TERESA GUIDICE: Tree Appearing At BIGGEST Gay Club in Detroit… Tree’s Cruise Cancelled…

Teresa Giudice’s upcoming appearance two days after Christmas should convince MissAndy that Tree is on that gay train!   Tree is givin’ up precious fambly time to AGAIN prove to MissAndy that she’s “gay friendly”…

Tree will be hosting a par-tay at Menjo’s… in Detroit.    Other hosts include all the contestants from RuPaul’s DragRace…

RHONJ Tree Gay Club


Menjo’s looks like a very cozy place…

Menjo Teresa RHONJ

HEY!!!  Wasn’t Tree signed up to cruise from FL on December 28, a day after her Menjo’s appearance…as mentioned on SH back on August 21, 2012???

How will Tree go from Detroit; back to Towaco to git Juicy and da kidz all packed, and make a from-scratch dinner; then down to FL?  Well, she won’t!

RHONJ Teresa Cruise

Inside cabins start at $1,613 per person, based on double occupancy and the reservation deadline is August 24, so get cracking.

NOTE:  If you were planning on cruisin’ wit Tree and Juicy… you must have been one of a handful of interested cruisers, as Tree’s eight-day New Year’s cruise was CANCELLED.  

When will these Housewives figure out that they are not the big draws that they think they are!   People who have the money are not going to spend it on products associated with the Housewives… unless it’s a $12 bottle of wine!  As mentioned earlier this month, Shana’s cruise was also cancelled.

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  1. Oh Teresa girl, you know you got to start with one of em’ DAY CRUISE type of ish, for $99, everyone gets a bottle of wine, and a cookbook….BAM….NOT seven days- don’t wanna be on water for that long…lol


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