SH BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!… Take The Money And Run … Almost!… UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!

money and run

This Housewife thought she had a sure thing… a very quick and easy appearance.

Hang around for a few hours, have a couple drinks, mingle a bit, smile while posin’ for photos… collect her appearance fee then scram outta that podunk town.  Simple!  The Housewife was looking forward to this easy money!

BUT… the venue contacted the Housewife, after promoting her appearance, to tell this Housewife that the pre-ticket sales were not worth her showin’ up.  There goes that easy money!!

NOTE:  The REALLY REAL reason for the cancellation?  No one had any idea who this Housewife was, therefore, ticket sales were next to none!  

Who is this Housewife??

If you guessed a cast member of the Real Housewives of Miami, you would be correct!!

Adriana de Moura buddied up with Illumination PR and was supposed to have a meet ‘n greet TODAY at Cafe Bounaro’s… just like Illumination’s other Housewife client, Melissa Gorga did back in January.

RHOM Adriana tickets

Adriana in Chicago

RHOM Adriana tickets

Unfortunately, Illumination could not push the $75 PLUS ticket price for this Miami Housewife…

The BIG reason why the over-priced meet ‘n greet dinner was dumped… no one knew who she was!

NOTE:  Next up at Buonaro’s is another Illumination Housewife, KomaKathy Wakile.  Ticket prices are $75 per person… and don’t forget that “fee” that always accompanies a Housewife ticket!!