REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: The Anguilla Trip Continues… NaNa Calls Out Kenya Moore /Walter Jackson “Phony Relationship”…

Bravo…  Ep 7: “I Do…But, I Won’t”

RHOA cast

The RHOA continue to live the high life during their time on the struggling island of Anguilla.

“Romance is in the air and a Housewife decides to say “I do” during this couples trip to Anguilla.  Here’s a hint:

RHOA Cynthia Dummy arrow

While in paradise, Nene begins to question  Kenya’s behavior and her relationship with her boyfriend, Walter.

This infuriates Kenya and puts her on the defense.

Ultimately, it’s Porsha who pushes one of the ladies to her boiling point, which results in a full-on feud.”

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

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53 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA: The Anguilla Trip Continues… NaNa Calls Out Kenya Moore /Walter Jackson “Phony Relationship”…

    • Walter wouldn’t marry Kenya unless he was paid well and there was a stipulation he could openly keep some young, fine thing on the side. We could see zero chemistry between them.

      • True , never have understood why some women will put up with the stepping out thing. Wonder if Kenya is the type that would?

        • I don’t know if it’s just that she was acting desperate for the part or if that is truly how she is in reat life, my guess is a combo of both. That being said, when a person acts the way she is I can definitely see them turning a blind eye as long as they have a man by their side.

        • Kenya would go bunny boiler crazy if a man stepped out on her considering the look in her eyes when she took off in the go cart, boat and how she reacted when Walter told her he’d ask Kandi out. Even is it’s “acting” she’s still not right.

  1. Cynthia is stupid. She was on WWHL talking about she is secure in her relationship. Pssh secure is one thing but I won’t have a person disrespecting me or mines. If Kenya and Walter were truly a couple, as much smack as she likes to talk, there would have been lots about them getting it on. All you heard was the crickets.

    • i feel you on that it’s one thing to feel secure but when any woman bends over in front of your man /husband/boo thang watever and shakes her ass as if she waiting for him to make it rain on her or get his attention that’s when i would have went madea on her butt.

      • She would definitely have caught the beat down had I been Phaedra or Cynthia. Especially in light of all that thirsty behavior she was exhibiting. I agree wholly with Porsha, Kenya should have been at the back end of that sandwich if any place at all. You don’t go grinding on anyone’s significant other.

          • Walter is a single unattached man so if she wanted to throw it up on him, serve it up on a platter or offer him the goodies six ways to Sunday, that is totally fine. What she did by flirting with Apollo, grinding on Peter and coming on the the Minister of Tourism and the other married guy was just too much. Who just goes on an and on telling a man that told your dumbass he was attached that he is a fine drink of water and asks him about sperm donation. Really. She needed to get the only beating.

  2. exactly!! well kenya is a mess period. she trying to secure her spot on the show because she in heavy debit. did you hear the radio interview walter gave on kenya about her lies?

    • I read the transcripts. She is definitely trying to making RHOA a spring board for something. Guess her age is catching up with her the possible sugar daddies are drying up.

      • yes her age is catching up with her and if she did have sugar daddies in the past why didn’t any of them give her some money to invest in some good FOUNDATION or PROACTIVE. Her skin is a traggic mess

        • Rumors were that she was another kept woman like Kim was. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to find a dummy like Kroy that she could lock down. When someone reeks of desperation folks will give you a wide berth. I highly doubt she was seriously engaged several times, unless she bought the rings herself.

        • I totally agree about her skin being terrible, but she also seems to be constantly sporting a “five o’clock shadow”…anyone else notice that, or is it just me. I just can’t get past it! The Series hasn’t started here in Australia yet, so I’m getting my fix here, but it starts at the end of December I think. Maybe she’ll look better in High Def!???

  3. yes i heard those rumors as well i also heard she was allen iverson’s side peice for some years now…and one thing i noticed and i’m not sure if anyone else did. But she first said that her aunt took care of her in her confessional…but then turned around and told phadrea that her grandmother took care of her so which is it kenya. i’m starting to feel like this heffa is full of mayhem and f***ery

  4. Kenya would have got as far as saying “alright she is sensitive…” out of her mouth and I would have thrown down.

  5. Can’t believe that Kenya hasn’t spent some time in a psych ward. She’s acting like a cat in heat. Totally impossible for her to feel for another. She is a danger to herself and others. Walter is a pig – every woman beware.

    • It was almost a throw-away line, but after she was making a stink about the room amenities, and was on the bed fake boo-hooing with the hat over her face, Walker asked her, “Did you take your medicine, Kenya?” I’d bet money he was serious.

  6. I hope there is only one season of Kenya.She is trying to steal the show and flirt with all the men.She is loud and irritating .

  7. I hate watching Cynthia kiss MeMe’s ass to stay on show like MeMe is in control on hiring and firing of cast members.Gregg is pathetic too like Me Me’s lap dog.He brings nothing.

  8. It was insulting for Peter to tell Phaedra it was all in fun when Apollo threw Kendra in the pool. Peter could’ve danced around to Cynthia but probably didn’t know she behind him with Kendra on his junk. What an awkward scene. Greg was the only one not acting a fool, taking it all in. Maybe he can be a jerk but he works with common sense.

    • But did you notice KootieKrack avoided flirting with Greggie? She ain’t stoopid enough to want a smackdown with Neigh Neigh. When the moose gets loose she doesn’t just shift a wig…..

  9. The cats out of the bag. Walter has done interviews stating that he went on the show with Kendra for exposure.Kendra started trashing him to the press he retaliated when she called him Gay as a response to why he doesn’t seem into her.This woman needs help.She isn’t just different she is dangerous.

  10. I find KootieKrack’s behavior to be totally calculated. She is really hamming it up for the cameras. She reminds me of Johnny Fairplay on Survivor who went on with the intent to be the biggest super villain ever. But the dipstick forgot to clue in Danny Bonnadouchey about that and lost his two front teef at an awards show when he jumped on Danny and he tossed him over his head onto the concrete stage floor.

    Don’t know if KootieKrack took any notes, because some of these ladies might just play rough too. Phadera would be happy to do a pre-paid phuneral with all the trimmings for her at this point.

  11. Ken-ya-be-any -grosser-kenya is just acting a part, a badly written part at that. No one could act like that in real life, it’s horrible. Whom ever hired her must be crazy as a bat; to think we would want to view a non-housewife, who isn’t engaged or even really lives in Alanta, with skin so gross I have to look away from the what will Bravo do for rating next? – Almost completely done with Bravo!

    • II don’t know how a normal person could act so insane.Unless she’s in major debt she’s truly disturbed to let people see her act so desperate, maniacal and gross.

  12. Does anyone know if Walter was paid by Bravo for his fake boyfriend acting gig? If so, I hope Bravo sues both his and Kenya’s behinds then sends them a bill for the beautiful trip so many people would be greatful for,except Kenya who only complained about her accomidations not being up to her celebrity standards.Shameful.

  13. I’ve watched several episodes and have noticed NeNe is really enjoying life. What is surprising to me is she has stepped back and now looking at the big picture. It is a pleasure watching her as a peacemaker and not flying off the handle. On the other hand, Kenya . . . ., when introduced as Miss America, could of said “I am very flattered but it was Miss USA” – and left it at that. Instead, she acted out becoming defensive – even after Porsha apologized. At 45 I suppose she has not figured out the evening could of had a pleasant ending. I hope Kenya rethinks that whole evening.

  14. Understood. It is too obvious that Kenya needs to be the center of attraction. She will obtain it at any cost. Hopefully, Bravo will wake up and re-evaluate her performance. She claims to be a lady but I question that. Her vocabulary and actions are limited by all the F’s and B’s she throws around. Honestly, I really don’t think she can have a conversation without including either. Kenya demands respect. In my experience demands go so far before you alienate yourself. I believe she has done this already.

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