SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Ex-“Friend” of Housewives “Scammin’ Boyfriend”… Did Kyle Richards Pee In The Pool During “Diving With The Stars”?

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In this case, opposites DO NOT attract!  In this case, “like” attracts like!

Former “friend” of the RHOBH… although AlienShapeShifterPam Dana Wilkey still keeps in touch with Kyle Richards and Kyle’s Mother-in-Law, Dr. Estella via twitter… PamDana’s new boyfriend, Philip Marley, is being questioned by his former company for expenses he billed.

His expenses included… and he’s on the verge of bankrupty:

  • A $6,000 trip to Las Vegas
  • frequent trips to tanning salons and
  • mystery payments of over $8,000 to a London pharmacy

Marley admitted he had billed Space for weekly trips to the tanning salon but he said this was essential to both treat a skin condition and ensure he looked good for presentations.

He refused to comment on whether he had spent the company’s money on human growth hormone, a treatment popular among celebrities to reverse the effects of the ageing process. Marley would only confirm that he had made payments to a Mayfair pharmacy but he would not say for what.

“Any medicine I took was to improve my appearance,” Marley said. “Vanity is important for a CEO. The trouble with a lot of Irish CEOs is that they look crap.”

Marley admitted he had used the company’s credit card in Las Vegas but said it was during an “investor road show”. He declined to comment on who was with him at the time. “You have to be prepared to entertain [to get ahead in business],” he said.

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Marley plans to become a reality TV producer in America where his girlfriend is Dana Wilkey, the star of Real Housewives of Beverley Hills.

NOTE:  Someone should break the news to Marley that PamDana is no longer on the RHOBH and when she was on the show, she was hardly the “star”!


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John Mayer has officially dumped Ashlee Holmes for Katy Perry!

NOTE:  Well, “dumped” is stretching it, as JM probably never knew Asslee Holmes’ name… it was a “VERY BRIEF” fling!  Hey… where is that clothing line??

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Are you gonna be pissed if the big secret that Brandi Glanville exposed about Adrienne Maloof is Adrienne’s use of a surrogate?  The un-scientific SH poll says MEH!

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Obviously, Ken’s words fit in this situation!



(Thanks to SH readers “FLPhil” and “PMG”!!!)

22 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SUNDAY: Ex-“Friend” of Housewives “Scammin’ Boyfriend”… Did Kyle Richards Pee In The Pool During “Diving With The Stars”?

  1. “A very brief fling” sounds like she met him at a party…he thought he could get sumthin’…so he made a move and eventually she put the brakes on (I hope). There are probably 2000 girls out there with the same John Mayer story. But whatever. Peeing in the pool….it is a thing of convenience and lets face it, these HW are all about conveniences. Heck, if they could pay someone else to pee for them…wouldnt they? Does that stuff that turns pee blue in the water actually exist or is that an urban legend? Just wonderin’.


  2. Whatever happened to Dana/Pam’s fiance of last year? You know, the one she was planning to marry in a French Chateau with the Richards Bitches as her bridesmaids?


  3. knarly marley put out that kind of $$$ at the salon and they let him walk out looking like a gorilla? $8,000 owed to a pharmacy? that would certainly cover the cost for a vat of depilatories. eeew just eeeeeew! oh lynda, baby daddy is history this is pam dana’s new mayun. not much of an improvement.


    • Speaking of baby daddy back when he was her meal ticket and she was gaggin for a wedding she twitted regularly about her baby genius child. Now you hardly ever hear that she has a kid. Child of convenience I reckon.


  4. Isn’t that human hormone thing a diet thing too? Is it possible that Dana is getting it from him and just claiming that her Thinshot keeps her slim? Now that I know tanning bed visit can be a business write off I might sign up for another package. :) Just kiddin.


  5. when all is said and done i really do think pam dana wants the best for her little boy. out of all the housewives who sacrifice their kids she’s a pretty good devoted mama. i really do see her eventually marrying a man who quells her insecurities and having a brood of kids and controlling a household. i think that’s what she really desires. time to forget wasting your time with posers pam dana!


  6. Some one should explain to Brandi that proper Beverly Hills pool party peeing edicate is peeing in the pool and not peeing in the grass next to the pool. I’m sure Kyle Richards can teach little Jake how to do it right and not embarrass his Mommy at the next party.


  7. I wonder what ever happened to those $25000 dollar sunglasses Dana the pain-ah had?…
    Her recent pictures seem to have her sporting Foster Grants from Walmart…lol
    As for John Mayer and Jacq-O Jr…..Do they make a penicillin strong enough for that dynamic duo?


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