**SH EXCLUSIVE** SIN CITY RULES: 10 Questions For “VegasRules” Now “Sin City Rules”… Amy Hanley!!

ORIGINAL POST November 12, 2012  RE-POST December 17, 2012

NOTE:  Now that Sin City Rules has aired two episodes… Amy Hanley’s Q&A might be more relevant to viewers!

     Amy Hanley…

SH submitted 10 questions for Amy Hanley, one of the cast members of the upcoming TLC show “SinCityRules”… Amy graciously answered… all 10 questions!!

SH:  We are very excited about your new show, Sin City Rules!  We’ve been following the development of the show since the casting call in April.   Would you kindly take a few seconds to answer these questions?  SH readers want to know!!

1.  Why did you decide to become a part of SinCityRules?

1.  Well I was hesitant at first to do the show as I grew up in a very hush hush environment.. Very male dominated and you “Keep your mouth shut!”… So after some consideration and discussion with family I decided it would be a great experience and would love to share my life with others.. Believe me when I say this I have one complicated and stressful life.. I wouldn’t trade it however for anything else… :)

2.  There are “Housewives” and MobWives”… neither label fits your show!   Would any of these be an apt label:  “CitySinners”  “HouseSinners”  “CityWives”  “CityRulers” “Sinners” or “Rulers”?    If none of these apply, what would you like to be called?

2.  I would either say VegasWives, VegasRules or SCRules. I would almost say the second or third one as us women are determined to turn this into a franchise and I am sure there will be other cities nicknames followed by rules. When you see the opening of the show you will see why Rules fits the show so well.. It’s by our rules.. Not to mention Vegas does rule in fun!  One of my favorite quotes is “We make the world turn, not the men!”

3.  What will be the biggest difference between the House/MobWives shows and SinCityRules?

3. One of the biggest differences to first start of with is we are all self made. We all had businesses/or have been employed and did very well in our industries before any talks of a reality show. The other big difference is we all live by our own rules. Lol

4.  What will be the most shocking incident that we’ll see on SinCityRules?

4.  I can think of two just off the top of my head.. I can say this there a few which will drop your jaw it’s just how they are worked into the show. I will say two things… The firefly incident and the Facebook posts that followed afterwards.. Some lines were crossed in a very bad way and some retaliation came out of it… Yes I was part of both of them…

5.  Have you been given the first episode of SinCityRules to view?

 5. We have not yet. However what we have been told is its amazing. Everyone is very pleased with its outcome as well as excited!

6.  Alliances are usually made on these shows… and they quickly change because of the “camera interviews.”   Which cast member will be the person to have a lot to say to the camera, but not to your face?  If you have yet to view the show, just your gut feeling will do!

6.  Hmmmmm well not too many will say anything to my face.. If they do it usually takes a group of them.. I will say this I am unfiltered and un-censored. I say what’s on my mind and sometimes it comes out before I even think about it. I am going to have to say all of the girls but Alicia.. Alicia and I still talk a lot as well..

7.  We know that each “CityRuler” will be writing their take on each episode for the viewers on the TLC website.  Will you be writing your own review of the show?  How do you feel about cast members who use ghostwriters for this task?

7. Yes I will be writing my own review.. I am not fond of ghost writers to begin with nor people who use them. I am a direct, don’t sugar coat it and give it to you like it is woman.. I like to say I am a bitch for a great cause.. I don’t like fake, phony bitches who use other people to do their dirty work.. I believe saying it from your heart and gut is the best way to relate to your fans, friends and support.

8.  What products and/or merchandise are you planning on releasing after the show begins?

8. Before the show was even a thought We were working on a mob inspired fashion line. Now that the show has happened and everything is falling into place we are launching 4 new lines with the mother ship of them all Mob Doll Enterprises. The first line is Mob Doll which will do slogan/logo wear that is mob inspired, Mob Doll Haute which is our high fashion line inspired by infamous mob molls and mobsters from the last century, Mob Doll Management which is creating, branding, marketing and management company for individuals in the entertainment/talent industry and last M Professionale which is the high end wet to dry hair line for those fabulous women. The sub names of the hair line are mob moll and the Don. Here are all of the sites which will be launching right before the premier. www.mobdollenterprises.comwww.mob-doll.comwww.mobdollhaute.comwww.mobdollmanagement.com andwww.mprofessionale.com. All sites will be linked together as well. Very excited and working my ass off as well. :)

9.  We know that editing plays a big part in the drama we see on reality shows.   Have you done anything that you wish (or are hoping) would be edited out?

9. Hmmmmmmmm.. I don’t regret a lot of things I do. I speak from the heart and my gut. The one thing that comes to mind is allowing my buttons to be pushed when I shouldn’t have. I have 3 amazing little boys who are 6,5 and 4. I am a single mom. I work hard for my boys and only want them to respect my decisions. In the end I am who I am and there is no changing that.

10.  What would you like viewers to know about you?

 10.  Well one thing I want them to know is I really did put my heart into this. I shared a lot of things I am dealing with, dealt with and plan on succeeding in. I cherish my children. They are my world. One of my boys has Aspergers. I enjoy every little quirk about him as I have them as well. I am the daughter of notorious, infamous gangster/mobster. I was also raised by one after my father passed. I didn’t have it handed to me on a silver platter. Everything I have, I worked my ass off for and will still continue to work. Lastly I don’t judge by exterior. Anyone can put on a whole bunch of designer labels, have a huge home, drive the most expensive cars but do you really have respect? In the end we are all the same and thinking you are superior to others because of some labels you wear tells me you are insecure truly inside. My life is a roller coaster ride, I have my ups, downs, lows, highs, twists and turns but you will love every damn minute of it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer… if there is anything further you’d like to let SH readers know, please add!

To wrap this up I am excited to be able to share some of the triumphs, defeats, laughter, tears, anger, happiness that makes me who I am with friends, family, fans and supporters. This was one hell of a ride and I want more! Like I always say “I don’t live by rules, I make my own!” No regrets! :)

Thank you… We look forward to watching the premiere on December 9!

NOTE:  Amy Hanley also provided the following photos!

Lori Montoya, Amy Hanley, Alicia Jacobs, Jen Harman

Amy Hanley and Alicia Jacobs having fun

Amy Hanley after long day of filming

Logo for Mob Doll Enterprises

Alicia Jacobs, Tricia McCrone and Amy Hanley out at Lori Montoya’s bday party

Amy Hanley with Friends at a red carpet event for local real estate guru Nolf Group

Amy Hanley at Mob Musuem for private party!

Lisa Krause, Jen Harman and Amy Hanley while filming

Amy Hanley and Nick Nolf at private location for final shoot of the season!