While searching for something else, hit on this from Al Manzo’s facebook page!

manzo fb


Is this guy serious?  His NINE-year-old boy has knowledge of da Manzoids?  How?  And most importantly… WHY?

This guy sent his son’s Christmas wish to DonCaro and Al and/or Albie last month.  WILL DonCaro and Al and/or Albie respond to DadEddy?


Would think that since DonCaro’s re-building her rotten tomatoes reputation to the new and improved ultra-nice, super-sensitive, kind-to-all, need-to-be-nice-to-sell-my-book person who she says she REALLY is… would hope that she contacts DadEddy and attends his kid’s hockey game.  Just to show how nice she can be!

NOTE:  If DonCaro DOES attend, she’s officially ca-ra-zee!  Who sends an invite like that via facebook… for their NINE-year-old boy!?!?   The DadEddy probably just wants to take some paparazzi shots of DonCaro bein’ held closely by Albie… to keep DonCaro warm!  Those hockey rinks are kinda chilly…

RHONJ caro time cover sh


Would DonCaro attend with Critterfur instead of PrinceAlbie?

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187 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: WILL AL MANZO GRANT A YOUNG BOYS “Christmas Wish?”

  1. She’s a ticking bomb all the time. She does need serious help. She is OBSESSED BY TERESA, good lord how can anyone be like that. Lighten up lady you’ll live longer. They were joking and having a good time.

    • Hah! She reminds me of The Heat Miser from the animated Christmas classic, ‘Year Without a Santa Claus’.

        • We used to sing that all the time when we were kids. It was one of my favorites because even as a child, I appreciated the cheesiness of the cartoon.

          • Definition of cheesy, that stop animation used for holiday specials. I guess that’s what made them so memorable!

            • I have a friend that is Bosnian (her parents are first generation, brought the children here when they were younger). She grew up without the claymation holiday movies. She watched them recently and loves them. They are awesome! Super cheesy but feel good and fun. I don’t see them televised as much as they should be. I have a “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” collection.

    • In an alternate universe maybe? The land of sick and obsessed toys? Actually this is a picture that frightens children everywhere. Want your kids to brush their teeth? Show them this pic! Want your kids to get off the internet or quit playing video games? use this picas a screen saver!

  2. I think what she said about Joe Giudice is exactly right. I think he is an alcoholic who is in a deeply unhappy marriage. He doesn’t want to be at home with his wife and kids, he wants to be out with his new girlfriends. I am sure he is showering them with all the gifts. He gets drunk and has no idea what he is saying to anyone. Why would anyone say that to Greg. Teresa just doesn’t seem to have enough backbone to pitch the crap to the curb. Old Italian families don’t want their children to stay in unhappy marriages, they want them happy at any costs.

    • Caroline(since that is who this thread is about) has waaaay more insidious issues than a case of garden variety alcoholism . She perpetrates emotional insect on her boys. Look it up. Its a real thing an Caroline(since that’s what this thread is about) is eat up with it.

      • Caroline’s starting on a public image revamp this far in advance of the next season.

        And yeah, this thread is about Caroline.

            • The comment pages are blank? I see comments (but that doesn’t mean they are there.. I could be dreamin… )

            • That’s what I’m talkin’ bout sister girl. This video has the same creepy obsession that Don has with her boys and their aint nothin’ natural or in the realm of normal. Boundaries folks . It really is a thang. You don’t stroke your adult sons like a lover, you don’t call your daughter an asshole or destroy her self esteem over her weight. Comparing Lauren ,who by the way was beautiful even with a few extra pounds, to her naturally slim brothers while claiming you are naturally thin is textbook case of sick and cra cra.

            • How ’bout those pelvis mashing dry humping hugs she bestows upon them. A mother shouldn’t hug her sons the way she does.

            • I have two son in laws and their mothers adore them quite clearly but never like this. I have never seen this physicality between them. Caroline crosses a line and we all see it.
              i can’t imagine how kicked to the curb Al must feel. His only job is providing the paycheck.

            • There is nothing wrong with a mother hugging her son. It is the way she does it. When I hug my son, only our upper bodies touch and then only briefly and lightly. I certainly don’t draw out the hug with my breasts squished into his chest and have lower body contact the way Chuckie does with her boys. It isn’t like one can say she is just a demonstrative, physically affectionate person ‘cuz I ain’t never seen her hug or stroke LapBand or even her husband. Just her boys.

            • @Ana it looks like a lover instead of a mother and it’s grossly inappropriate. We are a very affectionate family but there are lines you don’t cross.

            • And we are seeing a physical manifestation of what I talk bout when someone say “my child would never…” except this time its in the same family. Don would say “Chis and Albie don’t have a a weight problem….” well now look at em.. happens every time folks every time. Albie’s learning issues trump Lauren’s affection for cheesecake. And I would not be inclined to point that out if their momma didn’t make them such easy targets with her putting them up on that false pedestal while sweeping their shortcomings under the table(the boys not lauren) Also this is her payback for making nasty comments about the light not being in Danielle’s kids’ eyes. That very dangerous “my child would never” doesn’t just bite in the ass it consumes the whole dang thing. every time. Listen for it IRL next time you hear someone pop off about it. Chances are their own child is a hot ass mess. Exhibit-the manzo spawn. And yes, Lauren’s chubby lil face and dimples had the potential to be cute if her momma didn’t make her so doggone miserable all the time. Sometimes I see still pictures of her from back in the day just hangin out with Vito (who clearly accepts her no matter what) and you see the beautiful girl she was meant to be. then you see her on TV with her mom and fat or thin the misery on her face ruins it.

            • Very profound Made and very well stated. Kids by their nature are not perfect. My BFF has kids and the youngest is 6 years older than mine and she always warned me about the danger of buying into the perfect parent myth and the perfect child. I could write a book about all the parents who bragged about their seemingly perfect children only to have those perfect kids tumble off the pedestal….and sometimes very publicly. We as humans are by nature imperfect. I don’t love my kids for their perfection or their achievements I love them because they are uniquely flawed and imperfect and my heart.
              Also my bull shit detector is going off like crazy with some of the farfetched perfect kid stories. Ya right……

            • I was the perfect child except for the pesky thing about eating my moms diatetic cookies and her Diatetic weight loss cubes oh and I said pissed one time at the dinner table ;)

            • @ Lisa , I was the neighborhood ringleader, a tomboy and I lived for my next adventure. My momma bless her heart wanted my older sister and I to be “ladylike” like our patty perfect older sisters. I was headstrong and stubborn . My only saving grace was that I excelled in school. Sure I had to sit detention a few times for convincing the cheer squad to wear red ruffled panties under our uniforms so when we backflipped …well lets just say it got everyone’s attention. I was the bane of my mom’s existence.

            • Pittypat we would have been bestest frens. My eighth grade social studies teacher (easily my favorite teacher ever Mr Witcher RIP) retired his paddle the year I graduated 8th grade. While other were getting perfect attendance awards, I was awarded the paddle since I got the most that year for chewing gum then either refusing to “do pages” for it OR if I did “do pages” the first couple sentences would be copied from the book then the rest was just me chewin the cud about my life and whatnot… kinda like the tears I get on on here. I was facebook narcissist before there ever was sucha thing. Ten pages filled up with whatever “status update” happened to come into my lil 13 year old brain. Anyway the paddling became sorta an ongoing joke…. the inevitable conclusion. I was never gonna do those pages… unless I could do them MY way…
              insert Frank Sinatra video here.

            • I was a good teenager but only by default, I was the youngest of 6 so i had the luxery of watching them all make mistakes and catch HE DOUBLE THOOTHPICKS so I knew what made my parents angry and what happened soooooooooooooooooo I knew to be good and got special priveldges to include no curfew something that pissed my siblings off.
              I am no dummy. I really wanted to be bad and rebelous but i did like that no curfew thing.

              LOl at the red panty thing now that is funny.

            • I will share one favorite story about one of the perfect mommies and her perfect daughter. After I finally got off my grounding and detention for the red lacey panty commotion, I decided to turn over a new leaf and go to the Baptist Sunday School plus i wanted to get my name in the hat for Freshman Sweetheart and be a certain blonde hunk a burning loves date to the sweetheart banquet at FBC. That entailed going to Sunday evening services as well which severely curtailed my time spent cruising Main Street. I was taken aside after a couple of weeks of devotion and told by a certain goody two shoes Momma that I had about a snowballs chance in hell of getting that sweethearts crown. Wouldn’t ya know that very nite my friends and I followed Goody and her Goody boyfriend , Mr FFA King, outa town. To our shock and surprise they turned down an old dirt road and this chaste couple took off. We turned the headlights off and
              followed them. they parked and started gettin busy. To our complete shock clothes started flying off and they were doing the dirty. Please no one ever got past second base with me and that required a class ring and going steady . Best part of all once we got past the utter shock? When they came flying outa that car naked as jaybirds when we started flashing the headlights and laying on the car horn. I laughed til I cried. Oh and I got that crown LOL!

            • Oh my! I am loving the fun stories of youth! My mother was the “My child would never…” mother. She was fortunate with me aside from when I took their car joy riding without my license (multiple times), skipped classes to go drinkin’ and fishin’, and when I was arrested. I was the bad girl with the good reputation. I was an honor roll student, involved with school activities, had multiple jobs, highly involved in my church and an overachiever so nobody pegged me for acting out. I think my mom got a wee bit of karmic pay back by uttering “My child would never…” ;)

            • I’m telling ya we would of all been besties! Made I love the video. Thank you that is as good as a crown any day and absolute perfection. I will have to tell ya bout Miss Peanut Queen someday. That was a hair raisin’ scandal of epic proportions.

            • LMAO @ “waxy little ears”! I bet there are some blackheads in there, too. I worked with someone that had those. It made me want to hurl.

            • Imma vomit like Critter if you keep talking like that!

              Caroline NEVER wanted anyone outside the fambly to know that is how she cleans their ears.

            • Lol! I suspect with her personality there are alot of things she doesn’t want people outside the famibly to know. Funny her own family buys her schtick but it doesn’t look like many others do. Her not teaching them to (or letting them) do anything on their own is really not good for them in the long run. If you love your kids you try to teach them. Most moms are bothered if the kids are still acting needy by the time they’re in their teens.

            • and she shouldn’t be stroking anything on those manchilds, that’s just grossly wrong. lapbands hairy back? that’s okay.

        • You can see she’s trying to change that image. I think having people like Jax (who has her own problems) Kathy & Mego ,neither of which are going to be honest with Caroline because they want to be in on a storyline & I don’t think they really care anyway, she really didn’t have a clue how psycho she was coming across. No one there to be honest with her until she saw the public’s reaction to the bitterness . Like the whole Heat Miser thing, I can totally see it! Add a dash of Gladys Kravitz (neighbor always peering through Samantha’s windows on Bewitched) & that’s the image I get of her . Funny, she had no idea how others really see her.

      • The video in the thread was a ignorant drunk Joe Giudice on the bus. I dont think Caroline is an overbarring mom like all those people have said. I think she has raised her kids to be independent and I dont think she pay the rent for any of them. I think that she is a no nonsene type of person and doesn’t tolerate and bs from Teresa. I personally have not read anything about her financing or paying for anything for her kids but here. She is a business partner with her daughter. I am a business partner with mine too and I don’t pay her rent.

        • They dont make enough on their own with BLK to support themselves in the manner they are being supported. Of course mommy is supporting them or as she likes to call it “partnering” or “investing” as with Cafeface. Its still the same though. Mommy is footin the bills for all of them. Or more accurately mommy is forcing daddy to foot the bills.

          • Made, we have no idea what their financials are. My daughter has a small business and we make a good living on it. No one knows for sure what they make do they?

            • Kudos to you and your daughter. :) That is wonderful! I love small businesses.

              I honestly do not know the financials of the kids.

              Don reminds me a lot of my own mother (except my mom can be happy and fun about 50% of the time). My mother has borderline personality disorder. Part of the co-dependence dance is to keep the other person “needing”, whether that is emotional, physical or financial. When I see Don Caro interact with all of her children, I see her doing the “put them up on a pedestal to take them down later” behavior. Borderlines also have a problem with boundaries (all that touchy feely sexual stuff with kids). I can’t diagnose her and I don’t want to, but something about her behavior has my gut saying “Hmmmm…”

              I’m only speculating that these kids do not have a great deal of their own money (which is fine) and there is likely help from the parents. I think Don Caro’s motives are not necessarily pure. She may not realize it. I also know I might be projecting based on my own experience. I own that.

            • I just see her as a parent who loves their kids and defends them. She reminds me of my mom. My mom is 100% Italian and her theory is go big or go home. My grandmother was exactly the same. My hubby is alot like Albert, he is funny and hilarious but he is a workaholic and inherently shy. He has never spoke to people online or even his family, if a camera is around, he just freezes. But yet he is the most open, caring and witty person I know. He would go to the ends of the earth for our children and grandchildren. All I have ever said is we dont see enough of these people on the show to make judgements about their characters or lives. We can only go on what they tell us

            • They do not make enough off BLK to support the lifestyle of 2 house households. 3 if you count that disgusting cousin. I bet my local Avon girl takes home more than they do.

            • We dont know what the financials are. Ok, how much money could Teresa possibly make peddling hair products in 2nd rate salons and malls. Her cookbooks haven’t sold much since they have been out so long now, She has only 2 scheduled events from Dec 14 through Jan.1. There is no nationwide advertising on her products at all. BLK has went to a nationwide advertisment and linking up with other wine products for distributation. The trip to Napa set up a national distribution allience. Wine would be distributed on the eastcoast through BLK and BLK would be distributed on the west coast through the winerys. Thats why I seen the end cap of BLK in the store in northern California.

            • They are not making enough on BLK to sustain 3 households. My husband owns his own business too and he aint selling 2 dolla nicknack pattywhacks to ah handful(don’t kid yourself) of stores. And even at that the first three years in business it didn’t make enough to sustain 3 households on its own. and my husband has a trade -far more lucrative than snakeoil/sludge water selling.

            • @Barb , Yeppers the title only refers to Caroline aka the Chuckie Manzo., as do the facebook page screen shots, the faked Chuckie book cover. But hey lets have a random discussion about the evils of Juicy Joe Guidice. Rain Man much?

            • @pittypat….I know it does but hatred is just so horrible. I have my ignore on now. Thanks for telling me I’m not crazy…… :-) actually you didn’t but did make me feel better. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…….

            • No it wasnt BGG takes it up the butt. And that stretches it out. I gots a butthole myself so know how it works.

            • I agree. I think if you know Bravo would be filming and he knew, maybe he should have waited for the refreshment til after the filming was over.

            • Maybe you or I would do that…but honestly..I truly believe he just doesn’t give a f*** about what people think of him…

            • My husband can be loud and will say things for shock value…that’s his personality…but it’s not a reflection on me…it’s a reflection on his upbringing….he was taught to be himself and only care about what the people, who matter to him, think. So if Juicy’s family loves him that’s all that matters to him…not what I think of him….just like my husband cares what I think about him…not what strangers think…(does that make sense?)

            • It wouldn’t matter if I was on TV or not, because my husband will always be himself no matter what circumstance. So if we were on “reality tv” he would still say stupid things and “push the envelope” with people because he is true to himself. Honestly if all of these hw shows had people who were prim and proper all the time…no one would want to watch because it would be boring…drama drags people in. So Caroline can poke fun (sober) at her daughter’s weight struggles on TV (and that’s extremely offensive to overweight people, everywhere), but the Gay community may be offended by Juicy’s drunk joke and only that’s not okay?

            • She was talking to her daughter I can say what I want to my daughter. Juicy has no class. He is a disguisting pig who cheats on his wife and makes her look bad.

            • What does you “saying what you want” to your daughter have to do with Caroline or Juicy? I think that Caroline calling her daughter an Assh*le on TV offensive, letting the world know that Lauren’s own brother took her to prom, and calling her something along the lines of “10 lbs of sausage in 5lb casing” fat extremely offensive…and she wasn’t drinking when she said those things….Juicy drinks way too much and gets himself in trouble…but he isn’t embarassing you on tv…he’s embarassing himself…

            • I have 4 daughters. I tell them how it is. I am not a hold back mom. Tough love, yep. I love my daughters and if they are doing something that is dangerous or offensive they will hear it. I am not going to lie or sugar coat anything. I am not their friend, I am the parent. I think Caroline is a good mom and says whats on her mind.

            • “Bless your kind heart” thinking about all the people who watch TV. My goodness comedians make off colored jokes all the time and they make GOOD money. How does that make you feel? Or is it just because it’s the Guidice family that you HATE so much?

            • Ok I don’t gett it. Why would the Giudice family hate me? I have seen Teresa once in my life at a book signing in a bookstore I walked into when I was in New York for a conference. What is up with you accusing everyone who is not a Teresa fan of being related to Melissa? Each one of these women have fans out there. Teresa might have alot of fans here but she doesnt have a ton out there. She had alot more a few years ago. I take this show with a grain of salt. I am not a fanatic and I refuse to be degraded and belittled for who I like. I am a fan of a NJ housewife who is not Teresa.

            • @laceys. Barb said “its the guidice family that you hate so much”….. you misread…….why anyone think the guidices hated you?

            • Good for you….some people look for any reason to argue…..even if they make it up….and you’re welcome!

            • I did misread it but she is the one who thinks that if you are not a Teresa fan, you have to be related to Melissa. I don’t know any of these people. I have seen Teresa at a bookstore in NY when I was there for a conference. We left on break and I went into a bookstore and poof there she was.

            • laceys, please why such bitterness, I never talk about any of the hw like you talk about Teresa. I don’t think it would be fair as I don’t know them personally. I may say that Jac talks to much about Autism etc, or Carolyn about her kids, but never nastiness. However, not everyone of my comments mentions one particular HW. Everyone of your posts has a nasty comment about Teresa. Why?

            • Me. I have never accused anyone of being related to any cast member because they favor a castmate over teresa. Correct? I am done not being able to say what I feel, I have an opinion and I am going to voice it. I have read here when some have said that Nicholas wasnt autistic but FAS and other stuff that was bad. Please, I am now going to say what I will about Teresa so hold one.

            • Everyone else laughed. And it is true too unless his boyfriend(s) is/are packin a pencil. Word? :) Also if it wasn’t for that then @GregsLooseHole would not have been born. For that I am grateful.

            • Made, it made Juicy again look like an ass in the eyes of most of the gay people and he needs to guit. He looks bad, makes his wife look back and his kids when he does crap like that on tv. He needs to learn that what he thinks is funny, most reasonable people do not. I know he could give a crap less about the show, but his behavior affect how everyone looks at him, his wife and his kids.

            • Like I said, I got my own butthole too and as such have had a penis up in there a tie or two(special occasions and stuff) and stuff aint right for days afterwards. So gays know its true too. I cant help if CERTAIN ONES get all butthurt(see what I did there?) over the truth. That’s literally on them. Most( gay and straight)have a sense of humor and laugh it off. Its just the queeny ones(BGG and Andy) that want to clutch their dang pearls over it.

            • I guess I am not a “reasonable” person” then cause I thought it was funny. I doubt Juciy cares what “reasonable” people think anyways.

            • His kids look bad when he says things that irk CERTAIN gays? Particularly the man-slut ones like BGG (allegedly) whose butts are slack gaps due the sheer quantity of peen they take? Would you prefer Milania set him straight with “Oh no father, gays have butts that are tighter than diks hatband… era body knows that you old troll?” bahahahahahaha. No “reasonable” person would think the kids look bad because of things the dad says.

            • “Bless your little heart”, you are just going to have to get your facts straight one time. I DO NOT think most of the gay people watch this low class rated show. Please base your facts on the truth. How about conducting a poll?

            • What? Do I think most of the gay community who seen what Joe Giudice sad would be offended, YES they would. I have a friend who is gay and he watches the show and he was extremely offended. If someone said that about Teresa’s “V” after having 4 kids, you would have been offended. Just saying…………

            • Loooooose butthooooooole! It’s funny ‘cuz it’s true. I am a reasonable person and I laughed at what Juicy said. I laughed heartily and repeatedly when I re-watch that clip. Loose butthole, loose butthole, loose butthole. Bwahahahahaha! That’s funny.

            • It wasn’t ‘cuz he’s gay, it’s ‘cuz he is a man slut. Just like when I say MeGo creates an echo in the room when she opens her legs. I ain’t picking on her ‘cuz she’s (allegedly) heterosexual, I’m calling her a ho bag.

            • Yeah it was. Everyone on the bus was appalled at what he said. He is a useless piece of crap drunk. He is rude, ignorant and a joke and makes his wife look as bad. He is the one out porking everything that moves, hope she got her shots

            • Not everyone was appalled….Jacqueline and Chris Laurita were cracking up laughing….like Chris was almost crying he was laughing so hard in the video.

            • Honestly If I were Tree I would be more embarrassed over the diarrhea of the mouth Juicy had when talking to Jamie about how good he smelled and how his gay friends he used to play with smelled good too or sumpin like that.

            • I agree Lacy. I think it was terrible to say that on tv. Made him and Teresa look like asses on tv. But thats not new. It just shows who the really are. It shows that they make ignorant comments about people and they have no class.

            • It was a sexual innuendo which is not new to tv. Joe Giudice is a creep. He dates littlle coeds and meets all these women in restaurants and casinos. He makes his wife look stupid. Then to top it of on tv he is drunk again and makes a rude offensive comment about a gay guy. Not the first time he has done that. What its about the 4th time he has offended the gay community? Joe and Melissa’s sexual innuendo was still not as pathetic as Teresa begging for sex in a vineyard where all her castmates were only feet away. How embarassing. Not the first time for that either huh.

            • OMG I can’t believe you said that. That was as close to PORN as you could get. You hate the Guidice’s and this leads me to believe you are a Marco family member. Say what you want. “GOD BLESS YOU” Do not answer me back because I will not answer to you.

            • Porn. Excuse me. Tre was begging for sex in a vineyard inches from where a camera crew was and yards from where all her castmates were. Thats pathetic. I am not related to anyone on the show. Thats the excuse around here when someone likes someone other than Tre. HOW DARE THEY. I dont like Tre, its ok. I do like Melissa like thousands of others. There is not just a fan base for “TRE”. There are fans out there for all the castmates. I was raised in MD and moved to CA a couple years ago. Sorry I like Melissa and Joe. Heck I even like Jac and Car and Kathy.

            • It was funny ‘cuz it’s true. Maybe they have some kinda butthole rejuvenation surgery that can help him out.

            • Yes they do its called a Posterior rep it tightens up a recocele

              I will niether confirm nor deny i have personal experence with this procedure.

            • I bet it is on his Christmas List. He even wrote a song about it: ‘All I want for Christmas is my New Butthole’.

            • @dsuea I doubt people would be yuking it up if someone had said Teresa vagina must be streached out so much she pisses/craps her pants because she had 4 kids..something just are not funny, I have had reconstructive surgery on my niether regions i dont find lose butt hole jokes funny in the least its not fun to piss and crap your pants because you have no muscle tone down there because of Childbirth or whatever. But its just my opnion.

            • I agree Lisa. It was tasteless. It showed a complete lack of class but then again we are talking about Joe Giudice who has no tact and class.

            • @barb that Simulated BJ thing was bad from the discription (i havent seen it myself)
              But I will go on record saying I am tired of the following
              1. all the sex talk
              2blurred put peens
              3 talk about whose is bigger
              4. whose vah jay jay smells like what( the househusbands not the posters here)
              5. sex toys
              6. begging for sex

              Ok will you talk to me

            • I agree with you Lisa, I DON’T start it for sure but I am just sick and tired of seeing all the bull sheet. When a comment is made and this is my opinion others have theres stick to the comment, we don’t have to bring others into that comment. If you want to make a comment about it, then start a new one.

            • But Barb, you can’t be offended when someone calls Teresa out for the same or worse behavior when everyone calls out their favorite. Everyone has a favorite and they are going to defend that favorite person. Its their favorite and they have the right to their opinion. Its their opinion. When someone says Melissa has an STD, the person who is a fan is going to come back with something.

  3. Caroline laughed during the video,while she continously caressed her grown ass son, and Chris Laurita laughed heartily too.

    Ah….Manzo family values!

    • Lawdy Miss Candace , that is indefensible and inappropriate. Run Al Run. Spot on! Manzo family values.

      • I’m all for hugs and kisses between family members, no matter the age.

        It’s the strange quality of the looks she gives them and the type of caressing she does. It has a sexual quality to it that makes people sqeamish and wonder about them.

          • add to that the having her son read “Fifty Shades of Grey” aloud to her. Chucky ain’t getting any from Fat Al, that’s for sure.

        • I also cannot fathom any mother encouraging her son to open a strip car wash. It encourages the exploitation of women and for Chuck to act as if she is the moral arbiter of RHONJ while bragging about her son’s concept. Sickmaking.

          • Great point! She’s probably excited because anything that keeps deez boyz off the market is a great idea in her eyes. A stripper car wash is close to the epitome of scaring the ladies off.

            • I think the Don would be thrilled to see either of her boys hooking up with a stripper…that is as long as their just “sowing their wild oats.” You can bet Carowhine would go thru the roof, if one of her son’s wanted to marry a stripper!

            • That would be so funny! I hope one of deez boyz marries a woman that can talk over Don Caro. I’d love to see that.

  4. The way she was rubbing his neck is the same way I would run my hands through my husbands hair…it’s not appropriate for a grown man’s mom to touch him that way….her body language was “he’s mine…back off”….I’m skeeved….

    • perhaps that why she is always so quick to point out that her manchildren are too busy working for girls. I am surprised she doesn’t follow it up with “now come over here my precious and let momma brush your hair.

      • hahahahahahaha…..I don’t many guys (if any) that are “too busy” for girls when they are in their early 20’s….it’s cuz Mama says they’re the devil and won’t let them near her babies!

    • I agree! VERY skeeeeeeevy (extra “e” to demonstrate the skeeviness). Don Caro’s caress in that clip is somewhere between a grope and a strangle.

  5. I think part of her pawing Critter (notice he’s the youngest) is her trying to avoid the reality that he’s an adult. The more the truth shows itself the harder she has to fight to keep it at bay.

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