SH HOUSEWIVES MYSTERY: Which Beverly Hills Housewife Also Owns LeAnn Rimes’ Bag?… UPDATE: Mystery Solved!!… Brandi Glanville Had The Bag First!!

One of the Beverly Hills Housewives has been tottin’ around this very same bag (although the BH Housewife’s bag might be a lighter color)… the one which LeAnn Rimes is seen carrying!

Do YOU know the BH Housewife who carries this exact bag??   Include a link showing the BH Housewife with the bag with your guess!

leann eddie purse arrow

WOW!!  SH readers are sharp!!

SH reader “ashamedofnj” came up with the answer to the mystery question within 10 minutes of the mystery question being posted!!

The answer to the mystery question… Brandi Glanville!!

brandi bag arrow

Brandi is seen with her bag in The Style Icon Suites Presented by New Era on May 4, 2012 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Brandi hat arrow

NOTE:  If you’re lookin’ to own the LeAnn/Brandi bag, the smaller version is just under $1500… at Neiman-Marcus

rhobh stella bag

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73 comments on “SH HOUSEWIVES MYSTERY: Which Beverly Hills Housewife Also Owns LeAnn Rimes’ Bag?… UPDATE: Mystery Solved!!… Brandi Glanville Had The Bag First!!

    • It is very sad that she will never be Brandi. Brandi has a heck of a personality and LeAnn can have the loser Eddie but she will never have the personlity, wit and honesty Brandi has.

      • So true. I watcher her E interview and the pictures they showed of the immediate aftermath of the affair it was SOOO obvious LeeAnn was trying to rock Brandi’s hair. Also it seemed to me that she also mimics her mannerisms and speech patterns. Ole girl been studying for sure.

      • Nor the looks, Leann is like a homely kid next to Brandi. If Leann ever gains weight, she won’t even be able to attempt competing in bikini shots…

          • Of course. The whole needy psycho thing will get really old. I think he prob isn’t the “til death do us part” type anyway, but for sure Leann will do something so cray cray he will want to take a step back. Then two, then break into a sprint…lol.

      • Also, LeAnn’s eyes disappear when she smiles. That bag is too big for her. She can’t carry it off as well as Brandi because she’s too short and it covers most of her.

  1. What did a SH commenter say about LeAnn..she was “unfortunate looking?” Whatever the comment was, I would like to know how it was stated.
    The bag? Well, if one is transporting iguanas illegally, you sure could sneak in with plenty. That purse would take me around the world without checking in any luggage.

    • Saying someone is unfortunate looking is a southern thing, like saying “Bless her heart” instead of what you really want to say. I’ve also heard, “Well, she isn’t too unfortunate looking.” Always cracks me up.

      • I thnk you’re right, that is a southern think. Bless her heart is funny! my Mother says that often right before the gossip starts. If you hear that phrase you know whatever else comes next isn’t going to be nice. The unfortunate looking is the same thing. I wonder if it’s because it is just a southern tendancy to sugar coat things and being blunt, overly honest or to the point are seen as rude in that part of the world. I don’t specifically mean ever southerner. I notice it a lot in older people here.

        • My southern belle relatives, young and old, would always say “well, I declare — isn’t that just precious?” when trying to get an underhanded point across.

  2. As many different handbags are there are in the world , especially the world of the wealthy (or semi-wealthy) you know the odds of her accidently ending up with the same one. ? Seriously, I know she’s not close to her parents & I think she’s an only child, but if I had a family member doing this stuff I would get them to a doctor. & you know the odd thing, I bet she still blames their problems on Brandi. It’s like that quote from Dina Manzo ” I’m not sure if she wants to be me or …”

  3. I’ve never seen two women get so much steam out of a broken marriage! Well-played, Brandi and Leann! You updated two stale careers by super-charging them with scandal! Now, you both get to be on the covers of trash magazines, and you’re discussed on blogs (including mine!). Shouldn’t they be thanking Eddie Cibrian (I guess Leann already does, by supporting him and sharing her fortune).

  4. two pitiful women. i am watching the report ot the children killed in ct. ages 5 to 10 in a school shooting. how stoopid the report on who had a purse first is. they are both disgusting, and someone should take those children away from them.

      • Katek’s been on this site before, and she knows what it is. I think she’s just trying to put it all into perspective, in light of current events.

        • I appriciate Katek prespective, but this is a escape from reality for some of us
          Its Crying shame what happned in CONN i cant wrap my mind around it
          so I escape to here until i want to try to understand what went on.

    • katek: Would suggest you keep watching whatever it is you’re watching… and don’t bother reading SH! Sounds like you have WAAAY too much on your plate! Come back when you’re in a more “Housewives” frame of mind! SH

    • I am always reminded of how disturbing it is to me to watch women pick on and bully each other over ridiculous matters, whenever a tragedy of violence and sick hatred like this, occurs.

      • With all due respect, Debra, it’s apples and oranges, don’t compare them, there’s no need, we can be sympathetic and indulge in expressing our opinions about silly things, it’s actually the silliness that can assist through very rough times, that’s how it is for me, I can escape from harsh realities with a little bit of luxurious superfluity and fun that SH provides, and for that I am grateful. As well, regarding LeAnn, I would like to say, God, I hate homewreckers, a truly sickening species of female.

  5. Yeah, let’s hope they’re playing into it to get the free publicity. Otherwise Leanne is either unbalanced & really does want to be her , or she’s wants so badly to matter as much to Brandi as Brandi does to her that she’s actually willing to go out & buy the same stuff just to get Brandi’s attention. That would just be sad.

  6. Could be. If I was Brandi, I’d be more p!ssed at someone copying my style, than stealing some worthless man :

  7. I’m no body language expert, but doesn’t LeAnn’s body language in that picture of her with Eddie just scream “clinging desperately”? She’s got her arm all intertwined in his, her body leaning against him, and a death grip on his hand. Meanwhile, Eddie has his body turned away from her. I don’t know, but I am beginning to think that he is maybe just not that into her…

    • Yep Ana, she looks like she’s holding him.hostage! There is a tiny electronic device cupped in her left hand, and if he tries to flee she shocks his arm!

      • Funny, yeah after every thing we’ve seen from her I’m guessing she’s really insecure & needs someone to hid behind (so to speak). As a female you hate to see that. Pitiful.

    • You know she inserted a gps microchip in him when they got married. I think they should all go on Dr. Phil.

  8. I wonder why Leann hasnt gotten herself knocked up yet with Eddies baby…you know the fool proof way to keep a man around ;) LOL hurry up leann before he leaves you…..

  9. Every photo she has been pap’d in lately, she has been wearing black. A color we don’t normally see her in. She is also hiding behind that purse a little AND look how much fuller her face is…I don’t think she is pregnant but does she want us to suspect that she is?

  10. I find this handbag to be hideous, I can’t stand animals prints of any kind on clothing, purses, shoes etc. Just my opinion….

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