REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kyle Richards Wants Brandi Glanville To Leave, BUT “Not Like This”… Brandi Glanville Meets With Homewrecker Sheana…

Bravo...   On the next Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…

Brandi continues her exit from Kyle’s dinner party… Kyle does the same “Oh, don’t leave” deal which she did with Shana and Russell.   Everyone should feel so bad for Kyle… but we don’t!!


RHOBH Scheana pg

Brandi goes to SUR for a meetin’ with homewrecker Scheana Marie Jancan… another scene to glide viewers into becoming interested in Lisa’s new spinoff “Vanderpump Rules”…

Lisa’s spinoff must be in trouble… Bravo is pushin’ “Vanderpump Rules” every chance they get!

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67 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kyle Richards Wants Brandi Glanville To Leave, BUT “Not Like This”… Brandi Glanville Meets With Homewrecker Sheana…

  1. What is with Marissa sitting on the right of Faye then on her left in the first video?
    And am I seeing right that when Brandi left the table and entered the kitchen – Lisa is there in the kitchen already?

    • She is in the kitchen. Lisa was not at the table when Brandi got up. Lisa sitting there sipping her drink was added.

  2. Kyle’s dining room looks like a movie set straight out of the early 80’s with the mauve color scheme (do they have mauve wall-to-wall carpet to match?)
    Brandi would be a lot better off if she took her power back from Eddie and moved on with her life. She is still very beautiful and could easily pull a Yolanda and UPGRADE (and marry a real *MAN* next time.)

    • Oh I hope she does get wonderful AND very rich husband, who won’t be buying any real estates from Maurice :)) (evil of me I know, but I hate to see him putting Brandi down so just because she doesn’t have Maloof money)

      • I would like to see that too. Adrienne is out of control. Is this how the one percent fight? They use their money and power to financially and socially destroy you? Now Adrienne is obnoxious enough trying to sue Bravo. I doubt she has enough money and power to go up against a network, especially since selling the beer distribution, I understand they are bleeding money.

        • Your dead on, dead on. They did the one thing that was a yearly money stream and that was the 300 million a year Beer distributorship. They sold it in order to get into the Casino business years ago and now look they own only 2% (really given 2%) because there creditors took it over and if you google Maloof financial problems you will find out that much of the Maloofs problems haven’t even came out yet. I would love to know if she is a full partner or just on an allowance by her other brothers.

          • Oh I forgot, Sur must be having bad reviews from showings if they are pushing it on every episode of the RHOBH.

    • I’m sure that Kyle picked a color scheme that best complimented her own coloring, no matter what era it was from!

  3. For the love of all that’s holy….STFU, Faye. Brandi handled herself well, to my surprise. She stayed calm and left the table quietly, without a big screaming exit. Well done!

    Brandi, why of why did you agree to camera time with that low ass waitress?

    • Brandi agreed to camera time with that waitress to help advertise her buddy Lisa’s up and coming program which by the trailers looks to be filled with alot of who is sleeping with who and all the fall out that follows such goings on….

    • I ask the same question. Bravo is scraping the bottom of the barrel when they feature Sheana, “Queen of the Warrior Waitress Mistresses”. I can’t think of anything more dull than story plots revolving around Lisa’s servers having sex in the bathroom or cursing out customers. When I was younger, I worked my way through college in a high end restaurant and country club. It’s NOT glamorous at all, even with the Vanderpumping herself as the lady boss. Since she only hires gorgeous, young and dumb people, it has more of a brothel feel to it.

    • Nothing spells “I am the result of a 16 year old mother who got knocked up by the class low-life” better than a ridiculous made up name like Scheana.

  4. The MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK is a wannabe. She looks like Michael Jackson’s grandmother and is desperate for camera time. Brandi got upgraded by only appearing a couple of times in season 2 and that must really hurt the morally corrupt. Kyle and her were made for each other.

  5. Faye has a very odd looking face. I can’t place how weird it looks to me. Anywho…bravo Brandi for leaving. Kyle is the WORST host letting that go on and not telling Faye to STFU. I don’t like her dinning room either, I even was like, don’t tell me that is mauve??? LOL. RHOBH just is crap now. Bravo has lost a fan. I don’t regularly watch any of the HW shows anymore.

    • Your right Fayes face is a plastic surgery monstrocity. Her face is so plastic it looks like a mask. The cheap plastic ones from the dollar store at that.

  6. And Kyle kept saying that the dining room took TWO years to complete?? I thought she was only in the house for ONE year up until the dinner party filming??????? Very confused. Two years ago she was in her much larger house.

    • Kyle’s house is not that outstanding by Beverly Hills standards…it seems to this midwestern gal anyway…despite selling millions of dollars of real estate.. Kyle and hubby seem to take their time with renovations on their homestead.

      Faye needed to shut up…I’m disappointed that none of the other women intervened with some distraction or cut off remark to help end it. I would have been hard pressed to sit through that even if I wasn’t the object of Faye’s lecture. How she shows her face around that town is a wonder…

      • Considering that Maurice supposedly is a huge realtor, their house is very modest. Seems like they sold their manion and moved to a very much smaller house. Why??????? Remember Kyle originally pretended that she always dreamed of living in this one house and then when Maurice saw it up for sale, he bought it. I don’t believe that lame explanation.

          • I like Kyle’s house a LOT better than the Vanderpump or Maloof monstrosities. Reminds of of Denise Richards’ old house when she had her show. Just because you can afford it, doesn’t mean you need to live in a mausoleum.

            • i totally agree. and they are def leasing that maserati or doing some kind of product placement thing for the local car salesman!

          • Most houses in Beverly Hills are not mansions. Lisa & Adrienne lived in fairly new development catering to “new money/vulgar” money (which by the way are built by people like Yolanda’s ex). The most desirable place to live in BH is actually the “flats” vs. the “hills.” These houses are built on normal sized lots and no two are the same, although Spanish and Tudor style homes abound. There are plenty of traditional homes like Kyle’s in BH. Lisa & Adrianne’s homes are in no way typical.

            My issue is, if you buy a traditional, decorate it that way. Silk curtains and velvet dining room chairs don’t read family home. French country would have fit the style of her house far better.

            • You’re so right, Where Doris. I DROOL!!! over the houses in the flats. They have so much character. The vulgar new money monstrosities in the hills leave me cold.

      • I thought the same thing, but then had to remind myself that others may very well have intervened, but those shots were edited out. It looks to me like Faye’s schnozz has been whittled down after too much nose candy.

      • hahahahaha…Camille sure is on “team Kyle” these days. Don’t know if it’s because she’s afraid of her…but I’d like to see her stick up for someone once in a while. She can leave, otherwise. Nothing much going on with her.

  7. Faye is a power hungry opportunist that needs to take a walk. The drama between Brandi and AP is just another situation for her to exploit….as is the situation with Brandi and Kim for that matter. I’m glad Brandi said that she didn’t care about Faye. Speaking of cruel behavior…wasn’t Faye involved in exposing Camiele’s soft porn video in the limo?

  8. I only watch the last few minutes(wanted to see the preview of next weeks to see SWINE fake cry) she says its Her dinner party yet hires a caterer? WTH..COOK WOMAN your arms arent broke.
    Faye was out of line, she clearly was given the scoop by byle I would told her to STFU about things she dosnt know about.

    • I like at the end, Vyle just sits there, pretends to be pissed that the dinner party isn’t going well and doesn’t even follow her guest to the door. So fake

      • I saw that, any good Hostess would have followed her out to make sure she is ok, but this is Byle we talking to.

      • She loved that Brandi was run out of the room by her body guard FakeFaye. They both tag teamed Brandi with their verbal missiles. Vyle chews the scenery as well as she chews her cud.

  9. Ok Lisa or Kyle- why didn’t you step in and tell Faye to zip her pie hole. Faye was incredibly out of line- it’s actually none of her damn beeswax what goes on with Brandi. I hope this is all scripted, and these women really aren’t that spineless (Brandi not included). If I had been at that table Faye would have been on the receiving end of some humble pie from yours truly.

  10. These women! Are women really like this? Do things like this happen with all groups of women, or is it just totally scripted for Bravo. Seriously, I would have a nervous breakdown if I had constant drama like that going on in my life. These women are brutal (Brandi not included). Brandi seems like the only one not afraid to say what’s really on her mind- the only one that is genuine. I don’t blame her for calling people out on their bull- especially that duck faced con artist trailer.

    • Are woman really like this? Yes. I live in an affluent community and it’s pretty much part of the regional charm. I have to deal with this on a daily basis. The men can be just as catty as the woman. I guess you get used to dealing with it, but living in such a hostile environment is tiring. If Brandi is going to call people out on their bull she needs to learn how to fight her own fight and stop expecting other people to rescue her.

      • I don’t know. It sounds like if Brandi speaks up, everyone dogs on her; and yet, if she doesn’t, people dog on her, too. I don’t think she can win either way, so its best she handle as she sees best..

      • I think there are good and bad in every community and you need to pick your friends. When I notice a pattern of someone not treating me as a friend, she’s not a friend for much longer.

  11. STFU morally corrupt Faye Resnick, can’t stand her, why is speaking and cutting people off. Good hosting job Vlye!! Have a great day everyone!!

  12. Brandi should say to Faye “Do me a favor, Faye. Stop talking to me in that condescending tone of voice. It’s so distracting”. If that doesn’t make Faye self conscious and she continues her unsolicited diatribe, keep interrupting her often and pointing out “see, there is that horrible condescending tone again”. It’ll screw with her head, trust me. I did this once to a mean girl who was trying to lecture me, and it made the girl so self conscious – it threw her off her game – it was great to watch her become hyper-aware of her tone and try to moderate herself, even when she was talking to other people. B**CH. She deserved it. And so does Faye.

      • I agree, Hers, that Sue B has provided a great tip in her post. :) In fact, I’m going to use it myself with a particular woman who routinely talks down to others. Since she has been so condescending to other people and to me, perhaps Sue’s wisdom will at least interrupt her flow, and mess with her.

        So many clever posters on this site! Thanks, Sue B, and thanks Ms SH! ;D

  13. Faye is a joke. She should look in the mirror (if she can stand that botox look of hers) before she comes after anyone else. That dinning room looks like something out of the Carnival cruise line. Yuck.

  14. So far Kyle has had 3 parties, Lisa 1, Shana 1, Yolanda 1, Brandi 0, Camille 0, Adrienne 0, Kim 2 (if you count the “trips”) I think Kyle wants the production staged around her, but then she gets mad when know one cares where the party is. when Kyle goes to someone else’s event, she either does the splits, and/or gets drunk and laughs like a witch. Just an observation.

    • I just want to know where is all that class that Kyle and Mauricio talk about so much? I never see any coming from them.

    • I agree that Vyle wants everything around her. Vyle’s story line is reminding us all that her sister was once a drunk, doing the splits and providing the setting for “surprise” sit downs. Vyle’s story line is nonexistent.

      Vyle is a slut pig and if I ever saw her walking down the street, I would chop off her hair.

      • After I chopped off her hair, I would color it to match Kim’s hair, give Kim the gift of the hair as extensions and make sure Vyle knew Kim was wearing her former hair. I’d send a photo along with a note: “That’s what yeez git fer thinkin we viewrs be stoopid and for makin John Turturro steele Kim’s harse.” ;)

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