JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Talkin’ About Autism… Does It Make Any Sense??

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Received this from SH reader “Harmonee”… who did a great and thorough job of compiling BubbaJax’ communique regarding her son, Nick, whom BubbaJax says has been diagnosed as “autistic.”

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As “Harmonee” states… after reading all… things just don’t add up!

TWITTER START FROM BOTTOM READ UP….Hmmmmm things just don’t ad up!!!
jax kid
JacLaurita Nicholas Jump Jump Jumps!
6:32 AM Dec 19th from Keek
JacLaurita Nicholas with Naturalized ABA therapist, Lisa Gold, making progress!!!
5:58 AM Dec 19th from Keek
JacLaurita Nick was supposed2b in bed sleeping.He got out of bed,put together a sentence strip w/PECS&read it2me.”I want fritos&popcorn!”He’s brilliant
4:01 AM Dec 18th from Mobile Web (M5)
Laurenmanzo @Jaclaurita Today I got to hear Nicholas say MY NAME! He said “Hi Lauren” made my heart melt- I love my little man-
4:16 AM Dec 18th from Tweetbot for iOS
JacLaurita I wasn’t sure how much Nick would ever get his voice back but he is finally repeating words again&we r working on 2 word combinations.#hope
10:10 PM Dec 16th from Mobile Web (M5)
jax four
JacLaurita Forget the glasses.Lol!Check this out! “@chris_laurita: This kid is the best!Nicks doing so well!So happy! @JacLaurita
9:46 PM Dec 16th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita These dum dum lollipop reinforcers are going to cost me in dental bills. Do they make a sugar free version?
7:21 PM Dec 16th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita Nicholas in his first music therapy session :0) “@JennGoodman1: Nicky in Music Therapy via @YouTube”
4:16 AM Dec 14th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita Check out my Nick! “@JennGoodman1: Nick says, “Lollipop” in Music Therapy session. @YouTube
3:52 AM Dec 14th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita Nicholas can say so many words now! We r trying to put 2 together now. He’s starting to finally mimmick words again!
4:20 PM Dec 11th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita Nicholas, at 3 1/2, spells 3 letter words all by himself on his iPad on the “Bob’s Books” App. #Amazing
1:00 AM Dec 10th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita Nick is throwing Ashlee&her friend out of the room by holding their hands,walking them2the door & saying Bye Bye
6:56 PM Dec 9th from Mobile Web (M5)
jax pg
Bravo’s NJ Housewife Jacqueline Laurita Interview: Behind the Cameras and A Deeper Look At Autism
“Some of our challenges include making sure our picky eater is getting all the additional nutrients he needs, since we keep him strictly on a Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Soy Free, Chick pea Flour/Garbanzo Bean Free, Dairy Free, Wheat Free diet! Our goal is to help Nicholas be the healthiest he can be, from the inside out” …BUT SHE GIVES HIM SUGAR SUCKERS EVERYDAY..SHE TWEETED THAT HERSELF
What tips would you give other moms who may be in your situation?
Educate yourself! the computer is a great tool. Learn about all of the resources and information that’s available relating to Autism. There are plenty of Autism websites and support groups. One the turning points for me was visiting the Autism Speaks website; I felt like I gained so much knowledge from the information provided by this organization, that I wanted to give something back to their charity so I hosted an event for them, The Sparkling Event, and lead a team in one of their walks for charity. It helps to open up and talk about it with others that can relate. …HOW ABOUT THIS TIP JACQUELINE GET OFF COMPUTER AND TAKE ALL YOUR “GAINED KNOWLEDGE” AND DO SOME HANDS ON WITH YOUR SON…
“I like that people can relate to me, and will share their experiences, tips and advice with me. It helps me to grow as a person. I learn from watching myself and others. I think and hope that people will learn from us too; even if it’s something as simple as it’s a lesson on how to act or how not to act. I love learning and I love helping others. To me, that’s what life is all about.”….UM I CHOOSE HOW NOT TO ACT, BUT I DIDN’T LEARN THAT FROM YOU I BELIEVE I LEARNED RIGHT AND WRONG IN GRADE SCHOOL..
What’s a typical day like at home when the cameras?
Typical day is that I get up, stretch, do laundry, take the dog out and feed him, Have some quiet tea time, pack school lunches, make breakfast, get the kids going for school, sit and talk with my husband as we both get ready for the day, drive kids to school, check my emails, work out, clean house, get groceries, put away groceries, research Autism and Beauty related topics, take notes (tweeting in between), make calls, pick up the kids, work with CJ on his homework while Nicholas is in therapy, prepare dinner, play with kids, eat dinner, clean up dinner, Get kids showered, get clothes & backpacks ready for the next day, put kids to sleep, finish laundry, catch up with my husband about each others day, go on the Internet again or read, beauty routine to prepare for bed, go to sleep to start again the next day. ..NOTE PREPARE DINNER, PLAY WITH KIDS, EAT DINNER….SO NICE OF HER TO SQUEEZE 15 MINUTES OF PLAY TIME WITH HER KIDS!!!
JacLaurita Nicholas is now calling his brother by his name! #progress (I now keep playing him the “I Love You” Barney song.1day I know he will say it!)
Bravo’s NJ Housewife Jacqueline Laurita Interview: Behind the Cameras and A Deeper Look At Autism
2:21 PM Dec 8th from Mobile Web (M5)
JacLaurita Nicholas waved and said,”bye” to me going into school today. So cute! :0) #Thingsmostpeopletakeforgranted
2:11 PM Dec 5th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I caught Nick practicing his cry in front of the mirror. I assume they must be practicing emotions at school. ;0) Hmmm
4:21 AM Dec 5th from Camera on iOS…..”WONDER IF HE LEARNED THAT FROM HIS MOTHER”
JacLaurita I caught Nick trying to steal candy from our “Ginger Mouse” gingerbread house we made. Kids will be kids.:0)
4:17 AM Dec 5th from Camera on iOS…..”WONDER IF LEARNED THAT FROM HIS DADDY…=(
JacLaurita Lol “@chris_laurita: Nick got caught in the act!! Wait until @JacLaurita sees what he did!
3:32 AM Dec 5th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Today…Nick said,”CJ” twice!!! Before going to bed, he kissed CJ and said ,”CJ” all on his own. Unprompted!! He also said,”tickle”2him2play
2:58 AM Dec 5th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nick had enough therapy for today.He said lollipop,iPad,cookie,water,mommy,CJ,come on,go,no&some colors 2day
2:27 AM Dec 4th from Camera on iOS
JacLaurita Nick laughs at this on Nick Jr.”Bing Can Sing”He’s like the little blue bird&like him,w/practice he will sing too
4:10 PM Nov 29th from iOS
JacLaurita Check out who Nick does his music therapy with… She’s really incredible.XOXO!
1:24 AM Nov 28th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita This is Nick’s kissy face! I just wanna kiss him up!! I love his chubby cheekies!
7:33 PM Nov 27th from Camera on iOS
JacLaurita Thinking about asking Nicks therapists,teachers,etc 2contribute to a blog on my website on their techniques used on him&I’ll track progress
3:29 AM Nov 27th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I have2thank Nicks home therapist Lisa Gold @AutismAvenger (new2twitter)4teaching me how2teach Nick2talk&break thru.Saying a few words now!
2:45 AM Nov 27th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Tonight Nicholas said,”Mommy, come! Mommy come on, Mommy …lollipop.” (He knows how2get what he wants)Lollipops&cookies r his reinforcers
3:55 AM Nov 19th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas can say some words now!No real functional language yet but he’ll get there! We look 4ward 2his accomplishments daily
11:09 PM Nov 18th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Yesterday,Nick said Lollipop,cookie,123 go!,please, his colors,go away,night night,& when CJ asked him how he was doing, Nick said,”Doin’!”
8:05 PM Nov 16th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas was being a little difficult in the beginning of the photo shoot 2day but then loosened up toward the end.CJ was amazing!It was fun
8:03 PM Nov 14th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita “@chris_laurita Nothin better than mtg nice pple.Think we ALL need2do some good,help eachother&make this world the best it can b #nomorehate
11:51 PM Nov 13th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Yesterday at school, Nick said “Bubbles” & “lollipop” Sounds like good reinforcers to me.:0)
2:23 PM Nov 13th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita CJ & Nick …Brotherly love! XO!
1:11 AM Nov 13th from Camera on iOS
JacLaurita Every time I think I have Nicks diet down, I find another hidden ingredient. What the heck is he supposed to eat that he will actually eat??
12:36 AM Nov 10th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicks on a roll today! Check him out! “@sarahhrehovcik: Mr. Smarty Pants showing off today @JacLaurita @chris_laurita
12:24 AM Nov 5th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Check Nick out.”@sarahhrehovcik: He really is such a smarty-pants! So cute! @JacLaurita why are your kids so smart?!
11:53 PM Nov 4th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Check out my son today!XO! @sarahhrehovcik: Nick was caught on tape saying “Lolly pop” today. I love it!! @JacLaurita
11:32 PM Nov 4th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas said “Lollipop” today! :0)
9:36 PM Nov 4th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Today my babysitter said my son Nicholas was pausing videos on credits while pointing to&naming all the letters from right 2 left #progress
9:29 PM Nov 4th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I’ve been trying2teach Nick sign language.He also watches videos on top of that,but he’s still not picking it up except 4 “please”.Any tips?
12:27 AM Nov 2nd from web
JacLaurita Nicholas can’t have all that candy but he opened doors to the Halloween house for his own little special treats.
2:00 PM Oct 31st from Camera on iOS
JacLaurita I do PECS with Nick at home and he does it in school as well. He is in stage IV with it now and doing great.
2:27 AM Oct 27th from web
JacLaurita Not sure if Nicholas is embarrassed wearing this costume or not. Hes trying to hide his face.
5:21 PM Oct 26th from Camera on iOS
JacLaurita Nicholas is starting stage IV of PECS at school.He’s doing well with it.I made my own at home&also uploaded them on an app.”My Choice Board”
1:32 PM Oct 26th from web
JacLaurita Nicholas responded great to only 1 session of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy(HBOT)He was very engaged&said”Monkey,oo oo aa aa”NEED 1 4 MY HOUSE!
9:37 PM Oct 15th from web
JacLaurita God chose u 4 ur patience&platform&Nick 4 his brain & spirit.He will fully recover & u will help millions
4:11 AM Oct 13th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas knew his numbers at age one ..
2:51 AM Oct 13th from iOS
JacLaurita CJ&I enjoy our bonding time while Nick is doing his ABA&Speech after school. He is the best brother to Nick.So patient&loving
1:30 AM Oct 13th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas went on his first field trip today to a farm. He brought home a pumpkin & got excited when I asked him about it.
1:05 AM Oct 13th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas now does high fives, consistently, whenever requested!!!
10:34 PM Oct 11th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas can really navigate his way around an iPad. He is very entertained by it. He is very good at the games on it. He amazes me.
4:11 PM Oct 8th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Our family honestly saw a BIG improvement in Nicholas w/the Gluten free/Casein free diet & fine tuning it w/eliminating other food allergies
5:44 PM Oct 5th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nick said 3 words today. “please” “chip” and “goodbye” :0)
2:01 AM Oct 4th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nick is in preschool 6 hours a day w/IEP program that includes ABA then he has home therapy 2 hours every day after school. Special diet too
3:04 PM Oct 2nd from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Sometimes&pulls me towards what he wants. Sometimes I can get him to say the sound of the word @alleynero: @JacLaurita does nicholas point?
3:02 PM Oct 2nd from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I’m trying to teach myself sign language so I can teach Nick. I want the whole family to learn.
2:38 PM Oct 2nd from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I’m very grateful to @JennyMcCarthy & @GenRescue for leading me 2 a great Doctor for Nick when we 1st got started on this Journey. Thank you
4:51 PM Oct 1th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita lots of love for Nicholas! He will speak again! Researching since yesterday!
4:03 PM Oct 1th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas is really loving playing piano right now. He really knows what he’s doing. It sounds good! Lessons are definitely in the future!
12:19 AM Oct 1th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita CJ and I are trying to learn sign language right now while trying to teach Nick. We are more into it than he is.
3:13 PM Sep 29th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas, with his big blue eyes,is looking right into my eyes, not talking, but telling me everything. I know exactly what I need to do.
11:32 PM Sep 28th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nice try @teresa_giudice Ugly people like you never win. You’ll see. Everyone will see.
6:11 PM Sep 28th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita CJ is AMAZING with him. So gentle, supportive and patient. Nick really responds to him. They play together. @BarbaraHeran
5:54 PM Sep 26th from web
JacLaurita Nick liked my GF/CF apple,cinnamon pancakes today! No syrup! Maybe I’ll post that recipe at some point.
4:27 PM Sep 15th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas had a great day at school and they noted that is eye contact was improving! :0) @chris_laurita
6:56 PM Sep 12th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Thank u all 4 your support regarding my son’s Autism.We appreciate all of your stories,resources & HOPE u have given us.XO!We WILL give back
7:48 PM Sep 11th from Mobile Web
SEPT. 8TH 2012
Very emotional reunion, glad its over. My emotions got the best of me. Moving on now to BLK event. #insanity
JacLaurita Nicholas had a great day at school and so did CJ! YAY!!
5:03 PM Sep 5th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I can’t believe Nick & CJ start school this week! OMG! I’m going to miss their faces all day.
3:47 AM Sep 4th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas held up his Diego toy the other day&said,”Go Diego Go”Little things like that make us really happy.:0) He’s been saying more words.
1:27 PM Aug 31st from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nick wouldn’t drink GF/CF shakes unless in Starbucks cup but not at all anymore,no meat but chicken,no fruit but banana(sometimes)no veges
1:18 AM Aug 29th from web
JacLaurita Can’t believe Nick fell asleep so early. Must have been that trampoline today :0)
1:07 AM Aug 29th from web
JacLaurita My son Nicholas is a beautiful, smart, loving, boy who just happens to have Autism. He is a blessing and brings our family so much joy! XO!
5:23 PM Aug 23rd from Mobile Web
AUG 22ND 2012 
PEOPLE MAG REVEALED NICHOLAS AUTISTIC …She twittered some pretty vile things– time wasted that she could have used to help her son. I question the timing of this announcement. Right before the reunion…Is she now hoping this will give her a pass and nobody will hold her accountable for the awful things she’s said and done over the past year. 
One case in particular, he told Patch, has really assured him of the product’s potential: A mother gave her autistic son blk. to drink, thinking its unique color might get him drinking more water. The boy not only drank it, he loved it, but the amazing part, he started behaving. The mother reached out to Albie, shocked, who sent her two more cases to try. Her son is stimming less and listening and following directions more. The difference, she told Manzo, is unbelievable
JacLaurita Perfectly! CJ is the BEST big brother EVER! So loving! @hannahlennoxx: @JacLaurita do CJ and Nick get along with eachother?”
3:01 PM Aug 19th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I thought Nicholas was asleep in the back of the car until out of nowhere I hear him sing w/lil voice,” E I E I Oooo”then the Alphabet song
2:27 AM Aug 18th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I think there was a falling out between Nick and Wilson. He has moved on to an apple.
10:24 PM Aug 16th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas has formed an attachment to his orange. He’s been carrying it around & playing with it all day. We’ve named it Wilson.
4:24 PM Aug 16th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita My little Nicholas has become very clingy 2me lately.More than usual.He holds on2my clothes&follows me every step I take.He’s cute so its ok
2:03 AM Aug 6th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Nicholas is in such a kissy mood. He won’t stop hugging and kissing me. I’m going to go play with him for a while. Talk to you later!
11:14 PM Jul 30th from web
JacLaurita My son Nicholas has been singing a lot lately. He is a happy boy! :0)
9:52 PM Jul 23rd from Mobile Web
2,016 tweets searched.
JacLaurita It’s so cute right now to see my boys playing and laughing together. These are the best moments in my day. I’m a lucky girl.
12:12 AM Jun 19th from web
JacLaurita Happy2hear!Blk=functioning beverage! Cant wait2share research findings w/u @Denyal1215 @JacLaurita Mydaughter&I love it
11:53 PM Jul 17th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita I love looking at the scenery while driving and stopping at new interesting places. Wendy’s didn’t count although they were VERY nice there
6:21 PM Jul 17th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Watch for updates on results for all the scientific research & case studies that have been done on BLK. You will be amazed. @blkbeverages
5:07 AM Jul 17th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Cant wait2fill u all in on the incredible BLK news.Letters&emails pouring in r inspiring&uplifting.Im glad u see how amazing it is
5:02 AM Jul 17th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita My son Nicholas is obsessed with me&I LOVE it!He is ALWAYS attached2me.We do a LOT of flash cards,puzzles&learning games.He is a joy for me.
1:46 PM Jul 11th from Mobile Web
JacLaurita Happy Birthday to my little Nicholas. He is 3 today! 6/11
4:01 AM Jun 11th from web
JacLaurita I can’t believe my son Nicholas turns 3 tomorrow!!!! He is so beautiful like a little cherub and loves to give hugs and kisses!So smart too
10:43 PM Jun 10th from web
As mentioned several times previously, BubbaJax should stick to scrapbooking… and leave the medical info to the professionals.  However, what kinda story line would she have?
jax scrapbooking
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318 comments on “JACQUELINE LAURITA: BubbaJax’ Talkin’ About Autism… Does It Make Any Sense??

    • Who is that talking to him in the background. “You gotta brush your teeth, okay?” No! No, and NO! Try, “It’s time to brush your teeth”. If you imply that the kid has gotta choice in the matter, they will do whatever they want.

        • It didn’t sound like her. But, why is asking the kid if it is okay with him if he brushes his teeth? If you tell you kid what to do, they are more likely to do it. She’s on her third kid and she ain’t figured that out yet?

  1. This moron and her husband are fraud with zero conscience. No way Nick has autism — no small child progresses with autism this fast, no way. He may suffer from FAS or he may just be a normal – STUBBORN – child. Look at his role models. I only hope these poor excuses for parents and humanbeings, BOTH serve time in the FED PEN!

  2. With all the food postings, I can’t help but wonder if Jax will try to do a GF/CF cookbook. I can’t see how all the artificial colors in dumdums can be beneficial.

    • No joke. Is she trying to cash in on the honey boo boo gogo juice method of child performance? What doctor told her to reward with candy or any type of food for that matter? Does she think he is a friggun trained monkey? Grrrrrrrr.

  3. As someone (who lives in NJ) who works with families with children ages 0-3 on a daily basis (and also has a family whose 3 y/o child was just diagnosed being on the Autism spectrum, and I was there during the visits to the developmental pediatrician and sat with the autism panel during her testing) One major thing I learned from the Speech Therapist is that saying words and talking are two very different things. The child, I work with, says words…say “snow” and she will probably repeat “snow”….if you point to snow and ask her what it is she might say “snow”…but being able to have a conversation with her just doesn’t happen, and she has a severe speech delay, which was a separate diagnosis from the Autism Spectrum one. They had to test her in pretend play, fine motor, language, social-emotional skills first before giving the diagnosis…”no speech” does not equal autism….DRs in NJ don’t just throw out the diagnosis of Autism to anyone…and once your child is diagnosed you must register the child with the Autism registry. This family I work with had to wait 6 months for their appointment, but that’s only because they are low income and other facilities (that had appointments available) wouldn’t take medicaid…I’m pretty sure the Laurita’s are not on medicaid so they could’ve gone to Children’s Specialized quickly and not had to wait 8 months….

    • The speech of many children with an ASD diagnosis is echolaic, they’ll repeat what’s said to them, not expressive. It sounds as though Nicholas has made *remarkable* progress in the area of expressive speech. Not unheard of, but definitely suspect.

    • just a thought but Jac doesn’t work full time. Chris owns his own business. It just might be the case that they do not pay for health insurance and if they do its low so they might just be in the same boat and many ‘normal’ people for assistance due to lack of priority.

      • They have NO excuse. With all the money they’ve spent on frivolous things, A LOT of money, they can #1 – afford good insurance coverage for their CHILDREN OR #2 – pay out of pocket. We know they have health insurance because that was included in one of her excuses. She has NONE IMO.

  4. I had a wonderful pediatrician for my children. At 19 months my son had a fast and severe respiratory episode. She treated him in office with a nebulizer and all was well. She said he likely has sensitive lungs because he swallowed meconium at birth and developed pneumonia. She wanted us to invest in a home nebulizer. Contacted insurance co. Who said have dr. give diagnosis of asthma and we’ll give it to you. Doctor absolutely refused. Told me to never go the easy route for the insurance company. That the diagnosis of asthma would follow my son for the rest of his life, affecting his ability to get insurance in the future. Even life insurance which could affect a mortgage. Fight for the correct diagnosis. Pay out of pocket if you can and fight later. My son outgrew his respiratory probs but would never outgrow an incorrect diagnosis of asthma which is known to cause sudden death in insurance statistical tables. As a first time mom her patience with us and our insurance and her caring so much for my sons future really impressed me. Jloons actions sadden me for Nick’s sake.

    • Ruth your post clearly demonstrates the value of honesty and the importance of obtaining the proper diagnosis. As an educator I urged my d to explore every avenue before accepting any label. My gs is very mild and his prognosis is very good because explored every avenue and found the right combination of therapies that are helping with his remediation. Of course it has been a very expensive plan of action but I felt validated when the Doctors had difficulty diagnosing him. My reluctance stems from labeling any child as autistic because there are people who will use it to point out differences and teachers who will blame even normal behaviors on autism. I also am concerned about lowered expectations in terms of education..Will Nic be treated differently or ostracized ? I hope not but I would not be willing to risk it.

  5. aint pitty…I really believe what you say is true..and not just for Bravo, but consider they have a 55 million dollar case with the Feds, lying to the feds, destroying evidence, bilking investors, etc. Not just for the Bravo paycheck would it be in their interest to fabricate this, but for the potential of getting Jaq out of jail time and eliciting some sympathy from the judge. Also, they are trying to use his diagnosis to sell Black Water sludge. There should be a huge conflict of interest with this. Anyway, I agree, but add the fed prosecution to the motives

    • also..jaqueline was hurt by Tre’s insensitivity to Nick’s so called autism..maybe she knows something we dont’…Also Pitty Pat, I am impressed by the research you did about who the actual diagnosis came from Osteopath from CA. Wasn’t Traylor’s psych an Osteopath or something. Anyway, NJ has the best doctors for this in the country. Obviously the NJ doctors would go along with her pressing them for the diagnosis she wanted or had to have, so she went all the way to CA where anyone will do anything for you for fame and money

      • All credit is due to Barb Aroneao Roach from this site . I just visited his site as she directed me , additional confirmation that the CA Osteopath was involved was from Fame Whorgas . I’m sorry if I am not giving due credit but either Fame or a poster provided links to the BLK Water questionnaire from the Autsim Foundation that was given to families with autistic children and the questionnaire. The CA Osteopath is involved with this Autism foundation. Dr. CA could be legit but my concern is someone selling all kinds of vitamins and supplements on his website and the ability to get an online diagnosis from his website. It was right there in black and white. I want to add a caveat that the only proof I have is the obvious relationship between Jax+ CA Osteopath+ Autism Foundation + Blk water= research study to determine how BLK
        affects autistic children.

        • no doctor in their right mind would ever give diagnosis online! and I know these kinds of doctors because my ex was a chiropractor. A lot of scams in Osteopathy and Chiropractic – especially the ones that are totally into marketing. If you are a great caring doctor, you are focused on your patients and not all this online marketing crap.

      • Nothing wrong with Osteopaths or seeing one,being one dosnt make them quacks.
        There are plenty MD out there that are quacks to.
        These two drs are quacks because thats what they are not because they are osteopaths.
        What I am asking i guess why the emphisis on the fact they are Osteopaths?

        • i see a great chiro..but what I am saying, is that I used to go to huge conventions yearly in Vegas where there were osteopath’s and chiropractors and more than any other physician profession, there are so many swindlers out to make a buck. – not including the “pain doctors” It used to make me sick. My ex was far more into how to increase patients and money that actually diagnosiing and curing correctly like my current chiro…my ex was more like..anything to get them on the money track, and he was always into the latest and greatest diagnosis and treatment to drive in patients. That sounds like the behavior of what I saw with tens fo thousands of osteo’s and chiro’s in Vegas..AND OF COURSE NOT ALL BECAUSE MY CURRENT CHIRO IS NOT LIKE THAT as I am sure your osteo is not.

        • One I am simply citing his credentials. My concern Lisa is that he is not even a pediatrician a psychologist a neurologist. If this were my loved one, a friend ,a neighbor. I would never accept a life altering diagnosis without an examination from a panel of experts who have many, many years of combined research and who specialize in autism.
          I would want a Dr. who could do a CAT Scan and to rule out any physical traumas or abnormalities. I promise you I am not picking on Osteopaths but I find it very questionable when said Osteopaths sells supplements and vitamins promising that they are an effective treatment for autism. I would never give anyone but most especially a child who could be medically fragile without a test for allergies and insufficiencies from a reputable allergy clinic. Children with autism can have immune system problems . Our loved one was very low in vitamin D and had only 20 percent of the 100 percent mark desired and would have been terribly sick by age 5 and most likely dead since his immune system was attacking his body. It has to be monitored however overdoses of D can ,on the reverse side, cause cancer in children. So every six months the levels have to be measured to insure that little one is in the safe range. That is why I am a huge proponent of engaging a panel of Doctors who specialize in diagnosing autism and also
          ruling out seizures, brain tumors, mental retardation, In order to get the best treatment for your child you the most accurate diagnosis. A single phsysician is not sufficient IMO.

          • Thank you for explaining, I work with great ODs but there is a prejudice agaisnt them because peopel seem to think they are not as educated as MDs
            but once they get thier OD they do the same resdency and training a MD does and after that they are just the same.

            I dont think Jax and NIC didnt get a good diagnosis i dont think she is lying however i just think he didnt get a good eval. I bet dollars to dounuts she never meet with a team which yes is proper.

  6. I am a Speech/Language Pathologist working in an early intervention program. What Jacq. is describing is not autism. If it were she would be concerned with , eye contace, repeatitive behaviors, joint attention, interaction, following commands, play skills, playing with other children, imitation and sensory issues. She does not type about any of these areas of concerns. The progress she has described in such a short time period, would not be typical for an autist child three years old. Has he had a hearing test ? She also never dicusses reaquest nor an increased vocabulary. Autistic children usually have a greater delay in receptive communication, than in expressive communuication. This is the opposite than that of a child with normally developing language skills. It is very uncommon for an autistic child to put together a sentence using PECS in the middle of the night. Was he suppossedly leaving a note for her ?

    Some families use the biomedical recommendations. You can find doctors that specialze in biomedical treatment. It is common to have a gluen/casing free dietl The biomedical doctors do many blood tests and also do test in stool specimens. Sometimes they recommend a scope. They also look for yeast and allergies.

    Jacq. would be the type of person that would type about these concerns if she had these concerns. She says that Nick is doing PECS and ABA, these are two different things. She could use both, She could also use sign language.

    What she’s typing is just crazy.

    • Thank you for your sound professional advice. It clears so many things up.

      I hope so much that Bravo does not let Jax make a mockery of the many children and parents that actually deal with autism.

      This is a new low. What next? A Bravo child with fake cancer?

      Andy, don’t let this go too far. This could be one you don’t come back from. Using fradulent allegations of a condition like this….your name could be smeared for good. Actually, go ahead with it, you smug jerk. The results will serve you, Jax and Caroline well. You’ll be revealed as the lying frauds that you are.

  7. Teresa may not know for certain but my guess is she is suspicious. MP has said for months now that Teresa was raising the red flag and hoping everyone would see the light. I agree.

      • you don’t have to be smart to observe. She didn’t say one thing about all of Jaq’s imbezzlement trial with the feds..and she has scene Nicholas all the time – she can observe.

        • If you say so, but I think she is to self absorbed to have any awareness of anything that isnt about her.

      • And yet… when all this comes out and we review the reunion tape it will be CRYSTAL clear. what Tree was trying to not say but say.

        • Well my opinion is this Teresa is not aware of anything that is NOT about her if its not about her then she will make it somehow about her. she is self centered and self absorbed sorry not holding back anymore.

          • lisa..that is really a broad stroke your are say she is incapable of observing anytihng at all? really anything at all .She would not have been so successful with her cookbooks if she was that ridiculous. I really think Snooki is an idiot, but I would not even say she is incapable of noticing anything around her. That is just too broad to say about anyone.

            • To have credibility you have to at least be open to an idea even slightly. I really despise Melissa and think she was downright evil to go on the show to try and hurt her sister in law..but I would never say she doesn’t have any good in her. Everyone has some good and bad in them. The fact that you are completely unwilling to even acknowledge slightly, that Teresa can notice something, really says wonders to your opinion of her. I always thought you had a little more openess to you. My ex tried to have me killed, but I would never say he doesn’t have a soft side..he loves his mother :).

            • I do think she has good in her, i mention it when i see it, but over all Teresa is about Teresa she is selfish and self absorbed not to mention a life long traveler on the USS Denial. I think teresa loves her Kids and her Husband so that is the good in her.

            • okay..if you admit she has good in her, then you have to admit, she has the capability to notices things. I just can’t believe you would say that she can’t notice ANYTHING AT ALL. Really? I think she is completely obnoxious. I would never be friends with her. My fondness for her lies in the constant attacks by her castmates when they are involved in situations and lying that is sometimes far worse (jacqueline and melissa – lying about their finances, how they met their husbands,etc.)

            • I dont have to admit that at all, its ok you are fond of her, she cracks me up sometimes. but over all think she is to selfish to see whats going on with other people unless its about her,.

            • ITA… a “fan” of Teresa it’s merely because I like the other hw less because of their actions….

            • IMO Tremay come off as self absorbed for many reasons, she has 4 children and that requires incredible focus and attention. I am only judging from what I see on TV but Teresa is very focused on raising her children. They are always well dressed, she is always cognizant of their emotional needs, the girls are engaged in extracurricular activities , soccer and dance (IIRC) and other lessons, they have playdates and friends as we have seen. Teresa also has a two elderly parents , multiple businesses to run and a career to foster plus charitable activities such as neph cure. We never indict successful men for being “self absorbed”. I applaud Teresa for focusing on the things she actually has control over rather than planning deck ambushes to get the score on Jax bankruptcy or destroying a friends trip by using it as an excuse to assassinate a cast member.

            • You know that whole “ambush” was a scripted by Bravo, no one “ambushed” her it took 7 hrs to film a 15 minute conversation it was a set up and Tre knew what was going to happen and played her part as the script dictated. so again who was this a “ambush”?

              and sorry I see Tre one way you see her another no big deal.

            • @ Lisa. You only addressed one part , the ambush, and missed the entire point of my post . It’s also amazing how you skewer us when we call out anything as a defense of Teresa as being scripted or engineered via Bravo and yet it’s ok for you to use that defense? My point is Teresa is busy with her family and her career, frankly I’m not sure when she sleeps or has a moment to be self absorbed. If you want to apply self absorbed label apply the tag to Jax who tweets obsessively about beauty treatments and her expensive facial rejuvenation treatments. If you meant to say that Teresa minds her own business and not Jax or Caroline’s then we can agree.
              Otherwise we can agree to disagree very amicably. I just don’t see self absorbed.

            • And just for the record when was the last time anyone said anything remotly nice about melissa and Jax
              All i hear is STDs dripping down melissa legs and Jax making up diagnios about Nic..
              You dont have to wonder about my opnion of teresa I think I have never kept it secret I think she is low down nasty person who has a whole lot of people fooled.

            • I said the other day that Melissa looked good at the reunion show. Jacqueline doesn’t interest me in the slightest, so I don’t talk about her much, though I do feel bad when people bag on her neck.

            • Don’t get it twisted. I likened her cootch to a cesspool, a petri dish, and an STD factory. I never said she has STDs dripping down her legs. Do they even do that? I have never had so much as a yeast infection down there, so my knowledge of STDs is limited to the slide shows in a high school health class.

            • Just so you know all women have all kinds of flora and fauna growing in there whaahoos at any given moment
              so in reality we all are “petri dishes” in one way or another. ther eis a balence of bacteria and yeasties growing down there. it has to stay in a balence.

              I have no proof she has had not one STD now or ever. how would you like it of peopel said Tre must have a host of STD in her whaaaahoo brought back to her by her cheating husband who screws strippers without condoms ..maybe I should start saying that.

            • Say whatever you want, as I have said time and time again. It is no skin off my back. I don’t CARE. In a way, you did just obliquely say all those things by saying people could say those things. I am in no way, shape, or form butthurt or angry. Coming to this site is just for fun for me and I don’t take it seriously or take any personal offense to something someone may say about one of these women. It is a stoopid reality TV show on a busted up third rate cable channel for goodness sake.

              I don’t know for a FACT that MeGo is infected with every STD known to man and some that haven’t even been discovered yet, though I believe it is quite possible. I just make fun of her because she such a low down, dirty, skanky, nasty, high mileage, rode hard and put away wet, used up piece of trash who has been on more wieners than French’s Mustard.

            • @ Ana “used up piece of trash who has been on more wieners than French’s Mustard.” I thought I heard them all…sheer brilliance…tittering away like a homicidal maniac as I type…

            • @Ana. ROFLMAO!!! Seriously major point for originality. You’re killing me I swear. That comment was priceless. You provide me a wealth of entertainment. If I ever get in a verbal dispute I want you in my corner.

      • I’ll go you one better than that even. Remember the party that Jac went to at Tree’s house and she was conspicuously over at the swingset isolating Nick? There is not a doubt in my mind that Jac WANTED so badly for Tree to come over and make a big deal about it forcing Jac to divulge it on camera “before she was ready” making Tree the villain that Jac actually was for trying to be such a “good friend” and forcing Tree to discuss things on camera she didn’t want to discuss. Fast forward to the Poshe event and no wonder Jax thinks Tree is “disgusting” because Tree so stubbornly refused to break her friend’s confidence now said friend will have to divulge the news of her child’s “condition” herself. Victim Jac would have been sooo much more comfortable with her nick story if it was outed the way she envisioned. Now she has to act like she is more into her “research” than she actually is/was because if Tree had spilled the beans she could have played the blindsided victim mommy. A role she LOOOOOVES and is quite practiced in. Munchhausen.

        • Thats your opinion on that Mine is different
          I am not a trained shrink so I am not gonna throw out diagnosis on something so serious as that.

        • Definitely plausable, Made.

          Jac’s incredibly venomous attitude toward Tre — you’re going to hell, I hope your husband goes to jail — is for me the only mystery remaining from the season. I mean, this is all about money? Seriously? How can a person with a small child who is reputedly health challenged in some way possibly care THAT MUCH and devote THAT MUCH ENERGY to directing THAT MUCH HATRED toward another person? Jac displays the depth of feeling toward Teresa that one might express toward someone that MURDERED your child! But then her messages to Tre really swing back and forth.

          I just really think this woman is DEEPLY UNBALANCED and that, in trying to figure out any logical reason for her behaviors, we’re just hitting our heads against a brick wall.

          • Yes!! For me its the way she sat over there on that swing set pouting like a child that wants someone to ask “whats wrong” And I am remembering Tree just flip her hand in her direction in a “whatever” motion. Letting the cameras know she wasnt gonna take the bait on that one.

        • Very insightful, Made. I never thought of the whole Jac on swing thing as any more than a poutfest…awwwwww…whats wrong Jac? But I think Jac can wait two weeks from forever for Teresa to out anything about her on tv. One thing I have noticed Teresa is pretty tight lipped…at least on tv. Thats a measuring stick for me to decide whether a commenter is having an honest opinion discussion, or just out to prove Teresa is the devil. Do they at least admit that Teresa has kept her mouth shut on tv and Twitter better than any of the others? But you may be right about Jac wanting Teresa to betray their “friendship” and out Nics condition. Maybe Bravo wanted her to do it, too. And she just couldnt. Imagine the sympathy Jac would garner from the rest of the cast! Oh Teresa told! Its a buy one get two free. We find out about Nics condition, Jac looks like the silent, longsuffering parent, and Teresa is the devil. If Im correct, didnt Jac make a big deal about going to Ts because they were trying to move past their troubles, then went there and acted a mopey teenager? like when you force a teenager to go to dinner with their grandparents when all their friends are at the movies…

          • @ Made & Parkview I think Jackoloon just didn’t want video evidence of Nicholas acting like a healthy child of his age. Interacting with the other little ones etc. Notice she has him facing her on the swing and not the camera.

  8. the thing that is so is not the osteopath alone, or the diagnosis is all of it put together, like a detective pieces together a crime. It is the fact that the best autistic doctors lie in NJ. The fac tthat this osteopath is all the way in CA and will diagnose over the phone, and hands out all kinds of nutrition supplements, and now is in huge conflict of interest, being a part fo an organization trying to tie black water and curing autism…it is all of those puzzle pieces togeter – you say Teresa can’t see the forest for the trees, but I just don’t see Lisa how you can ignore, so many puzzle piece and not be in the least curious.

    • Nancy , I should clarify that Jax may have obtained other diagnosis but this is all the info I have seen. I cannot imagine not seeking a NJ diagnosis from the many experts there. The story has changed from Jax originally her pediatrician diagnosed, IIRC, and then somehow this story leaked out, then the same Dr. was suddenly doing research for BLK. The questionaire was a joke, IMO very biased and asking very generic questions.

  9. My mother is a child psychologist that specializes on working with kids that have autism and autistic syndrome (since I was born while she was in school, I was her guinea pig…maybe that’s why I’m so damaged and watch shows like these…hmm?) From what my mother has spoken to me about certain symptoms believes he has mild syndromes/just overtly introverted child (then again I haven’t spoken to my mom about Wacko’s son and I am BY NO MEANS a doctor). Jacqueline continually states that he gives her eye contact, which someone that has autism is very rare to do. She also states that Nicholas has fun with CJ and other friends at school and enjoys certain activities (again possible but rare). Usually people with autism (as my mother states) crave routines and have an unusual attachment to certain things…ie: if he is playing with a certain toy, he will come back the next day and play with the same toy and so on…Jacqueline stated that he was playing with an orange and gave it up for an apple, to me that raised red flags….there’s more that my mother has told me but I feel like I’ve stepped into danger zone by just posting these up there. Now, I must repeat that these are certain symptoms and not all people with autism have them and not all people that have them have autism!

    That being said, I wish Jacqueline would also pay as much attention to CJ as she does to Nicholas. If Nicholas has autism, I can understand why he needs more attention, but still I wouldn’t want to see CJ resent his brother because of his mother’s lack of attention. Wacko seems to be all about Ashley and Nicholas. Also, for someone whose child has autism and she doesn’t have a job, I’m surprised that she doesn’t spend more time with him in therapy, I mean I don’t have children with autism but I am sure that a person that has nothing to do during the day, would want to help with her sons progress. (That being said, I understand that some mother’s work and can’t spend time with their babies)

    I am so scared about posting this comment. I do not want to offend anyone, and if you are offended by sincere apologies.

    • Also, hasn’t she been one to say/agree that Teresa should stop doing the show cause it’s hurting her family..? Well why doesn’t she stop doing the show and focus on her incredibly beautiful son. I’m sorry but that kid is drop dead gorgeous.

      • Rachel I really appreciate your wonderful insight and commend you for speaking out. Your comments are spot on with my personal observations. Our loved one had the signs you mentioned and it is heartbreaking and just devastating. I am so grateful for our wonderful diagnosticians , the dedicated teachers, devoted therapies and most of all my D for giving gs 1000 percent everyday. D has shelved her career for now so that she can participate in therapies which last 1-3 hours a day and require driving all over heck and creation. Also preparing wholesome organic meals and snacks. She engages him constantly. I get a daily pic and usually a quick text but the focus is in GS remediation and it’s working.

        • thanks! like I said I get so nervous since I myself have not studied this and wouldn’t my moms reputation and credibility tarnished. I am so glad that your loved one is doing to well! PEople with down syndrome are truly loving people and we could learn a lot from them. My mother’s uncle had autism, which is the main reason why my mother went into the field, when she graduated she worked with him and he was truly a loving person. Because not much was known about autism when/where (they were from a small town in italy) he was born, doctors kept saying that he wouldn’t survive after certain ages but he made it all the way to 79! I had the pleasure of knowing my great uncle and I can say that he was one of the most intelligent, ingenious, loving person that has ever existed. To me that is why I would never want someone to use autism as a way to get more viewers or just get on the show or benefit themselves.

          • Our little one is so joyful and such a blessing. I am amazed at his progress but he works hard at it. He really is loving and sweet. It has been a revelation for sure , I am convinced that all the love that we surrounded him with from the moment he was born to this very day has made tremendous difference in his life and by the same token ours.

    • you are okay. My bosses son has mild autism….cannot make eye contact at all without extreme stress. He has extreme trouble playing with friends and he has intense focus..he will not give up a toy once playing with it for something else. Everything you described..once again I have to ask – why go to CA for an osteopath’s diagnosis instead of the best autism specialists the country in NJ

      • I get so nervous when I post things that I myself have not studied. I trust my mom in what she says, but I would hate to jeopardize her reputation and credibility by my giving a certain diagnosis in which I could be completely false. Like I said I have not spoken to momma about this but if I know my mom those would be one of the things she would point out. She would also point out, that no doctor would give a diagnosis over the phone without thoroughly studying the child’s symptoms, abilities, or even spending 10 minutes with the child (they are way too afraid of a lawsuit) Diagnosing a child with autism is not something that they just do, they have to go to psychologists, study the child’s behavior and etc. so to me that is very fishy….

    • Rachel, I am concerned for CJ too. He seems like a supersweet little boy but I can only imagine what his home life is like. Autism aside, all the stress his parents must be having over the Signature Apparel thing simply must be felt by this sensitive child. Kids know when something is wrong and especially those who are thoughtful and kind…which is how I see CJ. I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders as a child and if Im not careful, I still will. But I wonder if maybe CJ should be seeing a counselor or someone to talk about his brother and other things. Kids often feel responsible in their own heads for ridiculous things and unless they tell an adult, carry that burden with them through life. When my husband died, my six year old daughter told me months later that she felt responsible because she jumped on his back one time..and he died after a back operation. I was mortified. We have to be careful to ask our kids questions and make sure that their thoughts are not going into crazy places when traumatic things happen…even something like a diagnosis for autism for his brother. Or maybe he has heard of his parents financial mess and feels responsible because they bought him the hundred dollar sneakers instead of the twenty dollar ones. Kids come to those crazy conclusions, believe me.

  10. I am not a medical person and I am loathe to second guess the diagnosis of a qualified medical professional. Since there are people posting here with experience in the field of autism, however, and since (1) the doctor is question apparently does not possess the medical credentials commonly held by those diagnosing autism, (2) his medical colleagues do seem to have some problem with the “online method” of diagnosis he promotes, and (3) he is conducting some research involving Blk water from which the financially-strapped Lauritas would benefit, I thought I would toss this thought out there simply for the purpose of discussion:

    As I indicated in another post, my father died just prior to my 3rd birthday. I did not see him die; my earliest memory, however, is seeing my mother faint when two men came to the door and told her he was dead. While my mother did pull herself together over the next year, this was obviously a very difficult, tragic and life-altering experience for all of us and I experienced a rather interesting physical manifestation of this trauma when over the next 2-1/2 years I did not grow an inch or gain a pound. Zero growth.

    Shortly before the death of my father my cousin suffered the loss of his mother at a similarly young age, after a long illness that onset shortly after his birth. Interestingly, he did not speak at all until he was 4 years old — although, when he did start to speak, it was in complete sentences.

    This was “back in the day” — none of us went to counseling nor did we see doctors for our particular “uniquenesses.” (My family just thought I was genetically destined to be a “little person” and that my cousin was “slow” or “just didn’t have much to say.”)

    Without speculating as to what modern medicine would have made of the two of us (I’m regulation height today and he’s a highly educated and successful professional who is far more articulate than most of the people I know — LOL), I have wondered if little Nicholas’s speech issues could be related to some trauma or something otherwise similar to what my cousin and I experienced as small children. In our cases, we were both very young children growing up in an environment where our parents were grief stricken and under enormous stress, and that manifested in both of us in a physical way. I couldn’t help but notice that Jac was frequently either holding Nick or that he was in the room when she and Ashlee were going at each other, she was crying, etc., and I don’t think that could possibly be good for a small child. And while Jac seemed somewhat mentally fragile during the first season, she has absolutely fallen apart since then.

    Just wondering — and frankly, I’m hoping that’s the case so that I can know that, with the passage of time, Nick will be fine.

    • I do believe there is a possiblity Nic has been misdiagnosied I dotn think she is making it up for attention or lying about it to get out of jail time I dont see her lying about something that can easily be disproved esp if she tries to stay out of jail because of it, the court can appoint a independant dr to evaluate Nic and confrim autism. I wouldnt risk it.

      • the thing is..why would jac go all the way to CA to this particular doctor to get this diagnosis lisa..when the best doctors in the country are right in her state. Also, I have been around the legal system my whole life (parent is an attorney and I had a two week jury trial for a business thing……..they would never get an additional diagnosis for Jaq son…it is like a get out of jail free card for her. I have no reservation that she would lie, since she has lied continually about their federal case and facing jail time is no small thing.

    • What you are describing is perfectly common when children experience trauma and grief.
      Anything is possible. The interaction between Jax and her emotional instability could cause anxiety or he could be genetically predisposed to anxiety and it manifests itself in the symptoms Jax states. maybe all of the aforementioned combined with strangers and hot lights, cameras and the stress of filming have racheted up a simple case of an introverted and naturally shy child withdrawing and regressing.We will probably never know.

    • You are spot on Real. That child has witnessed his share of upheaval. And I would say when the cameras were not rolling the message was literally LOUD n clear how effective trying to communicate with his mother was for his much loved big sister. Note also that when Ashlee lived with them she was expected to be what amounted to the primary caregiver for Nick so no doubt the child was confused, hurt and yes TRAUMATIZED witnessing how quickly momma can make someone disappear who doesn’t follow her script to the letter. So I wasnt exactly being tongue n cheek when I said it appears that Jax gets on her son’s last nerve.

  11. this whole thing just completely reeks of Traylor Trash using Dr. Mr. California Sophy to get the “alledged – total bs – abuse label. Then using her trauma from the abuse to get out of that whole embezzlement case. to me jaq right now is treading on extremely similar ice as traylor trash

    • It works too Nancy. Traylor got a book deal, another season of RHBH, numerous speaking engagements and magazine covers. It shakes my faith in humanity to see the grifters prosper and flourish. Russell is cold and dead in his grave unable to defend himself and that makes me sick. It’s a pattern on Bravo. Using a child takes it to a whole nother level. D says they busted a Dr in her state , whose clinical practice was based on diagnosing children with autism. It was a scam to get kids on SSI. The Feds became suspicious at the high number of diagnoses from a single Doctor and he was arrested for fraud. I know it’s hard to comprehend parents would use their child like that but it happens.

      • well..jaq and her husband have taken to lying to the feds and defrauding all of their investors and people they were doing business with..destroying gov evidence for a trial, etc. I really wouldn’t put anything past them to avoid jail time, let alone to stay on Bravo. I don’t think she thinks she is impacting her son any bit at all, because she didn’t take into concern her she already has a history of promoting herself before her kids

        • also pitty…that would explain why this doctor is diagnosing across state lines..he gets a big profit out of it I am sure..and maybe even some up front money. I wouldn’t doubt that someone goes after him and we see his name in the papers in a year

          • Makes me feel all sick inside to hear doctors do this sh*t. I know shadies are everywhere but it is so sick.

  12. I know people have said this before…but why does she feel the need to post every detail about everything Nic has accomplished (or not)? I know parents are proud of their children but she posts the good, bad and inbetween…almost nothing is off limits…and when does it become a circus? She said she didn’t want that for her son..but that’s what she’s doing….She is already on TV having her family’s life exposed for the world to see, why can’t his therapy sessions be private? I get that she’s “excited” when something new happens…but most people share that with their loved ones and friends….not the “world”…it truly comes across as “I need attention…I need to be relevant…I need BRAVO to see I can bring the viewers too….I do have a storyline since Ashlee doesn’t live with me….I can’t go to jail… who will film all of Nic’s progress and post it on Keek every day??”

  13. I only have one more thing to add to this discussion.

    Jackaloon S4 Reunion: ” I swear on my Autistic son!!!”

    If that one sentence doesn’t jar you right out of your seat and back to REALITY, I do not know what would.

    She is (and all that have aided her in her deception) is beyond despicable. Period.

  14. I’m stating this IMO! So please don’t attack – it seems that now a days there is so many more “diagnoses” then when I was growing up (maybe because of more modern medicine or fraud) we simply called it special ed, now these doctors give a name and profit from it as well as the diagnosed (SSI) – I’m not saying Autism is not very real for some, but I think in this case it is driven by fraud and deceptive AGAIN IMO ONLY!!

        • As a reminder, this is OUR money, the taxpayer. I read a survey a few years ago, I think it was around 2008, that 1 in 4 adults think the government generates it’s own money. 1 in 4. That is staggering. And they vote…

            • Nice Burberry scarf, punk. Is that an IPad slung over his shoulder too? I bet he is majoring in 16th Century French Poetry or some such useless degree and will be belly-achin’ about not being able to find a job in a few years and expecting the government to pay for his poor choices.
              I believe Karl Marx- the father of Socialism- said it best – useful idiots.

              I suggest this young man read up on the concept enunciated by Karl Marx because useful idiots helped bring about the Russian Revolution and then were killed having proven how eminently manipulated they could be.

            • @ Made I guess she is unaware that the Bush tax cuts gave the lowest earners (who already qualify for the EIC i.e Earned Income Credit, google it, it will make your hair stand on end!) a drop of 5% in payroll deductions. They went from 15% down to 10%… Not to mention 47% of the population do NOT pay taxes, they get it all back at the end of the year and, because of the EIC, they get a big ole bonus paid back to them far exceeding what they paid in…

            • I am at a lost as to even how we can prepare for whats fixin to happen. Given that a panel of legislatures will be approving procedures that possible a doctor has already billed to you as being done earlier in the year even if it wasn’t done….. and you know how gov workers are, if the computer says it the “there is nothing we can do”

    • Vicky, I happen to agree with you. There is an excellent book about the risk of putting children in narrowly defined boxes rather than allowing them to flourish and grow at their own developmental pace. Our society had become vary rigid about labeling children and putting limits on what they can achieve when really no one knows. It’s a dangerous game and one of the worst aspects of it is the huge catch all diagnosis that autism has blown up and evolved into.

      • @ Pittypat You know who was great at labeling people? He even gave them their own ribbons to identify themselves – Hitler. It is so much easier to divide people by labeling them and when the government does it, watch out!

        • The reason I state this is because it has already begun and we have foolishly bought into it. All these special interest groups battling for equal time, everyone thinking THEIR cause is the one to get behind and if you do not THINK LIKE US you are evil or some kind of sub-human. How someone can get bent out of shape over someone’s opinion is shear narcissistic bullying to the extreme. There is no greater good anymore just me,me,me,me, me. I have opinions regarding all of the housewives but I will never attack someone over a differing opinion.

          • To further define what I am trying to convey:

            Divide and conquer or divide and rule:

            Elements of this technique involve:
            creating or encouraging divisions among the subjects in order to prevent alliances that could challenge the sovereign
            aiding and promoting those who are willing to cooperate with the sovereign
            fostering distrust and enmity between local rulers ( or dividing citizens)
            encouraging meaningless expenditures that reduce the capability for political and military spending

            • You know I sent my two younger kids to school today eventhough there were “last day of mayan calendar”threats made to the school district. My youngest asked her teacher about it ablnd she said do you believ in God? My daughter said yes and the teacher said … NO MAN knoweth the hour the Lord comes. I applaud that teacher for havn the courage to say her beliefs risking her job. There are brave people amongst us. It isnt over yet.

            • @ Parkview My first thought – this is scary – is please don’t share this with anyone in your area. This poor woman could lose her job. Having that thought just made me feel like a Jew in Hitler’s Germany.

              That being said; it does give hope. I pray things don’t get as bad as they could and that our republic will survive. God bless us!

            • Our pastor has always said he fully expects to be imprisoned some day for preaching God’s word from the Bible. We’re headed down that road.

            • My kids school had to react to an overly zelous parent that complained about some kid’s offensive facebook post. There was not threat but all the same we all had to get that phone call letting us know that there was not a threat. Being offended and being threaten are two different things so when a parent monkeys around with the school claiming it was more than what it was it pisses me off. Schools have to respond but they shouldn’t be having their time taken up with someone’s bullchit sense of propriety.

            • BRAVO for a teacher with the courage to tell it like it is. WOW! Your daughter is lucky to have such a teacher.

    • Vicky, I work in a nursing/rehab facility..dealing mostly with the elderly. All the big money is in therapies. So if a patient is admitted and their insurance will pay for x amount of therapy, you can best believe they will get the therapy. Sounds great, right? Sometimes except when the patient is dying, full of cancer, hasnt eaten in a week, wont drink fluids, basically at deaths door. And often a certain diagnosis equals a list of services billed for and sometimes not provided. Trouble breathing? Automatically billed for oxygen, nebulizer treatment, pulse ox, etc. Some of these things may not have been done. But it is general practice to bill for them. I can imagine some unscrupulous doctors diagnosing a child, particularly in the case of Autism where there is no blood test, no definitive tesing, for financial gain. Its unfortunate, but I know it happens.

      • Wowsers. No doubt this also happens for medicare patients too right? Overbilling for services not needed or done?

            • What, you dont enjoy excessive long waits, surly staff, legal signs plastered all over the place, uneccesary red tape, an atmosphere of growing frustration festering and choking out all the air in the devilishly small waiting room?

            • Oops. I forgot the requirement of impossible to get paperwork. Like when my husband died and I wanted to sell his car and the lady at the notary told me that she needed his signature on the title transfer. She needed it. I asked would you like to me go to my car, sign it and come back? She didnt answer. BTW….spouses of the deceased can sign their deceased spouses name for a year after death.

            • @ Parkview Typical bureaucrat…they are incapable of problem solving and the worst ones are as such as the one you encountered, they cannot even correctly interpret their rigidly adhered to rules.

            • Dont most places just need a Death certificate to bypass the deceased signature requirement? did that make sense. I didnt know about the Yr thing interesting.,

            • You wold think a death certificate would suffice, as did I. But she said no. I dont know if she was wrong about that but I eneded up signing his name and selling the car. Actually, I gave the car to a relative. It was a huge pain in the a$$…which is odd considering this kind of thing must happen all the time.

            • @ Parkview I am sure the employee has been reported and/or corrected multiple times. It is nearly impossible to fire a public employee, even for gross negligence. The unions have so much power and a huge team of attorneys at their bidding and extremely deep pockets it can cost up to a quarter of a million dollars just to can someone.

        • Yes. This happens with government plans and private insurance just the same. And often it is not considered fraud. It is seen as a way of simplifying billing. That is why there are people out there employed as “billers and coders”. Code xyz4= this particular list of services. Hear me, folks. If you do not have medical insurance, and you go to tye doctors, emergency room, etc, ask for a specific bill of services rendered. Some of the things you are billed for may not have been done because you may not have actually needed them…but they fall under your diagnosis or symptom list. This happened to me and I fought the billers and won.

          • Good for you Park. Its outrageous that chit like this is being done at taxpayers expense. It should be considered fraud. They need to change the laws because not everyone will be as diligent as you especially the elderly or the ones getting it for free. Its OUR money.

          • Near as I could tell, when I was researching Crooky’s company that that is basically the kind of work he did too. I could be wrong but I think it had to do with billing and he SPECIFICALLY mentioned rural hospitals. Most rural hospitals deal with the indigent.

            • Park, that happened to my mother – she went to a throat specialist and he billed her over $400 and she just went for an office visit – I used to work for my local hospital in admitting and a guy came in for tests and he was b**ching that his doctor had ordered numerous tests including a colonoscopy and he went to her for a foot injury – I just smiled and admitted him into the system

            • I can only comment on where i work, but when a at comes in for whatever reason we screen them for age appropriate testing and exams for example a women comes in for routime check up, we look to see when her last pap was,mammo(if she is the right age and Colonoscopy (if age appropriate) we see if they have had other routine screening like lipid,gloucose check ect., if not those tests are ordered. Just because a patient came in for one thing and the dr ordered addtiional tests or examsn dosnt mean they are trying to cheat the system. We are trying to make sure we meet our Hedis requirements,

            • Dang How did you guys get that article about me, im so embarrassed…;) im guilty of FARTING ALOT but in my defense metformin side effects are GI disturbanses including really smelly farts paint was peeling in my office my dr had to take me off the meds when i got so dydrated i nearly did a Elvis and passed out on the john.

            • @ Lisa At least you had a legitimate excuse, this piggy (no offense to your little guy) just wont take his beano! Lmao! Btw, I’m glad you didn’t pull an Elvis!

            • I know i was teasing..
              I get pissed when someone does a f bomb in the bathrooom and dosnt spray..

            • i liked the line where it said we dont know how his flauntence was memorailized.. maybe the employyes took pictures of the peeling paint on the walls and burned nostril hairs

            • @ Lisa IK! Lol!!! How ’bout “The man was also accused of launching a trio of attacks on September 11.” The 10 yr old comes out in me when I see something this ridiculous, too funny…

            • I feel for supervisors who have to adress bodly smell issues, one the one hand you have to address it but how embarrassing for both sides. Im my last job the guy who worked with me had Halitosis and it was so bad i when he bent down to talk to me i had to turn away hold my breathe and pray he wasnt going to talk longer then the 3 minutes i had till i passed out. at least when i had my farting issue i did spary the area i tooted in.

            • @ Lisa I know your pain all to well!!! Here is a little tip I was given for such situations. It has saved my life on numerous occasions! I ALWAYS have gum or mints on my person so that when I do encounter someone w/dragon’s breath (of which I am sure I have been guilty of at times) I take the mint/gum out and I take a piece – claiming that my mouth feels dry – THEN I offer it to the offender as anyone would when taking a mint/piece of gum. They think you are just be courteous and you don’t have to feel as though your life is going to start flashing before your eyes. It’s a win/win!!! Unless they pass up the offer, then, run for your life!

            • Someone told me there is now a website that will email the offending person and tell them anomously they stink and should something about it.

            • @ Made I hate to get all morose but, I agree that he is a poor little fella; for having air head parents that reinforce poor behavior. Obviously, the parents are appalled that others don’t experience the same joy that they derive from their child’s odoriferous expulsions ( another great band name!) as they do… I’m sure he’ll be a real catch when he gets older!

            • I hear ya. Mine dont stink so I am good to go. But I can imagine the burden a stinky farter would be. I really could not imagine excusing myself every time I had to break wind. But since mine smell like apple strudel I can pretty much squeeze one out whenever the notion strikes.

            • But seriously yall. That is the best part about working at home. I can break wind any time I want. So if anyone out there is laid off right now and down about it, remember Made told ya to focus on the positive and cherish the small victories like finally being able to fart whenever you feel like it. Its the lil things that mean so much sometimes :) So next time you let one rip in the comfort of your own home, remember my words and hum this song to yourself.

            • @ Made So you possess a rapier wit and farts that smell like apple strudel? I’m asking to sit by you on the bus, lol! I could see how ridiculous the disciplinary action would be if he had one or even a few loose toots but it seems that it was this kids preferred mode of humor and he was quite proud of the fact that he was turning the other’s stomachs.

            • I know. They had to he pretty smelly for them to make such a big deal out of. I know some people that get so sick from their office mates cologne that they have to leave. And memos where always being sent out to remind folks to not use so much perfume. Seems like those types never got sick over a fart though. It was weird.

            • @ Made Well, you know what they say, one mans farts is another man’s perfume?…. Ewwwwww, I just got sick a little!

            • You crack me up Made. My mom told me that when a woman felt comfortable enough to fart in front of her boyfriend it was time to take the relationship seriously- cuz it must be love. Farts are now a private joke between my husband and I as we never say excuse me but “I love you!”. Not an indicator of love for men though- they’ll fart any time the urge occurs lol.

            • @ Parkview IK! I was dying reading it – it could have been an article on the Onion (parody news site) it was written so tongue in cheek! I mean, I can understand a toot or two among co-workers – you’re sharing small spaces and sometimes chit happens – but this guy took it to another level! Common dude! skip the broccoli souffle for lunch, okay? How ’bout a nice PB&J?

  15. Lisa, I’m not saying his Doctor was trying to “cheat” the system, I’m just saying he was her patient (obvisiously had been to her before) and for some reason he was agitated that he was even there for something other than what he saw her for, one would think that if he had been seeing her as a patient then she would have ordered those “age appropriate” necessary tests.

  16. Lisa – I can only assume by listening to him that he was a regular patient of hers, so those “age appropriate” tests would/should have been done – he was just complaining that he went to see her about his foot and he can’t understand the connection from a foot to a colonoscopy and various other tests

  17. i’m really curious …. Jax only mentions the speech communication communication component of Nic’s alleged autism. Has she ever referenced any sensory disorder? Anxiety? Any physical problems? It sounds as if Nic can understand speech (receptive speech) maybe has difficulty expressing himself. Nic seems like such a well behaved little boy, has Jac ever tweeted about behavioral issues? Hitting? Tantrums? Meltdowns? Also does anyone know why she changed his diet? Were there physical problems indicating allergies or food intolerance?

    • Same questions i had…All i have heard her talk about is speech but really nothing else. A while back i face booked some questions and wrote a few comments really in detail, but nothing bad, When i went on her page next day my question and comments all were deleted. Imagine that!!

      • OH my Harmony, if Jax wants to advocate for autism then why would she delete your comments if she is aiming for awareness. Somethings not right and i can’t put my finger on it.The timeline as per her own tweets don’t add up. Also the content is puzzling and contradictory. Autism is such a difficult diagnosis all we need is Jax spreading misinformation.

  18. Not trying to be terribly off topic… but are Jacs boobies getting bigger. Out of curiosity I wonder how big her boobs would be if she didn’t get those 2 breast reductions ? They almost deserve their own zip code.

  19. Am i crazy or is this blk stuff a product the manzo’s pr company is promoting not their own product but actually owned by someone else?

  20. Long time reader who comments rarely if ever but … THANK YOU Harmonee for compiling this list of tweets from the twit!!! (& THANK YOU SH for pub’ing it!).

    It proves (at least to me), what I’ve believed since the big ‘reveal’ … that someone went shopping for a diagnosis that saved them from 3 horrid words: fetal alcohol syndrome. Because IIRC, the timeline for ‘getting pregnant’ coincided with lots of drinking (& if that’s on-air, I can only imagine the off-air consumption) &, no matter what country or culture you come from, there is no ok for downing any form of alcohol during the first trimester (neurological development).

    But, what pisses me off more than using this ‘diagnosis’ for air-time/sympathy, is that she’s using it as a marketing ploy for that BLK swill as a ‘remedy’ for autistic children (go back & read Jaq’s comments in all her interviews where she talks about other parents thanking her & seeing improvements in their children from drinking BLK).

    I had thought selling your child down the river for air time is about as disgusting as it gets (especially since he seems to fade/regress in the lights of the camera), but Jaq has taken it to a whole new level by using this as a platform to sell snake oil to parents desperate for help. She’s proven herself the LOWEST form of grifter I can imagine.

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