FAYE RESNICK: Faye Writes A BravoBlog… “Brandi’s Unprovoked Attack of Adrienne”… HUH??

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After 2 years of working on the design of Kyle and Mauricio’s home, I was very happy they were thrilled with the result and had the home they always dreamed of. I knew Kyle  was looking forward to having everyone over for the dinner party since the dinining room now complete. However, a few days before the dinner party, Kyle told me what had transpired with regard to Brandi’s unprovoked attack of Adrienne and Paul at Mauricio’s event.  HUH??  I was shocked and saddened by what I heard.

I’ve known Adrienne and the Maloof family for 25 years. I have always known Adrienne to be a woman of great integrity and with one of the kindest hearts in Beverly Hills. I felt deeply for Adrienne because I knew she would never say anything like that to anyone else or wish it upon anyone else. I called to check on Adrienne and heard the hurt in her voice as she cried on the phone. It broke my heart. Worse though, I knew this did not just affect her and Paul, but would also affect their children.  NOTE:  Will someone finally SPILL IT, for God’s sake!!

I knew Brandi was going to be at Kyle’s party, unfortunately, because of what Brandi had said, Adrienne would not be present. I thought it was important for Brandi to understand the severity of what she had said and offer her a solution on how to try to make amends. I don’t know Brandi, but I expected that like any other normal human being, she would recognize that she had stepped over the line and would want to apologize at the very least. . .Boy was I wrong.

By raising the issue at the dinner party I was hoping Brandi would shed some light as to what would drive her to reveal something so intensely personal and private. Brandi’s response was confusing. She first said she was sorry for what she said but didn’t want to apologize — yet. I didn’t understand? If you are sorry for something you have done and carrying it on your mind, and it’s upsetting you, why not just apologize and move on? If your truly sorry, you apologize and cleanse your aura. But minutes after saying she was sorry she said she wasn’t going to apologize because Adrienne hadn’t apologized to her. Apologize for what?

She then went on to further to attack Adrienne, and when she said that Adrienne had bought a book deal, that thew me over the edge. “Who buys a book deal?” Instead of apologizing to Adrienne she continued to attack her. And as far as her telling everyone at the table that “it’s none of your business”, she should have followed her own advice. What business was it of Brandi to involve herself in the most private and personal business of Adrienne and Paul’s?


It’s very difficult for me to sit back and watch anyone be mean to people that I love. The damage Brandi caused Kim and her family last season was reprehensible. The attacks on Adrienne and Paul was beyond belief. These statements are made with no purpose other than to be hurtful and cruel. And while afterwards she claims to be “sorry” for what she said, the harm has already been done, so saying, “Things just come out my mouth” or “I’m sorry” time and time again this behavior becomes disingenuous.

Ps: I know an orchid is a flower. . .LOL


Here’s what we think of Faye…

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  1. Faye has worked on Kyle’s home for 2 years??? – I am not qualified to judge someone’s decorating style (First – I am a heterosexual male so I wasn’t born with the keen design gene that the gays are blessed with , and second – I don’t care)…that said – If it took 2 years to put that house together I think Faye spent A LOT OF TIME snorting drywall dust.


  2. I love everyone in this particular thread. You are all screaming, saying and basically KNOWING the shit. lol.

    I try not to comment on shows or people that I don’t either particularly like or that I love, as everyone awesomely says whatever I would say anyway, BUT, this bitch Faye is just hitching her fame-whorse to the Maloof witch and I DO NOT WANT HER FAME-WHORSE ON MY TV!

    IF and I mean IF, Bravo needs this douche to attach to our (yes, collectively, I do at times, consider the RH – mine), there needs to be some type of upheaval.

    I want to learn and know WOMEN. I don’t care if they are gay or straight. After all, it’s the Real HOUSEWIVES of blahblah. I want to see WOMEN’S trials and tribulations. I don’t want some other agenda or hysterical, flamboyant, kooky gays involved.

    I would however, want to watch as gay men and women are also making their way through the same situations. Not kooky, not weird, not flamboyant, just LIVING AND MAKING IT THROUGH LIFE. Gay people aren’t weird and I do take offense when it always seems like they are portrayed that way on Bravo. Blame it on Andy.

    There was almost a kinda cool situation when the girl (Francesca? not sure of her name, it’s been so long ago now) that was liking Tamra, or wanted to be her friend… that actually would have been a great segway into an alternative lifestyle. She seemed fun, nutty, but basically normal otherwise and she seemed to actually like a bunch of the cast at that time.

    We don’t need fame whores. We need more normal WOMEN that we would either like to know or like to be.

    For me at least, that is the premise of the RH franchise.

    :end rant:



      • TY Stan. I have to say, I try to read all comments and being a bartender for more years to admit , I can see pretty much all sides to an octagonal fight. But, I do try to read many, many posters comments ( and I love this site, as there are SO MANY POSTERS! ), but I do look for your posts, as you have such fun insight, that I do love to read, when I can catch them. Granted, I’ve given up on NJ, so I have no idea if and when the great comments are happening there at all. I kind of think that the NJ HWs are all skeezy shysters, but I digress….

        Pretty much in life I try to be Switzerland, see each side, balance it out, but I have my opinion when the conversation is done. I almost always see YOUR point, and it takes me away from my own sometimes and leads me to yours.

        You’re very interesting, I like that. :D


  3. What’s reprehensible is that dining room! She better hope she gets a spot on this show b/c her design career is ovah.


  4. I like Adrienne! I like Kim. I like Mauricio, and Lisa, and Paul. Brandi, and Faye and Taylor and Yolanda and her husband. Yes, I really like Kyle and all of the series people! Along with all of their sweet children!

    The facts have gotten mixed up! These people are really not much different from us! They really are not! They are making hasty judgement calls and labeling each other. These are not difficult problems to resolve! They will want to sit and watch – their truths – quietly! It in not; how it is being falsely purported!

    It has become difficult to listen to the foul and poor choices of the remarks! Persons that are foreign to us. As foreign as the logic that comes from our statements. Now, how to not allow others errors to become our own! The soultion is to not behave llke those we profess – we detest!


    • We all have insight,

      From ur ramblings…..I take it u are part of the entourage of the beverly hills cast, lol.

      I couldn’t follow ur post, it makes no sense. I applaud u for trying though.


      • To Mel’s bells!:

        ~Taking time out… to enlighten a “down-trodden-spiteful spirit!”~

        I cannot expect anyone to be polite when it is not what they are about! I am aware of your need to call me out so you may belittle me. So you might feel a keen sense from mocking others! As, if this is a trait you want renowned as particular to yourself!

        Also, I cannot be insulted – taking it from the source. Perhaps, you want me to modify my preferences to speak poorly of those you judged! As, I am not declaring hate for all the people in the land.

        There is no difference in the assaults from comments with vile, reproachful personal remarks of the cast. Than from the cast of Bravo remarks. You claim you are unable to understand – not surprising! What you rule beneath you is so highly advance and represents growth in accessing social-behavior psyche!

        Reading ones posts… shows what motivates a poster. It also, bears open the soul! I cannot expect another to reach a higher level of conscientiousness when it is not with-in them. Nor, can you revel in your insulting others!

        Just as your inability to understanding compassion! Your lack of knowledge in understanding has been a given. Based on personally penned negatively, repeatedly, disparaging-deploring posts.

        There has been a general consensus: you are not capable! Lacking an empathy-gene could also be a major contributing factor! Due to and coupled with the lack of couth! You have exposed your comments as debased. Littering them with venomous-spiteful, disparaging-onslaughts of the unsuspecting and fellow poster!

        “No, you can not understand feelings-with-heart…” perhaps you may in time!

        “Ti’s the season… how many have you had, to get it right?”

        Waste of time, love, and heart – shameful!

        Peace over & out!

        P.S. No one has time for your disgruntled critique! You know you were in parting dismay! Because it is in your heart! Perhaps, you need happier thoughts and tactics! Before you spread more of your rotting ramblings!

        P.P.S. My point was to be kind! It was “concise,” “reverent,” and “explicit!”

        P.P.P.S. “You were posing,” “to infer” that you were taking me on! As if you were my equal! Or you could take me – the he, he was implied! “As you smirked and rambled your insipid slop!” You have no room to be proud! “Poser…!”

        P.P.P.S Check your self… *****!


            • Hello Chem Geek:

              Thank you for being polite and friendly.

              It is rare that a person is able to speak their mind especially when it does not coincide with the masses. I have toiled to speak up and state my true gut instinct.

              Yet, as one read input-reactions – “it truly is anything goes here and else where’s!” Until it does not agree with others! I am stepping-out! I want to like others even though we are different!

              I have found traits that I can admire! I want to concentrate on them. Rather than what makes us different! Also, I cannot disparage others based on the thinking that people are to down-trodden!

              I will still sense strongly that an issue might have a better solution. Although, I will remained fixed on trying to inject a more realistic attitude so that I do not become more like whom I do not want to become – hateful!

              Maybe, this is a learning field for them – and I too! They do not need depraved insults from moi! I do have strong feelings but they are just that – mine.

              I will be more objective – I choose not to be jaded!

              Which, “allows us all to have a say!”

              “Merry Christmas Chem Geek & thank you for being open to positive input and sharing in like the same… good cheer!”
              Sincerely yours,


            • Those posts sounded very similair to the blog that the Fake wrote, she is certainly on her high horse. The book she wrote about her friend was really bad, all the drunken, drug parties, sex, you name it. I never will forget her telling about her friend Nicole talking about the private part of OJ’s friend Nicole was supposedly dating and saying Nicole compared it to a log of driftwood that had washed up on the beach!!!! LARGE driftwood!


            • Kris Kardashian was at some of those parties, too, in fact I think that is where she met Bruce and decided to decided to divorce the kids father. Kris was just as wild as they were.


          • So… ! cherrylipgloss-chronicles 2:

            Well, you may want to know what you are talking about but since you see only one side – yours. You would not allow me the benefit of a defense. This is so typical of how clans, wars, misunderstanding and petty arguments fester. The whole of this site gets it. You are part of the rag team that chases down the opposing views of you and your buds!

            It has gotten very old! To see the same three-posters “humming and a hawing” about “hate-that-dumb **** you can! Because wees can track em-down, chase them and give-em a-wallop!

            We can just hear you conspiring though osmosis thinking, rendering, and a write-rings, posting stuff, you all hash up! Saying we can take em down! We is the best! U, knows we can! Ah, shucks, that what we live on-line for to put ones that defend themselves in the place we wants em! We can make everybody agrees with us or we wilt insult them – but ‘good and chase and hurts them till they run away crying!

            I have allow this season to take up with you and your hideous commentary and parts. I have so much Christmas preparation and people that depend on us. Where the likes of you – pawns – believe others should allow your rein of terror – even through the holiday seasons!

            My intent was to sincerely hasten you all off to the furthest corners of the globe! So that you could do no more evil than has already been created by your band of marauders! I know you are simple in your attacks. Yet, the upheaval that is done by your braised, foul-intentions cause more harm than many could recover from quickly!

            I can show others that “hot-headers with furious, ill-gotten, wicked posts are shallow and hell-bent on under mining whom ever you attack! Be aware so many are on to you! Your “spit-fire,” “damning attacks” are meant to show me your a force to reckon with…!

            I have been offended cherrylipgloss. You happy now!

            Happy Holidays… you think?

            P.S. No proofing, or spell checks for me tonight! I tried of this!


            • What the heck? Insight please read the rules of this forum….and don’t bother to analyze me, just go read the rules and chime in about the HWs, not other posters.


            • What the hell. I just read this, and can’t figure out what is being said….cherry, you’re a doll, and merry Christmas …. I know you said nothing wrong…


            • WAHI, I respect your opinion and approach to life. I don’t think anyone is trying to offend you. I understand your message. I want to say this in the kindest possible way: Jesus Christ spread his message and he always respected the paths that every human being takes, even if that person did not understand his message or accept God into their hearts. He still held them in his heart. Keep preaching your message if that feels true to you, but I think it may be time to accept that the people here are not going to react positively to criticisms about their character. I am not offended–I know who I am–but I see you becoming offended as well as defensive and we are all just here to have fun and laugh. Have a blessed holiday season and Merry Christmas to you!


            • Yes, Chem Geek:

              You did. I am the only one invested in what was writen about me to me. It was offensive – still. It seem it only matters to me. I know better than getting involoved! Persons use my catch phrases and comment to me about it verbatim! As if they are invisible.

              I get it, it just in fun. I need to not let it get to me. Silly, I knew that! I have not had a break since the seasons start. Never expect, any reprisals – here – anywhere. I live a very passive, peaceful, quaint, congenial, simple life!

              So, I was weak to the onslaughts in disbelief! Happened more times than I can count. Thought I would let this ride too! I thought it would awaken a change. I knew better. It does not matter as long as one is out numbered. I can still show an example that no matter if you are telling the truth and well with-in your rights. Bands of others will brow-beat newbies!

              Others can post insults – others will with stand them. Some where, some time, the real facts will rise to the surface and all the back peddling and rallying will not hold up.

              Notice taken to heart!

              I am over it!


            • Dearest MafePiley:

              Ah, oh, awe, me, “the cream always rises to the top!” You my dear, Chem Geek, & Miss SH are the only people I have the pleasure of knowing!

              Would like to send you a heart-felt video, some day, too. Just need to relearn how. It stopped working in this year. No, time to stead-up. Building business, to open in Spring-Summer of the next year. Still working, baking, cooking, wrapping, shopping, and decorating. Family in this week-end.

              I – I really liked that, I never seem to have any needs, issues, drama, conflicts, woes, or doutbs… really am blessed! Dues paid, bills caught up, neigbors mind their buiness, weather been fine, season pleasant… yet, you saw sorrow and you leant a warm, comforting-hand.

              I always stand alone, it nice to see some one beside me. Maybe, that how I look when I am there for some one. It sure looks nice!

              … Merry Christmas


            • Insight, what has anyone done to u On this sight or in ur life, that u say made,SH,and chem geek are the ONLY people you have the pleasure of knowing.


            • @Girlfriend: we are not as special as Made, ChemGeek, and SH, or our friend, CherryLipGloss who had 4 Chronicals written on her behalf yesterday. I will carry on somehow. Now lets get back to talking about those Stoooopid Housewives!


      • Please, cherrylipgloss:

        Saying that another human is being nothing – something I am very ashamed of… Some people I have know have been down right cruel and liars even. I have spent my brave-time forgiving them! I have. I can. I do. Also, I will have to start over in morning forgiving them again! The first thousand times did not stick. I am human quilt as well as others!

        I was and do slip in a realm of I do not like thing or some one and it festers. I then do not like the person I become. I fight to stay reasonable. Because I expect better from myself, I can see others struggle.

        Also, I came to realize if people bother me so much, leave. Then I realized I like some of my worst problem people. It would wonderful if they got it. But when they do not… I have to except them. I do!

        I have had struggles – they have too!


    • I stand behind my initial point….these ppl are nothing like anyone I know….and might I add that you were the first and only one to degrade anyone calling @Mel a “down-trodden-spiteful spirit!”~ which sounds nothing like the Christmas spirit you then professed. This is a “housewife” discussion and they are open to anything. They are the ones who put their lives on display not we commenters. Ms SH will have none of this….Please refer to her rules


        • Dear SH: in WAHI you have a potential delusional paranoid. WAHI’s blog has 0 comments, 0 traction, and an apparent obsession with your vibrant community, while being completely anonymous. Something about the “pseudo literate reams of gobbledegook” is disconcerting and worrisome! The absolutist resolve to “drown us” in verbiage! I must not! But… I will!

          First post:
          “…Yet, there tends to be a learning curve with most sights – anymore. Which is why I am over here in the first place. After studying on-line through the years – I am in the mist of starting anew, while I erase the trail that trackers have been trying to pin on the Internet users, for nearly decades (more,) now!”

          Srsly, it sounds like someone bound for a religious cult. I know this is off topic, but WAHI started it :)

          Be warned.


      • Dam! cherrrylipgloss Chronicles’s 4:

        I had the right to address the “condescending” remarks.

        As far as: “down-trodden is equated to (brought) down! So, low they were repugnant enough to criticize another. To a level to shanghai a fellow-poster with barbs and jabs to intentionally inflict harm! Coupled with spiteful is liken to petty, malicious, to post subliminal pot-shots at me! As if they were superior and of higher intelligence and clearly superior intellect! Spirit is a soul, a breathing, human, capable of logic, aware of ones own actions! It was exceptional cleaver and highly researched and pains taking thought through! Um, duh… !

        I am well with in my rights to abate any and all low-blows meant to bring me to a graveling state. WWeather or not you have the where with all to comprehend! The reason I have wasted my time on these matters is so: a word to the wise is sufficient. Anyone else, is to avoid because of their combative duplicitous behavior instincts!

        A footnote to this: “you are so far out in left field, yet again! It is clearly you wanting to finish what you started. Since you stuck your foot in it. The mess is all over! You are stuck and do not know how to bow out gracefully. So, here you are trying to save face with well documented proof. In my favor!

        You are in over your head. I will not bow down to a idiot argument -because you have no merit! I knew you could not sustain a rational position. Yet, I did give you the benefit of the doubt. Hoping against hope you could raise to the occasion and see you do this! On top of that your buddy came gun-in with their fighting offensive twaddle!

        Kid your self, but intelligent readers will see how this has been twisted, and screwed, and tormented by an attempt to put the shoe on the other foot. If posters are of only one caliber then this is not objective! It is fixed to buffoonery. That will be your prize!

        I use wit and finesse and humor and the seasons glib to rebuke all of the fighting forces. I am able! I, at least see it’s intellect verse the your stinging mockery. I see you perceive you are perhaps a viable. But with out stating clear and definitive truths and facts it just your rendering your petty position for other attacks.

        Incapable of defending with logic! Now, if you must… “babble, babble, babble!” “You are great spirit of to protect honor!” “Others are not as keen as you!” So, you defend the down-trodden” – “boy, you done, showed me up!” “Baffle, wonderment, stupefaction – twaddle that dances in ones heads!”

        Snap out of… I have let this go on to the point that I have always been aware you can not help yourself. You can not back peddle yourself in to clear sailing! So, I will do it for all, M.Y.O.B. & stop telling people how to be, & stop posing! The only title you will win is the one you have earned!

        Peace over & out!

        P.S.”People are important – every one!”

        P.P.S. When others allow a say, let them in. Shame…!


  5. stoopid question. is there really a show on called “wives w knives”? we could certainly tune into that. i sort of think marissa is going to replace camille and fay is going to take over for trailiar, who will probably go to re hab and kim’s already got that story line.


  6. Last night I had my light bulb moment when watching Kyle. Now I finally get why Kim and others can’t stand her. I now get why Kim didn’t want you on her Vegas trip with her kids. I am happy to say I get it.


  7. I rarely look at the bravo site, but I was curious as to how commenters would respond to this idiot’s blog. CHILE! They are giving Faye the BUSINESS!!! LOL


  8. How very odd: Faye’s best friend in the world is murdered and she takes out her frustration by posing for Playboy. Fast forward: homely Faye (who looks like Frankenstein’s monster now), can’t stand to be out of the limelight. So, she hangs around her cud chewing gal pal Vyle and borrows her life for awhile. She goes to dinner parties, insults the hostess (Camille) or guest (Alison Dubois and Brandi) and laughs about it. She’s gross.


  9. BTW we all have insight, I can assure you I am nothing like the women who show up on reality TV, please don’t say they are not much different from us, speak for your self. I’ll speak for most SH commenters here, and say they probably cannot see themselves in these crazy women who continuously humiliate themselves for the world to laugh at. FYI this site revolves around poking fun at all their ridiculousness.


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