BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Kyle Brought Her Pitbull “Faye Rancid” To Dinner…


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I feel really badly that this fight between Adrienne and I went down at Mauricio’s event. I was sitting in a chair and the fight came to me so I defended myself. As I have said, I regret saying specifically what I said about Adrienne — although it is true and in retaliation to Adrienne’s prior attack on me and my family.   NOTE:  What the hell did Brandi say about Adrienne… SPILL IT!!!

That being said I have always liked and respected Mauricio for not getting involved in the childish drama his wife and we ladies seem to be surrounded by. He has always been very kind to me, but I now see that he clearly does not like me. I am aware of this now. But two things I am definitely not are liar or a gossip girl. There are a lot of things about me that are not perfect and I wish that I could change, especially my temper, but I haven’t been able to thus far in life.

I went to Kyle’s dinner party but offered to stay at home if Adrienne was going to be there. Hind sight being 20/20 I should have stayed at home. Kyle brought her pit bull-slash-puppet Faye “Rancid” in to attack me about events and things she had nothing to do with and wasn’t even present for.


It was very obvious she was fighting someone else’s fight for the simple need for attention, which has been very clear since 1994. Lisa defends the situation because she sees that it isn’t fair and because we are true friends, which really bothers Kyle. The only benefit to this evening was that I got to meet a lovely gal that I really like named Marisa Zanuck.

Happy New Year!!!!

Dinner at Kyle’s…



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116 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… Kyle Brought Her Pitbull “Faye Rancid” To Dinner…

  1. Maybe we should all pitch in a buy SH a ticket to L.A. and pay for a night on the town with Brandi. Maybe after a couple of glasses of wine she’d tell our SH what the hell she said about Adrienne and we could accurately discuss all of this. As of now I’m completely lost.

  2. I really don’t recall Brandi saying mean things about people. A lot of the others sure do though. Brandi does defend herself. Would it better for her to walk away some times, yeah? But, I know I couldn’t. I found Fay really funny when she was describing Brandi, as it sounded like she was really describing herself. LOL.

    • I agree, she responds…and if you don’t like it….you should have mutually agreed on the weapons you were gonna use before you attacked her….because you may have used a spitwad but she’s coming back at you with a bazooka.

    • I have to agree with you. Brandi has only defending herself all the time. First it started with Kyle and Kim. Then it was again Kyle. Then Adrienne. Now we have Faye and Kyle on her again. Faye would do anything to get the 15 minutes infront of the camera. She is venomous, toxic and trashy.

      • Faye seemed like she was auditioning for a role as a HW on this series…Faye is pissed off that Brandi is in that “chair”… Faye needs the money…. since when did she become a decorator?

  3. Who does this bitch Fay think she is? She’s a nobody with a big mouth who won’t mind her own business. God, I hope she’s never on the show again. Brandi, you hang in there! I think you simply tell things like they are and those women…Kyle and her dog friend…were instigating the whole dinner mess. They ganged up on Brandi, bullied her and I believe they were both fully prepared to attack her at the dinner table. They are both classless. I think Brandi is so cute and great fun.

    • Me too and when I look back at last year’s episode where Kim and Kyle attacker her and no one stood up for her and she was crying…wow bad stuff…

  4. The problem should only be discussed between Brandi, Adrienne, and Paul. Vile Kyle needs to stop gossiping, fire Faye for taking two years to decorate that dump of a house (although, I do like the backyard), and learn some manners. BTW, why does Kyle dress like she is in the old Dallas TV show? She is so stuck in the past. I think of Kyle keeps pushing Brandi, Kyle is going to pay the price.

    • Sandra you blaspheme!, and deprive us of all this fun, surely you jest? We need pinheads like Byle and Faye just in case we forgot what junior high was like. And Byle’s dining room is beautymous and just what she always dreamed of. Besides, I think ol’ Brandi held her own pretty well against an aged viper like the “morally corrupt” Faye Resnick. She got a few good zingers in.

    • Hehe! Not only are Vyle’s clothes ugly, they don’t even fit! She’s always tugging on them….pulling on the shoulders, and trying to cover her cleavage. Most of her clothes aren’t even age appropriate.

  5. ok, not defending Camille here but you saw Camille’s reaction in S1 to Faye. I am sure in the circles that Camille runs in that is a popular opionion of Faye. I am pretty sure that there are not a lot of BH peeps sitting around thinking that Faye Resnick speaks for them. I’m pretty sure her pontificating is as amusing to them as it is to us.

    • I’m sure behind the scenes, Camille is just as snarky as she was before with her peeps. Her goody-two-shoes act is really boring and I’m really getting tired of her penile measuring stick routine.

      • Yes Camille is still a major bitch behind the scenes, but IMO as much a skank as Faye is in BH just with a lot more $$$$

        • I agree Girlfriend and Aunt Dorsey! Kind of wonder if Kelsey’s comments about Camille hit too close to home for her

  6. Faye is pure trash. Did you guys notice when Marisa said she’s agrees with Brandy, Kyle and faith started talking in shocked someone was defending Brandy. Obviously Kyle doesn’t like Brandy ad only invited her so her pit bull can attack her. She said it a clip before that Faye has never liked her. Trash (F) and garbage (K)look good together.

  7. I’ve never cared for Brandi since day one, but she should consider Lisa’s advice about spouting off. If you wanna stop giving your enemies ammo then stop unloading yer piehole at the drop of a hat.

    • I do like Brandi but I totally agree with you about spouting off. She needs to edit. I still don’t know what is going on between Brandi and Adrianne, I don’t like what happened between Adrienne and Lisa but I’m not sure that Adrianne is totally to blame here. I think Brandi opened her mouth when she should have kept it shut. It is very hard to judge what’s going on here when they won’t tell the whole story.

      • From what I’ve read, it was said that Andrienne’s children were surrogates. Brandi behaves as a 20 year old. Her plot line is getting old as well as her language.

        Faye was around in 1995 when OJ Simpson’s murder case was on TV. She was called to the stand as a friend of OJ’s wife.

        • Yes, she was around when Nicole was murdered, and she used her friendship with her murdered friend as a springboard to a memoir trashing her friend Nicole in exchange for a 6 figure advance.

      • but her inflammatory comments get her more attention and air time on the show thus more fame and popularity and I’m sure she hopes for more $$

    • So I am usually quiet & just read this blog all day long but I have to comment lol. All I want to say is please go back to the very first episode that Brandi joined the show. Brandi had not even opened her mouth and Vyle was already bashing her & acting like a mean school girl. It’s true! Just go back and look. Paul said it best, the reason for it all was because Brandi was younger & prettier. Kyle mocks why Brandi was famous – for her ex cheating with skankann but hello! Vyle you’re famous because your niece was a slut who had a sex tape & your sister well, she was successful as a child actor. :) I hope Kyle reads this. I know she reads SH but I so hope she reads my comment. We don’t like you Kyle & you are a hot pathetic mess! Oh and I love Brandi and the more you try to attack her the more I love her! :)

      • And go back all the way to the first scene of Season 1 — where Vyle was bashing her sister Kim. She showed her colors from the start.

        • Pretty damn rich that Vyle is aghast at Brandi revealing the Hoof’s secret when she outed her own sister as an alcoholic in a nasty fit of pique after she’d been drinking…..

          • Exactly! And don’t forget her digging out Camilles old Playboy pics and sharing them with other HWs and us.

      • Amen Mercy! I was watching last nights episode and saying why Am I watching Faye who I don’t tune in to see mouth off for 20 mins! And Vile sits and smiles until Lisa says this aint right and Vile shut her up then the new lady also attempts to say hey this is kinda an attack and she is silenced. Can we say fame whore Faye, and pot stirrer Vile who don’t have the guts to say things herself. The only class at that table was Lisa and the New Lady, and actually Brandi, she didn’t swear as much and she kept her tone lowered, then excused herself!

    • I agree, the fact that she’s (Brandi) going around saying that dhe did not mean to say it, BUT mean it, and it was TRUE. Hey hon, THAT’S what getting you in trouble with Adrienne, and i like the way Adrienne fights, that’s how EVERY woman should….well f you have the money…GET HER ADRIENNE. The only reason Lisa didn’t sue Adrienne about the stories…IT’S BECAUSE IT WAS TRUE.

      • I have been in a high powered business family my whole life. there are two types of people. Those that behave badly and go around threatening to sue everyone else, for every little thing, and those that focus on their success adn moving forward and leave those people in the dust. Lisa keeps opening more restaurants and doing extremely well, meanwhile Adrienne sits around threatening to sue people all the time while their companies have been financially plundered and most of the profitable ones sold. Yes, have that attitude..I will sue everyone who offends me…it is not really a successful recipe for a happy life. It is better to act morally and leave those sue happy idiots in the dust.

  8. I am not a fan of Faye R, but she did call it … She said Brandi would start trashing her and sure enough in this blog that is what she is doing. Faye said that she has been friends with Adrienne for a couple of decades. So for her to defend her friend is natural. I also really liked that Faye brought up the comments Brandi said to and about Kim. It is nice that even though Kyle throws Kim under the bus at every opportunity, that at the very least Faye sticks up for her.
    Brandi does not have the capacity to be empathetic. She is like a 3 year old … she takes no ownership for her words and actions that do harm. She makes no real apologies, she says Do I regret it? Sure, BUT no one knows what she has done to me. (remember when Anderson C asked Teresa if she was 12?) Brandi says she did what she did, whatever that was, because Adrienne has been horrible to her, but she doesn’t really give any valid rational. She says Adrienne called her and told her to gang up on Lisa and Brandi said, NO I WILL NOT DO THAT. So Adrienne deserves what she gets from Brandi??? Brandi says she now regrets what she said, but refuses to apologize and even said that Adrienne didn’t call her. Why would Adrienne call her? It is funny that when Faye said it’s everyone’s business, Brandi said no it’s not … according to Brandi at the reunion, if you discuss something on the show or write a book, then it’s everyone’s business. So therefore, Brandi, you have made it everyone’s business.
    Now we see the preview … Lisa’s employee is in tears and Brandi says you can’t cry, I lost my family so if anyone is going to cry it isn’t going to be you. I don’t think Lisa’s employee should get a medal, but she is not the one who was married to Brandi, she is not the one Eddie left Brandi for. Brandi can be angry with her BUT she should blame the man who exchanged vows with her. I don’t care for people who mess with married people but the person who is the married one is the one who broke the vows and who broke the family apart.

    • Riggggghht, but Faye sure didn’t bring up the crap Kim and Vyle started about Brandi with absolutely no cause or the fact that Kim hid Brandi’s crutches…. Who’s like a 3-year old? Who takes no ownership? Who makes no apologies? It was none of Faye’s business to begin with, so I would say Brandi had a hell of a lot of restraint not to tell her to STFU. And the hostess of the dinner was ruder than hell to allow one of her guests to be taken to task by another of her guests. Rude? You bet. Classy? NOT. Set up. I think so. Faye Resnick. POS. Not interested in seeing her. Big yawn.

    • SO Brandi has to just sit there and take it making NO comment after? Please. Fay has been running her mouth in the press since this night. Brandi kept her name out of her mouth until now. Read up.

      • Didnt u know?! Thats appararently Brandis job in this freaksho!.
        Every week some nobody-drugaddict gets a go at her, and Brandi just have to take it and apologies for breathing! Well, that makes me a very irresponsible person I guess, cause I had not been able to take halv the shit she has had to put up so far. She is the only one who ever came back after fights, with true apologies. Of course she can regret, but at the same time not had enough time to forgive Adriennes vicious actions, trying to destroy her family! Who in the world would even think about forgiving or letting someone like that into ur live again?? I would not!
        That would be truly stupidity the way I see it. U can forgive, but NEVER forget and make a decision to cut a person out of ur life, if they are a treat to u and ur familys wellbeing. I say dont forgive her, Brandi! Kyle know she fucked up and she is the one coming out looking like the mean girl she and Fake is!

      • That empathy was for herself….as she led Kim into the bathroom, she badmouthed all of the original cast members, just to get tight with Kim. Didn’t Lisa see that? She was incuded in all the friends who were trying to hurt Kim. Shows Lisa’s true colors, or was that past of the script. Nobody cd be as hateful and schizoid as allthe women, unless Bravo is directing them. I thought most of these women are well off – why wd they work on such a demeaning show. They’ve spent yrs judging Kris K, and now they follow her lead. WHAT BS!!!


    • you bring up a valid point. since paul made peace with brandi, could it have been something else? the abuse allegations perhaps. If it was the surrogacy, surely he would be equally upset. something’s amiss

  10. I have never heard so much backtracking out of Kyle in one episode. She only invited Brandi so Faye could bash her. Well it seems tht Kyle should have listened to her hsband and Brandi needs to no longer associate with Kim or Kyle. They r backstabbers and pots who haven’t met kettle yet. Faye is garbage and who does he think to tell anyone wht thy should do and she acted like she was Brandis mother. F….. her. I was hocked the other ladies didn’t say anything. I would have told anyone who did ths at my dinner party 2 change the topic or leave. Its vry rude.

    • I agree on everything but Kim. Kim didn’t pretend she’s Brandi’s friend. And she was Adrienne’s friend. So from Kim’s POV she did exactly the right thing.
      And she did notice that Kyle stirred that pot to begin with.
      On the other hand Kyle did pretend to be Brandi’s friend. Even said so at this dinner: “I would like to think you consider me your friend”. Than she backstabbs her.
      I will not even comment that irritating morally corrupt nobody. Hope not to see her again.

  11. If its such a BIG secret than why does Fay know about it? For that matter, Why does Brandi know about it? Why did the whole damn TABLE know about it. Come on now. And apparently even Maurice knows about it. The question here, is who doesnt know about it?

    • EXACTLY!! That’s what Brandi said the episode she told this “secret”, everyone already knows, that’s why no one was shocked by it.

      • I think that Paul was upset because he doesn’t want the kids to know they were born to a surrogate. Adrienne probably doesn’t give a crap about the kids, she just doesn’t want everyone to know she’s a big fat liar.

        • But Paul said they used a surrogate during the Hawaii trip. That is what confuses me so damn much about all of this.

          • The surrogate issue itself isn’t a big deal. If what everyone is speculating is true – that they used an egg donor – that would mean their kids aren’t biologically tied to the Maloofs, which would affect their inheritance. Ad was probably keeping that info from her pops (who was probably just happy to get grandkids out of his only (and old) daughter). That’s the only situation in which Ad and Pauline’s reaction would make sense.

  12. ITA @jillybean!! IMO, ur spot on with everything u said. B says she has so much anxiety & her nerves are tore all to pieces…Well, if u cant handle the repercussions of the things u say..U need 2 keep your mouth shut…whether what u say it the truth or gossip. Shes not a teenager-Sheesh!! B says ROL published an article the next day, after the big blow up..She (and Lisa) might wanna quit saying A did it because just for kicks,I could see Byle or Taylor calling ROL. Im not fond of any of these HW’s&the ones I tolerated, have really disgusted me this season. Its also funny B thinks A doesnt have a book deal because her book agent said its not true..That was laughable. Im sure he knows everything Brandi. ;) IMO, I dont see what A has done so bad2B for B 2 be slamming her the way she has. A gets on my nerves, too, but if B was in my life, theres no way I’d trust her now…She does spout off, making accusations & telling things others have confided in her.Oh yea, Ms SH….B NEVER gets the “I or Me” right! LOL

  13. My three or four cents worth:

    She has a face like an elderly glue horse
    She wants so desperately to favor curry with the Maloofs
    She wants to be a television and/or Bravo personality SO BADLY
    She needs to go back to her career and shut her mouth, about anything really.

    :: madly sucks on my e-cig, knows when she dies and LOVES THAT about me ::

  14. Faye said that Brandi will now run her mouth and talk smack about her. Ummm… not according to Brandi’s blog. Brandi has written that Faye is Vyle’s puppet which is true. How could Faye know all this knowledge of what’s gone down without Vyle telling her? Puppet indeed.. lapdog Faye.

    Faye and Vyle live for their gossip lunches and probably meet up daily to talk smack!!!! Didn’t Vyle say the ladies are like pit bulls? Wow what a nice comment to say about your “friends”… look strait across the table for your pitbull Vyle, and most importantly, look in the mirror…

  15. All leading up to this season, the rumormill was about SHAFT being outed for the gutter rat she is. For some reason, they’re trying to take out Brandi instead. Problem for the producers is Brandi is liked and has us rooting for her to succeed. SHAFT is trash. Adrienne’s turning out to be trash too.

    I’m waiting for the new ladies to show something. Mean girl Kyle is boring and predictable. Very shallow. Yolanda has shown some promise, but what happened to her? She disappeared.

  16. I haven’t yet watched tonight’s show, but I just watched the clip. In what world would any friend of Brandi’s sit silent and watch Faye attack her that way? Real people would not sit silently while a person was attacked like that. That was painful to watch. Lisa just sat there sipping her drink, and of course, Vyle acted so surprised at how it all went down. So scripted.

    • Lisa was sipping her drink from the kitchen, If you look at the clip you will see the seat next to Vile hagface is empty and when Brandi got up. left and walked into the kitchen you could see Lisa in there. Lisa must have left after her altercation with the witch.

  17. Anxiety my eye! Brandi has nerves of steel. She enjoys an altercation. If she’s smart she’ll try to learn from Lisa-not just about success but manners.
    Maurice hates gossip if their marriage was arranged.
    Examples of secrets people won’t verbalize? He married her because she was pregnant. She’s pregnant as a result of an affair and he’s too lazy to file for a divorce, stays b/c of a prenup or is scared to leave b/c she beats him.
    They should let us in on this un-secret.

    • LOL!!! I think thats why I love Brandi. Brandi needs to learn to sit in that seat and turn to Kyle and say, tell her this is a dinner party and its enough. I would have said, Faye, you made you point, no drop it because I don’t agree with you. You are not a part of this argument and I don’t think Adrienne needs You to defend her. I don’t think we will ever find out. Well maybe we will from Paul.

    • Double standards. What with Kyle calling Camille “F**ing liar”? How many times did Ad say f*ck in the last episode? What’s with all the rubbish Paul said?
      Oh, I forget! They have money/connections – so it’s all right for them to do so.
      I agree it would be easier for Brandi to fade in to the wallpapers or let herself be walked all over, but I don’t think producers would be interested in her in that case.
      Besides Brandi and Lisa are different types, and Brandi can not pull of “Lisa”.
      And finally people like Brandi because she is honest.
      Less crass Brandi would be nice, but hypocrisy of other HWs is killing me.

  18. Adrienne and Paul have escalated this situation and have the power to make it go away. They should have laughed it off and that would have deflated everyone. The roaches like Kyle, Faye etc wouldn’t have had much to feed on. At this point Brandi and her motormouth need to lay low until all the mean girls get tired of this and move on to something else. Brandi needs concentrate on her sons and finding another meal ticket.

  19. Kim was absolutely correct, Kyle started this fight! In the absence of her “friend” Adrienne she asked her “friend” Brandi what went down. WFT was she expecting. Me thinks Kyle doesn’t really like sober Kim at all! Faye Resnick really? I guess old coke whores just never really die in LA. Everybody has been “friends” with her forever all except Nicole Simpson I guess, who she was such good friends with she wrote a book about AFTER she was murdered….for money! Slime ball at best!

  20. Lisa and Brandi are still my favorite. I think the other ladies were jealous of her from the beginning and Lisa was the only one who was genuinely secure enough to be her friend. Adrienne obviously did something to Brandi for her to have lashed out that way. No one knows how things are until you walk in their shoes.

  21. Mauricio says “We have to much class to unvite people to our home”. AHEM, EXCUSE ME! Did you or did you not uninvite Russell and Taylor on your front steps of your house during your White Party? Where was your class then?

  22. Whatever Brandi said, she shouldn’t have said it. Yes, she’s upset at Adrienne (and probably for good reason), but that doesn’t give you the right to spill her secrets just because you aren’t friends anymore (Jacqueline from RHONJ, are you reading this??). However, Brandi’s actions did not warrant the verbal assault Paul lashed on her. If he were a REAL man, he would’ve let his wife handle it. Yes, he’s upset about Brandi’s comments about his family (and rightfully so), but that doesn’t make it okay to verbally assault a woman that way. Mauricio and Faye have formed their opinions on Brandi based on Kyle not getting along with Brandi last year. Did they happen to form an opinion on Kyle when she and Kim hid Brandi’s crutches and would not tell her where they were? Did they have an opinion when Brandi invited Kyle into her home, and Kyle proceeded to make fun of Brandi the entire time? That’s not classy or gracious. It’s mean and high school. Who the heck is Faye to say anything to Brandi, good, bad, or indifferent?? Faye doesn’t know Brandi, and she doesn’t know her history with Adrienne (I don’t either, but clearly something has gone down between the two of them). Faye isn’t even a real housewife or a FRIEND of the housewives so why is she doing interviews, blogs, or even at the dinner. Besides, she wasn’t even there for the argument. Kyle is the main instigator of the group, and one day the other women will take notice of that. Kyle stirs all of the drama and when things go down, she backs out and says “I’m not getting involved.” Too late. You always involve yourself. Be a grown woman and own it!

  23. I truly think that Brandi said that wither A or Paul was cheating otherwise it they would have not made such a big stink about the whole thing. Notice that A and Paul are now divorced. Why is that??

  24. I meant either A or Paul was cheating. :) Shouldn’t hit post without rechecking my typing this early in the morning. :)

  25. JD comments above that “Good for Adrienne for suing, everyone who has money should sue!” I have been in a high powered business family my whole life. there are two types of people. Those that behave badly and go around threatening to sue everyone else, for every little thing. Then there are those that focus on their success and move forward, leaving those people in the dust. Lisa keeps opening more restaurants and doing extremely well, meanwhile Adrienne sits around threatening to sue people all the time, while their companies have been financially plundered and most of the profitable ones sold. Yes, have that attitude..I will sue everyone who offends me…it is not really a successful recipe for a happy life. It is better to act morally and leave those sue happy idiots in the dust.

    • also..let’s take a poll. Has anyone here ever made another grown woman cry? I can’t even imagine doing what Faye did at the dinner party. she wasn’t asked anything, her opinion, or what happened..etc. I could never say something like that when I wasn’t asked and make another cry like that – I have never seen Brandi say anything that was not provoked or questioned of her…maybe I am missing something, but these women are classless.

      • I coudlnt imagine making anyone cry either. However, with all do respect, Brandi certainly is no shrinking violet and im suprised she started crying. I thought thats how she rolls. I dont care for faye, but she was just speaking her mind as Brandi does her. She didnt call names, or cuss words.

        • faye had no reason to bring that up though. You are only allowed to speak your mind..especially if you are at someone else’s dinner party, if someone asks for your advice, or asks you a question. You are not allowed to attack someone..speak your mind unprovoked on an affair that doesn’t involve you. That is just plain out bullying and would make anyone cry

        • I see Brandi as a very sensitive person, but people that feel so strongly often protects them self with a strong facade.

      • I think the reason she cries is not bc of Faye alone, but that she feels ganged up on. Nobody ever comes to her rescue or gets permission to do it…. I think it is very obvius that she still feels very uncomtable with these women and doesn´t fit in, bc they wont let her in. But that is also why I like her the best. I cant stand controlling-bully-snobs ;)

        • @ Maya I think Brandi is all to aware that she is being set-up for a fall. You can see it click in her head when Kyle and Camille double-team her at John T’s party. When Camille is saying she never heard Ad say anything bad about Brandy you can actually see the light-bulb go off in her head. By the time of the “unveiling of the most hideous dinning room ever” episode she is not just saddened by Fayke’s attack but there is a recognition that no matter what she says the train is barreling down the tracks and she is Penelope Pitstop praying for Dudley DoRight to come and save her from the bully train driven by Blavo and Ms Andy.

          • They should LV Brandi alone and let her live, bravo should film Brandi havin a good ol time. Like sleeping around and bedding Gerard butler….woohoooo! why don’t they show fun Brandi, then Brandi would LV them bitches in the dust, cuz that’s when she could start branding and make some $$$$$$

  26. I like Brandi and she didn’t deserve the cross examination from Rancid. Vile if this is the only real friend you have you’re in real trouble. Rancid STFU cause you aren’t a housewife. Rancid you are one ugly dame and that dining room didn’t look like work done by a decorator. Time to get lost. MO

    • I’m so tired of uninformed or ignorant people using the “pit bull” reference for someones drama. Pit bull’s are loving, loyal dogs, none of these women have those qualities!!! UGH! I think kyle loved having faye do the grilling at the party, got what she wanted there.

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