MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… What The Hell Have I Stepped Into?… I’m Confused..

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I would like to start my first blog by sending love and prayers to the victims of the horrific tragedy in Connecticut. May those of us who are spending time with family during the holidays be grateful and safe and not take our blessings for granted.

When tragedies occur we often put life into perspective and focus on the things that really matter. Often times we get caught up in trivial things and waste time and energy on issues that don’t deserve our attention. It is bad enough if we are dealing with personal issues, but why insert yourself into issues that have nothing to do with you?

One thing I learned early on in this process is that this is a group of very strong women with equally strong opinions. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting myself into, so I treaded lightly while observing what was going on. Again, the drama that was already brewing didn’t involve me, so I wanted to really understand the dilemma before I shot from the mouth.   NOTE:  Weren’t you watching the show, Marisa??

I am the kind of person that will give an honest opinion if asked, and I am happy to offer advice, but it is ultimately up to the person on the receiving end to decide if they wish to take it or leave it. I don’t recall Brandi asking Faye for advice; it seems they don’t even know each other. In fact, I don’t recall Brandi asking anyone for advice on the Adrienne matter. This is an issue between Adrienne and Brandi and should remain between them.

The extent to which cast members  try to control the outcome of things that don’t involve them is, well, controlling. Since we don’t know exactly what was said, we can’t really comment further on the Adrienne and Brandi drama, and as for me, they haven’t asked for my opinion.

Filming The Real Housewives of of Beverly Hills was an interesting life experience, and I am grateful that we are all on this journey together.   NOTE:  Kyle’s dinner was taped July 30…

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I am sure I will make mistakes, but have no doubt you will call me out on them and I appreciate that. I am looking forward to reading your perspective and look forward to connecting with you every week!   NOTE:  Here’s your first mistake, Marisa.  Making reference to a tragic event… and then referring to “shooting off your mouth”…  Take foot; insert mouth!


Next week’s RHOBH…

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28 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… What The Hell Have I Stepped Into?… I’m Confused..

  1. Wow. I can tell how difficult it is for her to be restrained. She reminds me of a tougher version of H. Duh- Bro

  2. Evidently, Marisa plans to “shoot her mouth off” at some time or another – once she “understands the dilemma”, I think she says. She knows very well what the hell she stepped into and once she opens her mouth she will fit right in with the deranged group.. Marisa, will become one of “them”.

  3. Considering recent events I wonder if Brandi (in the video) is reconsidering her opinion on saying she lost everything due to Eddies cheating. I really hope at some point she starts thinking before she speaks from here on out.

  4. I only wish Marisa had not conceded to let Faye drone on. You don’t have to even know what happened between Brandi and Adrienne to still say, this dinner is an attack on one guest, let’s try to get back to dinner and have a little class, shall we? Hey, Kyle coulda said as much. Faye was determined to dominate that scene. I would have much rather gotten to know Marisa than listen to that old hag.

    • Well, at least she did speak up to support Brandi. She was the only one who did. If Faye joins the show, I will be saying adios.

    • I was disappointed that she didn’t persue the issue….but was even more offended that that the wicked witch of bevhills didn’t stop one guest from attacking another. Itwas kyles responsibility to put an end to that and for God’s sake, woman, get up from the table and walk your guest out as you console her for your other guests unforgivable behavior!!!.if vyle were any kind of a hotess or even a human she would have asked brandi to stay!!!!! she is a piece or work…and by work, I don’t mean “work”.

        • I know! I think Marisa was a little shocked. Lisa tried to stick up for Brandi but Kyle cut her off and jumped down her throat. Just another example of Kyle doing or saying something and it’s perfectly alright but anyone else does it and it’s the crime of the century. Lets reflect shall we?
          1.Kyle tells Camille she’s a F’ing liar in a resturaunt but when Brandi did it, NoWay!
          2.Kyle accuses Brandi of being Lisa’s mouth piece, lets Faye be her mouth piece.
          3.Screams when Brandi’s boy pees by the pool just got accused of peeing in the pool of her “stars in danger show”
          4.Hates Brandi for saying her sister is a Methhead in front of the cameras, calls her sister an alcoholic in front of the cameras
          5. TTC to SWINE that the argument at her husbands party was not about her, makes EVERYTHING about herself.
          6. Is so upset that Russel threatened to sue Adrianne “friends don’t sue each other”, says she dosn’t blame Adrianne for sueing Brandi

          I could probably go on and on I know there is more that I just can’t think of right now feel free to join in if ya’ll remember any more. I would love to see the whole contridictory list ! lol

      • ITA! It’s a pretty safe bet no one will ever ask Kyle for advice on dinner party or hell, any kind of etiquette. She could’ve saved face if the goal was a cat fight and had a cocktail party, and not ruined Faye’s interior design career. I laugh.

  5. Faye needs to keep her big ugly mouth shut and mind her own business. Kyle should have shut her up, but she is at fault too for using Faye as her mouthpiece. They are both wannabe skanks.

  6. it’s obvious that kyle told faye exactly what brandi said about adrienne and paul. faye stated that she has been friends with adrienne for 25 years. i don’t care that she gave it to brandi. brandi speaks before thinking and she has to own what she does. faye was taking up for her friend. i don’t care if she was there when brandi said it or not. she was calling out brandi. even mauricio was calling out brandi. i didn’t like kyle throwing kim under the bus. kim stood up for herself, which i think is great. she didn’t wimp out, and kyle should be happy, but maybe kyle feels she’s losing some control over kim. kim, you go girl. you are doing great and i hope you continue to do so. personally, although the timing may not have been great, i’m glad kim had the guts to stick by her friends, adrienne and paul, and tell them what was going on. who knows who else brandi has told this too. i just wish i knew what the big secret is. i don’t think it’s about divorce. i think it’s something else, but i could be wrong.

    • Adrianne had a surrogate carry her children. When they were talking about Birthing stories, Adrianne lied about it and said she had c-sections and went into further detail. Apparently Adrianne is known for not being truthful. This seems to be a contrived issue though based on the way it was discussed in the first place and follow-up scenes. Adrianne is not suing Brandy. No court documents on file yet. Brandi seemed genuinely upset by creepy Faye. Perhaps she is just a good actress.

    • I don’t think Faye is defending her friend of 25 yrs. She’s a power hungry opportunist. She’s using Adrienne’s status, and is exploiting the situation.

      • …Adrienne can take care of herself. She did walk into a stadium of unhappy fans against the advice of personal security and pretty much ran over her husband on a regular basis.

  7. Marisa looks like Ann Margaret! She was watching the dynamics very carefully at Kyle’s debacle dinner. Hopefully she will find her voice, add it to Yolanda and Lisa’s and bring RHBH out of the mean girl melee we are being subjected to!

  8. I must say that it’s nice to read a blog that is readable and uses correct grammar. And I agree she looks a bit like Ann-Margaret – she’s very attractive. I’d love to see Marisa interacting with YoFo.

  9. I am not holding out much hope for Marisa. During that whole exhausting dinner which must have provided hours of taped BS, she had only one line that made the cut, and that was her entirely lukewarm “I kind of maybe agree with Brandi” comment. Whoa down there, Marisa! Calm down! Kinda? Maybe? Sort of? Don’t be backing yourself into a corner now with your strong opinions!

  10. hi angry innv..Faye said she had known Adrienne for 25 years. I have known a lot of people that long, but don’t really “know them”. People thought they knew my ex husband, because they had known him that long..seen him at dinners, maybe some lunches. They had no idea what kind of an evil person he was or what he was doing to his family. Unless you are best friends with someone, you really have no idea what kind of person they are. Adrienne is clearly a liar as a person..and maybe Faye doesn’t really know that side of her. It bugs Brandi, and Adrienne obviously offended Brandi – especially with Adrienne trying to get Brandi to tweet lies about Lisa. Anyway – please don’t believe that Faye really knows one thing about Adrienne…and yes I believe that Brandi shouln’t have been discussing Adrienne even after Vyle prompted her.

  11. If the secret is that Adrienne used a surrogate (which we all agree is no big deal IF she had told the truth from the start) then the people who will be hurt by this revelation is the innocent children who have been led to believe they were carried and birthed by Adrienne. Thats why it is such a big deal and thats why, if this is the secret, it should not be revealed. Just like someone who finds out they were adopted after so many years of thinking their parents were their birth parents, this can be devastating. It is not Adrienne who needs protection from the truth, and it was not Brandis place to reveal this if the children do not kmow. JMO

    • You know, you said what I’ve thought from the start….instead of her calling it “character assassination” and “ruining her repuation” etc….if she were a normal human being she would either downplay it or her focus would be on “you’re hurting innocent children”….if it is surrogacy, it appears that all she cares about is her own grandiose self. If she cared she would never have lied about a c section at the dinner….just “stfu adrienne” if you care about your children…then there’s no explaining to do. silence would have been the way to go

      • I was Adrienne that went into great and lenghty detail at the dinner about the c section and who was there etc. Nothing would have ever been discussed if she had only kept her mouth shut. There were many other girls, including Camille that did not say a word at the dinner. Also, Adrienne and the whole lying about the book deal. I agree Brandi should have not been prodded to discuss Adrienne, but Adrienne should have never lied on national tv and made the lie so huge

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