KENYA MOORE: Poor Kenya … She’ll Even Marry Peter!

Bravo… OK, it’s a dream sequence… but, really, Kenya… Peter???  It’s a dream, you could have chosen someone else!

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6 comments on “KENYA MOORE: Poor Kenya … She’ll Even Marry Peter!

  1. Keynas face is something “only a mother could love” ugg… on last nights episode when she was having make up put on I realized how even more so gross she was than before. She won Miss USA? Miss America (what ever the hell one it was) geezus crimminy… who were the judges that year? she is absolutely HORRIBLE.

  2. Oh wow. This was smooth editing. Cynthia’s “Peter” spliced with Kenya’s “has always made it known that he cares deeply for me” Maybe Richie never said his wife taste like fish after all?

      • Yes it does. The editing with RHOBH is obviously choppy so we can pretty much ferret out the BS on theirs. But this one was a tad smoother.

        • Definitely smoother and makes you really think about stuff on RHONJ as well. I get that the shows are about bringing the drama but you really have to think about how much damage that Bravo has done to families and people’s lives by “editing” things to suit themselves and kick the drama up a notch.

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