REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Filming Interrupted…Cops Called… Man Wants To Be On Show Throws Glass At Cast…

RHONJ Alice cast  Thank you to “Housewife Hoe” for the RHONJ in Wonderland artwork!!

A man upset that he could not appear on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” interrupted filming of the show and threw a glass at cast members at a Hoboken
restaurant Thursday night, police reports said.

Police were called to City Bistro Bar at 14th and Washington streets at 11:02 p.m., where they met the film crew and cast recording a scene for the popular Bravo network show about five New Jersey woman and their families, reports said.

NOTE:  In an updated report, the man’s identity turned out to be Al Manzo, Sr.

rhonj bigal manzo cutting wood                        It’s the only way I could get any camera time… I had to throw something!

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164 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Filming Interrupted…Cops Called… Man Wants To Be On Show Throws Glass At Cast…

    • They may have known the guy the reason for not pressing charges. What really gets me thinking is the fact that the Manzo and Greg crew didn’t jump to attack the man like PUNTA CANA. I think they are well aware that any type of fight with them in it may sink whatever is left of what they want. And remember they are fighting tooth and nail to get their restaurant (really they owners restaurant, they are just celebrities who convinced them that they could get a show out of it) picked up by bravo for a show.

      You never know, Bravo may pick them up for a show but I don’t think the kids have enough charisma to pull it off.

      • I find the Manzoid spawn to be spectacularly uninteresting. They are a bunch of 20 somethings who have nothing better to do than to hang out with their frumpy, middle aged, bitter hag of a jowl faced mother and involve themselves in her jealousy fueled campaign of hate against another woman. Those kids of Chuckie need to get a life.

  1. Loved the Al Manzo comment. Seriously there are some real wackadoodles out there. If he threw a glass sounds as if he Bravo material.

      • Ana , sorry sweetie but let me break it down for ya…I’m the victim here !!!!(said in my best MeGo at the reunion voice, somewhere between a screech and angry whimper).
        It is definitely Tre’s fault.

      • Ok you said it, It was her fault. She is the one who opened the Champagne and it sprayed all over the female subject and her son in law, a Chicago cop. I am pretty sure that is when the female subject punched Teresa. If the Manzo boys were smart, they should have just stood up and left and let her and juicy duke it out with them.

            • The campus police were such a joke at my college. Everyone laughed at them. They would pull over cute coeds to try and get their number, but the night some animal rights activists broke into the research facility and “liberated” all of the animals in the vivarium, they were nowhere to be found. Thousands and thousands of dollars worth of research and YEARS of professors work–gone.

            • Yeah. Who’s gonna give a gun to the type of guy who would thump on a woman for accidentally spraying champagne on someone.

            • LMAO…they are totally armed and dangerous because they have flashlights. Never underestimate the power of a good maglite and the damage it can

            • That’s awful. What happens to a rent a cop that screws up that bad? I mean where do you go after the bottom of the barrel? Are they relocated to TSA? bahahahahahaha.

            • No. best do your research. He is employed by the city of Chicago and is a sworn officer. He was stationed at the university. Tomorrow he might be employed downtown or in detectives/

            • No they are not. Usually the younger employees who are currently taking classes like the position. I have a friend who works at a University and he is a city employee in another state. There is trememdous gang violence surrounding the school, multiple strong armed robberies and vehicle theft. I am sorry, law enforcement officials do a job many of us would not. I don’t take any of them for granted. The put their lives on the line and go into situations that you and I would never go. Sorry

            • Campus rent-a-cops. I seen pictures of the dude. And if he got his ass handed to him by a bunch of soft reality tv stars then there is no way in hades that he is worth a plug nickle as a law enforcement officer. Bottom of the barrel. My husbands best friend is a Marshall.

            • Doesn’t matter if he was ugly as a mud fence, Teresa started the crap in punta cana and Joe Giudice doesnt even fight like a man, he was losing before the Manzo boys had to jump in and help him Joe Giudice was losing so bad he had to pick up a glass and hit the guy in the face. Classy.

            • I didn’t say anything about ugly. I was alluding to his puny rent-a-cop body. If he was any count as an officer he would have been able to handle his business. But he wasn’t. And he went after a woman… less that scum. Mouthy puny rent a cop who is a disgrace to his university bicycle or golf cart.

            • He was probably hating on the pseudo rich/famous crew and got his panties in a bunch and that is why he reacted the way he did. Really disgusting to go after a woman….takes a real big man. Made he was drunk and probably feeling rather pathetic seeing as he didn’t have the things that made up his manly identity. It’s had to have been really hard seeing as he didn’t have his little golf cart and maglite behind to boost his moral.

            • Well ole boy was on vacation with his mommy-in-law. That is telling in and of itself. Shouldn’t a grown man being able to afford to go on his own vacations without having to go where MIL is willing to foot the bill? So yeah no doubt he was a punk with a chip on his shoulder about his pathetic lot in life. And before anyone says it, no way can a university rent a cop afford to take his MIL on a family vacation to punta canta. So she paid for the trip. Common sense.

            • I think he saw $$ signs and decided to act out to see if he could get a settlement or maybe get a little guest appearance on the show because that would have also been paid.

            • Tre was probably putting the beats on his sister-in-law Jersey style and that is what made him jump in. Pathetic if it was two women fighting and he jumped in and laid hands on her. That definitely puts him in the douche hall of fame and tells me he deserved to have his ass handed to him. My husband would definitely have put a hurt on him. Go Juicy! Another reason I love the little stumpy, drunk! Yeah I said me some Juicy. He is my favorite house husband because he just doesn’t give a rats ass and handles his business.

            • Real cops know first and foremost how to properly diffuse a situation. not escalate it. Domestic calls are the most dangerous that they ever answer. So REAL cops know how to handle their business. Rent a cop jokes looking to make a buck.. not so much.

            • Rent a cop was definitely slow on the uptake, you don’t jump on a woman or anyone for that fact that is with what equates to being a small posse.

            • When two momma’s boys and an aged juice-head that does splits can clean his clock posthaste then I don’t think I would feel safe if my child was being protected and served by the likes of him that’s for sure. You know his colleges give him a ration of chit over this on the daily.

            • Wanted to respond to Joe Guidice and his fighting ability. Looks to me as if he is muscle-bound. That tiny body was not meant to carry around all that weight (and I’m not just talking about his gigantic gut). Whether he used steroids or not, unless a person stood still and let him kick them in the face as he does his punching bag, the guy just doesn’t look flexible enough to put up much of a fight. He has weight on his side, so maybe if he just sat on his opponent?

            • LOL!!!!!!! Maybe but I do know and he admitted he picked up a glass and struck a guy in the face with it. I think that was kind of chicken.

            • My friend has been running dispatch for campus cops for many years and everything is handed over to the local police. Campus cops do a service and I respect that service. However, campus cops are not solving murders and taking down criminals. Well, unless the crime is parking illegally on campus. I have friends that work in law enforcement, including detective work and work at a maximum security prison. All of these friends could drop anyone with a touch–literally–because they have all been schooled on pressure points.

            • Where my friend is, everyone is rotated in and out of the divisions. Everyone gets a shot at them campus. I lost a friend who was an officer, its a huge job and I would not want to do it. Sorry but I don’t badmouth cops, officers, deputies, marshalls and troopers. They are there to protect us.

            • I also bad mouth shady cops. Campus security assisted in stealing grow lights from the biology department on one of the campuses I work at. These grow lights were found in a weed house.

            • I am sure your security was not a sworn officer, he was a security guard which are two different animals. I have no doubt. The one we are talking about is a full sworn officer of the law.

            • Unless one is following me around, one cannot say with absolute certainty that the grow-light-for-weed-house campus cops were strictly security and not sworn in cops.

            • If anyone is following me around, I apologize for how boring and inconsistent my life and schedule is. LOL :)

            • LOL If they are follwing me, I think they would feel the same. I work and go home, shopping and right now on vacation waiting to go to the airport to pickup the family. House is clean and goodies all baked

            • Yeah, all the guys at the shore who did MeGo told him all about her herpes and crabs. She’s got an ulcerated play land for the little critters.

            • Hey Juicy was seen coming out of the casino hotel room with the blonde, in the boot with the dark haired lady and then there is the co ed. Atleast these are facts. I am sure with as many women as he has been with, there are more std’s running around than with any other housewife. See there are pictures of him with the other women. He disses his own wife but sure likes all the other ones. Hope Tre has her shots

            • MeGo the Lookers Lot Lizard has been spreading disease and contagion since her high school days in Florida getting passed around by the football team. She’s got more seamen than the Pacific Fleet.

            • Juicy is a thug who will soon have more in common with the gay community soon. 10 years and no one around to protect his little behind. I guess the Jailbird will be wishing he hadn’t forged another document. Smile Joe, we are going to take your picture and put it on your brothers license. Maybe TBS will feature him on Worlds Dummest Criminals with Teresa in tha background says, geez Joe, you didn’t tell me that you would go to jail. I thought you said you looked just like your brother and no one would know.

            • And MeGo will still be getting some strange in the parking lot of restaurants. Where, coincidentally, she will be living in her car once Joey Marco’s financial house of cards comes tumbling down around his platform heel shod feet.

            • Beats a sleezy bar in Detroit where Teresa will be doing the meet and greet. I bet Harrah’s casino paid Melissa alot more money than he sleezy Detroit bar will be paying Teresa. Harrahs or the Detroit gay bar, I think I would take Harrah’s any day. There isn’t any book signing or product signings anymore, seems all the cheap salons and malls didn’t need her products. The busiest time of the year for a product like hers and no one wants her around. How can you make a living like that.

      • Is it my turn to be the victim? :D Great! lol

        Say it with me: “You don’t get to sit here and play victim. You’re not the victim. I’M THE VICTIM!!!!!!!!”

    • Jax will tweet to watch closely so we can see Tre handing the man the glass and some cash. Then she will sob violently without tears for 15 seconds.

  2. Doesn’t Al know know by now that The Don tells him when he can make an appearance? Get back to the Brownstain Al!

      • So true. He also works hard so his wife can lord his success over everyone else as to how privileged their children are…so much so they can be compared on par with Kristie Brinkley’s kid.

        • Only In their dreams!!! Boy Carolwhine wanted that “union” SO..bad You could see her foaming at the mouth. In “Lauren Manzo” voice “Hey Carowhine, what’s privileged mean?? C’mon spell it..That’s Right, YOU DON’T HAVE A CLUE!”

            • I guess that’s true…I never really thought about that ‘Bizzy.’ Alexa is SO talented and So beautiful…it would of been such a tragedy! I can’t imagine Christie or Billy EVER raising a daughter NOT smart enough to see thru the Manzo madness!

          • I happened to see the episode where Billy and Christy’s daughter, is it Alexa?, was being buttered up royally by Caroline (and maybe Albie). Caroline forever revealed herself as a social climber in that and it did not endear me to her. Thankfully nothing came of that match up. How would the Manzo’s even begin to think that Albie had anything in common with this beautiful and talented young lady? On another note, does everyone believe that Albie is gay and the Manzo clan is just hiding it in plain sight?

            • One little problem for DonCaro. Men raised by moms with a “personality” like Caro’s are often attracted to the same kind of women. So guess who gets a totally messed up daughter in law!!! I would love to see her reaction when she has to face that.

      • That’s a great idea. MeGo and Tre sell shirts so Chucky & Al should sell shirts with slogans that say “I work hard so my deadbeat kids don’t have to” or “Parents of 2 freeloader boys and an insecure asshole daughter” or “BLK, buy it so my kids don’t have to get a real job”

  3. Please, SH Fans…you guys are so gullable. Al was NOT throwing glassed at the cast….It’s called the GLASS GAME…it’s kind of like the HAM GAME perfected by the wonderful Manzo kids…only for this game; Big Al tosses a glass at the wife and tries to bounce it off of her head without breaking it…it’s all in good fun… No one got hurt…before it was over they all went over to Jacq-o’s house and sucked down some wine….lol

    • Well, that clears it all up. Only one question: are the glasses they throw those stoopid stemless wine glasses of Jacaloon’s that look like Tommee Tippee cups?

      • lol…The glasses were purchased from winesbywives….they sell in the dollar store for – a dollar….Tamballs sells ‘em for 15 times retail….

  4. That’s funny ..we all know Chuky is playing stupid ….Al doesn’t have a life working long hrs at Brownstone he even missed reunion …I smell a mistress ..but Chuky is no stupid bcz she’s got her nxt move planned just like she told Teresa but in reality she is the one who’s planning to leave her husband but she’s just waiting to have all her sons and daughter already financially independent.

    • I think you are right Julie. All the signs point to trouble in paradise for the Manzo’s. They are NOT happily married, I don’t care what she tries to pretend on Twitter and on the show. Action speak louder than words.

    • She will be waiting until the Second comming if she waiting for them to be financially independent

      • Lol Lisa true! It does seem like trouble in Al and Caroline ‘s marriage. Her excuse for his not being at reunion …not wanting to disappoint a bride rang so false. She should of used the excuse Al is tired of the Bravo bull..that would seem more believable.

    • Amazing how Bravo and other media companies glamorize these bums. I wonder what will happen when the cameras shut off and the paycheck goes south? Here’s my skill set future employer, I can vomit on camera, make fun of my fat sister and gossip like an old hag. Oh yes and it will be necessary for my Mommy to accompany my brother and I to work….

      • Well you know “Aint”..Critturfur did work at the Brownstone when he was still a teenager.. Sure he RETIRED when he was 21, but “Hey whatayagunnado!” Besides, Albie learned how to commute, to and from the city, for about 2 years….SO, at least he knows how to travel by trains and automobile. Let’s not forget about Lauren…now that girl knows how to “open & Close” a store like “No’s one else in dis fambly.”

          • Thanks made. I can’t even count the # of times you have made me laugh! Thank YOU for every one of those smiles and laughs you have given me.

        • @kt- I wonder what the plans for the Brownstone really are.It’s a family business being passed down to the sons.Neither of big Als boys seem to be interested in taking it over. Does Tommy have children? Is there hope in some other part of the family? Are the boys sowing their oats or “playing” at being business men before settling in to Brownstone life? I wonder what Al’s gameplan is? Maybe there is a lovechild being groomed. Al has put his all into the Brownstone, his boys don’t seem to give a crap about it. Caroline has led them to believe that they are better than the Brownstone. How many failures will it take to set them sraight?

          • @ Ruth-IMO the whole restaurant “thang” is a way to give the boys a supposedly legit “home away from home” in the restaurant biz! They’re trying to capitalize on their 15 minutes of fame by mixing it up in the bar scene. I think they hope to use this place as there new hang out–whilst opening the doors to celeb types–pretending they are actually working. A real restaurant takes a lot of blood sweat and tears. That is something that these boys really have no clue about. As much as I dislike the Don. I don’t doubt that Al.senior and his brother know all to well about the hard work. That being said…doesn’t mean i don’t have my doubts about the employee law suit-JMO. ITA…Carowhine has mislead her boys into believing that they have earned their slot in the world of Hollywood. Heck, even Lauren said at the reunion she had lap-band surgery because she’s in the public eye. I laughed so hard…my eyes almost teared up. Lauren?? are you kidding me!? I don’t know what the future of the Brownstone is?

            • When things come too easy it pretty much puts and end to any ambition. I get that maybe the boys don’t want to work in the food service industry because it’s hard work but they need to figure out something.

            • That would definitely be the easiest road to travel. God knows working hard and long days like Al senior is not something they want. It must kind of break Al’s heart that the business he built up and hoped to pass on as his legacy is not something his kids want.

            • His kids think they are too good for such work and they look down on their father and his work. They don’t look down so much, though, that it stops them from taking the fruits of his labor.

            • I agree. It’s funny that they don’t want to step in and run the family business that has already been established for two generations, yet the want to open a restaurant/bar. Makes no sense to me to start a new restaurant.

            • I don’t think that they are going to be doing any real work at that new restaurant/bar. It is more of a PR stunt. Though, why anyone would want the hygiene challenged Manzoid spawn around an eating establishment is a mystery to me.

            • I guess he never learned to bathe himself. Chuckie prolly still gave him his bath until he graduated high school.

            • She was probably still grooming him until he moved out of the house…that is probably why his appearance looks even worse now.

            • Yeah, I don’t think he has brushed his teeth since Chuckie stopped reminding him to brush his teeth before bed and tucking him in at night.

            • She even puts a little label with his name and it even has a sticker with it. Wonder if in their new apt if there is a reward/chore chart.

            • I think they don’t have chores. Chuckie has bought them their own personal cabin boy, BGG, to do all of their chores for them.

            • I have thought the same thing, and I bet it really chaps Al Sr. that his wife acts as if their boys are too good for the Brownstone and the hard work it requres, instead wanting to find an easy money route for them. Al is obviously a hardworker, his children, not so much.

            • Al definitely has put in his time. From what I remember reading he and Tommy were young when their dad was murdered and they stepped up to take over the business. It would not only chap but seriously hurt my feelings if they abandoned my food service business to start their own.

            • What an unpleasant reminder. BGG will of course be back if da Manzoid spawn are back. Oh no just when my mind was finally cleansed of BGG , bravo’s answer to gossip girl minus the pretty . He needs a good scrubbing as well as teefs cleaning. can we send them a bottle of bleach? LOL!

    • I was thinking the same thing, Barb A.R.,…. Is bravo seriously going to pull the “Meanzo” version of “Sur” in Hoboken? UGH…enough! Blavo’s new “take” on disguising infomercials….

        • I have lost interest as well, I havnt watch ATL in several season, This is week 3 i havent watched BH. The HW have lost their luster for me, its nothing but fake rich people who are no more then grifting broke ass people.

          • Not mention Lying trouble makers who slop sugar to your face and try and distroy you in private

            • I haven’t been able to get into watching “lost Atlantis” either. I tried to watch it, once or twice, but it’s turned into a bunch of wannabe actresses. I didn’t know if you were referring to BH Lisa, but I’m having trouble with that one too. I don’t necessarily dislike BG, but if what she said is something that could hurt “kids” I’ll just be shakin my head. Kids should be off limits…. in my book

        • ITA Barb. I too thought these mini manzoids were finally gone. Such a joke to hear Blavo is filming this. If this is integrated into the RH…it will Su..! It will be my channel surfing time, if that’s what Blavo does.

  5. yet another success story….. walked by Catface last friday afternoon – prime makeup time you’d think before the evening parties AND of course xmas goodies to buy – anyway – the gift shop and barber on one side – PACKED with a line at the sweet gift shop – the starbucks on the other side – PACKED – Catface – EMPTY with a lonely thin lauren-look-alike aimlessly texting away while she sat on her little stool -

    • Thought so :{
      LapBand & her mommy do not even have a working website – they “tweet” pics of makeup & scarves & crap u can buy everywhere for less $$$ and if u r not in the area u can CALL the store to order!! What a joke!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if CatFace is just a front for somethin’ else goin’ on that they got going? IMO of course! With all the shady dealings this clan has been involved in, I hope the IRS is watching them very closely…………..

      • Maybe they need to launder all of the Signature Apparel money that Chris pilfered. Well, the money that they didn’t already blow on their opulent, faux wealthy lifestyle.

  6. Maybe Carowhine’s narcissisim is catching? She was able to spread it to Lauren (to some degree) maybe a stranger got hit with the fallout. :p Watch the flying insecurity!! :P

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