SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: TBarney “HoneyBooBooWedding”… Deleted Scene With Marisa Zanuck “We’re Callin’ BS On Marisa’s Story!”… Camille Grammer “Financial Settlement Reached With Kelsey”

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Tamballs Barney… the HoneyBooBoo of the OC… has yet to get the green light from Bravo to include her upcoming wedding to Ellie in the next season of the Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Tamballs tells Life&Style that her SEVEN-year-old daughter wants Tamballs to have a “HoneyBooBoo” wedding…

“Sophia, who’s 7, definitely wants to be a flower girl,” she shares. “She actually wanted to go dress shopping with me because she wanted me to go Honey Boo Boo style!”

NOTE:  Apparently, Tamballs has accepted the description bestowed upon her by StoopidHousewives…. as Tamballs IS the “HoneyBooBoo” of Orange County!  And… IMO, Tamballs will do anything to continue her employment with MissAndy…

RHOC Tamra


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In a deleted scene from last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Marisa Zanuck has a lunch date with LizardLipLickin’ Kyle Richards… in which Marisa explains her “hesitation” to fly in the coach section of an aircraft.

We’re callin’ total BS on Marisa’s story…

NOTE:  There are several issues with this scene… and with Marisa’s divulging her distain for the coach seats when flying.

  • Kyle Richards listens intently and raptly as Marisa tells her tale of the perils of flying coach… nice of Kyle to keep chewing with her mouth CLOSED.
  • Kyle can barely keep from starting to laugh, as this scene was clearly a producer-induced phony baloney one, which probably started as a thought bubble in the head of a low-man-on-the-totem-pole intern producer
  • Clearly Marisa DOES not fly coach… and if she DID fly coach, this was the one and ONLY time she did.
  • Marisa’s coach experience was more than likely because her husband’s production company had to make the arrangements very “last minute” and the coach seats were the only seats available
  • Marisa’s problem involved someone at the window seat who spilled something on Marisa.  How does that happen?  If a passenger gets up, they have to lock their tray table into place… what and why would that passenger be carrying anything while crossing over to get to the aisle?
  • WHY would Marisa be flying commercial anyway?  Would think that her husband, Dean, while making a movie, would have access to private aviation.
  • The only part of this sham of a scene which has any believability is that once you’ve flown first-class, you simply cannot go back to flying coach… especially on a long flight.


Camille STFU arrow

Kelsey Grammer has finally reached a financial settlement with his ex-wife, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer, more than a year after their bitter divorce was finalized.

A source says the pair had a post-divorce settlement conference scheduled for December 20, but “it has been taken off the calendar because they hashed out a settlement within the last few days.”  The couple was granted a divorce in February 2011, but they had been unable to reach a financial deal.

The pair had two children together; both were born via a surrogate mother.   Details of the financial settlement remain confidential.

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55 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: TBarney “HoneyBooBooWedding”… Deleted Scene With Marisa Zanuck “We’re Callin’ BS On Marisa’s Story!”… Camille Grammer “Financial Settlement Reached With Kelsey”

  1. Housewives don’t eat. They just chew and spit it into thier LV bags. Then they give the bag to their favorite maid and buy new ones. That’s called charity. Because their hearts are so big.

  2. Marisa, I understand you preferring first class to commercial but do you really need to talk about it and make it that big of a deal. Comes across a bit snobbish and superior.

  3. I feel like these Housewives shows have lost focus. Who are all these extra women? Why are they needed? 1/2 the cast members who are actually billed as “Housewives” barely appear on the show. I think Camille has appeared more than Kim and Yolanda combined. Now Faye is doing talking head interviews and they added Marisa. It’s too much.

    • I know, Yolanda is barely on and Camille essentialy on every episode. Friend my ass, Camille is a housewife without having to get a bad edit or get her private life filmed. Yolanda I think doesn’t like the rest of those women and she keeps away as much as she can.

  4. Calling Ms SH, calling Ms. SH ( in my best “calling Dr Bombay” voice) WHY can I not play your videos, any tips would be appreciated! Ty!

  5. I still say it’s an insult to the little 7 yr. old to call ole’ Tams “Honeybooboo” lol . & that second pic of Tamara , even without all the stuff on her face, not a good picture of her. Glad to hear Camille & Kelsey have hammered things out. Maybe they can actually get over each other & get on with their lives.

  6. When Marisa said “If there is someone scary that is in coach I dont want to see them” was she referring to terrorist? Does she not know that some of the 911 terrorist flew first class?

    • That woman is a trip. I can’t believe how she said she always wants her husband to do better. Wow! What a lucky man. Ain’t nothing ever good enough for her, he just has to keep trying harder to please her. ‘Specially when those 3 carat diamonds gets to shrinking.

      • @ Ana Is every man in HW’s world a beta male? They are all thisclose to growing vaginas… It’s odd because I have met VERY few successful beta males in my lifetime but these shows run rampant with them. I suppose they do well because they have Alpha women driving them to success.

        • It’s weird, isn’t it? Maybe they exert so much power and control in their work lives that it is relaxing to them to come home to the dominatrix castrating wife and play the sub role.

          • @ Ana Relaxing? If you say so! Lol! In business I’m an alpha female; when I come through my door at the end of the day I am a beta. My husband has enough crap to deal with why beat him up in his home where he should feel as though he is appreciated, understood and wanted. In turn he spoils me rotten. It’s a pretty decent set-up; they should try it. They might like it and their men may not run off with the first woman that fills that need. Harpies get tiresome…male or female…

            • Yeah, but you work. These women don’t work outside the home, so their job is to be a ball buster I guess. But, these men will eventually get tired of not being good enough and will find some sweet young thing to worship the ground they walk on.

            • @ Ana I was going to reply that these women work ( being a HW- normally- means you run a household -same functions as running a business) but then I realized that they have staff for that. They need to REALLY get involved in “their” charities aside from the fancy luncheons, dinners etc – which have their place – and maybe donate their time working at one of the charity’s offices or some such thing. Soup kitchens are open 365 days a year, know what I mean?

      • Kyle was a bish for saying that in the first place. A catty catty jealous bish. I can totally see her saying that to someone that is in those blissful days of a new engagement though.
        Marisa had to know how that clip would make her look. I am surprised at the personas that some of these women willingly put on for the show.

        • @ Made I thought the same. Kyle obviously eats “jelly” for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks a day… Funny how someones personality can make them attractive or not. I thought Kyle was exceptionally beautiful when this show first started now…not so much.

      • I thought same thing.. Do she want him to succeed only in terms of $$$ and not his for his own confidence & self worth? So crazy how many chicks marry just for $$$.. Will never get it! I see it daily, it’s all about $$ w most of these ladies!

        • This ball breaking chick might be in for a wake up call if her husband finds some simpering 20 something who WILL be impressed with what he can offer. Even if it is only 3 carat diamonds.

      • Well her husband can def do better in the wife dept. She looks like his mother. He is too good looking for her. He can divorce her for a hot 25 yr old and tell her “look honey, you said you always wanted me to do better.”

  7. Marisa seems to have similar personality like Brandi. I guess since Kyle’s first plan, (teasing Brandi out of the show) didn’t work, she decide to introduce Marisa to convince the producers to fire Brandi. Cause Marisa like Brandi says what she thinks. That’s probably why Kyle keep attacking Lisa every time she defend Brandi, cause if Lisa didn’t side with Brandi she couldn’t join the show with no one wanting her there.

  8. Guarantee, that 2 months in Georgia he probably met a little southern belle that is going to make Marisa’s life a little Southern hell! I did not like her before she was even on camera, and I just could no believe Faye Resnick on last show, the very first fame who’re from the o.j. Trial, making money off a murder victim. I hope all of you that are upset about Taylor’s behavior after her husband,s suicide will look at Fayke and see her for what she is, and Kyle seems to collect these women as her closest friends, and look how she turned on Taylor when she brought up how they gossip, and now Kim is shutting her down too! she is so fake and loves the drama, after all she did bring up the Adrienne/Brandy thing as Kim pointed out then is upset that it blew up? loathe Fayke Resnick, posted about how much I loathe her, that Haint!

  9. just re read comments and saw where Lisa the Irish dragon said Fayke is blogging, and thank you Lisa, because that show that Fayke the very 1st famewhore is gunning to be a regular and is trying to take Brandy down with Kyle’s help. I love Lisa and really see how Kyle is playing the game, she is trying to get her friends on and is probably trying to knock off Adrienne, unless it helps Maurice’s business, he creeps me out with his disdain last episode and snide looks.

  10. Well Marissa seems like a real bitch. She does look like her husbands mother (haha). And she says she pushes her husband to do more and to do better, but why the hell isn’t she pushing herself to do more? I mean, really, is RHBH the most you aspire for in life (and marrying a rich man)??? Gag!

  11. Ironically, I just watched a show on, I believe, Science Channel where they purposely loaded up a jet with scientific equipment and crash test dummies and at the last minute the pilot parachuted out and they crashed the plane. Lo and behold, the most damage and most serious injuries would have occurred in the cockpit and in first class. It is really a great program if anyone happens to see it listed be sure to watch it. Fascinating.

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