The artistic talent and creativity of SH readers never fails to amaze me.  This is from “Maya”… who also gifted us with “St. Teresa” back in October!

RHOBH by Maya SH

Thank you, “Maya”!!!

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48 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: “The REAL Madness of BH”…

  1. Thank you for creating and sharing this with SH viewers. You are an amazing, creative and talented artist. So glad you’re on this super site.

  2. Im just glad that you like it and I must admit that I a take pleasure in getting a visual dig in to some of those wives. ;)
    Had some trouble fitting everybody in the “picture”, so Yolanda had to go. I guess she had something better to do that day. :)

        • Maya: This was really GREAT! Had no idea you had this artistic gift. BTW, dId I miss Yo-Fo in there, or didn’t she make the cut? :)

          • YoFo should have given me more more material to work with than lemons. She was supposed to send a nice basket of them, but there wasn`t even room for that either. ;)
            My first thought was to exclude Shana, but she had the opposite problem. Two much material to pass on that!!

    • I love the visual digs to the housewives. No one wishes them any ill-will …we just love to laugh at their relentless narcissism…

      • Eggsactly! Maya, I giggled but was oddly touched that you put Kim in the christmas wrapping paper bow blouse. Very talented!

    • Thank you :)……. and I know what you mean! This place is a great escape and even when im down, no matter what reason, Mrs SHs post and all of u great, bright and real funny commenters always manages to makes me laugh out loud. Its only fair I give alittle something back. :o)

  3. Absolutely smashing Maya dahling and unlike the Blavo lineup picture, you’ve shown their real heights even with them all wearing the Maloof Hoof! Looks great with the snow gently wafting down. But I must say, her Beigeness isn’t even missed.

    • Sorry I cant :( I haver never even seen a episode, so wouldn`t know how ;)
      The only other show I watch besides the two I have already done, is Miami and I think us Miami wievers is a small group…
      But I have thought about making some of the same franchises again, but a portrait of one or few of the wives together, so theres more room for details. I love details :)
      But I got many ideas, just not always enough energi ;)

        • A actually planned to watch it some time ago, but I couldnt download the first seasons, so I lost interest. But can u jump into later seasons without feeling that u missed to much.

            • True, she is also a jealous hag bent on destroying her sister and stealing houses and all. But, Kim’s dress looks babyish like Baby Jane. They do have a bit of a ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane’ dynamic between them.

            • Yeah I can totally see that. Like I was saying the detail is amazing. Even Kim standing all pigeon-toed like that. The bow shirt. The Adrienne with her shoe line is wearing an outfit at covers almost all of her shoes… just like the models in her fashion shoe that was supposed to highlight the shoe.

      • Like Giggy nippin at Adrienne’s dress. And am I right to assume that you purposely drew SWINE with a cig that she drunkenly lit from the wrong end hence the amount of smoke? Kim’s dirty bra from last season. Genius Maya.

        • It wasn´t surpose to be a bra…more like a dirty kleenex or something like that….but now we will call it the dirty bra from last season! And I will always totally accept to be called a genius :D :D :P

  4. Well it’s clear Brandi is Maya’s favorite lol. And I thought the Kim one was Yolanda without reading the bubble but now I can see definitely its Kim and that’s hilarious. The lip and cheek placement lmao

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