SIN CITY RULES: Lana Fuchs Wedding Deux Extravaganza… What Does Victor Fuchs Do?

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If you thought the Dina/Tommy Manzo wedding was extravagant, Lana Fuchs’ wedding makes Dina’s wedding look like an Appalachian shotgun event.


Luxist 2006:  Lana and Victor Fuchs have a budget of $1.5 million for their Vegas ceremony.  The couple has actually been married for 15 years and, after nearly divorcing, decided that their love and commitment was too strong to be broken on a whim; their ceremony is a renewal of vows. Expenses included a $200,000 custom red wedding dress with a 40-foot train, a reception at the Four Seasons and a 12-course meal for their 400 guests. The show will also feature dancers from around the world and, most importantly, one very happy couple.

victor fuchs

Lana’s husband, Victor Fuchs is the managing partner and president of  Helix Electric of Nevada.

(Thanks to SH reader “JR”!!!)

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97 comments on “SIN CITY RULES: Lana Fuchs Wedding Deux Extravaganza… What Does Victor Fuchs Do?

  1. A 12 course meal! I’ve never even heard of a 12 course meal. What the heck do you call the courses of a 12 course meal. Guess I better do some googling! How many hours does it take to eat a 12 course meal!

    • Can you believe the poor guests having to sit there for 12 courses?! I would have been climbing out of my skin (or just gotten a “headache” and gone home early).

    • Here’s the answer. As you can tell, I’m just a humble commoner. One time I was at a fancy schmancy restaurant and they served a sorbet in the middle of the meal and I asked why we were getting ice cream when we hadn’t ordered it. The waitress looked horrified and informed me that it was “sorbet to cleanse your palate”. Yea, I lean to the McDonalds end of the restaurant scale.

      It’s a meal with 12 different dishes. Usually it’s a tasting menu…smaller portions of 12 different dishes.

      For example, a dish of each:

      Amuse Bouche (a tiny bite of something)
      Intermezzo Sorbet (to cleanse the palate)

      • I’ve been to some fine restaurants in my time and had the sorbet course, too, but I’ve never had 12 courses. How did you manage to sit still for all that time?

        • Oh, we didn’t have 12 courses. I think it was just four courses and I’m not sure when I needed to clean my filthy, nasty, dirty palate. It was quite a few years ago but I’ve never cleaned my palate since and if I ever did, it would be in the privacy of my own home.

      • I pert near do the same thing to myself when I go to Golden Corral… ‘cept I skip the salad(why bother with that horsechit is my philosophy.) Bahahahahaha But seriously, are different wines served with each of these?

        • I’ve never been there, but there was a story on Drudge about quite a few people getting some kind of virus there recently.

        • Golden Corral has everything under the sun….Well, except for raw baby lamb like Lana LOVES! U mentioned Food City the other day…I love their deli, especially since they upgraded it a few yrs ago with all the cheeses, mushrooms, breads etc! Seems like We pert near live near each other lol

          • Yeah its a crazy amount of food. Do you have an Ingles near you? I love their deli. Sometimes I get their cornbread salad. To die for. I made it once myself but honestly it is cheaper kist to buy it already made. But when it comes to seafood Food City all da way baby. Look out for them cajun peel n eat shrimp. Heaven.

            • Yep, I have an Ingles withing 5-7 minutes from my home lol. My mom makes the BEST cornbread salad Ive ever ate! She makes it every couple weeks. I could give you my moms recipe…It’s not that hard to make plus the ingredients are inexpensive. Yes, FC has WONDERFUL seafood!!!! Ive seen where you mentioned the cajun shrimp but Ive havent tried it yet. I have to go grocery shopping Monday so I think I’ll give it a try, for sure!!!

        • Well, I haven’t been to that splendid Golden Corral restaurant but I have been wanting to go there ever since I’ve seen their Chocolate Wonderfall commercials. I wonder if they have plate chargers there? And do they have sorbet to cleanse your palate.

          Why do plates need chargers? Do they have battery operated lights in them?

          • I know. My momma is a big one on chargers. I think its just more to clean. I am a paper plate paper towels as napkins kinda gal. I think if you got a silver toned salad plate used as a charger since they twnd to have more fancy edges and used a desert plate as your dinner plate then you could prolly set a momma-worthy table setting with Golden Coral offerings.
            But if we are gonna get crazy at a buffet I prefer to go this route

            • ^ ^ Luvz ^ ^ the paper towel. yall don’t judge me, but I used paper towels for thanksgiving bc I forgot to get napkins…like piley, PT’s with dinner…the ‘real’ PT

            • Heck yes. I have been known to open up a contractor bag at the end of the table for everyone to do their dishes in (throw em away) and usually I can even talk a strapping lad into hauling it out to the curb at the end of the night. Work smarter not harder is what I always say.

    • Oh, at at the same restaurant when we were seated we had two dinner plates. I asked the same poor waitress why we had two dinner plates, was there a salad bar. She got the same horrified look on her face as I would see later in the meal, and informed me that one was a charger. Silly me. I still wasn’t sure what the heck a charger was but didn’t ask any more questions until the entire dirty palate incident. After leaving the restaurant I laughed hysterically for hours. I have no couth.

  2. Of course, I should have immediately known she was a designer when I saw her breathtaking satin and velour sweats. Stitched by her own tiny hands. I have a dim memory of watching that garish “wedding” back in the day and mostly waiting to see if Lana’s face ever moved…..that botoxed forehead is like a vast tundra of silly putty, and not a single human emotion ever crossed it.

    But speaking of magnificent. The Maloof wallpaper gives me a whiff of swimming-pool chlorine with the baby Wildenstein, one petite Hoof extended. I think she may even be trying to smile, but you probably have to turn the key in her neck more to achieve that….

      • Amy Hanley called Lana out on lying about being a designer…which is 1 of the reasons they are really feuding on Twitter right now. Amy said Lana finally admitted she hadn’t told the truth about it.

  3. Why wasnt her son involved more in the wedding? I guess he got shuffled to the side since Lana couldn’t use him as a mini-me prop.

    • I would bet his Bar Mitzvah cost enough to support Anguilla for a decade all by itself. I’m still waiting for the reality show “Really, really tacky over the top ostentatious Bar Mitzvahs”….. his would prolly be on that top ten list

        • I do, too. I always feel sad for people who have to try soooooo hard to look important and feel better about themselves. The lucky ones are people that can find contentment in any situation. Reminds me of a Bible verse written by Paul, can’t remember the verse.

          • Ya know I am surprised to hear that Lana is Jewish. I didn’t expect her to have any religion at all. I bet her family was fit to be tied over her “I am god” statement. I cant wait for Amy to come on here and tell us what went down over that. She said they all caught hell over it.
            Was it Philippians 4:11? Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

          • Lana does provide a public service. She makes me very content with my lot in life….I’ve never been happier that I don’t have a pot to pee in. No COLA, what me worry?

        • Yup. I watch these shows and these folks values are all kinds of jacked up. Tacky material crap…..ppfft….and they natter on about class. They have no idea.

  4. I guess Lana’s sister got over her issue with Lana spoiling her kids. As if she ever really had a problem with it to begin with it. The sister was rewarded for her Phil McGraw performance with some airtime on SCR.

    • My eye just flashed on the sur-title, “Mommy Tampon.” I think I’ll go hurl now….what a moronic analogy.

      • Just watched the video. “…and the monkey.” just about says it all. Lana’s voice has as much emotional infection as her forehead and face does.

        She seems to be addicted to reality shows, but I haven’t caught her Sin City Rules yet. Can’t say I’m inclined to, as I find her really boring, except the monkey having it’s own bodyguard did crack me up. Does the bodyguard change its diapers? or does it have its own personal pooper valet?

        • She is sooo overly dramatic in SCR. Her voice inflection is different and more ostentatious even than the wedding and Dr Phil videos. Normally you see such changes like this in 14-15 year old who are trying to discover who they are and trying out different ways to be. Disturbing to see it in a full grown adult. Like her mind control programming is on the fritz or sumpin.

            • Every franchise has one…or two. The Fuchs are working the two for one thing with the sister. Speaking of which. My hillbilly hindened would not pronounce her name right.

            • The change in her face from the Platinum Wedding to the SCR photo, I swear she looks just like a blow up doll. I suppose I’m just gonna have to pencil in some more trashy TV on my viewing calendar and watch her show.

          • your right I noticed that as well. She sounded less harsh. I also thought she looked so much better in her pictures that she had before she had sll the plastic surgery done.

            • Her sister looked better too. She comes off on SCR as slightly more batchit than Lana to be honest. Very funny to see her playacting the level headed one with Phillip McGraw and then turn around and have zebra stripes painted on her nekkidness for SCR.

            • And speakin of play acting..remember when I post this guys tosh.o visit? Turns out he is a legit rapper and actually graduated valedictorian from his high school up north. He aint even southern. Jokes on me I was hella trolled

            • Made, that boy is saying “business” clear as day and not “bidness” that’ll be your first clue every time. Second, ask ‘im if it was the Battle of Bull Run or the Battle of Manassas. His answer will tell you if he’s a Yankee or not.

            • Yep. He does go deep in character but he misses the lil things. We need to sign on to be his cultural advisers.

  5. I think Robin Leach needs to retire if he thought that was done with taste and style. Granted it had a few nice things. The chocolate eggs with raspberrys looked pretty but some of the things where just plain stoopid.$ 12,000 of tulle with golden thread flown in from India? What’s the point besides showing off. What do you do with it afterwards? Those dresses were pretty hidious too. The second one reminded me of Gone with the wind. It looked like it was made from some drapes I saw at target. I’m not being filp either they had some drapes awhile back that were red with gold embroidery that looked eactly like that and some tie backs that were gold cords and tassels that looked just like the trim and she paid $45,000 for that!!?? Excuse me while I faint! Lana you got rippid off! I will give her this, I also find the Russian Aristocracy facinating, I love reading about it they have a rich and interesting history but the mannequins in costume? Super creepy!

    • sd, I think if you throw enough ca$h at it, SOMETHING is bound to come out tastefully done….

      I wondered that too. I imagined her sewing little golden Russing sweat suits in tulle with keynote cutouts to show backfat.

      • sd, But I was like huh? is that black humor, they’re Jewish, they were more likely living through pograms, not dining at the Winter Palace with the Tsar and receiving Fabrage easter eggs. So not to put too fine a point on it, the irony of the Russian uniforms really had me scratching my head. Like was that nostalgia for the dudes chasing you through the snow…..wha’? THAT was just strange as hell…..

  6. Lana is an absolutely vile & obnoxious human being. She admitted she only has ppl around her if they serve a purpose. Ive been reading the nasty, mean tweets she’s being sending to her followers about Alicia Jacobs & Amy Hanley! They are just down right freaking rude! She slams Alicia for plastic surgery when it’s so obvious, she’s had a TON! The women around Lana (including her) do not dress like millionaires AT ALL.. Lana has something going with the Four Seasons-1st scene or 2, she ate there & was prepared her favorite meal by the chef…Her gun&shooting adventure was catered by FS, too…Now, her wedding. She better realize the more she treats ppl like crap & just plain awful, that its gonna come back on her. It really made me feel uncomfortable when she said she was God! It’s on her Twitter & she talks about being God all the time. She needs to be taken down a notch or 2 cause she’s not all that. She’s really an embarrassment to all women. Amy said the truth comes out on SCR very soon. Oh yea, Lana tweeted to @REALAmyHanley May the maggots in your soul devour the SH*T that is your heart😘 All I kept thinking was…the only person that probably has maggots is Lana due to the fact she eats raw bacon, baby lamb & anything that’s meat! UGH! IMO, the only reason she continually dogs these women is her own insecurity! I would really love to know where all the $ (she claims she has) comes from!

    • What amuses me about Lana is she preaches that all things are connected (the “I am God” belief) and yet, she treats people like sh*t and creates separation by intentionally segregating herself from others. That in itself is really amusing because if someone else is sh*t by Lana’s account, then isn’t Lana a POS per her “We are all the same” belief system? :D

      • Lana strikes me as extremely insecure, that’s true. No other reason for her to dog other people and continue to cheerlead for herself like she does. Pathetic, really. Feel sorry for people like that. Not a real bone in the woman’s freakish looking body.

    • I’m a capitalist through and through, and I believe that we all have the right to spend our money however we see fit, but I also can’t help but feel that whenever I see such excess, whether it’s on an event or the contents of a closet.

  7. Hey guys!! Does anyone know what their ratings were for the premiere? I tried looking online but I couldn’t find anything!! One guy wrote an article and said they asked someone at TLC for the numbers but they didn’t receive a response! LOL! If this is true I’m led to believe that the ratings weren’t all that good.

    • You might be right. The timeslot was awful for a show that appeals to RHW viewers, they should not have run it on a Sunday night.

      • That’s true! Whoever made that decision didn’t think that one through all the way. It’s funny because the article that I read said this: “Though the series seems to fit more readily into Bravo’s reality wheelhouse, there’s little doubt that ‘Sin City Rules’ will be a popular show for TLC.” I had to LOL at the Bravo part! :-)

        • Yeah it just so happens that we have two dvr boxes. Typically there are two shows recording same time on Sunday nights (one my husband picks and my RHOA) n the one downstairs. I was not willing to cancel either one of those so I had to set the DVR upstairs to catch SCR. If I didnt have the one upstairs then I would have been in a quandary. SCR premiered mid season of the HW shows which are already over saturating us to begin with with 3 series going on right now. So chances are a Bravo viewer is not gonna give up their RHs for a new show mid season.

  8. WOW…Tacky ALL THE WAY. I mean at least Dina was going for classy *can’t keep a straight face*….HA all the money in the world still can’t find or buy CLASS…BTW Lana should have used that money on her HOUSE

  9. Unless they also choose to donate the same amount of money to any of the : Humane Society, Toys for Tots, local food pantries or packages for servicemen out of the country…

    I give this many: 000 fuchs.

  10. Oh wait I thought that was her daughters MILLION DAUGHTER bar mitzvah?? I am confused a little. Did she spend a million on her daughters event and coming of age or was it a 1.5 million on her vows renewal? Something to think about? How do you mix your daughters coming of age event with your wedding vowels renewal and take credit that you spent a million on one and 1.5million on another? I feel this is a little bit of tricky publicity and the real truth isn’t being told. Just a thought and question.

  11. Amy, to answer your question: at the time of renewal of the wows her daughter was 8 years old, dear! You should know better- besides, kids should be untouchable and not involved in your battles! There is a 5 year difference between both events, by the way!!!

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