SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Miss Universe “Housewife Judge”… LeAnn Rimes Alludes That Brandi “Looking To Be Famous”… Brandi Glanville Book… Project Runway… Heather Dubrow “Acting Gig”

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Who will the Housewife chosen to judge the Miss Universe pageant this year?

Since Trump took over the pageant and made MissAndy the host, there has been a Housewife judge every year… first year was DonCaro; second year was Cindy BarBill MoonshineStill WaitUntil OverTheHill NakedThrill WindyChill TakeAPill GladShe’sNotJill RunOfTheMill FishGill Pickle,Dill  WindowSill  Daddy’sWill  HadMyFill NearlyNil Nyquil… Whatever.

This year the judges include several NBC/Universal/Bravo-connected people, along with one Housewife!

· CeeLo Green, singer, songwriter and coach of ‘The Voice’
· Pablo Sandoval, twice World Series champion and MVP with the San Francisco Giants
· Nigel Barker, photographer and host of Oxygen’s new series, ‘The Face’
· Diego Boneta, singer and actor best known for his role in the movie “Rock of Ages”.
· Scott Disick, television personality by E! Network
· Brad Goreski, celebrity stylist and star of Bravo.
· Masaharu Morimoto, star of Iron Chef and Award-Winning Chef
· Ximena Navarrete, Miss Universe 2010 and the face of L’Oreal
· Kerri Walsh Jennings, three-time Olympic gold medalist for USA in beach volleyball
· Lisa Vanderpump, star in the hit series T he Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the new series Vanderpump Rules.


RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

LeAnn Rimes chats with Robin Leach at the LasVegasSun… and after talking about how much she hates the rift between her and Brandi Glanville, LeAnn throws in some smack, suggesting that Brandi will do anything for “fame”:

R.L.: You are in the news again with more of the tempest in your life.

L.R.: I am honestly trying to keep out of it. It’s always some kind of ex-wife drama. Eddie’s ex-wife. There is my next country hit! Who knows? I mean, honestly, it is so sad. I was just saying to someone I can’t even go online, on radio, on television because I don’t want to see any of it. That is one of the things that I have truly tried to shield myself and the family from is to try to let go of the B.S. that is out there and not cloud my mind with it.

R.L.: I guess the price of fame is an ugly number.

L.R.: It is crazy to me. People these days become famous, even if it is for five seconds. It’s become that people aspire to be famous. We have always had people who wanted to be famous in our culture, but I don’t know if it has something to do with reality television or the way that people are obsessed with tabloids. People will do anything and everything they can to become famous no matter at what cost.

NOTE:  If you’re plannin’ on seein’ LeAnn, tickets are reasonable… considering Melissa Gorga was charging $75 to watch her lip-sync!

leann tickets


brandi book

Brandi book cover


From flipit/Ronnie at TVGasm… the latest Project Runway!


RHOC Heather Staged pg

Heather Dull-BRO will make an appearance on “MalibuCountry,” which will air next month… and her appearance WILL require every acting chop she has left in her 98% un-fake body!

Heather arrow


Speakin’ of “chops”… more specifically “PORK CHOPS”… just a little detour.  If you’re thinkin’ of preparing pork chops, and have roommates, be kind… and ask your roomie their preferred cooking method BEFORE you start!

HOLLY HILL, Florida [NMT/WKMG] — A man has been charged with second-degree murder after Holly Hill police say he shot and killed his roommate in an argument over how to prepare pork chops, Orlando television station WMKG reported.

Thomas Hahn

Police said Thomas Mathew Hahn, 55, of May Avenue, shot his 35-year-old roommate after his roommate arrived home at 10 p.m. Tuesday and an argument ensued, according to preliminary investigation reports.

Hahn then went to his room, grabbed a .22 caliber Ruger rifle and shot the victim twice in the head.

The name of the victim is being held pending notification of next-of-kin. Hahn told police it was in self-defense, but the two other roommates who witnessed the shooting said there was no struggle or direct threat to Hahn.

“This appears to be a senseless act of violence stemming from a minor domestic dispute between roommates,” said Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker in a release. “There is no clear answer at this hour as to why Hahn acted with such extreme violence.”

Hahn is being held without bond at the Volusia County Branch Jail. Additional charges are pending the results of the investigation, WKMG said

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  1. Scott Disick? Really? REALLY???? From what I have witnessed and read, he is such a toad. Discredits the pageant even more by having him as a judge. JMHO.


  2. Why shouldn’t Brandi be famous? LeAnn is now famous for stealing husbands, breaking up families and tweeting nonsense. As well as rehab for Twitter wars. What exactly is Brandi doing that affects LeAnn’s pathetic life? The more famous Brandi gets, the more Eddie probably wishes he’s stayed with his family instead of gold digging with a lunatic.


  3. Miss Universe? I know Kenya was Miss USA..any relation there? Is that the same pageant? If so…I guess we know how we ended up with Kray Kray Kelly Kenya on Atlanta. Is there anything Ms Mandy doesnt have in his tiny little hand clutches? I have to say…Vanderpump will prob be a good judge. And she is older so I wouldnt expect any catty bias from her. Then again….if this is a Bravo enterprise…Im sure they already know who the winner is.


  4. Leann “was just saying to someone that she can’t gone online because she doesn’t want to see any of that”! Ha! That line from someone who was in twee-hab!

    And her “next country hit”? When was her last one?


  5. What kind of a pig is Eddie Cibrian to cheat with all those women then to sit on his thumbs while Leann implodes from whatever crap shes doing? Why not keep it out of the press and keep his mouth/twitter shut and protect his kids? He’s disgusting. If he cheated on brandi, he will cheat on you, Leann. Maybe thats the source of her “anxiety.”


  6. I thought the witty, gorgeous, down-to-earth (her description, not mine) “famous” Heather Dubrow was supposed to be on that show with Valerie Bertinelli and Betty Davis.


  7. Why cant LeeAnn shut her crazy trap. We all get it in your mind you are the victim. She makes me want to smack her. Its like shes so selfcentered she has no concept of reality. I just dont get why she cant take her prize (eddie) and I use the term prize loosly and go sit down somewere. And why cant that looser boy man up and get that woman some mental help. She obviously needs it.


  8. Leann was famous for 5 seconds when she was like 15. Blue and that Trisha Yearwood song. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. First she took Yearwood’s song then her husband stealing M.O. She must have been confused. You want a homeRUN single not a homeWRECK.


    • bahahaha. Good catch with the Trisha Yearwood thing. And speaking of which every interview Garth Brooks gives he is a pompous overly self-indulgent speaking of himself in third party analyzing himself freak. Shut it Garth, you aint nearly as deep as you would like people to think. Just your regular garden variety walkin prick with ears.
      Also weird that LeeAnn had this song out BEFORE she became the one “rubbin it in” and making a “big deal” about things in the twitter machine.


      • When he had his midlife crisis and came out as Chris Gaines I was like…wow…the only reason he marries anyone is because he can’t marry himself. He is so artistic…like fingerpainting. bahaha that song is so ironic.


        • Superimpose any of his videos from that time frame over top any of Kesley Grammer’s EVER and you see that its the same pompus bullcrap. Two men that would be complete pains in the ass to live with.


  9. That video of Chucky…..sheesh. Why do aging, dumpy, vertically-challenged women insist on wearing dresses that leave them in imminent danger of showing off the good china? She looks like an over-wrapped Christmas sausage. And Julianna Rancid….so appropriate that the turtle-look-alike is on a show sniping at people about they way they dress? Her weave didn’t even match. People in glass houses…..


  10. Why-oh-Why does Heather insist on bugging her eyes out like a demon possessed? At which lame acting school did she learn this unattractive technique? Why do i suspect that instead of earning a paycheck for her “acting gigs”, Heather is paying for the opportunity to frighten the audience with her bug eyes?


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