ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Can’t Say Anything… Under Divorce “Gag Order”… Same Old Stuff… We’re On To You, Bravo!!!

Bravo…   Adrienne again cannot say anything… about nuthin’… why bother???

Adrienne drama

First and foremost, I want to thank my fans for your kind words through this very difficult time. Also, I’m grateful for the support for all my girlfriends on the show and Mauricio, he is an example of a true gentleman.


It’s difficult for me to elaborate on the events of the last few episodes; I am still in the process of my divorce and under a gag order, which prevents me from speaking about my family.   NOTE:   Well, someone’s talkin’!!  Who let loose with the “abuse” photos??

rhobh kyle

I would have attended Kyle’s dinner party, but knowing Brandi was going to be there I didn’t want to put myself in a compromising situation — I’m tired of the cattiness.   NOTE:   RHOBH viewers are tired of the same old same old!  The same old Adrienne “can’t say nuthin’ in her BravoBlog” and the same old “dinner from hell” on the RHOBH… this time it’s Kyle’s turn to host the dinner and Brandi has taken over the role originated by Alison Dubois!

rhobh alison dubois camille dinner

rhobh kyle dinner party

Last week’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, was another reminder of how important it is to protect the innocence of our babies. To all you mothers, please give your kids an extra big hug tonight.

I’m looking forward to the Holidays, a New Year and new beginnings.

Wishing you all the very best and we’ll be back on January 7th!


On the next RHOBH…

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36 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Can’t Say Anything… Under Divorce “Gag Order”… Same Old Stuff… We’re On To You, Bravo!!!

  1. Uh, Adrienne, “to all my fans”… Whaaattt? She reminds me of the Norma Desmond character, “to all those wonderful people sitting there alone in the dark…” How nice that Mauricio was a “gentleman” for HER. He certainly failed at being one for Brandi (who was lambasted by A & P). Of course, Mauricio was more gentlemanly than Paul. But, that’s like comparing him to a raging bull. Adrienne was given the option to attend Vyle’s dinner because Brandi offered to skip if Adrienne wanted to go. A gets the B.S. award.

  2. Blah,blah,blah. Why even write a blog, she wasn’t even in the show this week. I would never miss her because she was never a friend to any of the women, even Brandi. I believe she was a forced friend like Brandy and Cedric. She is a fake like her fake friend of 25 years Fake Resnick.

  3. Did she really invoke Newtown?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Despicable pig.

    • (In my best croak:) AWwwwwww, someone’s crying………. [oh she didn't hear me, I'll say it again] AWwwwwww, someone’s cryin’………. [damn, gotta say it a third time for maximum effect] AWWWWWWWwwwww, someone’s crying [comeon, everybody look already.....]

  4. I am sorry but did she compare her lying about not giving birth to the Connecticut Tragedy! Um no Lady your not protecting your kids, you lied and don’t want to get found out cos your a control freak. How despicable!

  5. I hope this (imho self inflicted) gag order is the reason that Adrienne’s contract for next season makes it as far as the Bravo office shredder!

  6. What we need on that show is a gag order on Adrienne to STFU and disappear. Bravo, please fire this woman with Kyle in tow. They really are ruining the show. Neither one of them have an ounce of class and I simply do not understand why they are still part of the show. They both think they are on the same level as Lisa and Yolanda…I’m afraid they are delusional. I fully expect Adriene to evoke the pity card over and over again with regard to her divorce. This is one viewer who flips the channel now whenever Kyle or Adriene are on. The only current cast members who should be invited back are Lisa, Yolanda, Brandi and Kim. I love all four of them. Yes, Kim had her personal problems, which Kyle has always been quick to let us know however, Kim is getting herself together and I’m anxious to see where she goes in life now. She needs to stay away from her sister because Kyle is toxic and I do not believe for a second she wishes Kim well. It’s time for a show overhaul.

  7. Its desgunsting(!!!) when any of these wives use tragegys to deflect from their own bad behaviour! I always get so offended on the behalf of the victims.
    It really reveals much about their morality.

  8. Thank you so much Adrienne. Were it not for you, I would have never thought of being grateful for the lives of my children! Anyways, who is asking Adrienne about her divorce? What does her divorce have to do with the last episode? Ad, its pretty obvo that you and Paul just dont like each other anymore. You two couldnt even housewife level act like you did for the last few years. We dont care. So now everything you dont wanna talk about is “under gag order”. Be careful my dear…you just may gag order yourself out of a Bravojob.

    • She’s only following the footsteps of Caroline, who’s always reminding us that nothing is more important than fambly.

  9. Who does she think she is to tell mothers to hug their children? Like “all the mothers out there” would not have hugged their children had she not thought of the idea. Earth to Adrienne: you do not share the same following as the First Lady.

  10. As I understand it, the HWs are supposed to blog about the last episode. Adriene should still be able to comment on the other cast members. That’s what she gets paid for. At this point I am starting to the the big secret is nothing that big and if revealed, would just be embarrassing that there was a much drama made about it. I mean after the humiliation of what Camile went through leading up to her divorce, Adrienne just appears to be making excuses.

    • That’s my take on it, that the “BIG” secret is nothing much to write home about and the Hoof’s big snit is just that someone dared to call her plastic ass out. Blavo got WAY more traction out of the episode by not revealing anything. Kind of like a lame blind item that keeps people guessing and they go way overboard and create more salacious things than the original item suggested in the first place.

      Brandi should just sent the Hoof a tasteful floral log with a few festive sprigs of poison ivy. The Hoof’s choice of language that she didn’t want to be “compromised” at the dinner? Was she afraid Her Beigeness was going to be there? THAT I would have liked to see. I think YoFo against the Morally Corrupt Fayne Resnick is one boxing match I would buy tickets for and I hate boxing!

      • I’d also love to see a YoFo vs. Faye match, but I’m afraid it won’t be done, as they’re in two entirely different weight classes — weight of gray matter, that is.

    • I finally watched last week’s epi, knowing it’s all trumped up…what an embarrassment. The acting is so bad, it’s actually kind of funny. I think what Brandi said at Sur was along the lines of “everybody knows Adrienne bought her family”–that would imply more about Ad’s poor character than just surrogacy (because–who knows–maybe she bought Paul, too). It fits with her always talking about the way Ad beats her money over everyone’s head. Paul wouldn’t have agreed then, but I imagine he sees the light now.

  11. All righty then…judging from my typos, I think happy hour is officially over and my “research” (ala Jackaloon) is done. I’m gonna go watch Top Chef….(I’m think I’m shut off)

  12. Are we sure the Brandi blurt was about the kids? If the divorce gag order is the real reason she isn’t talking, maybe Brandi said something more divorce related…like, “Adrienne really hates Paul and is cheating on him and is planning a divorce, but she has to fake some abuse photos first”.

    • +1
      I never believed the bleeped out Brandi bomb was about Adrienne using a surrogate. The divorce appears to be something out of the blue as Paul and Adrienne were working closely on beauty projects and other new businesses. If you know a divorce is in your future you do not develop new business ventures with your spouse. In fact, you avoid a new financial connection.

  13. “I’m getting paid to do a really sh*tty job blogging about nothing even though my job is to blog about the episode whether I am in them or not. Oh well, doesn’t apply to me, Queen Adrienne of the Hoofs.”

  14. If you’re so tired, why do you write the same thing every time? What are you going to do with the shows off the air? What do you ever do anyway? Why do you think Bravo would ask her not to say anything in her blog? You make no sense. Loser.

    • @ Dawn
      I hereby crown Adrienne as Lilly Von STFU

      In honor of this new name I give you the legendary, and always hysterical, the late, great Madeline Kahn—

  15. Yep, even if Ad wasn’t in the epi and can’t specifically talk about her divorce, she still could have commented on the dinner party, Brandi and Faye, and her thoughts on that. I wish my boss allowed me to do things super half-assed and get paid.

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