bit of boobies to begin with so they can bury the implants under. It gives it a lifted look and you don’t get to see the pockets when they bend over. When I see that it makes me shudder.

              • @ Bizzy I’m an esthetician and massage therapist for 20 plus years and they all get hard. When doing the decolletage it’s almost not human, they have no give when passing over, very ewwww.

              • you know I try never to disagree with my fellow commenters, bc I’m a ppl pleaser and also there’s no need, but mine are soft and fluffy for 13 years….again…proabably all the natural boobage

              • @ Cherry No offense! honestly! my opinion is based on what I’ve experienced and you yours, of course. Are your’s silicone or saline? Silicone is suppose to be more supple.

              • @ Lisa Yes, used for reconstructive issues and normally for “second sets”. I believe you need to change ‘em out every 5-10 years. Do not take this as gospel, I am going from memory of articles read in the past..

              • they’re saline, under the muscle, but i have a lot of breast tissue which I think increased iwth age. and lisa, they used to use silicon if they were replacing them. not sure why and that may have changed

              • @cherry I know they stop using Silicone at one point because women were getting sick when the silicon leaked then they switched to Saline. I dont know much about fake tities
                I have been blessed abundantly inthe area.

              • cherry, I have implants as well. Still soft and fluffy nearly 3 years. Silicone. One side is reconstructive after mastectomy and the other side is implant under the muscle. FDA says 10 (or 12) for swapping silicone implants.

              • I should say FDA recommendation. I know people that have had those implants in for nearly 20 years without issue.

      • MeGo claims it was “makeup and lighting” but it isn’t. I have been comparing S3 to recent photos and the bump is missing and her nose is skinnier. The nose looks like the typical “designer” nose that everyone else has.

  2. Wow….I guess I’m getting old…I remember when you used to have to be able to write to get a book deal….

  3. A book????!!!! That is so funny! Is the opening sentence It was a dark and stormy night?
    Be sure to look for it on the rack where they pay you to take it away. You might be able to make a few bucks on this one. As for her forehead, that affliction is more commonly know as a five head, caused by an oversized ego trying to burst out. think Alien on this.


  4. I dont understand why her makeup artist puts bronzer on her forehead, just makes it look bigger and like her hairline is receding. If I were her, I would never put my hair up on a poof like that….Teresa should to wear her hair up and Melissa NEEDS/HAS to put her hair down! That being said, I refuse to read a book by this woman…what could she possibly write about that would interest the us? This is going to be worse than Danielle’s book! Ugh, sometimes I wish I could make people disappear, she’s at the top of my list (right along with Andy)!

  5. MG looks the same to me as she always does, too much make-up, way too much shadowing, sort of orange-ish fake tan. Just not a pretty woman. On the other hand, this picture of Camille G. is very cute. I really love that dress. It would be adorable on a senior in high school or maybe a college girl, so Camille isn’t quite the right age for it, but she pulls it off here, don’t you think? Book —- riiiight, it will sit next to Kate Gosselin’s.

  6. That photo is horrible! Some girls can pull off the snarly-face – MeHo clearly isn’t one of them. I think Melissa is an “ugly on the inside” kinda girl, but I’ve seen her take a better photo. What was she thinking?

    I wouldn’t buy anything from her because I think she is a despicable person. However, I would think a fitness video would have been a better choice. She’s in pretty good shape.

    • This is the same looks she always makes in photos. Very rarely does she smile – it probably emphasizes the bad plastic surgery.

  7. Mego has a very pretty sister. I kinda think that she might have grown up hearing that her sister was the “pretty one.” so she has spent her life trying hard to be prettier. Not working.

  8. They went crazy with her makeup. The foundation looks too light for her skin tone and they needed to do something else to work with her hairline, She is a not a ugly woman. I don’t think she is drop dead gorgeous but you have to give it to her, the girl looks good for having three small kids. They really need to find a better way to photograph her, those come hither and come F*@k me look is just so outdone.

    • These type of photos are the featured ones on her website. J-Lo can pull off that look, but MeGo can’t. She needs a “born to be a mommy” photo. Look at the camera and smile. I agree that she is not ugly and she has a very nice figure.

    • I think Juicy was right on when he said she has a horse face and another time looked like a raccoon. Her body’s in great shape after having her kids, but that wouldn’t change her face. She’s just going too far with it now,just like Kathy and all her nonsense. Speaing of Kathy,the commercial she’s been doing for the Hughes Center (which was atrocious) has now made her into a cartoon! lol

  9. Can anyone else see there is loose hair stuck to the front of her shirt, in the boob area? Guess she didn’t have a lent brush.

      • Whoever her Sancho was who paid for those boobies, ought to get his money back. Or at least a steep discount.

        • It looks to me she has one shoulder higher then the other which could account for the lopsiddeness. but her boobes have always freake dme out they look like 2 melons stuck upder the epidermis

  10. Left boob is bigger than right. Girl, if your gonna get a boob job, dontcha know that is a wonderful excuse! You say you had to even them up! You missed the boat on that one. Nothing even about them, at least in that photo. Hate the “Hollywood” nose. No character whatsoever. She used to be pretty, I think. Cant she see what plastic surgery has done to her bff Jac?

  11. I could think of a good introduction…Here goes…

    It was a dark night with the club music blasting in my ears, I am dancing around in my red bikini line on the pole trying to earn a buck. Hey a college girl got to pay her loans! until I saw him the most unappealing and shortest man that I ever seen in my life. My co-workers that he was up to no good and he was no “Bulldog” but he had money! Lots and lots of money! Did I mention that he was single? Oh I clapped my hands when I saw him sitting at the bar with lonesome self waiting anyone of us to grace his presence. I slowly walked with his eyes bugged out at the sight of me. Asking the one thing that all men wanted at a strip club.
    “Do you want a lap dance?”

    End of introduction!

            • Write on! Put it in Kindle format and sell it for $0.99 on Amazon and you could end up making six figures with it.

              And this woman is just a bottomless pit of comedic opportunity — I mean, when you read the headline, didn’t you think — at least for minute — “Oh, c’mon — this is just TOO easy!?!”

              You go for it and I promise I’ll buy one!

          • I totally agree, rushie19 — you have a gift! After I read it, I actually looked back at the top specifically to see who wrote it! Clever!

            • Oh Thank you! It’s just something I made up picturing Melissa in a particular strip club seeing Joe Gorga for the first time you know. Reading other blogs such as this one and others knowing her manipulative personality I just thought about it.

      • It continues….
        It continues….
        He just disagreed with me and told me that he just wanted to talk. I rolled my eyes at the sight of him. Who the hell comes into a strip club and just wants to talk? I want my damn tips so I can get a boob job done since my boyfriend is not giving me any.
        “P-Please just has a sit next to me. I will give you money even more money in tips like how does $1,000 dollars sound?” He asked with his puppy pathetic eyes. I scoffed at him.
        “I want more money than that! $1,000 is not enough for me! I want more…so unless you can give me more you are wasting my time!” I was about to walk off when he grabbed my hand and handed me what looked like $5,000. I grabbed the money to count it and it was more than I expected. It was $6,000.
        “Now you have my interest and talk to me!” I sat down with my legs crossed staring at him.

  12. Y’all know she’s going to have to badmouth a certain “family member” who has “tried to destroy her marriage”. She knows she needs to mention her and ride em coattails to sell.

  13. Yeah….. And who the hell cares about what she has to say? Jesus! You know it’s about Teresa! That’s the only reason she stays somewhat relavent! That’s her only story line!!!! Please , say it ain’t so!!!!!!!! I really find her repulsive,ignorant,envious and pathetic! If she had an ounce of respect for her in-laws, she would bite that tongue and make peace at all cost!! I really Hate her demeanor!!!!!!!

    • I totally agree with you Bella, she’s trying too hard for her fame and her clawing, demanding ego doesn’t look very attractive. Ms.Andy is going to continue giving her a free ride though.

  14. MeHo’s book cover photo reminds me of Cher Bono.back in the 70′s, but man I wish that girl would smile or look grateful once in a while. She always looks pained.

  15. WTF! That top picture is the stuff nightmares are made of. And the 2nd? Did they photoshop her head on a black background? Hoe embarrassing, damn.

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