REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Seven… “Oy, Faye”


RHOBH by Maya SH

Season Three, Episode Seven… “Oy Faye”

by Sandi Duffy

This show would be a lot easier to watch if we knew WTF the big secret was that Brandi revealed.  I’m also trying to figure out why Adrienne is getting the bitch edit.  What did she do to piss of Andy Cohen?  Did she make anti-gay comments, ala Joe Guidice or Alexis Bellino?

Adrienne accuses Brandi of being on drugs.  Can’t Brandi sue for that?  Kyle is pissed that Kim told Adrienne at her husband’s event.  Methinks this was payback on Kim’s part for Mauricio and Kyle stealing her house.

Mauricio refuses to admit that Paul was wrong for getting aggressive with Brandi.  That’s because Brandi doesn’t have any money to buy a house and Paul and Adrienne do.  Mauricio is going to side with the people who have money. That’s why he didn’t hesitate to kick Trailer and Russell (RIP) out of his White Party, but never took his wife’s side over Camille in season 1.

Trailer makes it all about her. She brings up Camille outing Trailer’s claims of abuse.  STFU, Trailer.  As Camille TTCs, Trailer was telling everyone she was being abused.  Apple and oranges.  Kind of like Trailer’s book vs. Brandi’s book.

While all this is going on, I can’t help but notice how ugly Brandi’s faux fur vest is.  Ew, girlfriend, who told you to wear that?

No one cares when Brandi leaves Mauricio’s event because she doesn’t have any money anyway.

Lisa is home getting her gates fixed at her house.


I have to get my electric gates fixed all the time.  It’s so hard being really rich and having a gated home.  I should probably just get rid of the gates, but then the bad element that lives in Beverly Hills, the non-gate people, might get in.  Anyway, Ken is recovering from surgery and her friend Martin visits.  Am I the only one who suspects Martin is just waiting around for something to happen to Ken so he can have Lisa?

Martin arrow

Kim’s daughter Brook looks like a less slutty version of Paris Hilton.  Kim TTCs that Kyle started all the trouble, and I am LOVING Kim this season.  Kim is so right.  Kyle lit the fuse and knew shit would go down.

Apparently Kim is taking a trip to Vegas, which is a great place for a recovering addict to go.  There is absolutely no temptation there at all.

Kyle is having a dinner party for the ladies.  When she mentions Brandi’s name, Mauricio has a strong negative opinion about her.  I am going to say it again.  If Brandi had money, he would keep his mouth shut.    Camille and her “psychic” friend were talking smack about him having affairs with the Nanny, but he never said a word about her.

We get to see Faye Resnick who has had some of the worst plastic surgery I’ve seen since Jocelyn Wilderstein.  Faye wants to be a Housewife so badly…maybe even more than that horrid Dana.  And why the hell is Faye TTCing?  This is getting ridiculous.

We get another preview of Lisa’s new show when her Villa Blanca server, the one who was sleeping with Brandi’s ex-husband, shows up.  So Slutty Mcslutter wants to talk to Brandi.  Lisa put a stop to that.

Next we see Yolanda working out, and now I’m depressed.  She is super-devoted and looks great.  I am NOT super-devoted and don’t look great.  I guess there’s a correlation.

Holy Shitballs her trainer is 57!  Man, that human growth hormone is good stuff.

We are back to Lisa and Brandi, so Brandi can rehash what happened at Mauricio’s.  Brandi points out that she is all broken out from the stress. Honey, that’s nothing compared to former Miss USA, Kenya Moore’s face.


Oh holy hell, Ken pulls down his pants to show Brandi his scar.  That’s on my list of things I didn’t ever need to see after Richie Walkile’s erection and Joe Guidice shirtless.

Trailer is the first person to arrive at Kyle’s and I guess she never heard of being fashionably late.  We finally meet the new housewife, Marissa Zanuck.


I can’t believe Brandi comes to this dinner party.  Bravo must have made her go.  Otherwise, why would she walk into the Lion’s Den?

marisa tweet

Yolanda misses Kyle’s party because she’s at Donna Summer’s funeral (RIP).  Kim isn’t there because she’s in Vegas, where every recovering alcoholic should go.  Kyle takes shots at her when she’s not there to defend herself.  THEN, Kyle again stirs the big pot of shit, and says “We all know why Adrienne isn’t here.”  Brandi calls her on it and states that she called Kyle and said she will bail so Adrienne can come to the party.

Faye Resnick, as usual, inserts herself into the conversation.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Faye’s only claim to fame being the late Nicole Brown Simpson’s bestie?  STFU, Faye.  Why does this woman have so much to say?


When Lisa TTCs, she agrees with me about Faye.   The more I see of Faye and Kyle, the more I feel badly about not liking Camille season 1.  The new housewife has nothing to say.  She has the look Yolanda had in Ojai when the women went at it–that “what the hell did I get myself into” look.


Marissa sticks up for Brandi.  Faye is a total bitch and tells Marissa she doesn’t know Brandi.  And Faye does?  Come on Camille, say it!  Say the “morally corrupt, Faye Resnick.”

Kyle is the worst hostess ever for allowing one of her guests to be attacked.


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77 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Seven… “Oy, Faye”

  1. “Kyle is the worst hostess ever for allowing one of her guests to be attacked.” Only saw the clip, but the seating looked arranged for this set up. Clearly, Kyle filled Faye in on it all and is employing her as her own personal pit bull. No fingerprints on that!

  2. Question? The 1st two seasons; aside from the reunion last year; has anyone seen Adrienne go after anyone. Wasn’t Adrienne the one who introduced Brandy to the group and tried to stick up for her when the witch mountain sisters went after her. Now on tonights episode when Brandy was visiting Lisa the two of them kept talking about Adrienne; like she’s some evil queen of BH and is going to destroy them. Are you kidding me; Lisa and Brandy the victims? Now as far as Faye is concerned; was it her place, no, but she sure as heck put Brandy in her place; Brandy is calling attention to herself and Faye posed a great quesiton; is Brandy so angry she is taking it out on who she feels fit to take it or someone put a bug in her ear (Lisa)? I still don’t trust Lisa and Brandy is taking the bait and making herself look rediculous with her antics on the show and her twitter war with her X. I am guessing the Wives will be off for the Holidays and we’ll be back in 2013! Yeah can’t wait to see Brandy confront one the women who slept with her X and who also works at Lisa’s restaurant in the new Bravo series; how convenient!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • From them very beginning that A introduced B, I got the feeling she did not like her at all and wondered why she never ever supported her (especially against Kim and Kyle). The only thing she ever said about her was: Brandi has no filter (repeatedly), until i found out here that they were not friends and then it made so much sense.

      • Yeah, I didn’t feel any sort of friendly vibe between them; now Dana and Taylor, there was no doubt that they were friends. But Adrienne and Brandi? You’re right, all Adrienne said about Brandi was that she had no filter and “she’s really a very sweet girl”. I wouldn’t doubt it if that friendship was all just for tv, and their relationship just got worse when the cameras weren’t rolling.

    • ad brought brandy around because she had been friends with cedric, and she dislikes lisa so much she wanted to push that at her. she always half way defended brandy, she never went balls out in her defense of her, like a real friend would. adrienne is a nasty piece of plastic.and lisa and brandy have ehr number.

      • So true .. Seems many have forgotten some of the past.. Adrienne is a real back biter.. She like to keep it undercover

        • 1. The Adrienne/Brandi friendship was fake.
          2. The Cedric/Brandi friendship was fake.
          This was just a means to introduce a new character (Brandi) into the fold. This show is sooooooooo stupid. I also doubt highly that Faye has known Adrienne for “20 years” either. These ‘women’ are all pathological liars and horrible actors at that.

      • Agreed. Brandi was a pawn in Adrienne’s game, not a friend. She thought she would drive Lisa to insanity by bringing on someone like Brandi to flirt w/Ken…HA, wrong again Ad, wrong again. I had a looooong theory about Ad/Brandi/Cedric/Bernie AND Traylor ( I think they were ALL in cahoots to trash Lisa last year) but the particulars of the plot escape me now…I know I posted it here on SH but I cannot remember which article I made the comments on.

  3. I would say Faye is the Don Caro of RHOBH but Faye isn’t a full time so clearly she ranks lower than Don Caro. Faye speaks in platitudes and metaphors, but she’d never follow her own advice. She is preachy, bitter, salty and MORALLY CORRUPT! If the cameras weren’t rolling, you know Faye would have gone after Brandi and physically forced Brandi to order a gigantic stump to send to Adrienne as an apology.

    • “Gigantic stump”…LOL! I will never get over the hideousness of that flower arrangement. I remember Adrienne talking about sending Lisa a “big” flower arrangement (and patting her own back in the process) as her peace offering. It doesn’t matter how truly ugly it was, it was BIG! In other words, it cost a lot of money. Adrienne’s taste does seem to run to the garish, if her house is any indication. Pomp, ceremony, gold and gilt and UGLY.

  4. Im sure the reason Andy doesn`t like Adrienne anymore bc she is hiding that shes a tranny, which strongly suggets shame of her real identity as a gay man. My theory seems more and more perfect :P

  5. Sandi!! You were reading my mind! As soon as I say Faye TTC I wanted to throw the remote. I said it on another thread Why the HELL is Faye getting TTC!!!???

  6. Uh, sorry…Who the hell cares what Faye Resnick thinks?!? Every time her ugly mug appeared on screen I was like, “YOU again?!?”

        • I agree. SWINE was nonexistent aside from her fake PTSD symptoms at Mauricio’s event. She pulled a classic SWINE and made it all about her. Ugh…

          I wanted to see SWINE implode and for Bravo to give her the “you’re outta here” edit. Morally corrupt Faye did a great job of filling in the gaps where SWINE was lacking. Those two are peas in one gigantic pod of moral corruption.

  7. The best part of this episode was Kim getting in her licks at her ever so supportive sister Byle. If you’re known by the company you keep, the fact that her “best friend” is Faye Resnick speaks volumes. I think that Byle is the biggest chit stirrer on the show.

  8. Trailer Trash talking through her nose is so irritating.Her hair is a mess this season.Can not stand her and her gossiping ways.As long as they are not the subject of the witch hunt the hags are all over the target.

    • Did you catch the previews of the next show where Traylor is sobbing hysterically because she has to give up her 10+ct Diamond Engagement ring from her deceased husband (that she hated so much she was divorcing)?

    • ITA – Tayliar is a waste of space. I can’t stand looking at her enormously wide (like a trailor) mouth when she opens it to do anything.

  9. How did I know that Vyle/Maurice would side with Paul/Ad and excuse their behavior? They definitely hold different people to different standards, themselves included. Somehow, Vyle asking/provoking Brandi with what her issues are, Kim repeating said issues, Pauline/Ad losing it, cussing, making a scene….AND IT’S STILL BRANDI’S FAULT!!!! Kim and Tayliar both had moments of clarity tonight… Kim – “maybe if Kyle knew how to be a friend” – Kim knows Vyle is a friend to no-one! And Tayliar implying that everyone in the group talks smack and is a hypocrite!

    Super cute banter between Lisa and Ken. Ken wanting his tea and worried about someone eating his biscuits!! I love that Lisa is a secure mature woman and let’s Ken and Brandi joke and play. It’s really sweet…

    Kim clearly didn’t want Vyle in Vegas with her and her children. hehe In Kim’s sobriety she is realizing that Vyle is a condescending, hypocritical, house stealing ho! If they weren’t family, they would never be friends. Vyle would never give Kim the time of day if she passed her on the street… Kim knows this deep down! I hope she cuts Vyle loose, Vyle is toxic to Kim..

    Vyle jumping on Lisa for defending Brandi is the exact thing Vyle/Faye are doing by defending Ad. So they can pile on Brandi, waiting for her to defend herself, and when she does, she’s the bad guy. I guess Brandi is just supposed to sit back and take it in their eyes! Faye should know a thing or two about mean girl behavior! Brandi didn’t want to share or discuss the issues at dinner, and yet she is poked and prodded into it! If Faye is such GREAT friends with Ad, why does she have to ask Brandi what went down? Ask Ad Faye!! Faye needs to stfu and mind her business just like Vyle. Stop telling Brandi how to handle her issues and what to do, she is a grown woman!!Lisa was right in pointing out Vyle’s hypocrisy regarding Camille. Vyle should have said to Faye that this wasn’t the time, but we all know Vyle wanted Faye to dig into Brandi! Vyle is a terrible hostess and her dining room is nothing to write home about! Brandi was right to leave, and I hope that Lisa joins her…

    The most wonderful part of this episode is that I only had to see Ad for a couple of minutes and then she was gone! Rejoice!!

    • Odd, how Kim and Adrienne are supposed to be such close friends and yet when they went to LV to celebrate Chad’s 21st they didn’t stay at the Palms…

      • Maybe it’s because the Maloof children have lost ownership of the Palms. The family went from 85% ownership to 2%. Not sure if I can post this link, but there is a pic of Ad’s brothers, Gavin and Joe along with the article concerning the palms ownership… Looks like the sacramento kings may be in jeopardy as well!
        The brothers and Ad also sold off Daddy Maloof’s beer distributing operation in NM. Daddy Maloof must be so proud! The only business the Maloof’s own now are the King’s..

        If Bravo wasn’t filming the 21st bday party, Kim and kids stayed at the EconoLodge..

  10. Lisa is jealous of Adrienne becauss the 1st season the audience voted her most rich.She was nice in the beginning but changed after the 1st season.You can now see the injection marks on her left temple above her eyebrows when she was in the limo.Adrienne seems different now and even jealous of Paul getting more camera time than her.She used to be the voice of reason but now seems she has pulled away from pack.I would too with all the evil witches stirring the pot over nothing.The STFU gate was a bit overkill.Supposedly classy women dropping the F bomb is super trashy.They all have no storyline anymore.Fake and boring all of them.Brandi needs to find something to talk about other than her ex and is new wife.Its done move on.Put your claws in a new man.

    • I don’t see why Lisa would be jealous of Adrienne… her fake marriage, her crappy attitude, her declining wealth, her overworked face…Lisa is super attractive, wealthy, has a happy family and husband. Adrienne seems vengeful toward Lisa, she’s the jealous one.

      • I completely agree with you – every word… Adrienne is devoid of human emotion except anger. And her face can’t move. Lisa is in the moment and extremely loyal to those she holds dear.

  11. Really Mauricio, you’ve never met a gossip like Brandi.. Ummm look around your house, Kyle talks shit about her sister so much it could be a whole new show. Guess you missed her keeping Resnick updated on Besndi’s every move. And you know, you are on the show almost more than Camille, getting free advertising for your business so please Stop complaining!

    • Ugh Mauricio is so full of POOP! He really is only concerned with cash, sickening, and then he embarrasses himself by saying ” we have more class than that” . I’m grossed out by him now such a hustler and fake. I feel sorry for Brandi that she’s the poor one among these witches………sucks to be poor. And why is Marisa Zanuck here? Crazy, and as usual no Yolanda, what we do see is all about me me me me looking and feelin good

    • Yes, his free advertising is the reason he exists on the show. Notice that Ken Todd stays off screen much of the time. Mauricio embarrassed himself when he threw numbers around: “We sold 600 million worth of R.E.” “I was named the top 7th realtor in the country…” In reality, he should say, “I’m a bit p*ssy whipped and don’t mind it.”

  12. It just really dawned on me how boring the Housewives shows have become. BH used to be a favorite and after the first few episodes I have completely forgotten about it. So staged – so dull. I am addicted to Watch What Crappens Live. It’s a countdown until they post their podcast. However their show is so much more entertaining than the actual show. So now – I pretty much just listen to WWCL. Bravo should be paying the WWCL guys big bucks – for many of us, their podcast is the only incentive for watching even just a few minutes of the show.

    • WWCL is TVGasm, right? Ms SH’s soon to be hubby Ronnie? I hope there is a gigantic stump at their wedding. No orchids because Faye loves orchids and bleeeeeech!

      ITA that the shows are boring. On Sunday and Monday nights I tend to sleep very well because the shows lull me into a dreamy trance. Best insomnia cure ever. T

    • Totally Agree that Watch What Crappens is the bomb! Can’t wait to hear their take on the morally corrupt Faye Resnick.

      • YES! This week’s podcast is going to be GOOD. They may have to do another 2-part podcast. They’re gonna go IN on Fake Rancid.

  13. I watched…I needed the distraction, as I’m sure we all did…Here are my thoughts…
    There is no good reason Kim should have missed her Son’s 21st Birthday (period) or made to look bad or feel bad because of it…Even if it was planned at the last minute (he’s 21;)…. More importantly, because of “where” the party took place, perhaps, her sister should have made an effort to have been there too. In support of her nephew and her sister. Just my opinion

  14. So where is this book of Adrienne
    s? And a bought book deal is called self publish. Still no book. Brandi was right and Faye is an old troll

    • At the time I thought she was joking. Didn’t realize it was the old one-upmanshit and she was serious. What the hell is her book about? How to build your own home plastic surgery clinic and spa? How to get your personal chef to post photoshopped pictures of imaginary abuse and perjure himself for you in your divorce case? How to build a 3-D shrine for your wedding dress?

  15. Kim is still a bitch drunk or sober. I think she went to the party to kill two birds with on stone. She could hit Marci where it hurt. In front of his ATM best friends. She could set Brandi up to get jumped by Pauline and AdForBeingAMan. Said she tried to call them. Woe! Liar liar. Did she forget their number? Did she lose her phone? Or maybe her electricity went of again and she couldn’t see the numbers on the phone…Hmm..She and her sister are two peas in a pod(yes I said pod people). Kyle goes to Brandi and makes it so its Kim and Pauline and Ad really didn’t do any wrong. Marci was right in there trying to make sure his money bag best friends didn’t get smirched.And by the way Pauline calling someone a bitch(like your wife) isn’t a capitol offence especially if true. Ad, ya cant sue if its true….Just saying….Oh yeah, I think the secret of what Ad has done to Brandi has something to do with the Rimes chick. Why else would Ad make a comment about Brandi sleeping all day…And how would Ad know that? Funny how recent news said that Rimes either was sleeping or not paying attention when the boys were in her care. One of the boys took one of Rimes laxatives and had to go to ER. Hmmm..Funny how that just came out and now all the sudden Brandi is unfit mom? Hey Ad, suing goes both ways so would watch what comes out of that overly large mouth of yours…Faye? Faye who? LOL…

  16. I didn’t think a woman could be more ridiculous looking than Trailer, but I was wrong. Good grief Faye is one homely woman. I didn’t think Kyle’s dinging room look like anything special either, in fact, it looked undone to me.

  17. I hate Faye Resnick. Not in the ‘she’s an awesome shitstirrer’ way.
    She’s a douche, for money.
    There’s nothing ‘real’ about her.


  18. This crap makes me lonesome for has-been beauty queens, loudmouths in head wraps, attorneys moonlighting as morticians but not over-sexed songwriters bouncing on a beach.
    Kim is a bitch but it’ll be good for Kyle. As long as Kim was loaded Vyle had a pliable mind she looked good next to. I buy the theory that Adrienne has a relationship with Skeletor Rimes. Giving Skeletor scoop on Brandi would be serious revenge after Brandi didn’t trash Lisa.
    As adults Ad and Paul could’ve stayed and ignored Brandi or found a reason to leave without going all Jerry Springer. None of these people are scared to lie.

    • The funniest part was Fred Flintstone asking the Hoof for permission to go attack Brandi or else they were leaving…that was strange. What a manly man.

      • It seems the Hoof got Fred all fired up over what Brandi said b/c when the poop hit the fan Ad got interested really quickly.
        It’s crazy and they all looked stoopid, trying to look concerned, embarassed, traumatized.

  19. I totally agree with you. I must say, and I’m sure it’s been said before.. At this age, I really cannot believe women behave like this. Money truly does not buy you class. The drama and the cruelty amongst them is by far the trashiest. I do have to selfishly admit, it makes me feel better about my life, where love and friendship is treasured, kindness is abundant, and we work very hard for our average paychecks.

  20. I love how Kim pushed back on her awful sister! Go Kim, put that mean girl in her place. And Faye is a joke! Her best friend gets murdered and as a result, gets a Playboy spread. What opportunistic trash.

  21. Thank you SH for that cartoon caption at the top. It was brilliant and I LMAO! With recent news events, I needed a light laugh. This recap was on target. Mauricio serenaded Camille all along (because she is a client with bucks). Why is F-F-F-FakeFaye sticking her 2 cents in? Nobody cares. She wasn’t involved or asked for her opinions. And her decorating skills are questionable at best. That dining room looked like it came from IKEA. These eps are actually infomercials for Mauricio’s business, Lisa’s new show and “Fray’s” decorating job. Poor beleaguered Brandi can’t make it through a meal without being brandished with a B.S. stick. No wonder she’s so slim. She never gets to eat. That makes it 2 for 2 – 2 events of Kyle’s that Brandi had to leave early. That means Kyle is hardly the “hostess with the mostess”.

  22. Great recap, Sandy D. I haven’t watched the past two weeks–too disgusted with the fake fight and fake secret and fake faces (which, with addition of Fake Resnick, are really grossing me out). I stopped watching RHOA last year, a long with RHONJ, and will not watch RHOC when it returns. SH is right…this POS network has run its course.

  23. Kim is a little sneaky this season. She has some hidden negativity. She has a lot of anger inside and she’s pretending to be cool with people when she’s not. IMO she still hates Brandi, still thinks Brandi was out of line and that she didn’t do anything to deserve it. When they spoke in Ojai in the bathroom she was still not taking ownership. She wanted Adrienne & Paul to blow up on B on camera. It happened on purpose. And she wanted them to spoil Mauricio’s event, which: funny, but passive aggressive.

    She also clearly dislikes Kyle but is not being direct about it.

    I don’t really like Kim, don’t think she’s fully recovered, and if she is I think will relapse soon. Now that she’s “recovered” it’s going to be worse, because she’s untouchable. “Oh, Kim’s trying, so lay off her for X.” “Kim’s in recovery, cut her a break…” People have been making excuses for Kim her whole adult life and as far as I can see this hasn’t stopped.

    • i agree with you, especially the last paragraph. Kim is getting a lot of mileage out of her substance abuse problems. What about her REAL problems that he substance abuse covered up? I, too, believe she will not last on that road to sobriety because she puts herself into negative situations and in front of too many temptations. She talks about trying to be all Zen and calm. But, she climbs on the sh*t stirrer train along with the rest of them.

    • Kim’s negativity is not so hidden, if you ask me. She’s been a mean girl pretty consistently. One of the most recent examples being betraying her recent reconciliation with Brandi to run and tattle on Brandi at Maurice’s event.

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