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This week we start off back at Mauricio’s event at The Residences At The Ritz Carlton. My husband is someone that avoids drama at all costs, so I really felt bad about what happened. That wasn’t the only thing I felt bad about. Everyone there had come to support my husband and their night was also ruined. Everyone’s.

Kim’s night wasn’t ruined… Kim was havin’ herself a great time tellin’ Kyle to bugoff!

At the time I was upset with Kim because I felt her timing was wrong. I do agree that Adrienne and Paul needed to know what Brandi had said because we all knew that eventually, it WAS going to get out.

Kyle throws Kim under the bus…

In my opinion, even if Brandi and Adrienne had had their issues, that wasn’t the way for Brandi to retaliate. If I have an argument with someone, I will discuss the argument — not secrets I know about that person.  Brandi and I have come a long way and I really didn’t want to backtrack, but I couldn’t deny what she did was wrong. I was honest about my feelings with her and she had expressed regret.

I asked Brandi what had happened between her and Adrienne because after Ojai  we were all confused. When Kim, Brandi, and I had our argument last year, Adrienne was the first to support Brandi.


Adrienne was also supporting Kyle…


As much as we can think “it’s nobody else’s business” we all know that in this group, that doesn’t exist. We had all been dragged into what was going on. We all spend time together off-camera as well and that obviously was a topic of conversation.

Mauricio rarely let’s things effect him. However, this topic really bothered him, He considers Adrienne and Paul friends so he was in defense mode. Mauricio and Paul have developed a great friendship over the past few years and he did not like what he was hearing and seeing.

I really wanted to have a nice dinner party  with my girlfriends. My dining room furniture had finally arrived and the walls had been hand painted by an artist Faye Resnick had hired. In my fantasies, I was going to have a beautiful dinner party with great food and friends. SILLY ME!!!!    NOTE to HagfaceKyle:   PUH-LEEEEZE!!  You are on a “reality” show.  You KNOW that your dinner party was producer-induced and simply used to continue the “Adrienne used a surrogate” story…or WHATEVER the hell the big mystery is!   Please don’t hand intelligent viewers the “silly me” BS.

I KNEW that Adrienne wouldn’t come. Since Mauricio’s event, she had been quiet and keeping to herself. I understood that. I had invited the girls before this all happened, so I figured that either Adrienne or Brandi would cancel. Once Adrienne cancelled Brandi agreed to come.

Like I said in my interview, Faye has had an issue with Brandi ever since her comment about Kim and crystal meth. Faye has known my family for many years and felt that comment was reckless.

I have spent more time with Brandi to get to know each other and we both have been able to move past that horrible night. Faye has not. It has been a bit of a sore subject between us.  I love Faye and she is a very loyal person.

Both Faye and Brandi have strong personalities (as we all do in this group!) and that can create problems. I think both have preconceived ideas about one another. I think that if they had met under different circumstances, they would probably be good friends.

I have to say, I was surprised by Lisa’s  comments in her interview. Lisa said that maybe Faye was speaking on my behalf “once again”. Well, first off, I have never needed a mouthpiece. I have always been one to be honest. I told Brandi how I felt about what she said right away. I have NEVER needed anyone to speak on my behalf. Plus, Faye certainly has a mind of her own and would never be anyone’s mouthpiece. If Lisa was referring to the “Dinner Party From Hell” with Alison Dubois, Lisa knows as well as ALL of us, I had NO CLUE what we were walking into that night. I had never met Alison Dubois. None of us had. ANY speaking up Faye did that night was purely as a friend being defensive. As any good friend would.

It’s extremely frustrating not being able to address what was said, for both the viewer and us ‘Wives. I think people would understand why we were all so surprised, saddened, and defensive about what was said.

These arguments between “two people” effect all of us. It spills over into all of our lives.

My dinner party was awkward to say the least. next week, even more so. . .

Until then!

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97 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Faye Resnick Is Not Her Mouthpiece… The Mystery Floods Over To Next Week…

  1. If memory serves, Faye is famous for having being friends with a woman that was murdered by her freakshow ex right? & then she wrote a book about it right? I’ve never heard but I hope a large part of the funds the money drew in went to a charity. I have nothing for the other gal but I remember Faye being interviewed shortly after the murder trial & she came across as very shallow. Jus’ sayin.

    • She was supposedly BFFs with Nicole Simpson and after Nicole was murdered Faye wrote a book detailing Nicole’s wild lifestyle–drugs, promiscuity, six abortions, and even a little girl on girl that she and Nicole shared. She is shameless, disgusting, and exploitative.

      • Birds of a feather flock together, who’s to say Nicole wouldn’t have done the same to faye, that said most of what was in the book was true and that makes Faye a double skank.

        • You’re prolly right, but that book was such a sleazy move on Faye’s part. Sleazy, but to be expected I guess. Skanks of a feather and all.

        • Almost every HW has a shady past, skeletons, or at least ONE major thing to hide. All of them are embarrassing shameless bottom rung women, and their men are not men

        • @ Hers I’d hate to have that on my soul…no respect for life (in ANY form) has put us where we are now. Makes my skin crawl and my heart weep.

        • I know, right! Faye’s a real piece of work and she’s offended that brandi called kim a meth addict. Reallly, why is that faye! Maybe you need attention! Hahahaha, you’ll never be a housewife, but you’ll always be a crack-whore who effed guys for drugs! Nasty woman.

  2. Kyle is the world’s WORST host, bar none. Two events, back to back, where she was the host/hostess and permitted – nay encouraged/provoked/ENJOYED – an attack by one guest on another guest. The dining room soiree was particularly agregious. To allow Faye Resnick to go on and on and on . . . shredding Brandi for the sole purpose of gaining camera time was inexcusable. A good host would have artfully impressed on all that Brandi was a guest in her home and any rudeness to a guest was unacceptable. Then change the subject. Even Lisa was stomped by Kyle as she tried – in vain – to support Brandi. It was Queen Kyle amusing herself with a pit bull attack on poodle.

    • I like how Mauricio act like he did not know there was going to be a dinner party at his house.

      Is Mauricio is so upset with Brandi because the skeletons in his own closet are about to rattle?

      • Mauricio “aka Big P*ssy” talks shit about brandi cuz she has no money or clout in Beverly Hills, therefore is not a potential client. Notice how he kisses Camille’s ass and she talked tons of shit about kyle.

        My opinion of Adrienne changed last year when she insisted brandi apologize to kyle without really knowing what went down with kim/kyle at the card party. She just jumped on the richards bandwagon.

        Faye kisses everyones ass across hollywood/beverly hills to stay relevant and employed. Adrienne Maloof and Kathy Hilton have MONEY! She couldn’t give a shit what brandi said about kim. What B.S. What’s with everyone tiptoeing around kim. Jeez, what a baby. Bravo is probably paying for a live-in sober coach for kim til season end.

    • I agree! As I watched that whole scene unfold I kept waiting for someone…Vyle since she was the hostess, to say enough! I cannot stand that MORALLY CORRUPT Faye Resnick and how she’s condescending toward Brandi. I remember that corrupted Resnick from the OJ years and wasn’t impressed with her then. But seems she sure craved some camera time and Vyle let her have it. I was glad to see Brandi walk out, I would have done the same thing. What Brandi didn’t do, and she deserves a pat on the back for not doing so, was to tell MORALLY CORRUPT to F**K off!

    • I hadn’t thought of it that way, but yes – two events hosted by Kyle where Brandi is attacked. Interesting….

      As an aside, I am bringing back the word “slag” — although “skank” works nicely, I think slag is funnier

    • that’s a great point — wasn’t it faye and vyle at lunch talking about the other women being pit bulls? what the heck is faye then — she grabbed onto brandi and wouldn’t let go until brandi got up and left — i guess bravo is trying to see how many viewers they can turn away by bringing in these staged attacks on people — they need to consider changing their names from bravo tv to bully tv

      • @ PLM An other ing I noticed is they refer to themselves as *girls*. THAT’S the problem in a nutshell. They are NOT girls, they are women and should start acting their age. GTFU!!!

  3. Poor Kyle. Before she throws another dinner pastry she needs to read about to act as a “hostess”. You should never allow your guest to be attacked to the point of leaving mid-dinner. She should have shut Faye down at the very beginning. I know it’s Bravo produced but she can not go with the program and then act like she is a victim – no one is buying it.

    • She didn’t shut her down because she fed her the lines…Kyle is such a bit*h, she makes me want to scream at the television… She is repulsive, and just nasty… Vyle likes the kind of women she can control… She has to be the head of the bad girls… If someone, like Brandi or Lisa doesn’t play her game, they are tortured by her nasty tongue along with words too… Her husband, looks nasty like her now.. The way he talked about Brandi made him look like a pussy, he has lost his charm… He didn’t have much, but flashing that car, talking about how much money he made last year, totally classless… I don’t think he has any balls, girls boy… Ok, I feel better now! :)

      • Amen to everything you said. I thought brandi handled faye beautifully and it really pissed faye off. She really wanted to break brandi, but it didn’t work. I guess Faye is kyle & adrianne’s “bitch”. Yeah Brandi, you took the higher road and left Faye sitting there mumbling to herself… GFY Faye

        What’s with kyle and waving/wagging her fingers in others face. Cant she express anger without threatening them. People that point their fingers are trying to threaten/intimidate their opponent. Her and methhead kim do that. So rude and white trash. K, done now.

    • they all better be REAL careful — it was all the attacking on teresa that made her a fan favorite — all they’re doing is making brandi the star of this show — people don’t like to see people getting picked up and ganged up on

  4. Kyle: “If I have an argument with someone, I will discuss the argument — not secrets I know about that person.”
    Ummm… really?
    What about dishing out Camille’s playboy pics?
    Or calling out Kim about her drinking problems for whole world to know?
    Kyle thinks viewers have memories of goldfishes.
    And what is with “I’m glad Kim is sober, BUT she is not thinking clearly” What is that supposed to mean?
    Kyle disgusts me more then Taylor Adrienne and Faye put together at this point. And that says a lot.

    • Lol, easy to say , for her seems hard to do. We all know the logical thing is to either look at the problem at hand or look at what caused it to become an issue. But when the ego feels threatened …

    • It means that Vyle doesn’t want Kim sober. She loves to take every opportunity she has to put her down.

      • Yes, I kind of get that feeling too. Even if it’s not conscious maybe. Anyway I doubt anything Kyle does has lot consciousness behind it. That would require some introspection on her part.

    • ITA! And if Mauricio “avoids drama at all costs” then he wouldn’t have had “his event” on camera. it is not fair for Kyle to expect the event to be drama free. Stoooopid!

  5. Can we all please take a moment and talk about Kyle’s acting skill. On the dinner table she wanted to act uncomfortable but in real it was OBVIOUS she was loving Faye for attacking Brandi. And what did she mean by calling shit at the end? She didn’t like what went down? Pleassssssssssseeee and can we please not to forget what Kyle and Kim did to take Brandi to the point to say what she said about Kim. Whether Kyle and her friends and family are really really stupid or they think the viewers are

      • I think so too. I looked on Faye’s website and most of her decor is all silver and white stuff. There’s some pics of famous people’s walk-in closets. And weird music playing. I wonder how she can make a living off of it–maybe that’s why she’s so desperate to be on the show.

        • @ Debra I doubt she does and is hoping that sorry excuse for a dining room will drive business to her. Exposed white brick in such a formal setting? A case of eclectic decorating going waaaaaaay wrong…

          • I so agree. I love exposed brick, even painted brick, but French Country would have been suitable. Not silk curtains. How about that tack lit wall-niche?

            • @ Doris IK!!!! I didn’t like them in the 80s and have not grown to appreciate them yet!!! Is it me or is the whole balance of that room just horribly—off? Just really disjointed and not appealing in any manner.

              • It looks like a really old dingy Vegas hotel room that hasn’t been updated in 20 years. I could smell the must, shame and lingering smoke while watching that scene. It probably took 2 years to decorate because the furniture was hand carved by children in another country and they had to locate the god awful mauve paint and fabric.

              • @ Chen Lmao @ ” I could smell the must, shame and lingering smoke while watching that scene.” Brilliant!

              • I actually liked the painted exposed brick, but I agree that the balance of the room was all off. I realize her table was custom, but it sure didn’t look like a room that took 2 years to complete. I’ve seen that mirror a million times, and the glass shelves would have taken 1 day to install. The chairs were basic, and the textiles weren’t anything special from what I could see. The wallpaper looked current, from what I’m seeing in magazines, but again, that doesn’t take too long to install.

  6. Hey, Kyle. Kim called your husband by his real name. Maurice. I LOL’d. So funny that you thought adding an ‘O’ to the end of his name would make you chic. It makes you look stupid. Oh, that’s right. You ARE Hollywood. LOL…again.

    • I love when Kim says “Maurice”

      If anything, Maurice needs an “a” at the end of his name since he is one of the most catty women on the show ;) Mauricia! Prrrrrrrfect!

      • I love when Kim says “Maurice” too :) I’ve always gotten such a kick out of that! It was a fun thread on “SH” that day…when a few of us were chatting about the whole Maurice ‘thang.’ “Is his name really Morris-as in the cat? Is it because it’s really his name? Did he change it, or did Kyle make him change it, etc. etc.?” LOL!

  7. Maury (I REFUSE to call him Mauricio) avoids drama??????? Oh, please, Vyle. Maury loves to be in there being one of the girls in the thick of all the drama. If he really didn’t like drama and if you loved him as much as you proclaim and your marriage was so wonderful and perfect you wouldn’t be on this reality show.

  8. Kyle has messed up 3 things she has hosted. 1.Front Porch’s 4 the BD when she acted all innocent when Trailer Trash was talking through her nose about Brandi sleeiping with all those men. 2. Opening of Maurice’s agency 3. The dinner showing off her new dining room. 3 time loser in the hostess department. Hagface feeds off the shit stirring as long as she is not the target.

  9. Kyle, you make so many poor attempts to be on the same level as Lisa and Yolanda…never going to happen. You have no class, only arrogance. You’re controlling, manipulative and in general an untrustworthy, disgusting individual who loves to instigate arguments. I am praying Bravo fires you. I have to turn the channel every time I see you on the show. I’m just about done with it due to you and Adrienne. The only current cast members who should be asked back are Lisa, Yolanda, Brandi and yes, your sister Kim. I am enjoying seeing Kim evolve into the strong woman I thought she could become. I am so happy that she has conquered her demons. Good luck to you Kyle because you are going to need it.

  10. Me thins Kyle is a little jealous that the drama doesn’t concern her. She is becoming a minor player….even Camille as “friend” status has more going on. It’s looking like Kyle is just there to provide location shoots.

  11. Guess Kyle thinks none of us watched season one when she filled Faye in all about her tift with Camille before she took her to the dinner party from hell. Yes Kyle A G A I N you are using that battleax as your mouth piece. Clearly.

    • Maurice is also a horrid mouthy bish as well. He will get blowback over that from Brandi come reunion time. Ole boy aint above having the rumors that he woooos his women clients just a bit too much come out. And Brandi will fight back with hometruths. Its what she does. So gird whats left of ye loins Maurice.

      • Countdown to Kyle contacting Brandi to try to prevent what I just predicted begins in three… two… one. Save it toots.

        • So true. Brandi did forgive Paul, because she understands what is like to let your temper get better of you. (Even if that does not excuse Pauls behavior in my eyes) But this ugly backstabbing of slimy Maurice, I don’t think she will forgive or forget.

            • I think she put him on notice. I’m glad, too. He tried to act cool and not a part of the girls’ drama, but he is in it. Kyle must get some support from him on the crap she does, unless he stays because of the ties to the Hiltons. I’m not getting how he cannot see her crap so I think he supports her crap.

  12. Kyle is all about herself. Instead of being concerned for Kim going to Las Vegas, because that is not the place for a just out of rehab recovering alcoholic, she was more interested in not getting invited. What a douche! As for Mauricio, unless his father was a U.S. citizen, or an investor, he came into the U.S. as an illegal!

  13. Love, love, love what you are all saying about the world’s first famewhore Fayke! I ranted about how she used a murder victim and parlayed it to a book and centerfold! Taylor is mother Therese next to this woman. Thank you all! I am lisa vanderpump’s fan and Kyle has been after her since the beginning, when Kyle pointed the finger at her, I would have gone mob wives on her and that finger would have not been able to point again.

      • @ AZ Fan I am so glad someone gave me a reason to post this; it is one of the funniest things I have EVER seen!!! Warning NSFW, clear out the kiddies and but on some Depends – you’ll need them because this is a pisser!!!

  14. Of course Fayke is going to go hard on Adrienne’s behalf. According to her website, she did the interior design for the remodelling of the Palms Hotel. She’s an opportunist and a fame whore who won’t risk losing those Maloof $’s.

    • @ Jane Ah ha! The money link! Knew it! Kyle claims she and Faye are a still a little rocky over this, it must be because Adrienne has deeper pockets. Ewwwww, these biotches make me feel dirty. Silkwood shower dirty…

  15. I’ve never heard of Fake until this show, but what the heck is wrong with her face? I googled her to find out her claim to fame, (I’m only 23)! Let’s just say I’m not surprised she’s friends with a snake! Kyle likes people who she thinks she has an upper hand over. Faye has a questionable past, Trashbox is weak, Her sister struggling with alcohol!

    • Ah, a younger woman who does her own research. Almost thought they were long gone! thanks for restoring my faith! :)

  16. Maurice loves drama. He needs it for his business to succeed. He needs to know who is who and who is getting divorced next so he can sell their house and then look for another to sell them. He needs Vyle to keep his business going. He knows that Brandi knows too much and wants to keep her away.

    Maurice is always going to be chasing the money and drama since that is how his business grows.

  17. In the clip with Shana, first of all, NO TEARS. Secondly, she appears to be howling and crying into the back of a TV remote control.

  18. Ok. Brandy is twisting her game night story a little i think for the sake of Kim’s feelings.
    That’s very nice.
    But i thought the exact same thing even before Brandy said that.
    If you have used it or have friends that used it you know the signs of usin.g. They are unique, kiind of subtle but unmistakable.
    Is Brandy’s change of opinion a sort of enabler behavior?
    I don’t know.
    Kim seems a lot more togetber this season for sure..
    Go Kim!!!!!

  19. Who the hell Faith think she is to call Brandi on anything? I’m amazed at those dinners they have. It’s an excuse to fight. When I have a dinner with my girlfriends, we laugh, we remember things from the past and we enjoy. We don’t fight. This is so well planned. I think Brandi should have punch Faith in the face.

  20. Adrienne is boring and no amount of money can make her appear classy. For God’s sake ! Why doesn’t this woman get a stylist to do something with those awful extensions? At least on the days they’re filming? Adrienne was awful to Lisa and her “proof ” that Lisa was selling stories turned out to be that Camille had told her so. When Camille quickly started to backpeddle, it really made Adrienne look like an idiot. Kyle invited Brandi to start talking about Adrienne knowing full well what would happen. And Kyle clearly brought along Faye(just like before) to say all the things she’safraid to say to Brandi(to her face anyway).
    What pissed me off is the way Kyle bosses everyone, particularly Lisa. She absolutely won’t ALLOW Lisa to defend Brandi in her presence, not even a little. I hate the way she repremands Lisa like a child and I’s love to see Lisa stand up to her, She is a control freak. And no matter how hard she tried to appear neutral. Kyle is the most viscous of all the hw. And Mauricio sounded like a little bitch whining about Brandi. I sure hope this show is all scripted for his sake. Otherwise he’s a p#=&#! And I absolutely think that Kyle doesn’t truly want Kim sober. I think she liked being the sister who has it together and has to “take care” of her drug addicted alcoholic mess of a sister she so easily outted on national TV. Talk about the pot(Kyle), calling the kettle (Brandi) black!

  21. Kyle is awful and on one show she was walking down the street, I don’t remember where she was going but the camera man zoomed in on the legs and oh my gosh, Kyle’s legs look like an old mans legs, I laughed my butt off her legs are so stubby and ugly. I think that Kim’s kids don’t want to be around Kyle because they didn’t go to the BD party at her house and I am sure they didn’t want her to go to Vegas because she would have ruined it for Kim. They protect their mom Kim and don’t want that crap around her to upset her.

  22. Why is it ok for Faith to inject her opinion of how it is not Ok for Brandi to be outing Adrienne’s secret? I have a vivid memory of Kyle outing Kim’s drinking as she attacked her sister in the limo and then broadcast it on national tv. Such double standards from Vyle and her morally bankrupt BFF. I am also disgusted with John Tut for his taking sides and his comments about Brandi. We can be sure that Lisa will not be listing or buying a house with him as her agent again as he and vyle have no loyalty or class..

  23. IMO, that Mauricio/Kyle scene whether to disinvite Brandi was filmed and edited in after the dinner party to make it seem like Kyle was totally innocent. If it had been filmed (as they want us to believe) the day of the dinner, Kyle would have been frantic. “What should I wear?” “Are the caterers here yet?” “Is everything ready?” “How do the place settings look?” “Mauricio are you sure everything is okay?”

    That’s how Kyle has been for EVERY event. Even the minor ones. She’s on the phone calling people to manage their time as well. Kyle is so transparent.

    It also seemed like Mauricio was very cold towards Kyle and Portia. He didn’t want to sit near them. There was the cursory pretend kiss, but other than that…….

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