REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What’s Gonna Happen on Tonight’s RHOBH… Adrienne Maloof’s “Secret” Continues!

Bravo… On tonight’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…
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Kim, though newly out of rehab, plans a trip to Vegas for her son’s 21st birthday — and neglects to invite Kyle.

NOTE:    Kim not inviting Kyle to a fambly outing… that should be the entire episode right there!   

  • 15 minutes of Kim arranging her son’s birthday party  
  • 15 minutes of Kim tellin’ Adrienne why her son’s birthday party is being held at the Venetian  
  • 30 minutes of Kyle’s head spinnin’… while she yells at Kim!

Meanwhile, the fallout from Brandi’s revelation about Adrienne continues, and it is not pretty.

Mauricio John Turturro

Angry that this happened at an event of his, Mauricio doesn’t want Brandi to come to Kyle’s upcoming dinner party, but it’s too late; she’s already invited.



At the party, Kyle’s friend Faye demands to know why Brandi said what she did, and won’t accept an explanation until Brandi departs in tears.


Marisa Zanuck takes Brandi’s side… Brandi keeps her cool and excuses herself from Kyle’s dinner…


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76 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: What’s Gonna Happen on Tonight’s RHOBH… Adrienne Maloof’s “Secret” Continues!

  1. Faye Resnick needs to STFU and take several seats. Who does she think she is?? Brandi did not have to explain anything to that morally corrupt bitch!!

    • What in the hell is going on… My gosh, that woma Faye, is worst then vile… Those two together puts a whole new meaning to bullies… I can not believe this show can sink any further then it was…. Every week it’s worse…. Faye and vile make Jill look nice… Way to go bravo…. You make me sick to my stomach… Someone should get those bit*hes… Make them cry, just once in front of us… That’s the cruelest bunch I have ever seen… If you try to side with Brandi , you’re attacked too… How disturbing, shaking my head in sadness… I hope they pay Brandi well, i wouldn’t be the their bitch for nothing…

    • She really, really does. As Brandi pointed out, she doesn’t even know her. She’s basing her opinion on — what for it — gossip. The very thing she is denouncing. I’m not sure why I dislike Faye sooo much, but I do. I remember the OJ stuff. She’s just looking for a camera.

  2. The wallpaper of Brandi’s bad left foot is funny.Is that the one she broke and it seems it never healed.Her wrinkled thumb is the least of her worries with a foot like that.Forget sandals or barely there high heels.

  3. Poor, Brandi. She’s like a Human Pinata for these rich folks to beat her with a verbal stick and see what pours out. Everywhere she goes, she courts trouble. In spite of her flaws, I still find her likable. It’s probably because she drops more F bombs than I do.

  4. Who in hades is Faye and why in hades does Brandi owe Faye a single thing?
    Faye’s arrogance and one-sided condescension is stunning. Kyle allowing one of her guest to be made to feel this way speaks volumes. Kyle it’s now obvious you just wanted to be unkind to Brandi, grasping at any reason to excuse your actions. The hypocrisy at this table is astouding!

  5. The only one viciously attacking is the MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK who is so desperate to get on the show and is jealous of Brandi getting the diamond by only being on a couple of episodes. The MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK must be one shady lady for even Bravo not wanting her. This scene makes her seem desperate and why the f did Lisa not say anything? The MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK is in no position to judge anyone. And I used to not even like Brandi, but I like her style. Walking out of there ice cold was the biggest burn for the MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK and she left her looking like the idiot she is.

      • You know how I know her? I saw her naked in Playboy. She posed naked in Playboy after the OJ trial. I realised thanks to the extensions and the blown up fake lips. And I realised that’s who it is.. the MORALLY CORRUPT FAYE RESNICK. Man I miss Season 1 Camille. Delusional? A bit. But she knew how to give these stuck up biotches a run for their money that’s for sure.

      • Faye looks like a Bull Terrier (face for radio). This whole lets-fabricate-a-dinner- party, girls-overnight, faux-fund- raiser settings are getting so tiresome.

    • You go Brandi, the morally corrupt Faye Resnick, is just a mouth piece for Kyle. You owe those ladies nada, we already heard Paul apologized to Brandi. Man if this is truely over a 45yr old woman using a surrogate to have children, that’s it for me, watching. Having to put up with swine and another we can’t tell you plot line, is a little much, everything is so phoney, the fights, what they sell, they all do the samething in every series, I am getting fed up. I started watching because I thought it would show friendships, strong women helping lift each other, and their families, I could be watching All My Children, with a better plot line and acting! Thanks

    • weak? i think she handle very classy, she was the bigger big my god she is sooo cool FR talking moral like she was the Queen of England, and you know what she is famous for? Faye you look like a fool.

  6. Unbelievable. Faye Resnick was a coke buddy partier of OJ’s wife. Her best buddy was murdered and she used the opportunity to somewhat catapult herself to D level status by writing a sleezy tell all, and Kyle helped her become somewhat of a BH decorator. She is really bordering on Traylor Trash to me, and has no business in Brandi’s business. She did not call out Adrienne for attacking Lisa and for Adrienne trying to call a possi at the reunion to take lisa down. How dare she throw stones at the glass house. To me people like her..that won’t call out their own friends for bad behavior, but then go after others, are not worth Brandi’s time at all. Great for you Brandi for walking away. I am glad Lisa said her peace and then was quiet because Brandi already knows she is in her corner, and Faye was being such a huge wouldn’t have been good at all to involve herself. I can’t believe Faye shushed up the new person. The was a low down sleezy partier back in the day..she should just shut up. Just because she sits next to Kyle and puts on a nice dress, doesn’t give her any rights to judge. Who gives a crap if she knew Adrienne’s brothers. they were probably partiers like she used to be.

  7. she said her daughter dated them?or something..but that whole crowd ran lose and fast wtih the drugs and the clubbing. I will never listen to her as the Mother theresa dolling out advice to Brandi about the complete liar and plotter, Adrienne. I would have just laughed at someone like Faye talking to me that way, but Brandi is probably way too young to remember Faye from the old days…and I am sure Brandi knows that Faye doesn’t really know Adrienne at all. You can have lunch with someone occassionally and have no idea what they are really up to or what kind of person they are. Knowing Adrienne for 25 years…that does not mean she knows her character at all.

  8. Faye Resnick – once again appears in our to stir trouble like she did in S1 at Camille’s Dinner Party .. Faye is being what? … Kyle’s mouth piece at the dinner table? Faye was NOT at lunch, so how did she hear what was said about AD? From Kyle .. .. BS on Kyle and Faye who is a BH RH wanna be …
    If I knew how to copy a clip from the Lisa’s tasting lunch when Kyle was answering Kim with ..”would that be someone here at the table” .. forget the exact words, but! It was the first time I’ve ever seen what others have referred Kyle as lizard tongue .. that’s what she did! Anyone know how to view this clip and post for others to see …awesome!
    Faye … bark off and back down to return to the toilet from which thou-st slithered from …

  9. Faye Resnick got Brandi pegged. She may be known as ‘the morally corrupt’ Faye Resnick but she READ Brandi down. Brandi got scared and ran away because Faye had a lot of points and was stopping the Brandi crazy train before it starts attacking and making up stuff.

    However, i must commend Brandi for not losing the plot at this dinner party and making up stuff and dropping fifty F-Bombs on our ears. This was probably only because Faye stopped her in her tracks and gave it to her good.

    If Brandi can dish it, then she should know how to take it.

    Does anybody remember when Kyle told Brandi that her kids pee’d on the grass and she lost it at Kyle and screamed “DON’T TALK ABOUT MY BABY!!”… Funny how Brandi thinks its OK for her to talk about Adrienne’s kids but you cant say a word about her kids. She’s a hypocrite.

    • adrienne did use a surrogate and lied about it in Ojai and also tried to take Lisa down with a bunch of fake lies house husband…why so quick to put Adrienne on a pedastal. ..Brandi was not speaking about Adrienne’s kids..only that adrienne went into a big fat lie about how her kids were born on national tv when they weren’t actually born that way..If Adrienne had not said a word, no one would be discussing that including Brandi

      • So what if she lied about her surrogacy!!? Its her PRIVATE business. It also has to do with her kids and when she decides to tell her kids about the surrogacy is up to her. No one cares if she did anyway. They were talking about pregnancy and she lied to not have to divulge her private information that has to do with her children. I get it.

        Its not up to Brandi to spew out Adrienne’s secrets (if thats what it is). Kids are off limits. Also, who the hell made Brandi the moral compass? the woman doesn’t stop bashing her ex and acts in a reactive adolescent manner. I used to be a fan of her no-holds-barred approach but she has it in for Adrienne in a way that is a little obsessed and strange. I think she’s nasty. i also dont think she says mean things only when shes attacked. i think it is in her nature to be a b***h. She also knows she can be one…

        “If someone tells you who they are… Believe them”… So i believe her.

        Considering Adrienne was #teambrandi and tried to be a peace maker in the whole Kyle/Kim VS Brandi debacle i find it sad that she forgot who had her back. I guess when Brandi was seduced by the rich powers of LVP she decided that to continue being*cough besties with Lisa she would have to hate Adrienne.

        I’m not even going to get on the Lisa worship train. Lisa is underhanded in her own way too. She is no angel of elegance and diamonds… She just looks it and wears it convincingly.

          • so you are just going to ignore what adrienne did…calling up Camille – who admitted it, and calling up brandi, before the reunion, to gang up on Lisa. Also Adrienne lied about her husband beating her – those pictures were clearly adrienne’s head super imposed on someone’s (a man’s back). I am not even discussing Lisa, but Adrienne is a lying piece of poop. I think Brandi was sick of Adrienne trying to use her to take down Lisa. I think it is rude to tell such a blantant lie to a table in public. She should have kept quiet as she knew Camille had kids via surrogacy adn just sat there quietly. She did not need to say anything. She could have said, I don’t wish to discuss it. I lost all respect for Adrienne with what she tried to do at the reunion though.

            • ALLEGEDLY… Adrienne was inarticulate at the reunion but she also apologised once, twice… Who cares!!? Everybody knows that Lisa has a relationship with the tabloids… she may not sell stories… but there are other ways to sell that don’t involve money.

            • I haven’t seen any signs that Lisa has a relationship with the press other than the standard Bravo circuit and what they want put out there. I have on the other hand seen Adrienne use Chef Berny to get out any dirt she wants known and continues to do to this day. How Adriane can’t be held responsible for an employee badmouthing the cast or her ex publicly is beyond me. The only reason he has access to any info is because he works for her.

            • At the reunion, Lisa said that TMZ called her at six in the morning to tell her that Russell killed himself. Who has that kind of close relationship with the tabloids unless they are selling stories to them? TMZ didn’t have to tell her that, she would have eventually found out from one of the other women or by watching the news. The only reason I can think of for them calling her is that they wanted a story from her about Russell. Lisa outed herself when she said that.

            • I think they called her to get a reaction or a story about Russell. I’m sure they did the same to the rest of the cast.

            • Well HouseHusband, I think you should use your word ALLEGEDLY in your statment about Lisa and the tabloids. Unless you have some inside information that we are not privy to, it is NOT common knowledge that Lisa is in bed with the tabloids. Everyone takes sides. You obviously are on Adrienne’s side. She can do no wrong in your eyes. Okay, that is your point of view. But don’t start smearing Lisa’s name to make Adrienne look good. Adrienne is no saint. Look at the way she talked to Paul. I used to cringe. This is her husband; the father of her children and she looks at him like he is the poop she scraped off her shoe. If that is how Adrienne treats him; watch out enemies. Brandi has a big mouth and should keep it shut. But, there is obviously more to this story than any of us are seeing. On an aside, I am annoyed with Bravo on this. Let it out…..whatever it is.

            • Agree. She could have said that that was too privat a moment to share for her, but she enjoyed the lie. It was so obvius!
              Some have said Brandi tricked her to talk about it, but Brandi didnt gave her any attention and was not listening to her, when she kept on and on. She wasn`t just answearing the question, she was given.
              No matter what I still dont think, that it was the real secret! The surrogacy is just the natural consequence of being a 70 year old man. Im sticking to that. :D

            • The freaky thing is that im only half kiddin, cause as other commenters have pointed out too, U cant find any old pics of her, pre-surgery online and that seems weird considered who her family is and that she SUPPOSEDLY should be this big-shot buisness woman. Either its all a lie, made up for the show + she was really ugly before and/or she was a MAN! This idea its just like a shoe that fits tooo well when u put it on and not like those ugly hoofs, that seemed to be her greatest accomplishment in buisness and that says ALOT. ;)

        • When you’re on reality tv, your business no longer becomes private. By being on reality tv, you are allowing every single little detail, aspect, and secret about your life become unraveled. You no longer have any private business when you present yourself on reality tv for the world.

          I don’t see why Brandi would be friends with someone like Adrienne anymore after what she did to Lisa at the reunion- throughout season 2, Adrienne had been the worst kind of friend, and she was particularly nasty and disgusting toward Lisa at the reunion; why shouldn’t she be annoyed with Adrienne?

          • Typical. I just have a different take on the situation. I all of a sudden feel like Brandi at the dinner table and you’re all Faye Resnicks… LOL

            • i just like to call out when people are being one sided. You mention nothing about what Adrienne tried to do to Lisa and also how she tried to bully Brandi and Camille into ganging up on her. All bets are off when someone tries to do something so low. It is like trying to find support for Traylor Trash

            • @nancyadopt I do not deny that Adrienne called up Brandi and Camille re: Lisa. It probably happened but it probably happened for a reason. Lisa is not the type of woman to be bullied, she’s strong enough to fight her own battles. She’s no shrinking flower at all.

              I believe that Adrienne must have had a good reason to need support to go up against Lisa.

              Lisa is no angel.

              Anyway its early in the season… Later on in the season Lisa calls Camille a bitch… so who knows what happens there. I just don’t a hundred per cent trust Lisa like you don’t trust Adrienne and thats OK. Like you i am following my intuition on this one…

            • well to me..after the lies Adrienne tried to put out there about Paul, following in Traylor Trash’s footsteps..she is on my..I cant believe a word out of her mouth. I also coudln’t stand last year how she had a poop fit about Lisa not having the party at the Palms, when someone else had arranged it and was throwing it..and the Maloof Hoof thing – she is a whinny baby in my book. She is no business person. I have never seen a business person whine about so much.

            • Fair enough! I respect your opinion. Like you don’t like whiny business people… I don’t warm to adolescent/women who tell people to shut-the-beep up to solve a problem at sit down dinners.

            • i agree Brandi is crass..and that is not appropriate at dinner. But I have never been to a dinner when someone totally disconnected from something tries to force their way in on the situation. I would have politely excused myself like Brandi did. She and Adrienne should have a personal discussion on the side, but Faye had no business discussing this. she had no idea what Adrienne had done in the past, and she herself has a disgusting sordid past and really just has no business speaking. Brandi for once acted properly.

            • How did Faye get her information about this unless Kyle or one of the other women repeated it. If this was so personal and such a terrible thing to say why would anyone then repeat it. Didn’t Mauricio just lecture Kyle on how when Kim repeated it to Adrianne and Paul that it was gossip and should have been said. So much for Mauricio’s opinion .

            • The other thing that really ticks me off. Faye says that Brandi said hateful words about Kim. I think Kim was pretty hateful to Brandi all season. Maybe being called a slut pig is and endearment in the Richard’s family but not in mine. I also remember Brandi being very indulgent when Kim went after her verbally at Kyle’s white party. I think apologies should be given all the way around. Kim hasn’t accepted any responsibility for the situation or the actions that followed at game night. I’s wish Faye could have pointed that out.

            • Look. This is called speculation. ” I believe that Adrienne must have had a good reason to need support to go up against Lisa. ” You are speculating on what you feel, think or psychically have honed in on what you think you know. What I know is what I see. Now, if Lisa is a mastermind…then gosh damn. She’s pretty good at it so kudos. If Housewives is survivor then Lisa is Rich . But just guessing that she must have done something to A is just lame. Give me facts. I will give you props. I have seen filmed footage of A being a crazy vengeful control freak. What you got? Thats all.

    • I agree. Everything said about Faye is correct. Adrienne has done nothing to Brandi. She never backed Brandi in a corner. So she from what i see attacked her for no reason. So Brandi, grab your brass balls and take it.

      • adrienne tried to bully brandi to put out negative things against lisa at the reunion and afterwards. Then she wasn’t happy when Brandi wouldn’t go along with her evil plan

      • …and she and her little chefbuddy has been making up stories about B and selling them to tabloids for a long time. Miss Maloof just only does these sneaky thing when the cameras off.

  10. Love that Morally Corrupt Faye! Takes one to know one ;) She’s def Kyle’s shit talker this season. If Brandi used her big mouth to get attention, so can Faye.

    • Brandi never got my attention bc of any drama. But bc of her fun side. I dont think she needs to create drama to get attention, but that it comes naturally to her no matter what she does.
      Theres a reason the other ladies has such a problem with everything she does or says, even though they all have done the same or even much more vyle and morally corrupt (if u wish ;) )things than she has. Its the ugly jealoux monster who entered the these women as soon as Brandi entered Kyles party in season 2. They hated her even before they knew her, which instantly turned them so ubealieveble ugly and now they use her to get more cameratime, only inviting her to get her down. I get more and more disgusted by their behaviour week after week, that I wouldn`t think it would be possible for them to sink any lower.

      • Yep, the Richards sisters started this caca train and I don’t believe either of them took ownership of that. Their behavior at game night was appalling for adult women, so for Vyle’s spokesmouth the morally superior Miss Faye Resnick to be calling out Brandi is a major crock. The only person who really knows what went on between the Hoof and Brandi are those two and for Resnick to presume to “instruct” Brandi is a major crock. Brandi must have some major self control because I would have wanted to tell her to STFU, but Brandi walked away, so Mommy Lisa’s admonitory chats are getting through.

  11. why is it any of brandi’s business to talk about anyone’s children. for that reason alone i do not like her. if the shoe were on the other foot, she would be dropping f-bombs; like only a whore can.
    she is trying to be relavant, and making a fool out of herself in the process. she cannot hold a candle to adrienne in smarts, and she knows it. playing lisa’s lap dog, to stay in her good graces. the girl knows where the money is, and like any streetwalker, that is where she is hangin.

    • I guess you dont like adrienne either then? Or Kyle either? Your argument is quite a dobbelt morality, if talking about children is your reason for not liking Brandi. And when have Brandi talked about anybodys children exactly?

    • Let’s see now, Kyle dropped an f-bomb, as you call it, on Camille when she called her an ‘effing’ liar, so is she a whore and a streetwalker?

  12. Did anyone else watch the insipid Shahs of Sunset, or whatever it’s called, last nite? They showed a scene with some people going out to dinner at Villa Blanca (I didn’t see Lisa.) Adrienne could’ve done the same type of things with her casino in LV (maybe she did and it didn’t work out, so she got jealous?)

  13. Kim not inviting Kyle is interesting, and I think Kim is correct for telling Adrienne in so many words—Hey I am choosing not to have this party at The Palms so don’t stir up da drama Bia*ch!

    • I dont think that they have had a real relationship off camera for many years. Just saw a rerun from hawaii and Kyle told her that they had`nt been in a car together for 15 years , bc Kim accused her of talking in her phone constantly when she drives.
      I think the thing Kyle will take the most offense to, is that she missed the cameratime. She probably wanted Kim on the show in the first place to double her cameratime.

  14. I guess, im going to be throwing stuff against my tv tomorrow. I cant stand that attentioncraving Fayke Rednaked and her coward of friend, Vyle!
    Brandi did good by walking away from that moron. Shes not worth her time or anybody elses for that matter. She sad there looking sooo stooopid! LOL… Now you`re gonna attack me…….Now you`re gonna say things about me….. Dont count on that your that important.
    Brandi just have to handle her like she did with PamDana. Just ignore her and then she goes away.
    But she said one true thing….and that is as I expected. That Kim is just faking her forgiveness, bc she is afraid of backlash. Kim should really watch season 2, even though she probaly has and is just saying she cant, bc she is not capable of admitting her mistakes and saying sorry for anything. Sometimes I feel sorry for her, but other times I think that she is the biggest coward ever, and if she is strong enough to be on the show, then she should be strong enough to take some responsibility for season 2 also.
    I have never seen Brandi treat anybody as Kim have treaten Brandi. She is a mean girl like her sister and they are both cowards, who desperately need someone backing them up. Kyle has Faye and Kim depend on her daughters.
    I also believe them to be liars, not like Adrienne or Taylor. but bc it is so very important for them both to feel popular and liked, so they have to constantly fake “forgiveness”, instead of having the balls to stand by who they are and what they feel. It comes out in a catty and childish way anyway.
    I have never believed for a moment that she was just an alcoholic. With all that we`ve seen and all that we know, nothing of that story makes sense, if alcohol was the problem. Thats the problem when yòu`re that judgemental of others, then you have to live in that prison yourself.

    • ha ha..Kim’s not even good with Fay’s friend she should just keep quiet about Brandi and Kim

      • Exactly! Faye is grasping straws and have to twist it so it, so the 3 braincells that she hasn`t killed with coke, has something to work with.

  15. Faye Resnick is a three time loser, no man can put up with her for long. She has also been in rehab at least three separate times for coke addiction. So Brandi doesn’t need to listen to anything that spews from this skanks mouth. She jumped in and wrote a book about Nicole Brown Simpson to make money off her murder this is a disgusting, crass, slut. I can understand Kyle being friends with this piece of trash–they are cut from the same cloth. I hope Lisa, Brandi, Yolanda and Marissa have the fortitude to refuse to ever be filmed with this garbage again.

    • said the same thing above. good for you tibi..seems appropriate that Adrienne would have this scum defending her.

  16. I have 0 respect for Faye, and I will not watch if she is going to be a new housewife. These are some things about Faye:

    And Cora Fishman of the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, another member of Nicole Simpson’s social circle, called her “Faye the Fake,” a “very conniving and manipulative woman” out to make a quick buck on the bloodied body of her late friend by writing and releasing her book about Nicole before the trial was evening ended.

    “All her friends called her a “drama queen,’ ” Ms. Fishman said.
    Her published recollections suggest that she devoted much of her energies to the pastimes of the Southern California jet-set — eating and drinking at places like Toscana and Mezzaluna, shopping at Nieman-Marcus or Maud, partying, traveling to Aspen, Colo., or the beaches of Mexico, and using cocaine. Twice she ended up at the Betty Ford Clinic.

    Way to walk away from that trash Brandi. It is like steering clear of Traylor Trash.

    • IA, Nancy — Faye’s a hanger-on, who sought to capitalize on her friend Nicole Simpson’s murder. Toscana and Mezzaluna aren’t/weren’t exactly jet-set restaurants, though. Nice neighborhood places.

  17. Now i know why Kyle is so vile. It’s the company she keeps. Faye is begging to be a housewife and it makes me sick, like her books.

      • I cant forget when she defended Fake by saying that her playboyspread was so tasteful and that was a lot different than doing softcore porn like Camille did. If you`re only getting the opportunity bc your best friend got murdered, then I have a lot more respect for a hardcore pornactress. And I wished that Camille had made those points at the reunion, instead of letting Kyle walk all over her.

  18. Remember how people lashed out at Camille during season 1 for “allowing her guest” the psychic to treat this one…and that one…so poorly at Camille’s dinner party? Kyle is the ultimate hypocrite. I say she gets the title of Most hated housewife for allowing this to go down just like Camille did.

  19. Faye Resnick’s nose is all over the place. She doesn’t even know Brandi. I thought for a moment that she and Marissa were going to have a go at it. This episode should prove very interesting.

  20. Is Bravo handing out a bonus to whoever causes Brandi to “flip a table”? Brandi was more restrained than I would have been. Advice from trashy Faye RezNakedNeck? That is the official LOL moment of the evening.

  21. I remember when Brandi first came on and Paul stating something like “well the women will always be jealous of someone younger and prettier”. Truer words have never been spoken re this group. Wouldn’t you just love to see Paul and Brandi get together?

  22. Kyle, Kim, Adrienne, Taylor and Faye Resnick I would tar them all with the same brush Kyle uses Faye to do her dirty work, kim imo is still on something she still looks to me like a rambling wreck. Taylor is just FOS and Adrienne is a lying backstabber.
    Lisa and Brandi, my take on these two is Lisa is using Brandi to do her dirty work as well I caught the little gleam in her eye when Brandi said things could get a lot worse, however Lisa is going about it in a wholey different way.
    Brandi I think is vulnerable and says whatever without thinking but even so she is entitled to defend herself and say what she wants Faye Resnick would have recieved a big glass of wine in her face if I had been in Brandi’s shoes.
    Camille showed me her true colors in her first season and I believe that is who she really is. She has managed to redeem herself in the public eye but for me she is a sneaky, conniving cow.
    I am also beginning to dislike Mauricio greed is not a redeeming quality he imo is taking Paul and Adrienne’s side because he does not want to alienate them in case of future business dealings.
    I think he should have stayed out of it and kept his mouth shut he came across like one of the women.

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