SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Sheree Whitfield “Didn’t Know About Money”… Caroline Manzo “New Place”… Lana Fuchs “Tweet To Win Lana’s Used Dress”


Chatting with TJ Holmes, host of BET’s Don’t Sleep  delves into the question “Whose fault is it?” when it comes to financial mismanagement of athletes.

When asked if she was the cause of former NFL player Bob Whitfield’s overspending, Sheree responded, “I took over care of the house and Bob handled the finances. I trusted my husband.”

TJ Holmes asks Sheree if  she left once she discovered Bob was broke.


RHONJ Caro Cover SH

Has DonCaro gotten her own place in Hoboken?  Mommy lives in her own condo!

What a perfect story line for da Don!  And one that would require the inclusion of all her little ‘zoids!   Check out the VERY interesting videos via KEEK


SinCityRules cast TLC

A lucky fan will be the owner of this gorgeous Marchesa Couture dress (pictured above) worn by Billionaire Mafia Enterprises founder and Sin City Rules star, Lana Fuchs.  To enter, join the buzz with Lana Fuchs and fans on Twitter tomorrow night during the second episode of Discovery’s Sin City Rules on TLC at 10/9:00 pm CT and make sure you use the hashtag #LoveLana.  Please note: The contest will only run at during the East Coast broadcast (7:00 PST).

The beautiful Marchesa Couture dress pictured here is a size 6.  The winner will be announced tomorrow night on Twitter at 11/10c, just follow #LoveLana to see who the lucky winner is!

Join #LanaLive on Twitter tomorrow night 10/9c during TLC’s “Sin City Rules” to win this Marchesa Couture dress

Follow @LanaFuchs, #SinCityRules and #LoveLana for your chance to win!

So watch the show, get on Twitter and don’t miss out on your chance to look delightfully “sinful”.

(Thanks to SH readers “MP” “HousewifeHoe” and “JoZee”!!!)

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156 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Sheree Whitfield “Didn’t Know About Money”… Caroline Manzo “New Place”… Lana Fuchs “Tweet To Win Lana’s Used Dress”

  1. Was that the great room in her Condo? Hmmm I know Lapband had a Catface party last night and momma didn’t go, she went to dinner with her baby boys. Hmmmm what happened to the Restaurant? Hmm where’s the Big Al? Hmmm ok done hummmmmmmming. :-) No other families are mentioned in this comment. :-)

        • You know I was thinking that all those other adult kids (the cousins and the friends) lounging around taking up space not lifting a finger to help prolly sets his teeth on edge. So even if he don’t have a girlfriend I don’t doubt that he would prefer to bunk in the Brownstone attic playing tiddlywinks with himself to be honest.
          My kids have people over a lot in the summer and my husband works hard so its pretty much mandated that all surplus kids be cleared out before he gets home. Because his blood would boil over a display of shiftlessness such as what is witnessed on that video.

      • I’ve been thinking that since I heard about the move and her coming back for S5. Kinda hard to time a sneak attack on a back deck when you have to account for traffic and such. Lol

    • Caroline chose her boys over Lauren? Dear Caroline I guess we all know who the azzhole is and it ain’t Lauren. I suppose Caroline needed some cuddle time with Critterfur. But the burning question is….Where is Big Al?

      • Critterfur, PrinceAlbert and Don Caro got together for a book club party–just the three of them. The featured book is from the 50 Shades of Gray series. I hear when they are finished, they’ll move on to reading those Harlequin romance novels.

        • LOL@Chem. What an unfortunate looking family. Let’s hope Critterfur has the necessary reading and comprehension skills for the Harlequin Romance series. I suspect that they serve as bedtime stories now that Caroline has moved house to Hoboken and can resume the boys nightly ritual. Pillows fluffed, the boys tucked in and Caroline reading the latest chapter.

        • @Chem. Are you sure that the Harlequin romances will cater to the kind of relationships the boys are interested in? Or will Caroline choose them to make sure the world knows they are hetero? Can you imagine her reading to them with different voices? I don’t see her being able to pull off a horny maiden panting for her paramour. I think romantic assignations are out of her realm. But I DO see her as not having a problem with the subject matter being read to her grown sons. Twisted. Remember Fractured Fairy Tales on the Rocky and Bullwinkle show? Hilarious. Snark before it’s time.

          • @Ruth , Snark at it’s finest. Rocky and Bullwinkle was fine adult satire under the guise of a cartoon. The forerunner of the Simpsons and Family Guy but head and shouldes above them in terms of wit and subtlety. I adored Natasha and Boris.

            • My sister-in-law is from an Eastern European country. Is is wrong that I always ask her to say, “We make big trouble for Moose and Squirrel” because she sounds like Natasha when she says it?

            • I agree Ainty. I read as an adult about how R&B was a political satire and this article pointed out who was being poked and specific events(cold war) etc. It all made sense but only heightened the respect I had for the show.Didn’t care about that stuff when I watched it but find it hilarious now. All that satire under the radar! Ha ha. Loved Mr. Peabody and their take of history. Made it fun and believeable. Lots of history made by accident! THAT I could wrap my head around. Nothing boring there, history was hilarious. I wanted a dog like still make jokes about the Wayback Machine. I see reruns and I absolutely see the adult humor that was flying over my head at the time. No wonder my parents would let me watch it a lot and occasionally watch with me. The smile on their face was for a totally different reason than mine. I wonder now what the cartoonists were smokin. It was the sixties ya

            • I agree Ruth. I loved Mr. Peabody as a child. I have a 6 yr old and he watches the “Regular Show” which is on Cartoon Network. OMG, I die laughing b/c it’s total adult humor which my son doesn’t get, but I certainly do.

            • HR Puffinstuff was one f–up show, but I loved it! I had a crush on Jimmy (even though he had a magic golden flute named Freddie). The Bannanna Splits were great along with Super Chicken, Ultraman, Magilla Gorilla, Speed Racer etc. I also liked the following characters on commercials: Hey Koolaid Pitcher, Sugarbear, Quisp, Quake, King Vitamin, and the kids who owned The Honeycomb Clubhouse, oh and Mikey from Life. So know y’all know I spent my childhood in front of the RCA TV Console eating cereal and counting my cavities;)

            • Me too pj. My kids and I had a lively discussion about what commercials used to be and what they’ve become. Today’s commercials are abstract art set to classic rock songs, kids think the songs are unique to the commercial. My kids used to think I was a genius cuz I knew all the words to the commercials immediately. Now they understand they’ve just been hijacked. I can sing “slogans” from wayyyyy back (remember Libbys Libbys Libbys on the label label label?). I can sing that because the jingle was catchy- did what it was supposed to do and stuck in my head. It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. And visually. I used to root for the dog chasin the chuckwagon! I still know that Wednesday is Prince spaghetti day. Most commercials today suck. But I do think the purely humorous ones are great. Nascar, Budweiser, and Doritos make some great ones. Unfortunately, I usually remember the commercial but not the product!

            • Do these advertising execs even listen to the words or know what the songs are about before they use them in commercials? For example Iggy Pop’s ode to drug use in ‘Lust for Life’ was used in a Royal Caribbean ad or The Violent Femmes song about masturbation, “Blister in the Sun’, was used in a Wendy’s commercial.

            • LOL! I had forgotten about that prince! I remember the Libby’s commercials probably because they repeated things in 3’s like Honeycomb (yeah yeah yeah) and Purina (chow chow chow). Barry Manilow wrote several jingles including Give Your Face Something to Smile About with Stridex:) My kid has memorized all the diseases and disorders from the drug commercials…scary!

            • I’m with you, Ruth. I often remember the commercial, but have no recollection of the product. The ones I remember are the simple commercials, or the ones that incorporate the product into the jingle ( Makes me LAUGH at the stupidity of the companies that are paying millions to these marketing execs to come up with this crap. The emperor has no clothes.

            • Somewhere there exists a cassette tape of me, my brother and my aunt(2 years older than me) recording ourselves singing commercial jingles into my boom box. My line was “thank you Easter bunny. bak bak” And for a long time after that it was what I said anytime I needed to thank my dad for sumpin. “Thanks Easter Bunny” and then he would go “bak bak” or the other way around. We loved that. Good times

    • My question too. Does this mean she’s decided to be honest with herself & face the fact that when Big Al’s not coming home that’s a sign of something?? I really don’t think I believe DaDon can be that honest with herself.

  2. Lana’s son is in on the twitter harassment of Alicia. And his momma proudly retweets. Way to go Lana, got yourself a good one there. #not.
    Lawrence Fuchs ‏@Djfuchs93

    Hey #aliciathelizard, idk bout plastic surgery but you should stop when you look permanently frightened. @LANAFUCHS #sincityrules #teamlana

  3. What’s up with that telescope in the corner? Was it for the recent meteor shower … or is someone a peeper? :)

    • Which video was that on? The tree decorating one struck my as very familiar. I loose my ever loving mind when my adult daughter has her adult friends over and they are lounging around twittering and whatnot while I am working. Not cool. And sitting on the back of the couch? please.

      • It was the video where supposed adults were making a small child cry by pretending to beat up his dad, “Baby Joey Getting Upset.” When you think you’ve heard the worst, you see something that lowers the bar even more.

        Anyway to can see the telescope in the corner of the room behind Lauren.

        • Thanks. I went back and looked and I seen it. Even more proof that this is a Hoboken abode. City folk love their telescopes at least from what I see on the TV anyways:) Daddy got me one one year and the only thing I managed to ever be able to see with it was the front porch of the house on the hill in front of ours.

          • LOL! I agree this isn’t the Manzo manse in FL, definitely a city location. I noticed down-thread that you watched the keek of them torturing that poor child. Disgusting to delight in making that baby cry about his dad being hurt. Twisted. I thought their FEBUS circle would have extended a bit further from the nuclear family unit but perhaps not.

            • Who torments a child to the point of tears, tapes it, and posts in online? Only a sadistic a-hole. I thought is was very telling how LapBand brings the child to tears and then is there to “comfort” him. I wonder if that is a glimpse into Chuckie’s child rearing techniques.

            • I finally watched. Typical Manzo mentality. Just ugh. Perhaps it was intended to be silly but when a child cries and wails miserably can’t these insensitive , immature idiots get a grip? Not amused…yet not surprised. Remind me again why caroline is fit to write a parenting book?

            • It was Chuckie’s technique with LapBand and her weight problem. Harass, belittle, and ridicule her on national TV (with help from the smirk brothers) and when LapBand has an emotional breakdown because of it, swoop in and buy her the lap band and make it all better. Mommy is the hero who saves the day. Then LapBand goes on the reunion show and says that Teresa is the reason people have eating disorders. Sheesh, the Manzoids are really sick in their heads.

            • IMO all signs of unintelligent life. Kinda backwoods even in NJ to torment a child and the comfort them. Of course it’s immature but also very weird and not evolved. This kind of uncomfortable and weird interaction has Chuckster stamped all over it!

            • Yes. I am sure it makes the child very emotionally dependent on the “comforter” just like the Manzoid spawn. A bit of a Stockholm Syndrome going on there, if you ask me.

            • Exactly Ana. You blow me away with your very articulate and intelligent comments. Is very Stockholm syndrome ….

  4. @KEEK So that’s how the Manzo’s tree decorating ceremony goes down. I feel bad for the child in the video. Wow talk about cold and antiseptic. Caroline at Christmas is still a Beach. The adults on the couch are distant, distracted and lazy. That video bummed me out big time

      • Where is the frivolity? The fun? The Christmas carols and nog? The excitement and everyone gathered around the tree and joining in the decorating.

        • @ Ain’t ( do you prefer Pittypat?) I agree! I would give anything to have a few rugrats running around ( those days seem so far away) to have cocoa and cookies with while decorating the tree and talk about Santa’s visit and Jesus’ birth and all the nice things about Christmas. What do these idiots do? Torture a child…WOW… I didn’t think I could dislike these people more than I already do…It’s quite sad really, they don’t know what they’re missing. They seem to lead a very joyless life led by one of the most negative and joyless people I’ve ever been exposed to – Caroline.

  5. Why,oh why, do the Manzos always seem to use paper plates and plastic cups? Surely,for such a festive occasion,the Don could have at least used Corelle and those free gas station glasses.

    • ROFL. Probably because Caroline refuses to use the good Corelle and the gas station crystal on mere children.

  6. One, that is still her McMansion she hasn’t moved to her condo in Hoboken yet. Two, I still say and I do believe that she and Al are having major financial issues and need to downsize. I can’t see her having to be on the show and living in a condo and still being the “don” of the housewives. They would think actually know that she couldn’t afford her McMansion (I’ve been trying to find out when that house was bought, if anybody knows please tell me It would help me on a few things). Also the way she was putting the Tree ornaments on that massive tree. It was horribly half ass and where is her ability to get the boys or Al to help her. I think Al doesn’t care about her except his mistress and the boys are so spoiled that they even view their mother as beneath them. This may seem impossible but it does happen. When you spoil a child so much they can be extremely inconsiderate and helping their mother when asked to them could be an issue so they think it’s a one way street to them and not her.

      • I couldn’t determine from the video where it was at just that it looked very cold and empty. Must confess I was transfixed by the truly heinous couch. I must be shallow because when I watched a second time I was focused on the shoes Caroline was wearing.Those shoes are atrocious. Again ! Caroline is in desperate need of a stylist and an interior decorator.

          • Very reflective of Caroline who is stone cold mean., it resembles an ice palace. I guess Caroline is embracing her inner bitter witch.

            • They almost all need an interior decorator except YoFo and maybe Vyle, from what I saw of Vyle’s new house interior once. Or, should I say, an interior decorator that actually has good taste.

            • ITA Hers. I loved Koo-koo Kelly’s place in the Hamptons as well. I have to say Atlanta definitely gives NJ a run for it’s money in terms of tacky homes.

            • Yes, Aint! I liked those photos of Kelly’s home in the Hamptons, too. And yes again — Kim Z can compete with ATL in the ugly home derby any day.

          • They were hooves courtesy of Adrienne Maloof. It takes a certain panache that the Chuckster doesn’t possess.

    • I know, but that’s what I’m saying also. It seems like the whole process of putting this up was “Okay I’ll put it up if no one will help me, and they didn’t”. Also that was her McMansion because I remember that area of her house last time when they had a tree. It looks barren because I think all those things needed to decorate and such costs money and the kids soak up alot of that and so does Al. Essentially what I’m saying is that the Manzo’s are hood rich, where you may live in a f’ing ghetto but where a 30,000 dollars in jewelry or live in a McMansion but can’t afford the things that would make it seem like it’s lived in (which is most of the cast except for Kathy (which isn’t a McMansion).

      • @Buck IMO the only fully furnished room in the Gorga’s house was Melissa’s closet. The second season there was a dining room table.

      • Buck, you’re right. I remember that scene from Xmas last year when the whole fambly was eating in that area. It had a cafeteria feel to it then, too. Could be even more stripped down if they’re getting ready to move or have moved. More importantly, though…blech. I can’t believe I just watched that.

  7. Ok so did anyone watch SCR? Did yall see how Evolution is totally giving Amy the bad edit? They film her talking head with her saying that she didnt tell the medium anything about her(maybe they even told her to say that?) KNOWING that they already shot the footage that has her big mouth momma saying “see I told you” when the medium guy said I am not even going to go in there.
    Evolution is evil. And the dead dont talk… Demons do. And demons are real.
    Amy, was the medium your idea? Or did someone feed you that?

      • Yes ma’am. I am currently reading Nick Redfern’s book The Final Events. Mind blowing and its a conspiracy type book I can wrap my mind around…just barely though. It does explain how the devil is setting up his final deceit on the planet. Interesting. The bible pretty much lays out exactly what is gonna happen but its always hard for me, being born and raised in the bible belt, to comprehend how the devil will be able to deceive so many people in the end days.

          • It really is. Horrifying actually. There is a Jack Parsons-Anister Crowley-L Ron Hubbard connection that is truly astounding. I didn’t even know who Jack Parsons was till I read this book. Google him. And he had access to top secret government documents. Scary. Wicked. Deadly.

            • I will check that one out. Am very interested more than ever with the why Scientology plays into this whole thing. I still need to finish Final Event. Just started it and … wow. L Ron Hubbrd participated in the Babalon Working with Jack Parsons. Not good.

            • Scientology is scary Made. The Village Voice did a series of articles this fall on how the church operates. Nicole Kidman and Katie are very fortunate to have escaped.

            • It sounds like it. And that might be part of the great deceit. I mean after all who would be skird of a short lil man and jumps up and down on Oprah’s couches like a nutcase or gets his ass handed to him by Matt Lauer on the Today show when he got just a touch to mouthy about what medication someone else takes? Or a gigantic overgrown down low daddy who gets man massages on his peepee parts(allegedly)? Yet we are desensitized to to the high visibility members antics and basically it would appear the underlying message is “pay them no mind, they are harmless hollywierd bafoons”

            • It is a freakin’ cult. Scientology has become mixed up with Scientology and there have been at least 3 deaths . frightening.

            • Made, google Lisa McPherson. She died while under Scientology’s control. I read the whole account in the book, and it was UNbelieveable. If Aint says there are others, I believe it. I was cheering when Katie Holmes “escaped,” because I truly believe she did escape like something out of a Tom Cruise movie.

            • Hers, I have heard about this too, and stuff about people being harrassed and their lives ruined. I wonder why Tom keeps maryin Catholic girls who eventually refuse to comply, perhaps there is something in their code that the woman must be turned from God. It is creepy stuff to be sure, I fear for Suri.

            • Whenever a big name HW star takes a tumble in the press my husband and I say that “so and so must have forgotten to pay his *dues* “. I never took the Scientology stuff too serious until I saw the lengths that Katie had to go just to get away from Tom. Crazy. But then the divorce was over in record time. Also, Tom adopted children with Nic K and it was ho hum. But T&K give birth to a biological child of Tom’s and the whole WORLD gets excited. Creepy. Started doing some reading and that cult is scary.Didn’t he intend to be a priest when he was a teen? How far in the other direction did he end up? At least I can say that Tom Cruise has NEVER been my cup of tea.

            • Its so creepy. I was doing a little research after Pittypat mentioned 3 deaths. I found an aprox 7 minutes long video titles Scientology Exposed. I wont post it because of the graphic images but its hair raising.

            • FYI- Manson had more than a passing interest in Scientology. Used bits and pieces in his own “cult”. We all know how that turned out. One man with zero money gets followers to commit mass murder. What do you suppose someone with an unlimited supply of money and millions of followers could do? Truly frightening!

            • L Ron Hubbard’s son said, in his 1983 interview with Penthouse Magazine:

              “L Ron Hubbard Jr ( Ron DeWolf ): I believed in Satanism. There was no other religion in the house! Scientology and black magic. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Scientology is black magic that is just spread out over a long time period. To perform black magic generally takes a few hours or, at most, a few weeks. But in Scientology it’s stretched out over a lifetime, and so you don’t see it. Black magic is the inner core of Scientology –and it is probably the only part of Scientology that really works. Also, you’ve got to realize that my father did not worship Satan. He thought he was Satan. He was one with Satan.”

        • Oh gosh Made now I gotta google Parsons although idk if I should. It is a very wierd time in this world, everything is disorted, wrong is right and right is considered wrong and mocked.

          • Google him Kel it is eyeopening. I am not finished with the book yet but from the first mention of Parsons in it I have been thinking of how and why Obama defunded NASA.

            • clarification: not implying that Obama is the anti-Christ. I am just saying that all leaders since the 40s have been in on this thing and they have all played a part in furthering this final battle agenda.

            • Ok, I read a bit and watched a disturbing video about Bohemian are they saying Nasa was rooted in the evil practices of those satanists? So then, why would O shut down Nasa, to leave us vunerable? I have had a feeling for years that many men of power are really all working to the same ends, I thing Geroge W was also in that Skulls club..

            • I need to read that book! Kel, I DO agree that we’re in a time when wrong is right and right is mocked. And we’re certainly reaping the fruits of our attitudes.

            • The story goes that due to this satanic incantation doomaflotchy that Jack Parsons conducted the Babalon Working that demons were then loosed on the Earth-literally what the bible states. Our top gov officials have been trying ever since to either contain them, curry favor with them,learn from them(tricked by them), or defeat them. NASA named a crater on the dark side of the moon after him. The alien greys are a cover. They are demons. And obviously they do not come in peace.

          • But if you don’t Google you remain ignorant (not in a mean way). Ignorance of the evil around you allows it to grow. The evil people in this world are counting on that wiilful ignorance to win. Don’t let em- Google.

            • @Made. I hope you find this. Scientology bought portions of Government land in Oklahoma at Keystone Lake. They turned it into basically an armed camp.under the guise of a narconon facility. 3 residents struggling with addiction were found dead over the course of a year under highly suspicious circumstances. One young woman had just been home for the weekend and she was clean but died a short time later of an overdose. I have a relative who lives in that area and says that if you accidentally wander down the wrong road they will chase you off very aggressively in 4 wheel drives with assault weapons. A public road runs in front of the facility and yet the staff treats anyone who drives past as if they are trespassers. My relative has lived a very long time and is the kind of good and genuine person that I trust implicitly. She says the narconon facility just gives off a very creepy vibe.

            • It is actually a narconon compound run by Scientology but you are right at the end of the day it is indeed as you described. People in that part of the country are having a fit and lighting a fire underneath them. It’s scary, my relative says there is barbed wire around the structure and it looks like a concentration camp!

            • Strange that the ATF isn’t all over that like they were over religious or preservation groups in the past!

            • I’m sure my hubby is on their list! Nothing says I love you like a has-mat suit ! Hubby’s latest hobby is becomeing a prep-er. If the world should go crazy then just head my way.
              He really isn’t crazy, we live close to 2 nuclear plants, so it’s just in-case.

            • Nope nuttin wrong with being prepared. I know of some people who prep. I can see how its a good idea I am just too lazy. Maybe I can bunk with a prepper friend when the fit hits the shan? My husband was just telling me about a guy he knows that has built a contraption to gather rain water that he stores in his shelter for “just in case”

            • That is so beginner. Just installed a hand pump for the well and wood stove for heat and cooking. I have a 2 year supply worth of food and such. I figure the worst thing that will happen is that I don’t have to go grocery shopping for a very long time. I’m all good with that!

            • We have had rain barrels for some time but our well is 400 feet down. There is nothing the Hubby hasn’t thought of. Heck it keeps him home at night and gives him a sense of security. Heck, as hobbies go it’s at least constructive. To be honest he is worried about the economy and how solar flairs are going to effect the electric grid since it is so out of date. Not that crazy after seeing what occurred what happened after Sandi. So if disaster happens make your way to Onieda,WI. We’ll be the ones with the lights on. LOL

            • Thank you Cyn. I m sure your husband will be so pleased when a fammily of non-panning free loaders shows up for shelter. Perhaps we can contribute amo or sumpin.

            • MP: If I may interject… if the Federal Gov’t airs ads which tell citizens to have at least a three-day supply of food and water on hand, why not have three months or more? If anyone is interested in this subject, the best site for preppers is: They’ve been on the case since 2005! The one thing about preppers that is not quite understandable is this: everyone is to have a bugout bag ready when the SHTF and TEOTWAWKI begins; however, WHERE are all these people going? How many will actually make it to their destination? If all these catastrophes are to occur, will life be worth living? Yes, a bit on the morose side, but think about it!! TFC!!! SH

            • @ SH I’m of the same train of thought as you..why prolong the inevitable…I don’t think I have what it takes to live in a Mad Max kinda world…BUT, on the other hand – when Y2K was suppose to go down my brother (the always thoughtful lawyer) asked me how much I spend on homeowners insurance and he argued why not spend a few bucks prepping for a possible disaster…

            • Oh my…FTR in Peru they eat GP, its call Cuy
              I nearly died when i googled Guinea pig and there was recipes on how to cook them.

            • Were good on meat between canny and drying so, no need to worry. Hubby’s new project is getting permit to make fuel out of alcohol with a still. Life sure is interesting sometimes. LOL.

            • The video I mentioned talks about a Herbert Pfaff that died of a seizure after the Scientologist took him off his seizure meds and treated him with vitamins. I just cant imagine that. Gabe was on seizure meds for two years and it requires a lot of monitoring. And his ADD meds had to be changed and had to really be careful of any other medications given to him even over the counter stuff. Seizure disorder is not to be monkeyed around with.

            • A bit off topic here, but didn’t John Travolta used to deny his son, Jett, had autism because autism isn’t believed to be real according to Scientology.

            • I dont know about the autism but he did have seizures so if scientology forbids regular meds for that in lue of frikkin vitamins then I guess we can count Jett as one of Scientology victims too. Now image how in your head a cult would have to be to convince you to not seek proper treatment for your son, lie to you that vitamins will fix it and then when he dies and you dont tear the church down with you bear hands brick by brick for that to happen.

            • Here’s the problem: Scientologists go through a process called auditing where they spill all of their secrets and innermost thoughts. If you try to leave, you can be blackmailed or humiliated by the church. They threaten to spill all to keep folks quiet. Given the rumors about John Travolta, I am sure they have PLENTY on him he wouldn’t want to get out. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.

            • True OR it could be that after the death of his son the overwhelming grief and trauma caused him to start questioning and he started coming out of his scientology programming and BAM they planted those male masseuses to lie on him and say that chit. Perception is reality. Its the only thing I can think that would ever keep me part of a church that basically killed my child.

            • I think I read that the John Travolta suit was dismissed, but that doesn’t convince me that the case was without merit. If you’re going against a celebrity nowadays, you’d better be very wealthy and have a stern constitution, because they will do anything and everything to run up legal fees and make your life a living hell. Their lawyers are ruthless. Remember the Anthony Pellicano scandal.

        • Well guess what. Different religions and some specific diciplines of biblical interpretation see this area of the bible (revelations) as heavy in symbolism, it’s points geared for large issues back in THAT day with nothing related to “end of days” events. Also it should be noted human authors of this section can be verified by evidence.
          My point?
          We all have different beliefs so before you all go Victoria Whatshername on everybody keep an open Mind and be respectful to otherz.
          Have a nice December/ best wishes to all in 2013!

          • Linus, what is your belief? and who is Victoria Whatshername? And can you clarify what you mean by “it should be noted human authors of this section can be verified by evidence”

          • @ Linus What a spectacular example of psycho babble of the godless… When I am confronted with a non-believer I say nothing, but, once a non-believer knows of my faith they never fail to try to berate you with their “facts” – of which usually sound like the above nonsense – but this one…this one is particularly indecipherable and glorious in it’s own right and only strengthens my faith. Thanks, Linus! I’ll keep you in my prayers…

  8. I just looked at all those video’s they are not in her FL home, that looks like it could be maybe the boys place but I don’t think so, I’m thinking it’s the new condo. The one in the kitchen could be the FL home but the others just don’t seem like it. To be very honest it looks like Lauren has put on some weight and Carolyn looks very tired. This comment is about the Manzo familia. :-) and nothing bad has been said.

    • I thought Lauren looked heavier. ……(No animals or Manzos were harmed in the construction of my comment)

      • Watch carefully the mental torture that Lauren and the boys perpetrate on that child(baby JoeGee-the one that was victimized on twitter by his own father posting nasty things in his name) Yeah and they scratch their heads if Nick aint too keen to say “I love you?” Perhaps the kid is protecting his psyche. Because if this video is any indication of what happens to a toddler that dares to show emotions in their presents then I don’t blame Nick at all and its actually a normal self protection mechanism. No truth was harmed in the formulation of my comment.

      • Then I’m going out on a limb and say it Carolyn’s new place because the area they are in doesn’t look like FL more like the streets of Hoboken. I’m going to have to see if I can find out anything about the new restaurant. Looks like that may have been a FAIL. Nothing derogatory
        has been said about the Manzo’s.

        • If you look to to the right of the Christmas tree there is a wall with architectural detail I don’t recognize. The boys (da boyz) condo looked like a generic apartment with requisite series of box like rooms. So is this the new condo?

            • ITA Barb not all that familiar with either but sort of working knowledge of both. Easy to see that was not a young bachelor’s condo but something more expensive. Carowhine ruined it with the shitaeous furniture. No Manzoids were harmed in the expression of my opinion.

            • Yes Hers most people are requesting hardwood floors. Marble can be a disaster. I shattered my knee cap in work when the cleaning crew waxed the floors with the wrong wax. I watch House Hunters and I’ve seen polished concrete but in Florida and out in the western states. Don’t know what she’s trying to prove, no one visits her…. just to be near the babies. She’s a very sad lady. How could she give advice to people?

    • The tree video is in FL, the other videos are in Hoboken. That Lauren is so annoying! She acts like a middle school kid. She does not help her mom just makes unfunny annoying keek videos. Then she has a sleepover with her friend. Is she 24 or 14? Caro should kick her the hell out.

  9. The manzo family. Their house is a museum when people come to see em they really are a the manzo family. Snap snap

    • Good one. But you know it REALLY IS someone else’s fault when Carowhine & her broad come across as messed up. Just ask her!! :P

  10. Freudianly fitting that they’re playing hungry, hungry hippos on that video. And notice the water bottles on the table? They’re not BLechK

  11. The picture of Sheree for the link looks like Ms. Lawerence…I thought it was him until I opened the article.

  12. Amazing that the child is really crying and they find it funny!! The dad is laughing his ass off on the couch. So weird!!! Lauren is holding the child and laughing that he is scared. She is a bitch.

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