SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: What The Future Holds For AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey and “Head B*tch of BH” Brandi Glanville… Leslie Bruce, Brandi Glanville Book Ghostwriter… Top Super Secret RHONJ Construction

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October 2011…


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Were you wonderin’ who this “Leslie Bruce” is who wrote every word in every sentence in every paragraph of every chapter assisted Brandi in choosing the right words for her book?  Well, Leslie is a writer for the Hollywood Reporter!

Leslie had some words to say re the Kartrashian made-for-TV marriage… right after Kevin Frasier tells how “reality” shows are not REAL!

NOTE: Quick… call Kyle Richards!!  Kyle is asked on every interview if the RHOBH is REAL… and Kyle answers the question with the SAME answer every time:  “It’s our lives!  Of course, everything you see is REAL!”  No need to continue with that spew, Kyle-ee… we know that the RHOBH is NOT real!!


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Now we ain’t namin’ names… but there’s a reason that a particular construction guy in New Jersey who ain’t buildin’ those huge-custom-premiere-million-dollar homes which everyone is waitin’ in line to buy!  There’s a reason this construction guy now builds koi ponds and mows grass!

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These are super-secret photos of finished inside-the-house construction jobs done by the New Jersey guy!

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.04.19 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.04.25 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.04.32 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.04.39 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.04.47 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.04.54 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.05.00 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.05.07 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.05.14 PM Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.05.23 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 2.05.31 PM

(Thanks to SH readers “Chile” “CMH” and “PMG”!!!)

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113 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: What The Future Holds For AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey and “Head B*tch of BH” Brandi Glanville… Leslie Bruce, Brandi Glanville Book Ghostwriter… Top Super Secret RHONJ Construction

  1. Oh lord have mercy, if that is the type of construction work that JoGo does it’s no wonder he is now downgraded to a landscaper and pond installer. While I would like to solely blame him, I am sure he has sub-contractors working for him. Even still he is still responsible for their work and checking on how the job progresses. If I had someone do such shitty work for me you best to know I would be all over the web blowing up his name and posting about the work he did in my home. These pictures can’t all really be from his job sites.

    • I am sure that is Joe Giudice’s past work Maybe thats why he had to close his business and then go flipping pizza’s. Joe Giudice was the contactor who fixed the stairs in the apartment house he owned and they collapsed, remember. I am positive its Juicys work.

      • I doubt its eithers work but collection of funny pictures people sent in.
        How many people do you know who have toliet stalls in thier homes and have two urinals as well. I would think if a person had this dont in their homes they would have sued.

        • I agree Lisa as several of these are “funny” pics I have seen floating around on the web for a few years.

          • apprently not because it has been declared a Gorga thread and shame on someone for even considering it was Juicys work..

        • You’re right Lisa, I’ve gotten these pictures in e-mails many times. it’s neither JOE GORGA OR JUICY JOE. Such a pity Juicy had to be brought into a conversation that didn’t concern him.

          • You know maybe i got a different thread then you all did but I dont recall reading joeys name in the title

            it was more of a guess who this is so again why is this a Gorga thread and who declared it was?

            • The chick with the common figgun sense and the blonde hair in the picture to the left of this comment did.

            • I really don’t know why it has to get so out of hand. Obviously the post was alluding to it being Jogo in light of the fact that they were specifying that they were mowing grass and building ponds. I really wish people would take the threads for the fun and stupidity they were meant to be and not get so damn bent out of shape bringing it around to Guidicegate. The whole thing is getting so frustrating.

            • I know, right? Why so serious? It is all in good fun. I come here to goof on the Real Housewives and have a laugh. Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.

            • Ana I love the stupidity of it. It helps cut back on my stress when I am at work and with what I have to deal with after work. I am a mom of three (16, 13 & 8), with two dogs and a cat and a mother that is a recovering alcoholic that is currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer…ooh and I forgot to mention that my husband got laid off in Sept. So I have my hands full and like some stupid meaningless fun. I hate when it gets so serious and the craziness starts up.

            • Bizzy and in the face of all that you took the time to make me laugh this afternoon. Thank you so much our back and forth was a bright spot in my day. I am sending you a huge hug and want you to know how much our witty banter lifted me up. It was all in good fun. I am here for ya Bizzy.

            • Thanks Aint. This site is one of my little guilty pleasures. I enjoy coming on here to blow off some steam. I get a whole lotta good laughs.

            • ITA. There is too much serious stuff to worry about IRL to get worked up of these stoopid shows. I am sorry about your husband’s job. I hope he finds work really soon.

            • Thanks Ana. He is actually apprenticing with his friend right now to go into business with him. It will be nice come Spring when he has a regular paycheck coming in and his ego will be in a lot better place..

            • Very difficult time to be out of work . I always said I would never let my ego and identity get wrapped up in my job. Surprise it’s almost impossible not to, I will keep you guys in my prayers Bizzy. I always look forward to your comments. Hugs those kids tighter today…

            • Thanks Aint. Very hard hit to one’s ego when you run a tight ship and get lots of kudos from your company for your work, then they turn around have you terminate several staff members due to budgetary cuts and then terminate you as well to replace you with a person that they want to pay roughly 60% of what you are making. Meanwhile it’s not like it was six figures to begin with. He is taking it in stride and trying to not take it too personal. I am glad that god has blessed me with a good job and a boss that is super dependent on me. Helps to have a bit of job security. I am very thankful we have a home, food on the table and our health.

            • I am glad that you can count your blessings. This to shall pass. You have a wonderful attitude and that will pull you and the family through the tough times. I am so glad you shared! Many people take life’s troubles and become bitter and bruised. i am glad you have not.

            • Bizzy, I am reading your posts. I am so sorry for the hardships that surround you and your family members. May you and your family be blessed. I hope that your mother’s recovery and treatment go well. I love stupid meaningless fun and SH is perfect! People here are so smart and clever!

            • Lisa it’s not that it’s all good fun and then you mention a guidice, not you specifically, it’s just that when the guidice comes in the person interjecting them tends to start turning the thread hostile. It’s obvious for most following RHONJ that this thread was directed at Jogo. You may not like that it was but it just was, that is how the clue was set up. Then when someone, not saying you, comes on and starts throwing out it’s has to be Juicy and how we know no one will entertain the fact because they are saints is when it gets ugly and kills the nice flow. I get that people don’t like Tre as there are those that don’t like each of the other housewives but it gets ugly. The vehemence that people put into hating Tre and some of the other housewives is just outrageous. Some folks come on here and get bent out of shape to the point that you have to wonder if they are Meho’s sister or one of Caro’s kids or Jacks. I question if some of the posters are either trolls or just kind of a bit twisted. No offense but it’s crazy how some people are just single minded and won’t entertain anything else, even if pictures and god knows what other evidence is being presented.

            • Well maybe MS SH needs to put a disclaimer on the threads saying who can be discussed and who cant. I bet the farm if the Thread about Teresa ends up mentioning Meliisa no one will have a problem with it.

              This is a show about the HWs its a normal seque if anther HW is mentioned eps if they are guilty of the same behavior the HW who is being discussed is guilty of. I guess I must be a idiot because I really see don’t the issue.

            • No one is saying someone can’t be discussed but can they at least stay in the thread that is about them. In this thread you can’t tell me you didn’t think that it was about Jogo when you first read the intro. Be honest, what was your first thought when you heard grass cutting and koi ponds.

            • Yes people ARE saying who can be discussed and when its irritating no one seems to have a issue when the subjects go from one HW to another only if it the Guidices..
              I really didnt think anything to tell you the truth, and its irrelevent because Joeys name was not mentioned.

              frankly I am not dicussing this anymore because its childish. so Im out.

    • Thats not Joe Gorga’s or Giudice’s work. Because if it was you can bet your last dollar that we would be seeing lawsuits galore. Also the reason why Joe Gorga is back ot being essentially a lawn care person is because he can’t get anymore loans anymore for construction, he was using one sale to go to another deal and on and on and it caught up with him.

      • Totally agree. He is leveraged to the hilt and can’t get more $ floated to him. Hopefully he sells that ugly McMansion and and breath some life into his business. Maybe at this point he wants to veer away from the hard work, construction and the trades are no joke. Maybe he wants to keep rolling the pseudo-celebrity circuit and manage Melissa’s career. I am sure it’s an easier buck to make to make appearances than pounding out walls.

  2. This has to be a joke. If this is representative of JoGo’s construction skill set maybe he should stick to simply cleaning up after the real builder and construction crew are finished. I wouldn’t let him build a doghouse for my dog much less a koi pond. Poor fishies.

    • That has to be the shittiest work I have seen in quite a while. I am sure he had to pay them after doing such shitty work.

      • Seriously! The crown for stoopidest housewife might have to be rescinded and the title bestowed upon JoGo. We always knew he wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer but who thought it was a clever plan to let him play with big boy tools? MeGo! Quick! Hide the matches! Is he allowed to drive? Even with a booster seat he could be dangerous!

        • Looking at that work he shouldn’t be allowed near tools. I have to stay it is even more ammunition that he probably can’t read and write. As a contractor you definitely need to be able to read since you need to look at blue plans and transfer that off to the actual physical space. Judging by the work here I have to say he is horrible and probably shouldn’t be doing any type of construction, might be best to stick to mowing. I really can’t believe this is his work, there should have been lots of complaints filed with the BBB over this type of shitty work.

  3. Thanks Ms. SH now we can clearly see why JoGo can’t sell the Gorga Manse aka MeGo’s House of Dreams is prolly a nightmare.

    • With work like this he should never have qualified for a contractors license much less a builders loan.

    • Wait Lisa maybe not. A couple weekends ago I was watching one of those flipping shows, it was based in Las Vegas. The guy bought a home, beautiful size, area and view. When they went into the bathroom there was a regular toilet, urinal and a bidet all side by side. Some people like to do crazy things thinking they will be seen as being on the cutting edge. Who knows. This urinal set up might have been in a man cave some where.

      • I still dont think its either Joey or Juicy, but funny how everyone goes to Joey when its Juicy being sued for a faulty staircase that he repaired then someone was injured on.

        • It was only obvious to make the connection because the original post said the following: “but there’s a reason that a particular construction guy ain’t buildin’ those huge custom premiere million dollar homes which everyone is waitin’ in line to buy! There’s a reason this construction guy now builds koi ponds and mows grass!”

          Honestly which of the guys downgraded their list of services and type of business they are currently running.

          • Sorry unless he is building bathrooms in the mall.

            Last i looked Juicy downgraded his business to
            he is no longer building either.

            • Did he? Not sure since I haven’t looked. Not trying to be a smart ass or anything because I can’t really recall but was Juicy billing himself as a builder or just a contractor. I feel like from the beginning he was always billed as someone that did rehabs/flips and turned the properties.

            • Right now Juicy is living off Teresa, he burned his bridges when he cheated people out of money and forged his Business partners name. He did construction work, part of flipping houses is doing the work which he did along with others.

            • I know he did construction work, because that is what flipping is. My question is, and I am not trying to be a snot here, was he also billing himself as a Home Builder. A home builder and a rehabber is way different in my book. I don’t know what these guys are doing to make ends meet, he just may be Mr. Mom at this point, which may also be the same thing for Jogo. He sure seems to have lots of free time on his hands to be chasing behind Mego.

        • It is of course a joke and pretty hilarious at that. IMO the tip off was mowing grass and koi ponds which are Joey’s new business ventures. Either way it’s funny unless you really need to use the facilities in one of these.

          • I lived in a studio once were the bathroom was so tight you had to step into the Bathtub to close the door. lucky i live alone and can do my business with the door open.

            • That bathroom reminded me of one of those 0 square foot apts that have been shown that are in the heart of NYC that these guys pay big bucks for just to have the address.

            • That cracked me up Lisa! Too funny. I lived in an older house in Key West and the upstairs bathroom had a sloped ceiling and when you stood up after doing your business you had to lean forward or crack your skull on the ceiling. We never warned our guests just waited to hear the crack and then the ouch!

      • In my younger days, a lot of us girls would go to Boys town in SF (Castro street) for the fun of it before we would go to the clubs for dancing. (Gay clubs were fun to go dance and drink without men hitting on you.) I remember one gay bar having a trough outside of the enclosed unisex restrooms. It looked like the old time water trough at a grammer school. I was shocked to find out it was a urinal.

      • It was really silly and a bit of harmless fun and then …..Oh well. I needed a laugh, have been really down about the Connecticut shootings…..thanks y’all for lifting me up and being silly.

        • I was just thinking the same. I hate when it turns too serious when it was rather light and funny. Oh well.

    • Oh I am sorry I didnt get the memo where we are not allowed to say anything about the Guidices are they off Limits?

      • Just makin an observation that this thread was not about Guidices yet they were brought up.. It wasn’t you that did it this time, it was Lacey. Just thought it was humorous but like I said I will no longer be part of a back in forth about the Guidices on a Gorga thread. You can comment however you see fit.

        • Im sory but this isnt a Gorga thread, no where in the title was his name mentioned so its up for grabs and whoever can be mentioned. This thread wasnt about anyone in particular and it cant be declared a Gorga because people dont like him.

          • Oh bullbutter. You know better than that. Its CLEARLY about him. Read it again. You would have to be suffering some sorta mental lapse not to recognize it. Come on Lisa, dont kid a kidder.

            • I am not gonna sit and argue about this because its stupid and childish. Forgive for mentioning the sainted Guidice name out of turn

            • You didnt bring it up first Lacey did. I forgive both yall. ‘sides I cant quit you, you too irresistible

          • “builds koi ponds and mows grass!” can ONLY be Joey and now here I am doing what I just said I wouldn’t do . Lisa you are good. very very slick. Now for real this is last time I have a Guidice conversation on a Gorga thread no matter how much I like you. We can have other discussions elsewhere. TTFN

  4. I like the pic with the porcelain throne up high as if it’s a real throne. All that is missing is a red carpet and a step and repeat.

  5. Maybe I’m on FB too much, but these pictures or a lot of them have been around for years. They are funny, but not a true representation of the work of the HW hubbies.

    • I agree with you. My dad gutted and remodeled our home and that isn’t even his trade. I’m sure the hubbies do just fine. No slits in the door for the toilet for them! Which is a shame because I’d love to see a mcmansion with these works of art. lol

      • Chem we might find something like this on one of the redneck shows. They have a few of them that have some rednecks that are moving on up to mcmansions for one reason or another. I think I might need to check some of the shows out for some laughs.

  6. I remember watching the re runs of the christening episode….does anyone remember when Joe gorga was slamming his fist on the table and trying to do his own version of table flip lol. I wonder if that was pre meditated given the popularity of Teresa’s table flip. Everything the Gorga’s due seems so contrived….especially their whole “poison” rountine. LIke they set with their people and outlined a few phrases and or story archs of their own before the production meeting.

    Sorry….random thought lol.

  7. Regarding the thread about those who take themselves too seriously. I think most of us come out here for a laugh. None of us wants to be a stick in the mud like well, a certain Don , I won’t name her but let’s say she “Don’t dance.” & don’t like you before she likes you :P Humor makes the world go round i/m/o :D

  8. Ms SH…If I may include this link? It seemed so appropriate for this post and I was so enjoying MOST of the light hearted banter. I hope to give Bizzymammabee and MP a good laugh. This is the first thing that pops up in google – I wasn’t sure about using ‘stinky fun’ to describe this post. I was caught off guard! It’s perfect!

  9. You’re welcome! It’s funny how that dragon tried to make a stink. What was JOEY GORGA thinking?? Nighty Night ; )

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