SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Kyle Richards “NYC Husband”… More Twitter Audits… Guess Who Has The MOST Fake Followers?… Brandi Glanville “FireBreather”…What You Missed on the RHOBH… “flipit/Ronnie” From TVGasm’s BS Of The Day…

Porsha Stewart stops by one of the NYMediaMafia to chat about Kenya Moore…


John Turturro has another look-a-like in NYC!  AND… he’s a real estate broker!

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Did you miss Ken’s hip replacement scar on last night’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills??  MissAndy only required Ken to reveal his scar… and not the usual butt shot MissAndy requires of the other HouseHusbands!

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Speakin’ of Lisa Vanderpump… read how she keeps her 52-year-old figure!



(Thanks to SH readers “CathyFromFtM” “LB/GF” and “PMG”!!!)

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  1. There is something seriously wrong if Kyle has over 300,000 REAL followers…I just don’t believe it! My laugh of the day was Tamballs 0% score and The Succubus SWINE’s 17% (that should be 0% also)!


  2. I CANNOT STAND THIS PORSHA STEWART WOMAN! UGH!! She is another spoiled empty shell with big bright shiny teeth that shakes her shoulders, bats her lashes and coos at the camera and thinks we are all going to find her as cute as her husband thinks she is. Wendy almost made the correct comparison – she is EXACTLY like Melissa Gorga. Same act – same phony baby talk – NO SUBSTANCE. If it wasn’t for her fight with Kenya – she would be BORING!!! Her story line is going to be all about Kenya just as Melissa’s is all about Tre.
    The problem that Bravo has bringing these young, brainless women on the shows is that they have not lived long enough to have a real story line of their own – no past history or life experiences that they can draw on and develop their character. Their story relies on an attention grabbing cat-fight with an older cast member. We are all supposed to fall for the “Well she’s just jealous of me because I am younger and prettier.” Really?? As if the only goal in women’s life to look young & pretty. GAG!!!
    Can’t stand Porsha!! Can’t stand Melissa!!


    • lol. I feel myself wanting to climb through the tv and smack the taste outa that girls mouth when I see the previews of her sobbing about someone “having the nerve” to ask for her wedding ring. What the wedding ring that the man you crucified as your daughter looked on gave you? I can see how that would be sentimental SWINE. No one likes SWINE and the real followers just following her to watch her implode. Hey Swine, hows about putting back some of that twitter money for your child’s education? dink.


      • I’m with you. Since she dumped russell, that ring should have been the first thing to sell to cover her expenses. But, nooooo. Tayliar thought she could flim flam more people by believing she still had bucks to remain in her favorite zip code. Her fake shaking and quivering voice was laughable, actually. She really a poor actress to the skeptics.


        • Yes her antics with the batchit soothe sayer were pathetic. And I wont even address Evolution YET again introducing hocus-pocus to the audience. And its not even a matter of respecting other “religions.” The way Evolution did it was CLEARLY making fun. And either these mediums and incantation gurus are too stoopid to know it(didnt have a dead person available to clue them in that day I recon? bahahahahaha) or they are in on it.


      • Did you also notice she didn’t have one single tear in either eye???? LOL… she sold the ring long ago to keep her lifestyle going on. Gosh, I hope I don’t start feeling sorry for her, she has acted better this season, and I did like her speaking up for Brandi at the infomercial. Probably won’t take long to get over her, though because Taylor and Camille are at that table for a reason, and it’s not for Brandi or fairness.


    • Yes it is. That scar looks like its fixin to get infected though. Maybe an unbandaged raw scar directly underneath a belted pair of britches aint such a good idea.


  3. Lisa’s only 52? I would have guessed her more like 62, not that she looks old or bad just doesn’t look that young – If she is 52 then Ken must be way older than her because I’m guessing him middle 70’s


    • i think ken is 16 years older than she is. i think her hair makes her look older, it needs a little more life, like some soft layers.


      • I do really like lisa, but she looks great for an older woman – older than she is. But then, she is a real woman. She has flabby arms and is is little pudgy – but only for Beverly Hills – everywhere else she is fine.She works and had kids.


        • What world are you guys in? With the exception of Brandi, I think Lisa’s by far the HOTTEST BH housewife! She’s gorgeous!


  4. Yeah, the scar looks nasty. Docs say it’s more important to clean one than to keep it covered (not that it shouldn’t be covered most of the time.) & the whole followers thing… I really think it’s like watching a train wreck, people are just unable to look away when someone is willing to act like some of the HWVS act. Think about the fun you would miss if you didn’t see some of Jax’s tweets. It’s too funny to miss. Oddly though , I think when they have real followers alot of these ladies think they are following because the like them. I wonder if any have realized there might be another reason.


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