LISA VANDERPUMP, ANDY COHEN: Miss Universe… Boring Two-Hour Infomercial… AND… No Talent Portion!

andy lisaV miss universe

The Miss Universe Pageant was just too exciting for words.  In fact, there really weren’t too many words in the two-hour dull spectacle, as the pageant was used as an infomercial for the many contributors to the pageant… the contestants wore “official” shoes, “official” dresses and “official” makeup.

LisaV giggy

MissAndy Cohen, for the third year was chosen to host the pageant.  WHY MissAndy was chosen again is a deep mystery.  He’s very out of place and looked uncomfortable… his giving Miss China a “mazel” for best national costume was totaly dumbassery.

The Bravo Housewife chosen as a judge this year was Lisa Vanderpump, who dragged her poor little dog with her.


(The first year MissAndy hosted, DonCaro was the Housewife judge; last year it was Cindy Whatever…)


Lisa asks Miss USA a deep question… and Miss USA gives a moronic answer!


And… after one hour and 5o minutes of an infomercial, Miss Universe is crowned…


NOTE:  Now does everyone understand the difference between Miss USA and Miss America?  Miss USA does nothing but strut around in gowns and bikinis… Miss America actually has a talent portion in which they have to compete.  Miss USA/Universe is basically an infomercial… Miss Universe is the HoneyBooBoo of beauty contests.