TERESA GUIDICE: Tree Appearing At BIGGEST Gay Club in Detroit… Tree’s Cruise Cancelled…

Teresa Giudice’s upcoming appearance two days after Christmas should convince MissAndy that Tree is on that gay train!   Tree is givin’ up precious fambly time to AGAIN prove to MissAndy that she’s “gay friendly”…

Tree will be hosting a par-tay at Menjo’s… in Detroit.    Other hosts include all the contestants from RuPaul’s DragRace…

RHONJ Tree Gay Club


Menjo’s looks like a very cozy place…

Menjo Teresa RHONJ

HEY!!!  Wasn’t Tree signed up to cruise from FL on December 28, a day after her Menjo’s appearance…as mentioned on SH back on August 21, 2012???

How will Tree go from Detroit; back to Towaco to git Juicy and da kidz all packed, and make a from-scratch dinner; then down to FL?  Well, she won’t!

RHONJ Teresa Cruise

Inside cabins start at $1,613 per person, based on double occupancy and the reservation deadline is August 24, so get cracking.

NOTE:  If you were planning on cruisin’ wit Tree and Juicy… you must have been one of a handful of interested cruisers, as Tree’s eight-day New Year’s cruise was CANCELLED.  

When will these Housewives figure out that they are not the big draws that they think they are!   People who have the money are not going to spend it on products associated with the Housewives… unless it’s a $12 bottle of wine!  As mentioned earlier this month, Shana’s cruise was also cancelled.

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394 comments on “TERESA GUIDICE: Tree Appearing At BIGGEST Gay Club in Detroit… Tree’s Cruise Cancelled…

  1. I don’t know why the cruise line would actually think that anyone would pay so much just to cruise with a housewife. Such idiots.

  2. Yeah, it’s on the high end just to crusie with a h/w. Teresa’s kids are such cuties. High spirited but you don’t want mindless robots. She may be trying to change Andy’s mind or it may be that she doesn’t want to feel like she’s hurting anyone’s feelings (meaing the viewers who have something in common with Greg.) I can’t imagine after 4 seasons she’s that concerned with Andy. ?

      • I wouldn’t want to be around them, climbing on tables, hitting one another and screaming all the time. I am guessing the other 616k twitter fans didn’t want to either. I do think its hilarious that NO ONE wanted to go on a cruise with Teresa. Perfect example that the fan base isn’t quite what its cracked up to be.

        • “Climbing on tables, hitting one another and screaming all the time” — they sound like the Jolie-Pitt kids! :)

          While it’s true that not every child is free to be a child, with their individuality supported and uniqueness embraced, because it’s not always CONVENIENT for the adults around them, I cannot help but admire parents like the Giudices who are committed enough to raise these little ones as it’s been my experience that their self assurance, competitive drive and creativity inevitably ensures that they’re the ones in the board room when they grow up!

          Oh, just FYI, and the fact that the cruise was cancelled doesn’t mean that NO ONE signed up for it, dsuea. It just means that NOT ENOUGH people signed up for it. Thankfully, Tre is incredibly generous with her appearances, so her fans do not have to pay a lot of money to meet her!

        • I know they might not be the most well behaved children on the planet but I don’t believe they are that way all the time. I think Andy and Bravo picked the worst behavior they could find to amp things up. If we saw these children for a week straight for 24/7, I highly doubt you would see that all the time. It takes forever to film a take of these shows, can you imagine being a little kid that just wants to play and be told you couldn’t until what was like 6 hours later.

  3. Buying booze at a booze signing is one thing shelling out 2 grand to sail with these bozo’s is quite another,

    • I agree, and I also can’t see why she has to prove jack shit to MANDY. I know I wouldn’t. It’s the holiday season and people like to be with family. You all know what he can do. This is just my HUMBLE opinion. Thank you.

      • Barb I don’t necessarily think it’s to appease Andy. My guess is they are paying her a nice little appearance fee. Tree might look dumb but she is capitalizing and hustling her ass off to support her family.

      • I don’t care if its the holidays, there isn’t enough people that want to go anywhere with her. She just doesn’t have the fan base that every has been preaching she does.

            • The Tree army is not just any army. Remember? Army of idiots and crazies. ;) The Tree army couldn’t find da boat. teehee

              (I don’t really get the housewife cruise thing. Perhaps I’ll have an “aha” moment about it but I think it’s weird. A cruise in itself sounds heavenly!)

              • I don’t get it either. I do think that kind of cruise is kind of weird. LMAO. Teresa has fans, I don’t think its an army or I don’t think they are crazies. I think a couple bad apples are there and a few fanatics but every group has one or two. I like Melissa too, but I am not defending her to the end of the earth, its not happening. Sometimes they all act like idiots or STOOPID, they are human like we are. I just can’t imagaine who would want to go on a cruise with Juicy there, just kind of makes my stomach turn. I was amazed that he could go out of the country while on bail, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • I was just joking around with “Army of idios/crazies” :) (I think Don or Kathy or Richie or the camera guy said that last season lol)

                I imagine if most of the ‘wives do a cruise that it would be like a nonstop infomercial for days. Can you imagine? I like infomercials–mostly for comic relief–but I can’t watch them for days.

              • Bahahaha! So funny! …with the Bravo branded survival kits including dried meats branded by Evolution media with SCR Lana’s Mad Max picture on the pouch :D

              • With some skinny girl and milania hair care to keep us looking good. Might be a Kim Z wig in there so we can just be our absolutely best.

              • I’m just assuming BLK, Fabellini, Romana’s Pinot and other housewife wares will also be included in case of emergency. There will be a card with Jackalaoon’s “emergency hygiene” instructions that say “Just wash the important parts!”

              • NO BLK, too much mineral content to do anyone any good. LMAO…a handy cleanliness is next to godliness card.

              • A few of the TRE ARMY could benifit from some Pharmacutical intervention If you ask me.
                The ones on twitter are just really out there esp when they go on attack mode. Thankfully they are the minority.

              • There are a lot of HW stalkers that need some pharmaceuticals. Some people get on an literally foam at the mouth. It’s just disturbing.

              • I would pay money to watch RHOBH vs Juicy drunken gymnastics LIVE. Karent from RHOM can be available for chipped teeth and to fix Vyle’s teeth. No skirts or kilts allowed.

              • I would have a front row see, heck that would be worth the 2k. Even my hubby would love seeing that. Maybe Bravo is listening. It would be priceless

              • It always seems like Bravo’s trying to sell us 10 pounds of you-know-what shoved into a 5-pound bag when what they should be doing is just own what they’ve got and sell fertilizer, i.e, give the HWs the edit they’ve written for themselves:

                Tre gets the “Simpleminded Mommy” edit,
                Jac gets the “Drunk Mommy” edit,
                MeHo gets the “Whore Mommy” edit,
                Kathy gets the “Married to a Creepy Perv Mommy” edit, and
                Caroline gets the “Reason So Many People Are in Therapy Mommy” edit

        • I don’t think it’s only that Tre doesn’t have the fan base, I think the same applies to each and every participant on these reality shows. I know I for one wouldn’t spend my hard earned money or plan a vacation around a reality star.

          • She pledged to Holland Cruises that she had enough fans to fill that ship and she doesn’t. People were ask to put up for her and they didn;t. All I have heard about for the last year is what a huge fan base she has and all these fans would buy her products and anything she promotes. Apparently, thats not the case. Look at her schedule, even the personal appearences and bottle signings are tanking. We have 1 scheduled and 1 gay club promotion. I am pretty sure that would qualify as a 2nd rate cocktail lounge or bar and isn’t that off limits for the fine and proper Teresa? Wasn’t the comments last week saying that Melissa would leave her kids at home and go to seedy cocktail bars and lounges and Teresa would never do that. My My how things change in a week.

            • The only part I’m going to comment on is the cruise (because I’m not reading the rest)….so if you are a “fan” of Teresa’s you must be able to spend over a thousand dollars to stay in a room on a cruise? It’s not that Teresa doesn’t have enough fans…it’s that her fans are not rich….I for one do not have the $$$ like that to spend on a cruise, yet I’m a “fan”…since you don’t like her…stop worrying about her and how many fans she has….this way you can focus on Melissa :) Turn that negativity against someone you don’t like into positivity for someone you DO like…It’s the holidays remember?

              • So let me see. I am suppose to be cheerful and happy and say only nice things about Tre while all the Tre fans constantly BASH Melissa. Thats how you see it? Not happening. I like Melissa and I will toot my horn and defend her from the Tre fans. Its my opinion. Yeah it is Christmas. Why don’t you look on some of the Melissa articles and see what nice things the Tre fans have had to say.

              • Why do you always have to seem so hostile? I get you don’t like Tre but why does it always have to get ugly, argumentative and down right nasty. There was nothing wrong her clarifying that the amount of money spent does not have to equal whether someone is or isn’t a Tre fan.

              • You really should step back before posting your comments. You do come off as hostile and many people have said as much. Sometimes I get really pissy reading things and just start typing. I have been taking a break before actually posting it. Definitely helps me to continue to keep it light and still get my point across.

              • Bizzy, you need to read some of the comments about Melissa that have been posted. I do not sink to that level and post the filthy degrading stuff. I like Melissa and you cant expect me to sit there and not defend my opinion. You have said repeatedly that you have no favorites but you constantly defend Tre. Really I am not neg all the time, Have you said the same to the ones who have said Melissa is an STD QUEEN and the rest of the not so positve things that they have said about her. Why am I held to a higher standard?

              • OMG I am going to end this here. Again it just goes on and on and it takes away from everything else. I have seen the comments and I think people need to stop acting like rabid animals. That whole std thing was a whole tit-for-tat that was going back and forth and it got out of hand. I am not saying you need to be held to a higher standard but I have noticed more than once you take it to an extreme. You take this way too personal as if you are related to Melissa. I can and will say it again. I am not a anyone fan, I don’t give two shits because none of these people pay my bills or have anything to do with my life other than provide some laughs on a Sunday night. I don’t have a thing invested in one or the other doing better than the other. Each and everyone of them have done their dirt but I find it ridiculous that Bravo and the other cast members have crucified Tre for the things in her life when in reality they all have so many skeletons their closets are bursting. Tell me, has Bravo not glossed over Chris and Jax’s financial issues? Have they not totally ignored the scandal with Big Al and the job he was collecting a check for? Have they not ignored Richie’s various lawsuits that he had in progress? Have they not glossed over Jogo and Mego’s financial issues? If you want to tell me they are not having issues then you are lying to yourself. Each and everyone of these housewives are living well beyond their means in order to appear relevant.

              • OMG Rich got sue for not paying the lawn guy. Maybe he wasnt doing the job. Where are all the liens judgements foreclosures etc. I see some from like 2007, nothing new. Besides who cares. I don’t give two hoots about the financial bs, what I am saying is that for someone who was in foreclosure like all the Tre fans have said for months and months, why are they still in the house. You aren’t going to be staying in a house for years if you are not making the payments correct? Anyone who isn’t a Tre fan is held to a higher standard. It gets old and I don’t believe that I have ever went to the extremem like a few have. I will respond but never with foul and degrading comments like they have……….

              • You are contradicting yourself…if you don’t care about the financial b’s then why are you going off on a tangent about foreclosure. Umm Rich also had problems paying for the gas supplied for his gas station…they took him to court for that if I am not wrong. Again it goes away from what I just said that they all have issues and none were highlighted like Tre’s were. Right now we are not talking about others. I was talking to you about why I thought Bravo was very one sided and you went off on a rant about Tre may not go crazy and spew foul things but you start ranting like you have a personal stake.

              • Just picked a random comment in this conversation to reply to. You know, I think what crappens sometimes is peoples tempers start to flair and they begin to take into account hundreds of past comments made by various posters..then stick the responsibility for all that on the person they are disagreeing with. I dont believe I personally have ever called any HW anything worse than an idiot, and I have called ALL of them that, but Ive been asked multiple times to defend those who do. If I say…that dress is inappropriate for a married mother, I may get ……well, does that make her a slut or a whore? But I never called her that. And thus begins the skinny spiral. And we get further and further away from the original discussion.

              • Yep..that is another big part of the problem. It just feels like people are looking to fight. Like I said grown folks acting like petulant children. The finger pointing and the she said this that or the other has gotten old. I think several other posters have mentioned that they have now downgraded themselves to lurkers vs. posters because of it.

              • I will say whatever I want about the trashy shore whore MeGo and I don’t care what anyone says about Teresa. I don’t talk about what other people are posting, either. ‘Cuz I don’t care. Why all the butthurtness about how MeGo has been passed around more than the common cold.

              • Your opinion. I think its hilarious and not true but hey, you can dream. Wow, atleast they aren’t 11 plus million in debt, atleast her husband isn’t going to court soon and will probably spend years in jail for being so stupid as to put his picture on his brothers license. all the prosecutor has to do is say, your honor, here is his photo. The STATE rests. Then maybe they can tape a segment of America’s dumbest criminal’s.

              • Yawn. I don’t care what anyone says about what I post. I don’t whine and complain about what other folks post. Life is too short. I am here to comment about the housewives, not other posters. If people take it personally and feel the need to criticize me for it, that is on them. I come here to have laugh and poke fun at the stoopid housewives. Come on, people, it is just a stoopid TV show. Lighten up.

              • Yes bashing melissa saying she has STD’S dripping down her legs and is a whore slut and other names saying she is cheating and neglects her kids ect is A-OK but OMG say somethign bad about the Sainted one and its a crime and we are told to say something postive. So when is everyone going to say something positive about Melissa..

                and I want it noted that a TRE fan mentioned Melissa name first.

              • Before we “note” it, Lisa, could you please point me to that Tre fan who mentioned She Who Shall Not Be Named first in this thread?

                The first I see is a post by dsuea at 1:08 AM on December 18th — who I believe has made it abundantly clear is NOT a fan of Tre’s!!! LOL

              • Let’s be honest those post you are referencing was a kind of tit for tat with two posters. This whole finger pointing and the whole woe is me I can say or post whatever gets no one anywhere. It just turns the whole thing sour and makes people want to step away from the site and posting. It’s getting really old now.

              • Yes it is getting old, real old and both sides need to stop the little digs. Everything was fine on this thread until someone decided to get a little dig in.

              • Bizzy, Barb gave me some wonderful advice and I hope it helps. Click ignore. If I would have kept that in mind yesterday this would not have started. The rules quite clearly say we do not attack the children. I could very clearly see that children specifically the Guidice children were being attacked. It wasn’t about Teresa’s parenting although that was the excuse given also the caveat that it happened on the show. I am choosing to ignore. Love posting but hate the drama.

              • I am going to have to look for that button because quite frankly I am getting tired of the childish behavior and the whole nastiness. Grown folks constantly pointing their finger at acting the fool gets tired.

              • Bizzy it works like a charm. I enjoy a good back and forth discussion but won’t post about kids. End of story.

              • I was dying laughing. My sides hurt from laughing. I was impressed they called her Melissa. Last week I heard Melissa leaves her kids to go performs in skanky bars where the cooties are climbing all over. I feel that Harrah’s might be offended with that description. On Dec 27, Tre is getting paid to SIT in a bar in Michigan. How dare she leave her kids at home and go to a bar after dark. This bar is barely rated as 3 stars, not the stellar place Saints should plop their perfect butts in. Its not a fabellini type crowd. Rest assured, its not Harrah’s is it.

              • Please reread what I wrote…..I said redirect your negativity on those you don’t like (tre) and turn it into positvity for those you do like ( meaning saying nice stuff about Melissa) instead….nowhere did I tell you to say something nice about tre….no need to be hostile…and no one on this thread was talking crap about Melissa……care to apologize for attacking me?

              • I am doing nothing different than everyone else here who happens to be a Teresa fan. I have never said one thing hostile or neg towards any poster. I just say what I want about Tre. Its my opinion. I have decided that I have and opinion and I plan on telling the world why I don’t like her. Just like every Tre fan has went on and on about what a terrible person Melissa is. Just my opinion.

              • Methinks the point sarajean is trying to make is: 1.) Take negative feelings and 2.) Transform the negative feelings into positive expressions about what one likes/loves. I think it is a lovely sentiment.

                Sarajean is not saying “Don’t have an opinion. Don’t say what you want. Don’t bash Tree. Don’t like Melissa., etc, etc”

              • Why do you have to keep on twisting things. Sarajean has made it clear with her plea for positivity and putting out good things in the universe. It’s like you just want to keep beating a dead horse. Can you just let it go already.

              • Many years ago there was a mentally ill man in our community who walked through our office every day — he came in the front door, walked through the office, through the staff break room, and went out the back door, generally at a rather high rate of speed and all without saying a word. And every morning he made a similar tour through every single office building downtown. No one tried try to stop him; we didn’t try to engage him in conversation or ask him why he was there or where he was going; a good morning nod if you happened to be looking up when he walked by was sufficient. He wasn’t there for conversation and was clearly passing through for reasons known only to himself.

                l share this story with you only because I think it’s important to remember that we all bring a bit of ourselves to our posts and there can be great differences between us. Some may be expressing themselves through the lens of things that are going on in their personal lives. Others may be mentally limited and have difficulty staying on point, drawing logical conclusions or following a logical train of thought. And maybe, like the man I recall from my youth, there are even some people who are here not for conversation but are just determinedly walking on their own path for reasons known only to themselves.

                My point, you lovely, sensitive SH souls, is simply that we really cannot take things too personally or get upset about things that are entirely out of our control. In our office, we always held a kind thought for the man who walked through and I can tell you that that approach has, in my experience, withstood the test of time.

              • Real I am going to have to take that splendid story and just let folks be who they are. There really are some special people out there. In the spirit of the holiday and saving my sanity I am just going to back away from the crazy and just hit the mental ignore on some things.

                Thank you.

              • Didn’t your mamma ever tell you to be a leader not a follower and it’s better to be the bigger person in things. Think positive and put out positive things and that is what will come to be. Any who…have a good day. The sun is shining and we are alive..that makes it all the better. Have a good one.

              • (and please show me where I asked only non tre fans to say nice things….because I didn’t..and I’m really tired of you “putting words into my mouth” and misreading everything I post…you just think that because I like Teresa as a hw, that I fit into some “box” of what you think a Teresa fan is…and that’s unfair and uncalled for)

              • I haven’t put words in anyones mouth. What I said is I am going to give my opinion. There are far more graphic opinions around if you are offended. I don’t like Tre and I will say what I want. Please skip on over my comments.

              • (ChemGeek totally gets what I am trying to say)…….dsuea: I TOTALLY GET YOU DON’T LIKE TRE….but how about putting some positive things out into the world and tell us ALL THE REASONS YOU LIKE MELISSA….Just for the holidays….In this world it’s so easy to spread hate….why is it difficult to spread love? (this is not a question I am asking you to answer)

              • Sara, you are both Tre fans. Yeah its fine that I am only saying positvie things and that way all the Tre fans keep going and all the Melissa fans, Caroline fans, Kathy fans and Jac fans are just suppose to be nice and not say a word? When the Tre fans do it and there is more of them here, so will I.

              • So if all the Teresa “fans” only post nice things about Teresa you will post nice things about Melissa? I’m not asking just you: DSUEA to do it…I was asking everyone (all fans of all hw) to post nice things instead of negative ones ….you just don’t want to accept that..that’s fine…I’m not going to go into it any further, because clearly you are NOT WILLING to understand what I am trying to say (did NOT say you couldn’t understand)….have a nice holiday…and hopefully you will spend it not hating a HW ,you don’t know, so much, and instead enjoy it with your fam and friends!

              • Its hilarious to see the hypocrisy. No you were not asking everyone, just the fans of Melissa, kathy, jac and Melissa have to be nice. Not playing the game. I plan on having a wonderful holiday, The family is flying in tomorrow and will be returning home next friday. I am not the one who spouts venom. I dont think anyone around here needs a hall monitor.

              • Yes, surely this is all part of some diabolical scheme to shut down the MeGo fans. Muhahahahahahahahaha!

                You know what they say about ASSumptions.

              • RealMafiaGrandmother, Thank you for sharing that story! I agree with you about kind thoughts and controlling what one can control. A very nice sentiment! :)

              • P.S. “You” in my post is the royal version of “you”. Not targeted at anyone in particular. Just wanted to clarify that.

            • I would like to cruise with the family from Duck Dynasty. They are just such a down to earth, respectful and loving family. I love them bearded rednecks.

  4. Love Teresa and her family but would never put out that kind of money at the risk of getting food poisoning, no air conditioning or even capsizing. Cruise Lines are crap these days.

  5. I could see me telling my husband oh honey lets go on a housewives cruise! Maybe we a group of girlfriends but most people I know dont routinely shell out that much dough to hang with their friends. Ill spend my money on my family vacays first every time.

    • Yeah if I told my husband I wanted to go do sumpin like that, he would be droppin me off at the front doors of the nervous hospital first thing the next morning.

  6. I’m not a cruise person, but if I were, I’d enjoy being on a cruise with those cute Guidice kids. I get a huge kick out of them.

    • I do love Teresa’s kids. the joi de vivre (sp) is so refreshing . They are smart sassy girls and cute as buttons. Milania cracks me up every time. I love watching the Guidice family time…you never know what to expect! I’m glad they are encouraged to be spontaneous and I’m so happy to watch them interact. I have 3 sisters and Mom used to tell us the most hilarious stories about what we would get up to.

      • It’s fine to discipline your children but you have to let them live too. They need to be able to express themselves and just grow. I like her kids. There are no perfect angels in this world. I think if your child is too quiet you better watch them really good. Those are the sneaky ones. My three each have spunky personalities and are opinionated, they do know how to behave in public. I have always told them you can act the fool at home, within reason of course, but you best to be on your best behavior out and about and in someone elses home.

        • I was a good child except for that playing in a mud puddle in my underwear thing but I was lead astay by that Foster brother. I knew better then to call my parents names or my relatives names and crawl all over produce in the supermarket. and sit down in a pile of salads.
          IMO its ok to be spirited as you call it but eventully that turns to disrespect if you do not teach the child how to act.

          • Lisa I am not going to lie I was very disturbed by their climbing all over things in the supermarket. But I don’t think that little miss mouth was disrespecting her father. I think she was playing with him. Say what we will about Juicy’s participation in his marriage but I think he is a good father. His girls love him.

          • I saw that when they were shopping in Corrado’s, that store is huge. How do we know that it wasn’t scripted and they were made to do that. We don’t. They should have dived into the dessert counter where all the pastries are. Now laugh Lisa… :-)

            • I don’t remember that market scene, but yes, kids should try to behave in public. @Aint, they do have joie de vivre, and I love it!

              • I learned a new phrase today- joie de vivre. Thanks Hers and Pitypat. My free online dictionary give pronunciation but it sounds like “swab da Zebra” and I know that caint be right. I will work on it before I use it in public. I feel all culturfied and whatnot now.

              • I learned that phrase in kindergarten, when my teacher sent home my report card with a note on it that read “RealMafiaGrandmother needs to learn to control her joie de vivre!”

                Now, seriously — can anyone EVER have too much joie de vivre?!?

                In retrospect, BTW, this stands as a rather incredible testament to the efforts of my mother since my father was killed shortly before my 3rd birthday. Can anyone truly think that it would have been better to have come home with a kindergarten report card that said, “RealMafiaGrandmother is appropriately introverted and morose?”

            • Im not in a laughing mood right now…I doubt it was scripted I know so much of the show is but I dont think it is when the kids are concerned.

              • Thanks, American hero died a hr ago it should be effecting me but it is.. I have never meet the man but he is inspiration to all and eps us in Hawaii, SEN DANIEL INOUYE RIP
                plus some work issues I hate dealing looney tune people who Lie they are so exhausting.

              • Oh sorry i went off topic, but well Lying looney people is kinda on topic being this thread is about Teresa ;)

              • Yea he really was,to think he was inprisoned in a Japense concentraiton camp and still went to fight for the country that said he was not good enough to live outside because he was Japenese and couldnt be trusted. He has done a lot for the Military and DOD personal to, without him no one is left to fight for us in congress,

          • I have to agree Lisa. It really bothered me to have a child crawling over food that someone would eat. When I took my kids to the store, they were not climbing on things and screaming at each other. You can have children who are independent and impulsive and still respectful of others in a public place.

      • They are adorable kids, no one denies that. Would I want to be seated on a plane next to them or in a restaurant sitting by them, NO. I think they are out of control and no one seems to care.

        • IMO there are twenty families who would love to have their children with them , out of control, climbing on shopping carts , teasing their dad. They are children. Different as snow flakes, Unpredictable and full of joy. Can we please lay of hating on Teresa’s kids for one day. Please? and Thank you. If ever we needed a reminder that children are to be cherished watching 20 families bury their kids should be a reminder. So jump on me all you want but lay off Teresa’s kids.

          • Very profound Pittypat. Thank you for the reminder of what is important and its heartbreaking to imagine that those parents would give anything today for their children back. Every child is important and precious and a gift.

          • I think a lot of people forget what it was like to have young children. Their kids are now grown so the rose tinted glasses are on. I know I do my best and my children have been taught right from wrong. They have had a moment or two as most kids have. I learned to schedule outings to work around times they needed a nap. Sometimes it’s not possible and if you have an overtired child things happen. That doesn’t mean you are a bad parent. Keeping children still for several hours is a lot. To me knocking kids definitely goes hand in hand with the “my child never.” It’s all a big myth. Shoot sometimes as grown as we are my husband and I can lose our patience and get pissy in certain situations.

            • Isn’t it inevitable that your kid will act up at the most inopportune times? They can be complete angels and then the phone rings and all of the sudden it’s “mommy I need this”, “mom, can you help me whatever”, “MOMMEEEE!” while you are on the phone. If you just went by how someone’s kids act in the background while you are on the phone with them, you would think that they were brats.

              • Ana my kids are 16, 13 and 8 and I have to tell you even the older ones still do that shit. It drives me batty. There will be nothing going on but the minute that phone rings someone or the other need something or the have to get to arguing.

              • It’s crazy making, isn’t it? What is it about the phone ringing that causes a Pavlovian response of kids acting up.

              • I don’t know. I have tried to figure this out forever. I remember my mother spazzing when we were young about the same thing. I wish I could put the house phone on vibrate like I do for my cellphone.

              • Grrr…..stupid phone! It screwed up my post! K…..I’ll try this AGAIN!
                My thoughts as to why your child suddenly has an urgent question, the SECOND you get on the phone, is “Every time a phone rings, a child remembers what they wanted to ask Mom!” Lol!
                It happens to my sister & me, ALL THE TIME! It never fails! We’ll be talking on the phone, & suddenly all FOUR of her kids have “urgent” questions, & my kid will jump in somewhere, a FEW times, with either some story he just HAS to tell me, right then & there, or he has a question that just couldn’t wait!

            • So when does it go from kids will be kids to downright rude behavior..its one thing if the Parent attempts to correct the behavior but when they laugh along with it and say “aww isnt that cute” Not everyone around thinks its cute when they are are trying to eat and little susie is flinging forks across the room or when little johnny is running up and down the grocery isle bumping into you and saying things like WHY ARE YOU SO FAT LADY.3
              Yes sometimes little kids cant help themselves but as parents you should not laugh but try and correct the behavior.

              • Lisa, sorry but sometimes although you know their antics are wrong you do laugh, because it’s just either so damn stupid or just cute. I get what you are saying but as a parent of three I am telling you it’s not always that cut and dry. There is no perfect child and no matter how much you try to discipline things happen.

              • I told you I was perfect dont you beleive me..well except for that Flintstone crewable vitimin episode they shouldnt have made them so colorful.
                Little kids antics are funny sometimes true but when does it stop being funny.

              • It definitely stops when they are in their twenties and throwing good food when there are hungry people everywhere.

            • I’m sorry but this is very raw for me. I love kids and for some unexplainable reason the honery ones have a very special place in my heart. Many of the silliest , naughty, mischievous kids I have known have grown up to be incredible human beings. They are children . love them. Enjoy them. Appreciate the wonder that they can still see. Marvel at their curiosity. We would have a better world if we all were able to push the boundaries and see what happens. Watch the PBS, Mr. Rogers video and ask yourself why we as adults have lost that feeling…..But please let’s leave the kids out of this. They are a blessing and I am sorry 20 families lost their babies. I cannot imagine. We are adults here and the stoopid HW leave us plenty to bash and disagree and argue about. Let’s leave the kids alone . Thank you and I ask you all with the utmost respect whether we agree or disagree.

              • Ain’t I love me some spunk and I totally agree that the bashing over the kids shouldn’t be happening.

              • Very insightful, Aint! You comment made me ponder whether perhaps everyone has a certain amount of mischievousness in them and, if it’s not allowed to come out in childhood, it comes out as adults.

                I’ve known some people like that and, trust me, a few forkfuls of food sailing across a restaurant is NOTHING compared to the unattractiveness of an adult like that! And they never do seem to get over it, either . . .

                I think there was a reason the saying “kids will be kids” came about!

              • Yes eventully kids will be kids turns into Boys will be boys and then there is Ham flying across the Kitchen.

                Just for the record Im not bashing teresa kids, her parenting maybe and really just talking about kids and parenting in general.

              • I don’t think anyone is talking about the children. If anything people are talking about parenting. I think all the kids are great and IMO filming on the show is a lot like when you try to have a conversation or focus on something other than them. Sure enough that is when they will cut up.

              • @Aint: LOVED this post and I couldn’t agree more! I personally believe that children are so very precious, because they are innately closer to GOD…
                I truly believe that. When a baby looks into your eyes, there is a beauty that is indescribable…. It’s as if they see into our eyes and into our hearts thru GODS eyes. It moves me beyond words. Truly, this is emotional for me to even write. I adore Teresa’s free spirited and thinking children; as I adore all children. ITA, let children be children…the time as a child is So short! Life and society, rules, and the unjust harsh realities of the world, enter a child’s world far to quickly as it is. I believe, and will continue to believe, that the world would be a better place if adults would continue to see the world thru the eyes of a child. I am so sorry for those that were cheated of the true gift of childhood…whether by their parents… or those responsible for their youth.

              • Beautiful sentiments, kt. ITA. I don’t have children but I think they are close to God. I also feel this way about animals.

            • Yes it is hard to keep a child still for several hours, which makes me wonder why do parents take kids to fancy resturants or movies then expect them to sit still. In places like dennys and fast food places are different but the resturants i go to are adult themed
              and never fails there are small children there who cant sit still or behave and its not the childs fault really but the parents who expect them to sit still.

              • That is a bad parent. You have to know your kids and their stage and plan accordingly. When they are young dinner with them should be child friendly venues and if you have a child that has to nap you need to plan around that. I get that sometimes you want a real meal but you have to think of everyone else that is spending their hard earned $ too. That is why my Sil and I worked out the kid exchange program. When either needed an adults night the other would babysit the whole tribe. Everyone gets at least one adults night a month like this.

            • I have to say my kids were good kids but they had their moments. ALL KIDS DO…if they don’t they are in fear of their parents. My kids at times acted up in the store, they weren’t the only ones. I just wish that there was a rule that all kids were off limits on here. To me singling out kids is not joking around.

              • Kids cant help themselves, but when you have truly bad kids that act up no matter still its not their faults its their parents who dont try to teach them how to act or disapline them at all. Kids will do what they know they can get away with and it.

              • No one is bashing teresa Kids or any kids, just comemnting on what happened in the store store which isnt their fault really but the fault of the mother who couldnt be bothered to get off the phone and take care of them…Bashing them would be calling them Brats or saying they are Ugly or talentless. Discussing spefic scenes IMO is not bashing.

              • You are justifying not clarifying. Look at all the comments it never mentions parents it only mentions the actions of Teresa’s kids not her parenting or even her. I would not have made my comment. let’s at least be honest. You don’t like Teresa and you all rag on her kids. Fine but I respectfully asked that her kids be left out of it .

              • perhaps you missed it I commented several times on her parenting. I am not raging on her kids, i havnt called them names or anything else

              • Got ya because I’ve seen that in stores around here. Seems mothers just talk away and kids have a ball taking things off of shelves and dropping them into baskets. I guess I used the wrong words.

              • Wonder if there’s any significance to the gay club name: “Menjos”,,,is it pronounced “Men Joe’s”? Or “Men Hoes”? lol – hope Juicy doesn’t sell out and let patrons lick shots off his belly etc just to impress Andy or one-up his famewhore brother-in-law!

          • Oh please. Don;t even go there. Anyone of us would wish that those 20 little angels would be coming home tonight to their families. I do not do personal attacks on anyone on this site and never have but I will say what I want about Teresa. I think she has no control as a mom.

            • Oh please, what? You said things directly about Tree’s children NOT ALL about Tree: “Would I want to be seated on a plane next to them or in a restaurant sitting by them, NO. I think they are out of control” and “I wouldn’t want to be around them, climbing on tables, hitting one another and screaming all the time. ”

              While that may be your opinion, you can argue and support your point without bringing children into the discussion. If you want to talk parenting, it can be a discussion that doesn’t drag the kids into it. You might want to gander at the rules that say children are off limits on SH. It’s a slippery slope when specific kids are targeted. ALL of the kids are off limits, this isn’t just Giudice specific.

              • I do think she isn’t in control of what the kids do. She needs to make them mind. Its her fault, not theirs.

          • @ Pittypat I agree wholeheartedly. I just want to add that S1 Teresa and Juicy had the girls at a restaurant ( the first “happy wife, happy life” was uttered by Juicy) and thewere beautifully behaved. Not a peep! That was when their parents weren’t looking over their shoulders 24/7 looking to see who was going to stick the knife in their back today. Kids pick up on that whether it is verbalized or not, add hoooooours of taping and 4 incredibly energetic girls (like their energizer bunny mommy) and you get some funny (though not intentionally) TV. Too bad some people can’t find THEIR joie de vivre. They’re just little dudes doing what little dudes do, enjoy it!

            • Exactly. I get a kick out of all the kids but admit I love the outspoken little Guidices. Having kids means having a sense of humor. Niece is a social worker and sees unspeakable child abuse. Oftentimes caused by rigid parents determined to impose their will on children who are just being kids. Gives me the sads when folks are nasty about kids. Childhood and youth are the time to make mistakes, push the boundaries, act out.

              • @ Pittypat My daughter is a LCSW and formerly worked with children ( she does hospice now) and the horror stories…dear Lord! HOW can you look at a child – any child – and not see their inner/outer beauty? God bless your niece a million times!!! My daughter had to get out; it effected her so much and it was spilling over to her PL. She was active for 5 years and had hit her ceiling, better luck to your niece and I will keep her in my prayers!

              • Thanks Adios . I do not know how she does it. She was called to an emergency removal where a father boiled a pot of water and made his 3 year old son sit in it because he “wouldn’t potty train”. I could not do it. Thanks for the prayers, she will need them and Christmas is always a bad time.

              • @ Pittypat See, I would be in jail for murder, that father would have needed an army to pull me off him…and that is why I am NOT an LCSW…I wouldn’t last a week. God bless all that can keep it together in the face of such evil, they are angels sent to give balance to this sick world.

              • Not only are they subjected to seeing such hideous things, shoot sometimes people go after them. A childhood friend of mine has a sister that works for Social Services. Sometimes she has to go remove a child from a home. Well early in the summer she went on a call and when she was driving home the wheel flew off of her car. Seems someone had loosened the lug nuts and while she was driving home on the highway, going at a decent speed, her tire flew off. Can you imagine that, you are out trying to help the innocent and someone does that and could have killed you.

              • @ Bizzy Unfortunately, yes, I can imagine that. After last week there isn’t anything I cannot imagine anymore. Too many people walking the path of evil today. Thank God your friend’s sister is okay.

              • I wholeheartedly agree Adios. I would come unglued. I think it is an emotional and mental challenge to handle those situations. I am obviously not equipped because I would go all Ninja on the perp..

              • When my husband hears stuff like that he is all ready to go undercover vigilante. I would totally come unglued and go with the eye for an eye code on them. You want to burn someone, let’s see how you like it. I think that is way better than free room and board in jail on the tax payers dime.

              • @ Pittpat Maybe you and I can get together, follow your niece to her calls and when she leaves we can dress like Ninja’s and give these creeps some street justice! What should we call ourselves?

              • @ Bizzy when people were still using land lines Niece started receiving harassing phone calls. She was involved in a high profile abuse case and the family of the perp started following her .It was scary. I worry about her safety and her children’s safety.

              • My sil is also a LSW and after a year she couldn’t do it anymore. She got to the point where she was refusing to work with abused women as well because she would end up seeing women making excuses for the men while they were all broken and their kids abused as well. She switched over to working with Geriatric patients. She said she was having nightmares at night for what she was seeing.

              • @Bizzy that would be tough . I’m sure that abuse is a vicious cycle to break. I admire anyone who doe Social Services. Geriatrics probably has it’s challenges to but at least there is resolution,

              • @Bizzy and Ana. The horrific things these innocents go through, lives destroyed over stupid , senseless acts that denies a child the future they deserve and why? Why?

              • I always wonder why women in these situations have children. It’s one thing if you love him and are ok with getting whooped on because you are mistakenly thinking he loves you. But on some level in that little brain of yours you have to know it’s not right to bring a baby into it.

              • Aint, Wow! That is beyond disgusting. :( Prayers for the children and anyone having to handle those situations. I am glad there are people who protect the welfare of children.

              • A relative of mine taught SPH (Severely/Profoundly Handicapped) Education. The stories about the shaken babies were so sad. These were children and adults who were born “normal” and became profoundly physically and mentally handicapped from having been shaken as infants. These students were blind, unable to walk or talk, in diapers, etc. because of what was done to them.

              • Thank you Chem. I am grateful that niece can do what she loves despite the stress and the horrific abuse she has to witness. I pray daily for all the wee ones.

              • @bizzy I think in some cases the women think a baby will change the situation or they want something to love them because their spouse dosnt.

            • Good point. And you know what I think? I think the cameras intentionally show up late when they know they will be filming the girls. Knowing that missed naps and bordom of waiting around in frilly dresses would tax the any child.

              • Bravo and Andy knew that people enjoyed watching the kids so they did what they always do..trying to rig it so they get way more to talk about. Kids are kids and didn’t sign on to be on these shows and have to go through the tedious process of filming. So if they act out it was their right.

  7. There is no way I would ever fork over that kind of cash for any celebrity cruise.

    I don’t get the whole gay thing and Mandy’s agenda’s to show that the HW’s love LGBT community. That’s great but he’s just obnoxious about it IMO.

    • I don’t think the price is high due to the appearance of the housewife. I think it really has to do with the time of year. We just got back from a cruise from 11/25-12/4 and I was taking a look at prices for upcoming cruises and that seemed to be the pricing industry wise for a cruise between Christmas and New Years.

      • ITA it is premium cruise season. I love cruises if I can arrange to scuba and sail , We haven’t gone since the kids were in HS but we had a wonderful time, very relaxing.

        • Cruising is such a great way to travel with the family. We had a blast! Kind of cruised out and will take another in 2014.

            • That’s my next goal Lacey. I haven’t been on a cruise since my first one in 2001 and I loved it even though I got sick.

              • Lol. Sorry you got sick, take the little pill before you go When I lived in Hawaii we would go on dependant cruises to the other island, his boat was not very big so it was an adventure. The doc on the ship said take dramamine 2 days before.

              • It wasnt motion sickness it was Mexican ice. Stoopid me just HAD to have the margaritas. Live and learn I guess. :)

              • Sorry but thats hilarious. We were siting in a cantina and they blew this whistle and came over with tequilla and margarita mix, No lce, just tilt the head back and mix. It was fun. One time was plenty. I am not a drinker but I chose the sealed drinks over the fresh ones.

              • I should have done that too. It was a blonde moment thinking knowing Mexican water was a no-no but thinking Mexican ice would be a-ok. Laws i was miserable. But the cruise was still fun. just wish I hadn’t done that. The plane ride back was the worse part actually. sick as a dog the whole way home.

              • Ouch. My friend went about 4 months ago, she decided to do only bottle water, she forgot about only using water bottled in the us. Not funny but it was. She was dog sick for 8 days.

            • It is the most cost effective if you have a big family. We are a family of five so the fact that someone did all the cleaning and there was non-stop food to fit everyone’s mood goes a long way. I love that we get to island hop and are not stuck in one place for what seems like forever.

              • ITA Bizzy and plenty of recreation . We loved our cruise and it was a chance to really get away from it all and spend time together. Our kids were teens so that may have helped but it really created lasting memories.

              • Yep, the got to eat like kings with their own 24/7 chef and got to see several places and participate in so many fun activities. We did get a bit homesick at day 6 but it was worth every penny we spent. That was supposed to be their Christmas gift. Every year we buy tons of stuff and several months down the line you can’t really see what you spent the $$ on. So this year hubby and I decided the vacation would be worth it’s weight in gold. The veritable gift that keeps on giving.

              • Well we have 6 kids so we always needed cost efficiency. The youngest is 10 and she kind of is the spoiled one. The rest are on their own so now we can afford an upgrade in the locations.

              • Me too! We need to get on it before the whole global warming becomes a problem. I want to do the Hawaii trip as well.

              • Not much to see here, when you see one palm tree you seen them all lol….j/k i have been here 30 yrs the novelty has long since worn off lol

              • Lmao. That happens to everyone. I am the same way about NYC. Right after our recent cruise I was uploading pics and my sister asked which island was in that particular pic. I was at a complete

              • My Mother and her friends loved the cruise to Alaska. They also liked the one to the suez canal. Those were her 2 favorites.

      • I’m sorry I will clarify … I would never plan my vacation around a celebrity cruise and fork over that kind of money regardless if the price was normal cruise prices or not.

      • Just wanted to confirm what Bizzymammabee said — I don’t think the price was increased because the Giudices were to be on the cruise; I think that’s the going rate and it was hoped that the Giudices would help sell staterooms. Unfortunately, that’s pretty hard for anyone to do these days, as DonnaLee pointed out — risk of getting food poisoning, no air conditioning, capsizing or worse have really soured me on the idea of a cruise. Hope you had a great time on your recent trip, Bizzymammabee!

        • Real we sure did. Thank you for clarifying. We were gone for 9 days. Norweigan rocks with their service and ease of doing things. Love them. We will be going with them again.

    • @mzjulesaz — IA about the gay angle. It seems you cannot get ahead on Bravo without being uber-gay friendly.

  8. I do two cruises a year, work hard, play harder. I could not talk my husband into going on this cruise. None of my friends wanted to go either. . I am not surprised it was cancelled.

  9. I wouldn’t go on a cruise w/ a HW but if I had to choose btw Tre or Trashbox, I’d choose the plank….LOL just kidding I’d choose The Guidice cruise obviously.

  10. Perhaps theses”gay” events are the way to get Teresa and Danielle to film together. (Just tossing that one out there)

  11. What if the hosts were Kandi Burusss,Phaedra Parks ,Lisa Vaderpump, Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Jenny P. Reza , MJ , Mike, and Asa I book it in aa minute. Now that would be fun times.

  12. I take quite a few cruises and so do my parents. My Dad is ninety years old. He says he hates Holland America cruiseline because there are too many old people. hahahaha. I think Tre would have done better on Carnival or NCL, they have better kids programs and their prices are more affordable to families with children. Plus you CAN get a cheaper rate if you don’t purchase through the group that Tre was selling. Of course you don’t get invited to the special Tre events either.

  13. I cruise 3 or 4 times a year. And as much as I love Tre unless this was a cruise I wanted to go on. I just wouldn’t book a cruise just becuse of a housewife. I also never cruise that time of year. Prices are sky high and there are a ton of kids on cruises then.

      • Her threads stand on their own whereas MeGo’s threads have 500 comments and only 5 of them about MeGo the rest are about Tree. Is there really ever a doubt that Tree IS the star of RHONJ?

        • I honestly wish each HW thread would stay about the HW mentioned….like posts of Tre stay about Tre and posts about MeGo stay about MeGo…but you know that there will be the angry people that need to do the “daily reminding” of how much they hate tre…’s funny because I don’t constantly talk about the people I don’t like…life is too short for so much negativity…as I commented further up…”Turn that negativity against someone you don’t like into positivity for someone you DO like”

          • I am all about pulling a positive from a negative.

            In the spirit of being positive, I have been noticing MeGo’s drive and pavement pounding ability. I will always admire that ability from any one. If she keeps beating street with her (maloof)hoofs then rock on. Someone needs to make the money and JoGo’s custom made crapper business isn’t paying dem bills lol

          • I cant wait for all the positve comments about the other HW to began, when shall i expect to see that?

            • 2 people posted positive things about Melissa above you…..but once again my point is…..say something nice about the housewife you like Instead of saying negative stuff about those you don’t….nowhere in anything I said did I ask you or anyone else who dislikes tre to say nice stuff about her….and its unfair that my words are being twisted.

              • Well I post positive things about Teresa all the time
                so I think Im ok in that dept, I do however not like her i think she is a liar,I think she is so deep in Denial she cant see straight and I think she is Horrible sister to her brother and his wife and I wont be changing my mind thanks for the Advice I will continue to give Teresa good comemnts when i see fit.

              • Lisa if you NEVER want to say positive things about Tre, that is totally up to you…I don’t know if I’m not typing my thoughts out clearly enough…but what I was asking people to do this holiday season….is to post positive things about the housewives they LIKE….(instead of posting or focusing negative things about housewives they DON’T LIKE)…for example: I would post positive things about Teresa and refrain from posting negative things about the other housewives….that’s what I was trying to get across….I’m not asking someone to post nice things about someone they don’t like…because that would be unfair…

              • @ Cyn SH should rig this site to expel puffs out of the keyboard when the thread starts getting skinny! How I adored a good buzz in the old days…lol!!!

              • I like the idea about the pot puffs! Skinny now means we agreein’ to disagree (or agreein’ to agree) and free pot! lol

              • “Free Pot”…lots of people would be very interested in that offer. Although I don’t smoke, after a day like I had today I sure wish I did.

              • @ Bizzy “Free Pot” would be a great name for a band, can you imagine the crowds their ads would draw??
                Tonight in the Bamboo lounge 10- 2 pm
                FREE POT.

                I would go…just sayin’…

              • Adios that would definitely sell out a venue. I can see the lines now, might mirror the one outside of my office at the Apple store when they were releasing their latest phone.

              • @ Bizzy There MAY be riots once they get there and find out otherwise so I’m going to re-think that gem…and this is why I have a marketing person…

              • @ Sarajean I HATE these ridiculous fights as well, some people are confrontational by nature and they LIVE for someone to tick them off or jump on something completely innocent and twist it to be a personal attack. I must defend you and need to say you were crystal clear in what you were trying to say. For anyone to interpret it any other way than how it is worded is on them, shine it on. Not worth the space in your head.

              • sarajean, it is unfair your words are being twisted but try not to worry. I know what you are saying so I “hear” you. :)

            • And I found this comment “I cant wait for all the positve comments about the other HW to began, when shall i expect to see that?” came off as extremely sarcastic and snarky towards me, which upsets me because I take great care to not come off as attacking or rude towards you….

              • no more snarky then what is said to me on a daily basis. I am sorry you feel this way but im finished being picked at for not liking Teresa.

              • When do i give you snark on a daily basis or pick on you? I try to always comment and write “this is not an attack” which means I’m not being sarcastic or nasty….I’m not one of those people

              • whatever I am not talking about this subject anymore, every wants to move on people keep bringing it up to keep it done

              • I suppose you are having a bad day, but you “attacked me” first when I never, ever attack you…and then you say it’s because you won’t get picked on for not liking teresa..when do I personally do that? never…so please can you save your sarcasm/snark for those that do treat you badly on this site?

              • No actually i am not having a bad day, I am just finished with this subject any more responses will not be answered

              • You can never respond to any of my comments for the rest of your life…or you can respond….your decisions are your own…but I remember you were attacked a few days ago by someone calling you names, that it made you sick to your stomach after eating….and you posted about it numerous times and exchanged words with that poster many times as well..that SH gave you “elite” status….and you are allowed to have a “go” at someone who is cordial with you (and we don’t have the same views…but that would never make me treat someone badly on here regardless if other people picked on me)….and now I’m done..

              • And I get called a Pelulant child. and My posting hasnt changed one bit and I am confident if I cross a line i will get poofed Just as much as anyone else. The elite thing was a joke.

              • I know the elite was a joke..I’m showing that I pay attention to how others treat you and how it makes you feel and that I make sure if I post it won’t come off as rude…it would be nice to be treated the same way…that’s the point I’m trying to make…I don’t come at you…please don’t come at me…(snark or otherwise)

              • Lisa I never singled you or anyone else out as a petulant child. I simply stated that some posters on here are acting like it.

              • Good gosh!!! Am I on a playground in middle school? Lisa, you cannot throw bombs at people and then expect them not to react and then when they do and point out your inaccuracies you don’t want to discuss it. I can understand Sara’s frustration ( though I wouldn’t give this space in MY head but, I’m old and really don’t give a flying duck what people think of me – good or bad) she was saying something very sweet and very diplomatic and you came along and wee wee’d it up. I think all Sara wanted was a “gee, I’m sorry I misunderstood what you said”. Oh. and Sara apologized if you did misunderstand her which – in grown up world – is your cue to do the same. It takes great maturity to admit when you are wrong, let’s ALL try to act like the adults that we are, okay?

                This kind of nonsense is starting to make me not want to even come here anymore…

              • Thank you adios for understanding everything I’m trying to say…I had a long day at work sorting toys with my coworkers for families in the community (I work for a non-profit) so they will have a good xmas…and I come home to emails of people misunderstanding what I posted this morning and turning my words around…with how bad the world is out there…why do people need to attack others here….isn’t there some place we can coexist happily?

              • The “nonsense” makes me not want to post anymore….I’m fairly new…and don’t feel welcome anymore..

            • @Sara Jean: I hope you didn’t take offense to anything I wrote. I kid. A lot. I am a kidder. It just cracks me up when folks complain about how I call MeGo out for having had more pricks than a pin cushion. I was being obliquely called out (not by you) for my somewhat profane posts about the skank MeGo a couple of days ago, so I responded with more of the same. Just for the amusement value in the ensuing pearl clutching.

              I come here because it is fun and it it weren’t fun for me, I would stop coming. I am sorry that you have not had such a good day here and if I contributed to your discomfort in any way, I truly apologize for it. I hope that your experiences here don’t stop you from coming back and settin’ a spell.

              • Ana you have me snickering and snorting like an idiot husband wanted to know what I was laughing at. You kill me with your word play..lmao @ more pin pricks than a pin cushion.

              • Here’s another one for you: MeGo is so nasty, she’s got more clap than an auditorium. Merry Christmas.

              • You didn’t offend me in anyway..but thank you for apologizing even though you didn’t need too….very much appreciated……”tongue n cheek” comments don’t offend me…I have a great sense of humor…I didnt appreciate being “snarked” at for others wrongdoings..but such is life right? Turn the other cheek…

        • 90 percent of the comments are bickering between each other. Once you remove those there isn’t much left.

  14. I do hope we get to see Danielle exposing the truth about Al!! Caroline really does have it coming.

    • @ BBTP I hope not. I don’t care for the Manzo’s one iota but I do NOT want to see another family ripped apart. If they are happy with their situation ( of which we truly are not aware) then so be it. They have to live their lives, no one else. Where I draw the line is Bravo being implicit in the outing (seems gays LOVE to tell others tales).

      • Good gosh, I can’t get my possessive nouns right today…off to the grammar gulag for I. Oops, I mean – me – HWs, take note!

          • @ Chem Hubs is on break for the holidays till mid January and he keeps me up waaaaaaay too late so my brain is quacamole right now! He is digging the fact that I am an invalid for now and not working but he fails to realize I still get up at the crack of dawn whether I want to or not. I have been plotting his death since I woke up this morning…

              • @ Pittypat You’re too kind! I’m funniest when I haven’t had any sleep so you can thank the hubs for my humor today! Do it quickly though; I almost have it figured out how to get rid of the body…

              • HAHA! I hear ya! My brain is super fuzzzzzzzy from lack of sleep. I needed the extra boost of caffeine this morning. Would love to train the parrot to make my coffee ;)

            • My husband is off until new years and I’m afraid he may be plotting my death. If I go missing you all will send out an APB, right!

              • You all can come to hawaii to wait out the fears of death, NYE is fun here fireworks
                firecrackers TWILIGHTzone marathon on NYE..after the First you can go safely home.

              • Me too, Funny thing those real old ones reflect how as a society what we were afraid of, spacemen,nuclear war and life after death, space travel and monsters.
                The special effects were so primitive but the best part is seeing all the actors who later became popular get there start on TZ like Robert Redford and Elizabeth Montegomery to name a few.

              • I love Twilight Zone too. For that reason Lisa. I get a kick out of when they do stories that are supposed to take place in the future. SciFi network is running them right now. Here is a familiar face. And its funny to me how they pronounce robot.

              • Is that the one where the guy is in prison on a astroid and he gets a ROBUT or Robit i cant recall how the promounce it.

              • @ Cyn You got it, babe! We’ll be taking note if you are gone from SH for an inordinate amount of time. We should probably set a “safe” word if your hubs knows you’ve caught on to his rotten plan and you need to give us the heads up, hmmmmmmm…..okay, safe word is juggernaut… I have no idea why that was the first thing to come to mind but, again, I am working with limited access to my grey matter today, half my brain is asleep on a hammock in Tahiti while cabana boys tend to my every need and the other half is on auto-pilot…

              • I think I want to join you first half! Tell me more about the about the cabana boys……………………………………..

              • @ Cyn They are tall, dark and handsome. They have no power of speech (GREAT listeners!) and they are legally blind (no need for bathing suit, prefect!). They are all master massage therapists with the softest hands! They hang on our every word as though we are Shakespeare with a dash of Aristotle. They worship us and serving us is their only goal in life.

                Oh! and they’re hung like racehorses with a fetish for middle-aged women…

              • @ Bizzy YES!!! They cook and clean — they cook like Julia Childs and clean like Donna Reed. Heaven on Earth…
                And…they have mastered the art of taking ALL the calories out of food, but it’s our little secret…shhhhhhhhh!

              • Wait forgot to add even though they are hung like horses they need to have skill and stamina to go with it. It would be such a total waste otherwise.

              • @ Bizzy You’re right – I forgot to mention they are skilled in Tantric (sp?) sex and…they have exceptionally strong jaw muscles (think about it…)

              • Bwahahahaha! I saw an adult toy infomercial the other night and I couldn’t stop laughing because the lady said, about a vibrator, “Wow! Does that thing also cook and clean and do the laundry?”

                These cabana boys sound prrrrrrrfect!

  15. I wonder if the cruise was a gay cruise if Bravo would have filmed it to fulfill the RH quota on LGBT material. The entire RHONJ cast on a boat? Hysterical! None of this filming for 4 months. Film an 8 day cruise and I’m sure Bravo would have enough for another RHONJ season. You’re welcome, Miss Andy! (We know you read SH)

  16. Honestly I understand why The Cruise was canceled Tre had a Prior commitment after all she sails Fulltime on the USS DENIAL so maybe it was hard for her to get off and go to anyother ship when she cant sit and deny anything or blame others.

      • Swine had her name attached to one too. I am just wondering if this is an advertising gimmick on behalf of the cruise line. They KNOW they wont get a full ship of HW fans but the product placement is worth it to them because look at these comments, almost everyone says they wouldn’t do a HW cruise but praise cruises in general. So if the cruise lines name is in your head then you are more likely to call them to book you non-hw cruise. sumpin like that.

        • Made I definitely think it is a gimmick. Who in their right mind would pay to go because a HW is attached. There is no way that they could fill a boat that way.

          • I wonder if they just reserved a bank of rooms and reserved a meeting place on the boat
            and not the whole boat, there are what 1000 rooms on those boats? if its just a bank of rooms its sad and a bit pathetic they couldnt fill it up,

        • This sounds plausible. Very interesting! I am trying to figure out who the target market is for this cruise. It very well could be a gimmick. I buy that more than believing people want to cruise with the HW.

          • I am not sure who that think the target market is. The average HW viewer is an older demographic thus could afford cruises, as opposed to the 19-25 year olds. But those of us that are married could never talk our husbands into a HW cruise at all. I want to do a Disney cruise but husband aint to keen on that either. And honestly my youngins are prolly too old to get into that anyways. The commercials just look so happy.

            • Please we would all be selling our firstborn to get a berth on that cruise. Lisa could bring pig. we could load Adios on a gurney and you, me,Ana , Barb, Made, Candace , Chem , Sara and all else would be leading the conga line.

              • I think clover would like that, and if Tresa insist on having her kids wear those frilly silly outfits ill set clover to crawl up their skirts I am sure that will make them be goofy and laughy

              • OHHHHHHHHHHH its adult cruise..well no Richard Gere and gerbils stories around Piggers it will make him nervious

              • Lmao those stories make me nervous. Can you imagine a grown person being nutty enough to insert things into orifices like that. I saw a few x-ray pics online about foreign objects and I have to tell you there are some really sick people out there.

              • @ Ain’t ROTFLMAO @ “load adios on a gurney”….it freakin’ hurts to laugh like this, I hate you (not)!!!

              • LMAO…we could all be room buddies because I am sure none of our significant others would want to go on the cruise with us.

              • Lord have mercy that would be some fun. Everyone get to saving now. Hey maybe we can organize a SH meetup..lmao. That would be hysterical to have a convention of our own. Everyone can come dressed as their favoriet housewife. Lots of low brow wigs and knee pads will be sold.

              • My husband already jokes that we dissect these HW’s with the intensity of trekkers. So a convention is the next logical step :bahahahahahaha:)

              • It sure would be fun. We could cue up a marathon from the beginning and dissect how they have evolved.

              • No wine will be thrown. No lawsuits filed. No tables flipped. No wigs pulled. I MIGHT call the paps though so watch out. :)

              • Y’all know we would end up in some fly infested jail in Punta Cana with no Bravo Bucks to spring us from the pokey, right?

              • @adios Dont worry we have Clover the SUPER PIG to protect us he has sharp teeth and
                he will just leave little poo pellits to those who seek to distroy our fun.

              • @ Lisa Good! start to toughen him up now – Rocky Balbao type training…have him run up and down your stairs and then put raw egg in his water bottle, hold a pork chop for him to punch, I’m sure you’ve seen Rocky and know the drill – he’ll be beefed up in no time!

              • Well i did just buy him a new tunnell to run through. Trust me his piggy farts are enough to stun a grown man.

              • @ Lisa Are they silent but deadly? Lmao! My poor mother suffers from Chrohn’s disease and we always torture her by telling her she needs to register her @ss as a lethal weapon! Load Piggy up on cabbage and we should be golden!!!!

              • No need for cabbage, when he farts i lift the covers up (he likes to be in bed with me on his own towel) and he looks at me with the “what it wasnt me” look i call LIAR…

              • @ Lisa When one of “my boys” (dogs) lets one rip I always say “who made a stinky” and they give me the ole *side eye* … who me? Little devils! I adore them with all my heart…

              • I was at Disneyland at the haunted house. If you have ever been there they trap you in a small room before you entered. I unfortunately passed gas and my daughter informed everyone trapped along with us it was me. Lord, I could have died! Life lesson never pass gas if someone can Identify you!

              • Oh well lisa rule about farting is this, If you gotta fart in public find the closest kid who cant talk yet and let it rip then sit back and watch the mom say..oh who needs thier diaper changed and then bug out before she realises the diaper is empty…

              • @ Cyn You just reminded me of when I would be out shopping with the mom. I knew when she passed gas because she would rush me out of an isle…laughing so hard it hurts..

              • What can i say I can’t eat dairy! I have been hit a few times in the supermarket and it almost knocked me to the floor. Hit and run farters and they let people drink and drive with only probation! Is this the world we live in. LOL. I am jk.

              • @ Cyn There are laws on the books regarding noxious fumes so you and my mother better watch the Feds don’t come a knockin’… forewarned is forearmed…

            • @cyn Hit and run farters..that would be me, But in my defense I am old and just cant hold it like i use to. I however do take my airfreshner into the Bathroom at work and dont leave bombs in there that would be mean.

    • @ Made Have at it! I wish I could remember where I heard it to be able to give credit where credit is due. That’s okay, about 3am I’ll sit up in bed and it will hit me…

  17. Lisa, Don’t lift the covers up next time piggy farts. You are just dutch ovening yourself. Leave that mess in da covers. No need to waft it.

  18. I know one thing Juicy wont get up on stage playacting in the most condescending of ways that he is gay just because he is in a gay bar.

  19. Wow I can’t believe some of the people on here….one of my closest friends is a “Melissa fan” and we don’t get into it with each other, because guess what? it’s not important!! Thank you to those who read what I posted and understood what I was trying to say….I was trying to spread a little peace across the site…but clearly some people take this HW stuff a little too serious….If anyone would like to show me (with the exact posting) where I only asked everyone else to stop talking bad about Teresa, I would be happy to apologize, but since I know that I didn’t and that all the NJ HW are people that do not pay my bills or take care of my family…I could really careless anymore…bash teresa…don’t bash teresa…bash everyone…bash no doesn’t affect me personally…

    • I get what you were trying to do and it was only a suggestion which people could take or leave. I don’t understand why people take it so seriously and personally. It’s just a reality TV show on a busted up 3rd rate cable channel. Sheesh!

      Oh, and Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God. :-)

      • I mean with everything that happened on Friday…some are still getting their panties into a bunch because of Teresa? Parents lost their babies…..this world needs to refocus it’s energy….sooooo much negativity is not good for one’s mind and heart! Thankfully I only pay attention to NJ and ATL…..that’s still way too much drama for me LOL…..and thank you for the last line in your post…i try..that’s all I can do

      • Oh yeah, this is definitely about stoopid housewives. I don’t even wear my good sweat pants and good undies to watch RH shows. I save my good sweat pants and good undies for shows like Breaking Bad.

    • I don’t remember you asking anything of anyone. Perception is all part of our experience and it is rooted in our experiences. You can speak freely and so long as you don’t speak with malicious intent, how the person perceives that message is all on them. You can’t hold accountability for how another feels or perceives what you wrote/said. (You meaning the royal you.) That’s about as deep as I can go today lol

      Water off a ducks back

        • I am obsessed with birds. As I watch that, my parrot is giving me the evil eye. I can hear Vickster’s ex Crooksy in my ear “He gibbin you da ebil eyezzz!”

          • I have a parakeet and a Senegal parrot (which means I have to watch what I say…because he doesn’t pick up what I try to teach him…instead what he overhears us say lol)

    • You sound like a sensitive soul Sara, but honestly this site is named stoopidhousewives for a reason its not called Intellegent brillient nice housewives we celebrate the stoopidness that is these HW., You dont have to snark on them if you dont want to but please dont ask us to stop snarking on them for some of us its gets us through the day because i cant snark to the people in front of us IRL..or maybe its just me who feels that way?

      anyway You sound like a nice person but this is a place for us to snark or love the HW we like or dislike both go hand in hand.

      • @Lisa I honestly don’t mind the snarking on the HWs….it’s the snarking at each other that irks me…and with how this world has been lately….it would be nice for people to at least be more positive….even if it was for just one day…

        • Yes we shouldnt snark on each other true, i do have my snarky moments (Im Irish after all ;) ) i mostly attack after being attacked. One things you will learn here even after a snakfest we do make up. ther eis only 2 people here i aviod because they crossed a line. Im sure i am on a list or two as well.

          • Ive already found a few to avoid as well…because no matter what I say I’m a “tre fan” so they will hate me…cest la vie!

            • Well I dont hate someone because of who they like, heck id everyone lol..If I dislike you its because of how you treated me. Its hard to “hate ” a name on a message board.

            • I’m trying to avoid 2 people also but when you sit and read comment after comment it finally reaches the time and you have to say something. I have and I’m not sorry I did and I’m not trying to hurt anyone. Just stating how I feel. I love ya Lisa….and the piggy….haven’t seen him yet…Sara you have said nothing wrong.

              • I have had those moments to, you just feel you have to say something and thats usually when i get in trouble…lol

  20. Oh Teresa girl, you know you got to start with one of em’ DAY CRUISE type of ish, for $99, everyone gets a bottle of wine, and a cookbook….BAM….NOT seven days- don’t wanna be on water for that long…lol

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