KANDI BURRUSS: Kandi’s BravoBlog… It’s a Two-Fer… Kandi’s Thoughts on Last Week and This Week’s RHOA


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Since I didn’t blog last week, I’ll just give my thoughts on both last week and this week’s episodes.

The trip to Anguilla was gorgeous! I loved it and I am sooo glad Todd surprised me and came along. I really didn’t think he was going to make it. It would have sucked to have to go to a beautiful island like Anguilla and be alone while everyone else had their significant other.

Well, I didn’t know Kenya very well prior to the trip, but I think I learned a few things along the way. She has a flirtatious personality. Some of the things that she was saying and doing to other men I thought crossed the line for someone who supposedly wanted to be proposed to on that trip. The whole time I kept thinking, “Wow, Walter isn’t bothered by some of this?” Like her flirting with the two men at the party or her bending over in front of Peter, etc.

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Well, I just came to the assumption that maybe it’s just harmless flirting and Walter already knows and understands that’s just her personality. But even though Walter may understand, Phaedra definitely didn’t. Phaedra does not play about her husband, and she let it be known. LOL!


Moving right along. OK, so last week when I saw Phaedra talk about not getting in the Jacuzzi because she didn’t know who else had been in there doing who knows what, I cracked up! Well, as you see on this week’s episode, Todd and I did have a little fun in the Jacuzzi. LMAO! So you can imagine what I was thinking when I heard her say she was afraid to catch bacterial vaginosis in the Jacuzzi. I was like, oh no! Now I’m going to look like the nasty chick she’s afraid of. Oh well! Sometimes you’ve got to live a little.

I want to give it up to Peter for remarrying Cynthia on the beach and making it a surprise. That was amazing! Love was definitely in the air for all of us.

OK, so now the drama. I wasn’t there for the argument with Kenya and Porsha. I’m glad I wasn’t. That one got really ugly. That was too much! If Nene didn’t jump in the middle do y’all think that argument would’ve turned physical? Hmm…

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Well, I’ll catch you next week! Follow me on Twitter @Kandi and go and get some gifts for you friends!

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7 comments on “KANDI BURRUSS: Kandi’s BravoBlog… It’s a Two-Fer… Kandi’s Thoughts on Last Week and This Week’s RHOA

  1. Like Kandi was SURPRISED Todd showed up!!! Really how stupid does Bravo think the viewers are.Kandi was talking to him on her cell when she got out of the car.Everything is planned and the people are standing on the sidelines til they are cued to walk on camera.The bad acting is getting old as well as fake storylines and fights.All the sex talk with Kandi is getting old too.Phaedra is as bad being a church goer/bible thumping/ prayer cloth woman.She acts all holier than than thou and then goes crazy when around Kandi.The slut monkey with bad acme Kenyuk got her juices flowing when wanting to bang Apollo in a 3 way.Not the kind of sex talk Fakedra wanted to hear.She is wishy washy on her storylines too.


  2. Yes, Kandi… You ARE the nasty chick – and the reason most of us avoid public hot tubs. Honestly, that’s just gross. You had a room… you had a bathtub… use it


  3. No Kandi, I dont think it would have gotten physical had NeNe not jumped in. I think the Director would have yelled “Cut!” and y’all would have gone to y’alls bedrooms and fell asleep.


  4. Can not imagine shoving balls up your vagina to tighten it up.Sounds gross.Hated when Kandi and Me Me were talking about being able to kiss both set of lips and Gregg being a “good eater”.TMI for me and dont care about their sex lives.Sex is as much in the mix on ALT as was on NJ with the perverts midget Joe and fish eater Richie.Sex is NOT a storyline.Not even a good side bar.Those that talk alot about sex are the ones getting the least.STFU all you people!!!


  5. Kandi looks nasty , It is time for her and Fakeness Phaedra too go .
    they both seem like walking tv commercials with the sex toy line .


  6. I agree that was nasty of Kandi to be in the jacuzzi and why did they feel the need to tell us? They about had sex in THAT hot tub like I did. It was all for show. I too am sick of Kandi trying to always get a line or two in about her sex toy line. We know it’s out there give it a rest! Like Angela Stanton said the Phaedra we see on television is anything but who she really is. A lot of that gutta side of Phaedra she wrote about is starting to break through that prim and proper act and I for one a, glad because that southern belle mess is ugh!


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