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Hi everyone! That was a fast week wasn’t it?

First of all thank you so much for all of your support and well wishes! My treatment is going strong but as many of you warned me, the Herxheimer reaction is a tough battle. I am optimistic though — I keep putting one foot in front of the other. Yesterday, I visited my best friend Ellie. She is battling ALS and starring death straight in the eye which really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?

When I watched today’s episode, I had a very hard time relating. It makes me sad to see such turmoil and disrespect in my new group of friends, especially knowing they are all coming from a place of hurt and they are having difficulty communicating. I am really hoping that one day they are ready to start living in the moment and move on from all these past issues.

Please know that my observations come from a place of love and kindness. My goal is to give constructive criticism and hopefully not seem judgmental. So here it goes. . .

Paul is understandably upset and should defend his wife, but under no circumstance is it acceptable for a man to use such strong language with the intent of intimidating a woman. Brandi should have never said what she said because, even if it is the truth, it’s a family matter that should have been respected. We have all agreed that Brandi should pause before speaking — she even admits that herself. But, like I said last week, you will see in the upcoming episodes that she does try and make numerous attempts to apologize.   NOTE:  SPILL IT, For God’s sake… someone SPILL IT!!  If this chaos is about Adrienne using a surrogate… there will be viewers doin’ synchronized double eye rolls when this is revealed!  Watch out Bravo…. more than 46,899 viewers doin’ double eye rolls all at the same time can totally screw up your cable lines and fry your transmitters, which we know are under MissAndy’s chair in the Bravo Clubhouse!

Adrienne threatening Brandi with a lawsuit is so ridiculous and such an act of intimidation. Could she be so insecure that she can’t solve a disagreement with a girlfriend? Who calls a lawyer to fix personal problems like that? I guess money is not an object for her. I would take my friend to Starbucks and work it out before spending $500 an hour on a lawyer.

starbucks                                                         NOTE:  There’s so many choices!!

Kyle seems to be very close to Adrienne so I am surprised she did not call her girlfriend immediately after lunch when the remark was made at the restaurant. Reporting this conversation at Mauricio’s event could and should have been avoided.

I have gotten to know Mauricio and he seems to be such a nice man that works extremely hard. He did not deserve this and everyone is wondering why Brandi did not send flowers  and an apology to Adrienne? What about some flowers for Mauricio? Everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions. We all screw up, but how we recover is what is most important.

adrienne flowers

I appreciate Kim finding her voice and speaking her mind, but I do believe this was not the appropriate venue to report what Brandi had said about Adrienne. Especially because Brandi was 20 feet away when she decided to spill the beans. Kim lit the match and the fireworks were explosive.

Lisa and Ken crack me up! The way they interact is so playful and refreshing. “Another cup of tea, darling?” Hilarious.

I loved seeing Kim work out with her daughters, enjoying their time together and then celebrating her son’s birthday. It’s nice to see how her family pulled together and gave her a great support system. It’s also sweet to see her kids’ optimistic encouragement!

Watching myself exercise makes me laugh. I remember thinking how annoying it was getting up at 6:30 to work out, and today just going up and down the stairs for breakfast feels like Olympic training! Now, I am taking one day at a time. . .putting one foot in front of the other. . .I know it’s easier said then done, but remember guys, don’t take your health for granted!

yolanda david wedding

I had never worked out with a trainer before. However, David and I both wanted to be in great shape for our wedding  so we asked Dale to start working out with us 6 months before our wedding. I honestly never knew I could push my body that hard. David was out of town when this was filmed but we have grown to love our thee-day per week workout together as a couple.

Lisa is such a class act. She is a straight shooter, wonderful at grounding Brandi and always giving her good advice. Both women have unfortunately had unpleasant experiences with Adrienne so they have a mutual understanding about the whole situation.

Now, who is this Faye, and more importantly, why is she not minding her own business?   Note to YoFo:  THIS is Faye Rancid…

faye resnick pg

I am not certain why she wanted to put herself into the line of fire with Brandi and Adrienne. This matter is so not her business. I can’t imagine inviting my best friend to a Housewives’ dinner and having her insult my other guests. It is so obvious that she has only heard Kyle’s side of the story without taking into account that there are always three sides to every story. . .in this case Brandi’s, Adrienne’s, and the truth.


Marisa on the other hand, seemed very nice. She made a polite attempt to speak after hearing the dinner conversation, and Faye rudely interrupted her.

Anyway, I think there are lessons we can all learn from tonight’s episode. Try and solve problems as quickly as possible. Trash talk is poison, and, sorry Kyle, but we are not all pitbulls. Life is hard enough as it is. Let’s learn to play nicely and cherish our friendships.

I need to finish decorating my tree so bye everyone. I wish you happy holidays from our home to yours and I pray that each day, love, health and happiness will come your way!


Next on the RHOBH…

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72 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo’s BravoBlog… Yo Asks “Who Is This Faye Rancid Person?”… MYOB Faye!

  1. YoFo is officially annoyed with Kyle. Did she say Kyle had a girlfriend? If everyone took Yolanda’s advice, there would be no show.

    • I’m starting to feel like there is no show period, and that this is just bravo’s lame attempt to keep us watching, only for nothing to be revealed in the end.
      Think about it…who actually has a story line? Kyle…no. Kim…no. Shana…absolutely not. Camille…no. Yolanda…nada. Lisa…none other than the promotion of her new show which looks like a waste of time to me. Sooo….what have they got left? Dragging out this faux story line between adrien and Brandi, not giving us any dirt, and then the big reveal (if they even go that far) and it will likely be nothing). Who knows….bravo probably went back and filmed scenes to make it bigger than it was.
      Personally, I’m annoyed and bored

      • LOL. I know what u r saying clgloss but IF the issue of Adrienne’s giving birth or using surrogate, I would find that MORE boring. The ONLY thing that matters is being a good mother to your children. How they arrived, whether the va-jay chute or were adopted, matters not. And IF Adrienne found that to be so personal then I wouldn’t want to know. I think we are all entitled to our boundaries. But in no way does this rise to the level of a lawsuit. I’m sure when Adrienne calms down, she will see the light. I would actually like to see her, Lisa and Brandi to all become friends again. They could create great fun together.

  2. For the life of me, I cannot understand why she is on this show. She is way too classy for it. I can see her with Lisa and Brandi, but really no one else.

  3. Yolanda is trash from the past, Brandi trash from the present…….I don’t know Lisa’s rep, so can’t say.

    I have always loved Faye Resnick. She proved in the OJ case that she loved Nicole and her family, and it’s obvious why OJ disliked her. He has surely proven HIS stripes since the murders. I read Faye’s book, and wonder if all of those women on Nicole’s side of the courtroom are still friends.

    I’m wondering if I reread the blog prior to mine, or if it was worded wrong. Brandi is one of the most classless women in the Housewives shows, and probably she is being directed to act like a pig. She sure fits the bill!

    • Why is Yolanda trash from the past? Why do you love Faye? Are we watching the same show? I may dense but I don’t understand.

        • Exactly, because Faye is trash who used the death of her friend to make some money by giving interviews and writing a book.

          • What is worse then her writing her book…she had that information and refused to give it to the prosecutors. She could have. She didn’t. She spilled it all out in her ‘diary’ book DURING the murder trial. Maybe Ms. Ribera should read Marcia Clark, Christopher Darden and the Goldman’s books. See what they have to say about Ms. Resnick.

            • Don’t mean any disrespect Ms. Ribera, but you should read those 3 books too. Faye was holding back. Not once did she tell the prosecutors that OJ told her he would kill Nicole if he saw her with another man. Ever. She saved it for her book. She was not forthcoming because she wanted to write that book. And the frosting on the cake, Playboy.

            • I agree with everything you are saying but the Skank was a drug addict at the time
              (maybe still is, I dunno) so I wouldn’t believe ANYTHING she says. She is just a gold digging whore. Trailor may even be a step up.

    • not sure we watched the same show….lets say that brandi is indeed trashy, does that make fayes behavior ok then? not in my book, manners are manners and brandy behaved well while faye came off terrible. and fays behavior towards marisa was uncalled for, she basically let it be known that her opinion was the only one that mattered at all. as for yolanda, love her!

      • Whenever Marcia comments, I also wonder if we’re watching the same show. Not sure that there is to love about Faye Resnick. She instigated the cat fight at Camille’s dinner, and she capitalized on her friend Nicole’s brutal murder with a book trashing Nicole. What a great girl!

        • Faye? Really? Yeah I’m sure she loved Nicole, loved her so much she wrote a sleazy tell all, not thinking that Nicole’s kids just had their mother murdered and would one day read this book, alleging promiscuity, drug use and lesbian sexual liaisons. Nicole’s body wasn’t even fresh in the ground by the time she wrote her book and posed for playboy.

          • Plus the Brown family were utterly disgusted with trashy Faye’s betrayal of Nicole for blood money. She wouldn’t even help police, rather wanted her 15 mins and $$$$$.
            What a skank!

            • Amen. She had information she could have given the prosecutors but withheld. For her trashy book. Read Marcia Clark’s book. Faye’s biography, if ever, should be titled “MORALLY CORRUPT with a side of Playboy”

    • Marcia…please qualify why you say Yolanda is trash from the past and for crying out loud…apology in advance….but you must be smoking from the same crack pipe that Faye Rancid is if you “have always loved her”. She’s a never-has-been who wrote a crappy book back in 1996-ish. The book was full of gossip and unverified stories…even about her MURDERED friend Nicole. What planet are you from? Faye the-never-was has no place on the show. She was completely out of line when she attacked Brandi…but you love her…really?! She has less class then a sewer rat. Brandi on the other hand showed her true ability to remain above the filth of Rancid’s ramblings by walking out. THAT is CLASS!

      • I was watching that scene at the dining table thinking, “If that were me, I would just get up and leave,” and that’s exactly what Brandi did. Bravo for Brandi.

    • I think some has the animals mixed up . Yolanda doesnt put up with the bs and even thou she loves and adores Kim, she called her out for not calling Adrienne and talking to her instead of causing the problems at Mauricios event. Yolanda called Brandi out for saying what she did at the luncheon but after listening to it again, I am going out on a limb to say that all these girls had heard about this before. She said, we all know that she has lied. I dont know what has taken off between Adrienne and Brandi but it was obvious that Adrienne as threatened Brandi before. I did not like the fact that Paul and Adrienne wanted Brandi to lie and say that Lisa did sell stories to the tabloids. It makes me thing that Adrienne has lied about alot of things and usually intimidation is second. nature. Last we get to Faye. She only gets Kyles point of view only cause she is never at any functions cause she is not important. Now all the sudden, she is the spokesperson for Kyle. The ex playboy now interior designer who takes 2 years to decorate a dining room thinks she has all the answers. Well she has none of the answers. She has no class and if we are talking pig, her picture is the dictionary after the word. Please Bravo, don’t let Kyle invite Rancid to anymore dinner parties.

  4. Her wedding picture — so beautiful — and ROFLMAO on the picture of Adrienne’s flowers in that section!!! priceless!!!

    • The comments about Faye’s blog (and Faye) on the Bravo site are absolutely comedy gold. Not quite as witty as SH but still funny. People know Faye is just like SWINE.

      • i have been checking on those all day and they are cracking me up, faye is a nasty piece of work and can only get press by hanging on a dead woman or kyle’s coat tails. her delusions make me giggle

          • So, so true. Why would anyone with “class” put herself in the same zip code with such a washed up hag? Referring to NastyFaye is the same as saying, “I am a skank.”

        • I don’t understand it at all. No others “guests” are given a blog. Bravo might as well give the camera crew blogs.

          The SWINE comments are also comedy gold on the Bravo site. I know the world still has some “right” in it when people have figured out SWINE.

  5. I’m grateful that YoFo’s treatment is working for her. I had a personal trainer once and I’d love to do it again.

  6. Faye Rancid perfectly defines sleaze. She is dumb as a bag of nails. The only time anyone sees her is when she’s riding someone else’s coat tails, like, being a bad dinner guest or being a friend of someone. She is neither pretty nor sexy. She looks dirty, like she needs a bath. Her claim to fame is posing for Playboy a hundred years ago.
    Bravo should look for someone with class.
    Stay away from her Yolanda!



  8. Let me get this straight, Maurice has a problem with Kyle inviting Brandy to celebrate the unfinished kitchen, but no problem with Kyle inviting or befriending a scummy, whoreish, skin bleaching, coat tail riding, friend isn’t even cold yet but I’m gonna write a book opportunist, drug loving, alcohol swigging, wanna be interior decorator, holier than thou, moral compass of all bff? gtfaykeoh. Kyle acting like she’s Hollywood royalty with more class, is best friends with this trash Fayke? Kyle you are the friends you keep, what was your drug of choice? damn.

  9. I wish she was on more often. And while I’m wishing, I wish Kyle wasn’t on as often. I do believe I can take Swine if it means I never have to lay eyes on Faye again. Maybe that’s Bravo’s plan? Although, Kyle has dissed her (Swine) a few times in her taking heads of late. Preparing the ground, I’m guessing, for a proper burial (I apologize for that remark – but it seems that she’s getting ready to do just that.

  10. I LOVE Yolanda!!!!!! I want to see more of her too and read her thoughts on her blog. She is kind, gracious and is full of valuable advice for all of us about moving on and living in the present.

  11. Yolanda was so accurate. I like her because she acts like 90% of us would in a situation. We wouldn’t attack people at a dinner table, we wouldn’t threaten to sue everyone that gossiped about our truths..etc etc. It is nice to have at least one person being classy and honest (lisa comes a close second) Everyone keeps forgetting that ..not only did Faye write a tell all, before the trial had finished, but she was a coke whoring partier for decades and went through 3 husbands I think and many stints in rehab…Old school Iindsay lohan, except at least Lindsay put out a couple good movies in her day. FAYE JUST PUT OUT

    • Did she really even have 3 husbands? I’ve read elsewhere that at least one of them might have been made up. Some Fadi Habibi guy (that no one has ever heard of) or something like that.

  12. The only reason Maurice is making nice with Yolanda is he is hoping to make a commission from them buying or selling. He is nothing buy a butt licking con artist.

    • Yall can “boo” and “hiss”,but I really wish that vyles behavior would take a toll on his business. that’s the only way that we will ever perpeuate admirable behavior…hit ‘em where it hurts

  13. Dear SH – you had me at the “double eye roll” comment. That was truely priceless. Thanks so much for the laugh,

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