SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Everything That Was Leftover From The Week!!… YUM!!!

Kyle and Kim Richards’ jailbird niece, Paris Hilton, is trying desperately to reform her image.  And, we all know that the way to rehab your image is to do something associated with “charity”… which Paris did.

Paris “charitably” posed with some ill children…  apparently Paris visiting and posin’ at the hospital was her Christmas gift to these kids.  How could anyone question this chick’s altruistic intention when there are kinds involved… sick children! Pathetic.

paris hilton


The very special Housewife chosen to judge at this year’s Miss USA Pageant is Lisa Vanderpump!

christmas HW lisa kyle pg

The Miss Universe Pageant began as a local ‘bathing beauty’ competition sponsored by Catalina Swimwear in Long Beach, CA.  The contest has evolved into a year-round international organization that claims to advance and support opportunities for these young women.

The competition aims to award women who are savvy, goal-oriented and aware and believes that women compete with the hope of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals.

The Miss America Pageant is a scholarship pageant… which spotlights the contestants’ talent.

Hope this clears up the major differences between Miss USA and Miss America!

One of the Miss Universe contestants take a tumble…

Miss USA arrow


When Bravo starts running out of ideas for Nene… don’t be surprised if you start to see THIS on the Real Housewives of Atlanta…

RHOA vampires Dwight Nene pg


Lisa Adrienne pg

Kyle Richards was asked about the Brandi Glanville/Adrienne Maloof confusion… Kyle has chosen “selective reality” to explain why the Brandi/Adrienne not worth watching extremely poor story line “discussion” won’t be discussed further…

NOTE:  What is “selective reality”?  The cast member of a “reality” show who strongly states in every interview she’s participated in that the viewer is seeing EVERYTHING goin’ on in their REAL lives.  However, when directly questioned about the “real life” being shown to viewers, declines to elaborate on the questioned scene saying that what the viewer is seeing is to much of a “personal” matter of the cast member involved to divulge further info to the viewer!



Lydia Stirling

Bravo has already filmed the HoneyBooBoo of OC’s bachelorette party… so, why wouldn’t Bravo continue with Tamballs storyline and film Tamballs and Ellie’s wedding?   Could it be that Tamballs needs to drum up some interest for her wedding?   ‘Cause really… who cares IF they get married and WHERE?!

RHOC tamra eddie pg wedding


This is very OT… but this is absolutely brain blinding.  Still cannot believe that this organization… and the individuals who make up this organization… would proceed with this plan:

Less than 48 hours after the Connecticut school shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, which took place on Dec. 14, the Westboro Baptist Church is already making plans to picket. The Westboro Baptist Church is known for picketing and protesting at funerals across the country.

“Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment,” Shirley Phelps-Roper tweeted on Dec. 15.

 NOTE:  So, GOD was behind this assault on innocent children??   God only does good works… it has been said that this Earth is the Devil’s playground.  Let’s put the blame where it belongs.


Melissa Gorga was out sellin’ her vodka and there were some very excited “fans” of MeGo to get her signature on a poster or on a vodka bottle!

What the hell has happened to MeGo’s face???   MeGo’s 33 and looks at least 10 years older.  MeGo needs to get a refund from whichever medical professional did her “work” … or, if the work was done in MeGo’s kitchen by one of JoeGorga’s outta work construction crew, maybe MeGo should demand some updated recording equipment… or at least a new microphone!

RHONG Melissa vodka

melissa poster signed                                 “This will be worth millions one day… as soon as my singing career takes off!”

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70 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Everything That Was Leftover From The Week!!… YUM!!!

  1. Ms SH, thanks for cleanin’ out the pipes so we can start anew tomorrow! Miss USA? I guess whatever it takes to pay those RIDICULOUS college bills. Lizard Licker? Did anyone else notice the unbelievable lizard lick she did at the Vanderpump tasting? Its like she did it for US! Melissa…you younguns should be happy to be young. It is a beautiful thing to be and look young. Plastic surgery, botox, whatever only makes you look older. It just does. Knock it off.

  2. As far the Westboro idiots go, I would pray that they do not in way shape size or form do anything more disrespectful than they have already done on Twitter. It truly disgusted me when I read things earlier today.on twitter.

    • The westboro people are agents of the devil. Straight up forces of evil. Gutcheck yourself every time you read about them. I know I do and I have noticed that they invoke in me a homicidal bent that I am truly uncomfortable with. I just cant help it, when they start their crap I want to see someone take them out. How dare they! How dare they infect hearts with white hot hate and rage, the kind that can only come straight from the pits of hell. This might just end up being their undoing.

      • Made, I couldn’t agree more. I started out thinking I wish a mentally ill homicidal maniac would take them out. Realized that was not good. Then I thought OK at least pepper spray them. Again, Realized that was not good. I still haven’t come down as far I would to but I am seeing the Hell’s Angel’s there to block their way from being disruptive. I might get to praying for them later, but not there yet.

      • Made I was just thinking similar thoughts reading a bit about their plans. How very appropriate it would be that some very normal person, perhaps a military professional, might kindly shower each of them with the very same acts that bring them out to protest. I also agree that this just might be their undoing. Appreciate all your commentary and videos.

        • Most of the time the WB bunch just sends out press releases that they are coming just to terrorize and then they never show up. That did that to our town when one of our soldiers died. But I fear that they really are gonna come to the SandyHook funerals for the publicity. I wish with all my heart that EVERY camera crew there makes a pact to not give them one second of air time. Ice them out totally.

          • Made, when I read your original post I was very relieved because I was so angry and you summed up exactly what I was feeling at the time. I read that and covered my eyes and started cursing. My husband sitting next to me, of course, asked “what?” This is difficult for me to explain to him because in his country people like that do not get attention or a forum. (that has it’s good points and it’s bad points but that is another discussion, freedom of speach and religion are all good things but this group isn’t) The more I explained who they were and what their about the madder I got. When I finally made him understand he was truely shocked. “why?” was his next question. I guess the answer is lost in translation even for me because I really don’t know. I never give religious or political opions here but this warrents a comment because this is not about either of those things this is evil. My heart goes out to all the people and family that were devestated by these shootings, please know the majority of of feel this way don’t even look, think about or acknwoledge those other idiots there is no place in our society for creatures like that. I don’t know what else to say.

            • Their intent is to spread hate in the most vile of ways. Even the most docile sweet spirited people I know have visceral reactions to their antics. And the people in your husbands country got it right. This group needs to be ignored.

            • You wanna hear sick this might even be sicker then the WBC but on twitter there are people starting accounts and twitting as if they are one of the dead kids In Conn and there is one made pretending to be the shooter…It sick what they are saying
              I dont know why these people think this is funny or cute….ok I am sorry I changed the subject.

            • This group is so crafty . They make sure they get permits if need be or that they dont go on private property and they LOVE if someone harasses or assaults them. Some of the key members are lawyers and they use their knowledge of the law as a weapon against anyone who dares to challenge them. They want people to lose control. They push for it. Would love nothing more than to sue over it thus further funding their bullcrap.

            • It’s so true, to be angry and tell them off or threaten them in any way is like christmas to them, it’s what they want if you give it to them they feel validated.

            • It boggles my mind that the minister used to be a civil rights attorney……I do not know the FB page, but I’ve heard that there is a group of people ready to stand firm against the WBC if they do show up.

            • I like this. We need to have a display of God’s love to combat that hatefulness. Its really the ONLY thing that will. I am humbled in the simple truth of that. Powerful

          • The WBC will call ahead to get a permit to picket. The city will know where they will be and will keep them and their dumb ass signs at bay. The Freedom Riders will also most likely be there. They are a motorcycle group who parks in from of them and guns their engines so people can’t hear them shout their nonsense. Best way to deal with them is to ignore them.

      • Made, you caught my thoughts about Westboro. There are few things in this world that summon much of a response from me but the work these idiots will claim as God’s work and God’s will is downright disgusting to the point that I, too, find myself hoping that someone takes them out.

        • I know. Even my momma who would fix the devil himself a ham sandwich if he knocked on the door and said he was hungry said “someone is gonna kill them” tonight when I called to tell her. I wish I hadn’t even told her because she said she was fixin to go to bed and now she is upset.

          • If they do protest, a group of Christians, big enough to encircle them, holding hands and set in prayer. That would chap them nicely.

            • I should change that, not just Christians, but anyone who believes in prayer and quiet defiance against this very vile group of people.

    • Made you nailed it once again. I needed a good laugh! I love how Russell handled them. This was classic :)

    • I attended a funeral for a young man who was killed in Iraq a few yrs ago. These assholes came to disrupt the sadness and solemnity of the service. Our town knew they were coming. The Patriot Guard Riders on motorcycles escorted the cars to the cemetary. The local college’s anti-war students stood between the mourners and those assholes, holding umbrellas to block the view. I’ve never in my life been so proud of the college’s students and presence in the community.

  3. MeGo is 33 (not 31 IIRC), but it doesn’t matter. She still looks way older than her biological age. I can’t ever tell if it’s the caked on makeup or a rough life wearing and tearing or a combo. She reminds me of Kim Z in that there is no way Kim has ever looked her age. MeGo looks older than my 50 something mom.

      • Jogo is looking pretty rough too. They both look very tired. I think trying to pose is really taking a toll on them. I would love to know how much gray hair she’s covering up now. Stress can really age you and I’m sure there is plenty of stress involving finances alone, not including filming ,appearences and plain old every day life. At least they’ve managed to keep the lights on this month. I wonder what Christmas will be like for the kids. I’m hoping extended family sees that they are happy.

        • Well I am sure if the rumors are true, that the parting isnt helping her face out much either. She is trying not to notice she was caught up in the race. Doctor say he’s coming but you got to pay him cash. And JoGo was mighty quick to point out Kim D’s drug issues. I submit that he knows because he knows ifn ya catch my drift

    • ChemGeek you make a good point. If Kim Z looks they way she does now (much older than her actual age then I pretty sure when she is her mothers age she will look just like her. Her mother looks very rough, like an extra from The Walking Dead. As for MeGo the pic of her above with a fan and the Voli pormotional photo are barely recognizable as the same woman. She needs to stop with the work. She was never an ugly woman why change so much?

    • Make up ages your skin I have never worn it my skin still looks young course the rest of me looks old but i got great skin and hair

        • Cant really tell you that I have never meet any of the Biofamly They all do have great hair so that I know is genetic as for skin I dunno but just from Pictures they dont look like they wear make up much either

          • That may have something to do with it, especially since many cosmetic ingredients can be irritating to some people.

    • Is putting these type of videos up on youtube a thing? I’m not a fan. These kids have a right to privacy. It angers me when my sister does this on FB regarding my niece. Maybe these videos are to serve as a learning tool for other musical therapists? I’m not a music therapist so I can’t comment on whether or not this is a norm in their profession.

        • No offense to you, Made, that I said it was boring. It was interesting to see what she posted. Just don’t know why Jacqueline feels the need to post something so boring.

    • Good Lord! All the hollering of song lyrics and grabbing Nick’s hands from his mouth looks awful. Completely scary and harrassing. Grabbing and bouncing him. Damn…sensory overload, even for me. If someone did this to my kid, I’d belt them, not praise them.

  4. Ok this is a (I guess) new but relevant topic related to the pictures posted.
    Golly doesn’t Paris look pretty in that photo?
    She is stunning with less makeup.
    It’s nice to see her doing something nice.
    She seems to have put some of her problematic issues behind her.
    I just hope she doesn’t follow in her Aunts footsteps and steal her sister’s house (or something crazy like that!)

  5. Adrienne’s hand looks horrible. All the facial work in the world doesn’t help if your ogre hands give you away. Ancient looking ogre hands- ewww.

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