SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Porsha Stewart Says Kenya Moore/Walter Jackson’s Relationship “Off”… Sheree Whitfield “SheBy and ChateauSheree”… Camille Grammer “Yolanda Foster is More BH Than All Of Us!”… Faye Resnick “The REAL Faye Resnick”

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Porsha Stewart stopped by DJ Envy’s place (DJ Envy’s wife is rumored to be on the RHONJ…) this morning… and said her peace about Kenya Moore:




sheree gif who gonna check me boo?

Sheree Whitfield chats with Anthony Bowles from the Examiner… Sheree has her “SheBySheree” line at KitsyLane… and was asked to update Chateau Sheree:

Examiner (Anthony Bowles): What is the status on Chateau Sheree?

Sheree Whitfield: “Is coming along greatly, and it’s a big process. It’s like my other full-time job…I think I’m going to start shooting some footage, so everyone can see. This is my home piece, I’m the interior decorator, I’m the contractor, so this can be another career for me one day, who knows!”


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Camille Grammer stopped by Glamour and had this to say about Yolanda Foster:

What do you think of the new housewife, Yolanda?

CG: Yolanda brings a lifestyle—you know, she walks off of her jet—and then she says, “Oh, these women are so Beverly Hills.” Yeah, you show up with your $20,000 Hermes bag, walking off a private jet, and you’re making fun of us because we have dresses on? I think she’s more Beverly Hills than all of us.

I really didn’t spend that much time with her, so I wasn’t there with her to make an opinion, but I can watch the shows and only judge from what I see. At first, you could see in the first few episodes we’re all like… “OK, snooze.” But you know, we’ll see. I know she’s friends with Lisa, so I’m sure that through the course of the season they’ll be buddy buddy. And I’m just out there drifting along going, “OK, where do I belong this year?” It’s an uncomfortable feeling because I’m not there for the day-to-day drama, so when I do show up I have to ask, “What’s going on? Fill me in, girls!”


Faye Resnick has become a changed woman over the years!  Faye was quite the partier back in the 90’s… and took full advantage of her friendship with Nicole Brown Simpson after her murder.

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  1. faye has been in and out of rehab for drugs many times, and married many times. She is an opportunist and I just can’t listen to her try and act high and mighty above Brandi. Brandi has more class in her little finger than Faye the party slut…capitalize on her friend’s murder before the trial is even over.


    • Camille did come up with one memorable line and that was, “…the morally corrupt Faye Resnick…” Priceless. After tonight’s episode, she really earned the title. What a bloviating piece of crap she was, talking about how mean Brandi was to Twitch and Kim and totally forgetting how the sisters tag-teamed being total bitches to Brandi.

      I can’t stand Faye Resnick. But I do agree with her that Brandi SHOULD send the Hoof Wildenstein a floral arrangement. Preferably the same Loch Ness monster moat job that she sent to Lisa, but only if she can retrieve it out of the SUR trash cans out in the alley.


    • yes she did..but camille saying to faye is a little ridiculous..these two tramps trying to one up each other for class is a bit ridiculous. Faye trying to put brandi in her place is unforgiveable though.


      • sorry..meant …camille saying to faye, that she is morally corrupt…is a little ridiculous – but actually, a subdued camille is tolerable, if I can wipe from my brain that she tried to hierarchy mauricio below them because he was a real estate agent. I think she still has a super high opinion of herself, and she merely hides it now….or maybe she changed and realized she isn’t any better than anyone else. If so, Faye needs to drink some of her humble pie


        • Nancy I was just thinking about that, I was wondering if Camille was maybe a little jealous of YoFo? If Yolanda pulled that hierarchy crap with Camille they way Camille did with Maricico in S1 how would that make her feel? I guess all things in perspective right?


          • totally a good one. Yolanda was European and not picked up at the playboy mansion by Kelsey…so I bet, Camille is slightly jeleous of her natural air ..kind of like Lisa. They are not trying, they just are classy.


        • After the show where Camille referenced Faye as “Morally Corrupt” I tracked her, er how do I put this, resume?, online and I have to say I was amazed at her, I dunno, I’m at a loss for words, because T&A seemed to be her major job listing too….and wasn’t she all clutching her pearls and indignant that they were viewing her forays into soft porn in the limo? Pot, kettle and all that….so isn’t she just a jumped up bimbo too?


          • I think that Camille worked her way up in a time when it took sex appeal and maybe some casting couch sessions to get to the next level.
            That said, entering into a marriage to a celebrity, in my opinion of course, probably brought other levels of perfection.
            Couple that with having children and I’m sure her outlook on ways to act and how to be, came rushing at her and she probably HAD to change, for the cameras, for her life style, for Kelsey’s fans, etc.
            I’m sure at this point, she’s finding herself, all over again.
            I do love bitchy Camille the best, but everyone gets taken down a peg at least once in their lifetime, unfortunately.


  2. Watchin Kyles dinner party. I dont know if Im on a different time zone than everyone else but I always miss the group convos. Before I go to bed i just wanna say Faye is such a bitch,and Im loving the hell out of Kim this episode.


  3. I decided to watch it again tonight, and for the 2nd week in a row (a la “Seinfeld”), this was a show ABOUT NOTHING. Ooh my–how boring and mundane!!!!!!! Let’s all allude to the Adrienne mishap and not actually say what happened. I honestly think it’s about NOTHING. I don’t know if I buy that Brandi spilled the beans about the surrogacy or cheating or anything really. I think the franchise sunk to a new all-time low and made a few shows literally out of nothing. The acting is horrific. There are barely words spoken and they make no sense. Listen————when you hear more of their lameass background music, you know it’s BAD!!!!!!!


  4. From David Ehrenstein (LA Times Book Review) re: Faye’s book “All About Faye” Nichol Brown Simpson (it’s unclear if the title of the book included “All About Faye” or if that was Mr. Ehrenstein.

    “Nicole and I shared a dream. We wanted to stop being male-dependent, give up alcohol and drugs, and open up a Starbucks coffee house.” So proclaims Faye Resnick toward the close of “Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted,” the controversial bestseller co-written by this much-married recovering substance abuser, former director of the John Robert Powers Finishing and Modeling School, and self-described “best friend” of the most publicized murder victim of our time. And as anyone who has actually read “Private Diary” knows, Resnick is being perfectly honest about this “shared dream.” It lies at the beating heart of “the tiny but exquisite village of Brentwood,” whose female citizenry apparently devote all their energies to shopping, working out, nightclubbing, breast augmentation surgery, fellatio and coffee.”



    • Because she makes Brandi look good and you have you ask yourself, if that’s Kim’s bestest friend… shriveled is her little heart?

      By far the best line tonight belonged to Twitch who asked why was it her sister lit the fire cracker that started the whole mess and upset Maurice?


  5. I’m just curious why Bravo gave Faye TTC time tonight. We all know what Faye has to say, she’s been fame whoreing longer than anyone else on the show. When Faye started yelling at Brandi “now you’re going to start attacking me, I can just imagine what you’re goint to say about me.” I guess we all know what she could say Faye, just the truth, that would be bad enought right?


    • people like her have no idea that no one has respect for them..she sees herself as an upstanding citizen..a mover and a shaker. But her treatment of Brandi shows she still has the class of a fame whoring has been shallow party girl with no moral compass, compassion, or sense of right and wrong


  6. I caught the first two episodes of Sin City Rules and I gotta say that Lana Fuchs makes her Beigeness Yo Fo look like absolute class.


  7. Wow. Faye has had a lot of work done. Eye lift brow lift cheeks done lips done nose job and I’m sure the boobs r fake 2. Glad Brandi lft and I have to wonder if Faye was a hard core partier was Adrienne? Also Brandi should speak the truth about Faye. Now I understand why Kyle has 2 b friends with everyone and talks both sides its bc of her husbands line of work. I wish Camille would have aid more bc she knows Kyle always brings in faye when he doesn’t have the balls to say it herself and why would she allow ths conversation to happenM. I don’t get it.


  8. You know the pitiful part of these types. The kids. There’s only 2 ways they could turn out. Fake, shallow & pretty much a waste , like the parent , or they could learn what not to be like from the parent & end up being a good kid. But then the good kid has to deal with what the parent is. Look at it from that kid’s point of view, if they figure it out, really sad that a phony is all the parent is, & that just makes the kid a prop.


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