MELISSA GORGA: MeGo Gets A Book Deal…About Her “Sexy Marriage”… Teresa Giudice “Kisses To My Sis-in-Law”

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Yes, it is true!  Hard to believe, but true!

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Melissa Gorga has grabbed on to the “I’m gonna have a New York Times bestseller” and will be makin’ the round on the NYMediaMafia tour… tryin’ to get people to actually BUY her book!

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From USMagazine: “I can’t tell you how many times Joe and I are approached by fans asking how they can have a marriage like ours,” the Real Housewives of New Jersey star says of her eight-year union with Joe Gorga. “A great marriage doesn’t just happen. It’s a job.”

Love, Italian Style will give readers “practical strategies on how to strengthen their marriage, amp up the passion, and the secrets that make my marriage as sexy and hot as it is warm and loving,” continues Melissa, who shares three kids with her man. (Earlier this year, publisher St. Martin’s Press  released Bravo star Andy Cohen’s memoir Most Talkative.)


Let’s hope MeGo’s “writing talent” doesn’t spread!

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MeGo’s twitter audit… almost half are fake:

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  1. Let’s see this is Miss Phony & the guy who can be distracted with a shiny set of keys, right? Wake me up if I start snoring, k? :D


  2. I’m just looking forward to reading all the negative comments that will be written in the Amazon book review for MeGo’s book. That will be all the readin’ I’ll need.


  3. Wonder if it will come out in time for Valentine’s Day? They’ve missed the Christmas season. What a lovely gift for couples that would be.


  4. Not only would I not read the book I would hope people who do, look at it like a joke not a guide to good marriage. Those two are missing one major piece in a good marriage. Actually two things. Romance and unconditional love. Where is the love? Sex is one thing love is more than just sex. A dog can have sex.(and blowmejoe does kidding she is just a They base so much on outside appearances and not what is in the inside. I feel sorry for either one of them if something bad happened and one is disfigured. Or if one had medical condition and could no longer perform sex. Both Joe and Mel wouldn’t let the door hit them leaving. I think if either one of them got severely ill neither one of them would be there to hold their hand or just hold them. I see Joe as the type if Mel(god forbid) lost her breasts he would not be able to handle it and it would all be about how it effects him not her. Now that’s just a feeling I have and unfortunately I have lived and seen that behavior in many marriages I thought were unbreakable. I can only say seeing the way they act about how important their looks are and how sexy Joe seems to expects his wife to be at all times it would be a deal breaker if anything changed that. Am sorry if sound cold but as I said have seen the effects myself and can only say its a feeling based on experience. Do they R-rate books? Haven’t seen it but was wondering how they can R-rate magazines and have to be 18 to buy or read. Wouldn’t it seem that books would be in some kind of category? No am not against free speech I just don’t want my grandson reading certain things at his age…


  5. I actually think Joe and Melissa love each other. And I think they are happy together. One thing concerns me, though. If its all true what has been said about Melissa and Joes dirty deeds to secure themselves a spot on the show, I would be worried about the negative energy tying the two of them together. Common goals can be great for marriages, but negative energy can muck up your soul and your relationships. And if the two of them did indeed plot and plan together to cause harm to his family…I just dont think that can be good for their marriage in the long term. Not because the evil was against his family, but because they planned together to do evil, period. It concerns me, and eventhough I am not a fan of either one, I hope none of this is the case. There are three babies to think of and dang it…I dont wanna mess up my own soul wishing harm on other people. PS…I said “IF” repeatedly and I dont wanna get into another debate about this old news. Im not assuming its true. Thats why I said “if”.


    • the video was actually posted around there that they submitted to Bravo stating that they would bring the hate against Teresa and expose all her lies…that is why, after 2 years of begging, they finally let them on.


      • Did someone post the actual video for viewing you mean? If that is true I wasnt aware it was out there. I thought it was a rumor. Wow I would be interested in seeing that!


  6. Um…how do these contract work, do you get a check before the book is publish, or do you get more money as the book start selling


    • Authors will usually get a small advance once they sign the contract. Then they get payments as they reach milestones and then once done the get the rest.


  7. So Melissa’s story line this year is…I am a great Mom, a sexy wife in a perfectly sexy marriage…so I should write a book. My sister-in-law is trying to destroy my “Thank you Jesus” marriage and career with infidelity rumors…
    Did I get her story line right??


  8. I didn’t read Kyle’s book but isn’t that what her book was about? How to have a happy marriage? WTH was this publisher thinking when they signed this trash? That person should be fired.


    • I agree. Wonder what ever happened to Adrienne’s book? Wonder if that one was supposed to be about happy marriages too? bahahahaha


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