KIM RICHARDS, KYLE RICHARDS: Kim and Kyle “Diving With The Stars”…


Diving With The Stars will be one exciting show!!  If this sneak peek is any indication… where is that sarcasm button??


Is Kyle Richards planning on wearing a full modesty body suit for her dive?

Kyle Diving KimR Kyle Diving KimR Kyle Diving KimR Kyle diving KimR Kyle diving KimR Kyle diving KimR Kyle diving

Looks like Kim is doing pretty well… so Good luck, Kyle!!

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81 comments on “KIM RICHARDS, KYLE RICHARDS: Kim and Kyle “Diving With The Stars”…

      • I noticed that too, she is so worried about covering up her thighs and middle that she has not noticed how bad it makes her back and front boobs look.

    • She looks fine to me, but seems to not be comfortable with her body as evidenced by the batwing tops, caftans, etc. And if Kyle would like a different shape, I do not understand for the life of me how if I can drag my 50 year old, full-time working mother, expanding waistline, old hag body to the gym 5 times per week, why can’t she?

      • I’ll bet she does work out, but maybe her body type is such that she loses in some areas but not others. Not everyone is well proportioned. I have a friend who will have thick legs and calves and an extremely thin upper body no matter how much she works out. I think the only answer for some people is lipo, to change your fat distribution.

  1. Its good to see that she isn’t influenced by hollywood to have the fat sucked out of her body or be abnormally skinny. She’s just natural and excepts her body as is.

    • That’s true, ushut, but I wish she were more accepting of her height. She looked idiotic in heels in Ojai on the grass. She needs to embrace her petite self. I’m sure her poor feet would thank her for it.

    • Except that she doesn’t seem to accept her body the way it is–who on earth covers themselves like she is unless they are going SCUBA diving? And I say this as someone who used to be thin and is not anymore. Liposuction/plastic surgery isn’t called for in her case–exercise is. She looks like she has a high body-fat %. She comes across as a lazy person in general; all she has to do is be a little more active. Her sister Kim, on the other hand, looks good in her suit and more importantly, looks comfortable in her own skin.

      • I think Kyle’s body looks to be a fine size, but not sure why she’s so self-conscious about it. I’ve seen her in person, and she looked just fine. Not stick thin, just right. And yes, Kim does look good in her suit.

      • I thought so too. She even let her daughter tweet a pic of her on a boat.
        She is just super lazy, is so obvious.

        • Vyle did have extensive liposuction and other work done. The woman is not accepting of herself, and obviously uncomfortable in her own skin. She always looks short and dumpy to me. I feel she is super lazy as well, she needs to hit the gym, all the other women are toned and have perky butts, vyle is very flat and flabby, she needs new hands and a new haircut as well.

          • I haven’t had liposuction, but I have heard from people who have that once you have liposuction in one spot, the fat tends not to return there if you gain weight. The bad news? The fat appears in weird places like your back, where you never had fat before.

            • I don’t like Vyle at all, but I have to defend her here. I’ve seen her in person, and she looked just fine. Yes, she’s very petite, but she’s not overweight by any stretch of the imagination. And even if she were…. IA that she needs to cut about a foot off her hair.

            • I think she looks fine–short and stacked (curved, very healthy). Her build looks like my mother and my mother has a great figure. I’m not sure why she covers up like that but if she has normal body structure, she might be afraid of scrutiny . Cellulite is always picked on–which is just dumb because that is normal.

            • I suspect it could be cellulite or maybe also that she is afraid she would appear short and stumpy compared to the likes of Brandi and Swine.

            • I really have nothing to add to Kyle’s body analysis….granted that is a baaaaaad photo!…….because I would resemble a cross between a walrus and a Sharpei if I were there with them! :P

  2. Hello, I’m new….just couldn’t stay quiet any longer after reading the posts about the Fake Redneck trash! Nice to meet you all, I’ve been lurking for awhile.

    Kyle is trying to hide the fact that she doesn’t have a waistline….look at the way her thingy she’s wearing is cut at the sides….and boy, she does have a long crack down her back….even though I in no way think she is too big,,,,I just think she has had us all fooled into thinking she has a nice shape because she knows how to cover her flaws.

    • Welcome holycowballs… I think your are right… She knows how to cover her flaws… I have never seen her in a top that flatters her waistline… It’s always bulky… Enjoy the conversation here, it’s fun, and friendly… :)

      • Welcome, holeycowballs! I like your name and your post, too. :)

        I was actually thinking that Kyle might be wearing that long bodysuit for diving because of the water temperature. A diving pool tends to be quite a bit colder b/c of the depth of the pool.

        Even though I have a lot more insulation from weight I’d like to lose :( on my body than I did when I was a tall, skinny kid going into the Atlantic Ocean in Rockport, MA many years ago, I really need warm water now.

  3. If you look closely of the shot of Kyle’s butt-you can see the faint panty lines of her booty panties — if they are regular underwear, then she did get surgical butt implants….but noticing her tight clothing this season, I’m going with booty panties! lol

  4. Here is my assessment; going back to the beginning, it always seemed Kyle was jealous of Kim and seem to always be picking on her; and these pictures tell a story, A woman will dress to her confidence; I admit I have been mean and critize the way Kyle dresses; I have alway thought that Kim dressed better than Kyle and we see Kim in her bathing suit with some confidence and Kyle hiding behind some man/women suit; she wears baggy clothes/old lady clothes all the time and seems asshamed in these pictures; while Kim is completely comfortable in her own skin. Is it safe to assume some of Kim’s mental issues are a result of Kyle’s insecurities?

  5. Vyle is in no way heavy, but she must have some serious cellulite she’s trying to hide. She just looks ridiculous in that wet suit thing when Kim is looking great in her bathing suit.

    • When I saw this article I knew Kyle would not be strolling around this show in a normal bathing suit. I wonder why she ever agreed to do something like this if she felt that bad about how she looks. Good lord she has 4 children she gets a break for that and your right housewife hoe she is in no way big. Seeing her in that silly unitard thing she is wearing explains so much in reference to how insecure she behaves with some of the other women. I remember when she went to Hawaii and would not allow them to film her below the waist. It is so silly look at Kandi last year on the beach with NeNe and Phedra, she was rocking some pretty big thighs and she didn’t skip a beat. I find this to be very sad and very telling.

    • I don’t think she is heavy either…. But she has always been jealous of anyone that can wear a bathing suit… Remember when Camille had a suit on, and Kyle said, I’m still trying to get rid of the baby fat from her daughter? She does not have a good body image of herself… All she has is hair… Perhaps we should call her cousin It?

        • Drives me crazy the way she is always stroking her hair. She can’t seem to keep her man hands off her danged hair.

          • When Vyle is photographed staring in the mirror she always reminds me of the scene in Snow White with the evil queen …..Mirror , mirror on the wall…..

            • You know, @Aint? I agree. She is often filmed sitting at her vanity and looking in the mirror. But what is odd to me is that the whole room is mirrors…sort of like a Fun House. Also, we never see a reflection of the camera crew, so the mirrors could indeed be magic!

  6. I wonder if the thing on her back is a scar from when she had her Backbone removed and became spineless.

  7. Kyle has some big shoulders and that makes her look mannish. Plus she is very petite and has that straight narrow figure, unfortunately when she gains weight it all shows and she can at times look stocky. Kim has a nice figure … that eats Vyle up.

    • She actually looks just fine in person. I think the camera adds and magnifies, and I think she’s self-conscious about being more of a petite and normal weight person in the uber-thin world of BH.

      • Hers since you are in BH and c these folks often especially vile, is it possible to get a foto, plz it’d be sooo much fun. A foto of them doing something Very HW.

  8. Kim is looking good in her swimsuit! But Kyle? Um, hit the gym and stop lingering over the dinner table. She’s got that pillsbury dough boy back.

    • I think Vyle looks fine. She’s probably gained a few pounds in her midsection, as often happens in middle age, and I’ll bet the pictures are exaggerating whatever’s going on with her back.

  9. Kim looks confident and definitely in great shape. She’s probably worn bikinis her entire. I don’t think Kyle looks bad either. She just might have stretch marks or varicous veins so I don’t fault. I, honestly, avoid bathing suits because of skin problems :( ill be watching the men though.

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